A Crap Guide to Bards4Bards 2021 & Wizard Goblin Plush


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    More Info: artistrelieftree.com/
    Donate: www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=HBDEK6NS2LM9U
    Buy a Plush: makeship.com/collections/featured/products/wizard-goblin
    Twitch: www.twitch.tv/bards4bards
    Twitter: Bards4Bards
    KGup: kgup.info/must/rmFXIsNA3YVR1GIgSCT8cA.htmlfeatured
    Thank you so much to Hitpointpress for sponsoring this event!
    Send the image of your bard (png is preferred) to bards4bardsofficial@gmail.com along with the form below!
    Preferred Name:
    Social Media Handle:
    Everyone who's participating
    ABD Illustrates (kgup.info/must/BwZRhr0Xsxf7csWECf_Mmg.html)
    Adan (kgup.info/must/CDWmgX1kc_tEXOd0OJmF_Q.html)
    Artistic Rubbish (kgup.info/must/Ov6oUZ72XrU4F9QgBTPIWg.html)
    Cami-Cat (kgup.info)
    CoolBoyShane (kgup.info/must/UTNGafHJVmonQtWXP3dESw.html)
    CritCrab (kgup.info/must/SIvTcuNzmGlGBQ3owdMZ1Q.html)
    Davvy Chappy (kgup.info/must/1r4Y0yjS1wjq6Yw1ybcJHA.html)
    Dingo Doodles (kgup.info/must/fPUcG3oCmXEYgdFuwlFh8w.html
    Felix Irnich ( FelixIrnich)
    Feltheleb (kgup.info/must/RgerkcASDuOL0dU_hY3LEg.html
    Flyingfoxgirl (kgup.info
    JessJackdaw kgup.info/must/3HyvfrwscLKtE_NmOQfWGw.html
    Role4Damage (www.twitch.tv/role4damage
    ParadiceRPG (www.twitch.tv/paradicerpg
    Puffin Forest (kgup.info/must/Upkp-6fXuG9dqfoJ99XTmw.html
    Runesmith (kgup.info/must/weFJojRAFuxyYxe4KHL8vw.html
    The Shrieking Wizard Co (kgup.info/must/uxuya7vbGQqKUzIHc535mg.html
    Tori Draws Stuff (kgup.info/must/_D1SB5azaa7nr7Ugsr5LxQ.html
    VitaminDitter (kgup.info/must/A2Mhg9uG5t4J4eqxRTebTQ.html
    Wonders and Blunders wondernblunder.com/
    Wystle While You Work (kgup.info/must/euCErMOpklJ-zQb_eiMaQw.html)
    XP to Level 3 (kgup.info
    Zeebashaw (kgup.info
    Special thanks to these amazing muffins for all the work they have done behind the scenes to manage this
    Event Manager - Connor - liliumity
    Graphics and layouts - Brepai - brepai_
    Graphics and logo - Sky - Skyao_
    Video Credits:
    Music - Life of a bard by @Cami-Cat​

    #Bards4Bards #ArtistReliefTree

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    1. JoCat

      a few things for submitting a bard for #bards4bards 1) be sure to include your preffered name and social media handle 2) it has to be one that YOU made, so no commissions 3) it must be made of an art medium, not a character creator like hero forge, vroid etc 4) so that I don't go living on the streets, ill have a max cap on how much I'll donate, maybe $5,000, so that's 1,000 bards hope that clears a few things up!

      1. Devon McDaniel

        I'm not really an artist, but even I might participate in this one. We'll see

      2. I’mArtistic

        Is preferred name suppose to be the name of the Bard

      3. Glarak

        Do you have to live in America for the Plush-Thingy, because I live in Austria and wondered if shippings to Europe would be a possibility or not.

      4. Ethy

        Can I make a Minecraft skin tho

      5. Nedvin Studio

        Lest gooo

    2. Conga Ka0s

      I wish to have a goblin to hold my dice bag :3

    3. Bhume

      I always find out about these charity plushies and limited time stuff like a year later. For once I'm actually getting one! YAAAAAAY!

    4. seiom jvony

      Are we seriously gonna look over the fact that the guitar jingle at the beginning is from Cami Cat’s “Life of a Bard”

    5. aimz_playz

      Im gonna need to get a shelf just for gobbo's at this point...

      1. seiom jvony

        Time to get me a plush and my friend one for their birthday! I already got the flow in the dark one

    6. K Jayanth

      Nice video keep it up make more related videos

    7. Harrison McCrae

      Video Games? Done before. Jackbox? You have my attention. D&D? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP

    8. Dream Wolf

      Dang, no commissions. My old Cursed Cat Bard would have been hilarious. Nobleman's son, cursed into the form of a bipedal cat. Just picture Disney's Robin style character style, with the personality of Alfred, the butler to the one and only Batman.

    9. Luc Majeske


    10. Jeff Orman

      What if someone submits multiple bards

    11. bilishu aliss

      WELP Critters, Owlbears, and Stowaways (and the small group of us that are all 3) I think we all know what we need to do

    12. Aldo Giordano


      1. bilishu aliss

        The outro is a wonderfull song that hopefully we all know. coughe life of a bard coughe

    13. Sara Cohen

      I have the previous two goblins and I love them, it's not like I needed my money anyway

    14. ElMancho

      Why... You characther... Look so similar to mine?.... MY TWO CHARACTHERS MIXED. MY TWO CHARACTHERS MADE 5 YEARS AGO WHATS GOING ON

    15. Freakiish

      Cookie to make Jo broke

      1. bilinas mini

        "and even a pleasant pat on the head" you have my full attention

    16. Jamstaro


      1. bilinas mini

        I N S P I R E

    17. Nick Royal

      Hey Jo cat (if you happen to see this) seeing the new plushy I was wondering if you were planning on continuing the gobboventures series or if that was over?

    18. abbsnn cose

      Bards 4 Bards is so good that even the wizards decided to put on an act

    19. Milk Chocolate Gang

      Quick, to 60000

      1. abbsnn cose

        That's a kobold. Not a goblin. Someone had to say it.

    20. Sean Murphy

      Will you be posting the game shows on a channel in case we can't make the stream? :)

    21. Avery Huff

      Time to get me a plush and my friend one for their birthday! I already got the flow in the dark one

    22. Irikya


    23. Diesel Marcus


    24. York Changeling

      Any way to get this plushie in the UK? Shipping between US/UK is a nightmare!

    25. Zahali Dunson

      Jocat = pure cinnamon roll

    26. Tyler Fuller

      Me: *orders a Gobbo Wizard* I'm doing my part.

    27. Renato Corvaro


    28. Watery Wowies

      The outro is a wonderfull song that hopefully we all know. *coughe* life of a bard *coughe*

    29. Shin Kerron

      Time to draw bards >:3

    30. Raoul 9753

      I am still sad the original is no longer available, I loved that one :(

    31. Gustavo Coelho

      I N S P I R E

    32. bilinas mini

      "and even a pleasant pat on the head" you have my full attention

    33. Sheev Palpatine

      i missed the first two goblin sales AND NOW IM GOING TO HAVE TWO

      1. Sheev Palpatine

        @bilinas mini thats the curse of all cat boys

      2. bilinas mini

        Jocat has four ears. The lower I go, the less I see.

    34. Tzisorey Tigerwuf

      Read that as Bards Nards

    35. Rotcrawler

      That's a kobold. Not a goblin. Someone had to say it.

    36. What's A Good Username?

      አንድ ለአልጎሪዝም

    37. Nevalith


    38. Charlie C.

      This what I’ve been waiting for THANK YOU!!!

    39. Blake Dixon

      Jocat fucking all april

    40. Sir Sponky Boy

      I love how "Life of a Bard" is playing the in background

    41. Harold Sandahl

      Wait...Jocat. when did you get an extra pair of ears? Do...do they work?

    42. Solarus


    43. SmokyBros

      The glow in the dark goblin has been such a huge hit at my house that I'm ordering 3 of these.

    44. Peter Davis

      so this was released 3 days ago over 6k sold so far

    45. ajstorm3

      The only reason that critical role isn't participating is so they wont instantly get 3 million under a hour.

    46. Barbara Grimes


    47. SnowyPhantump

      How many Venti do you expect to see?

    48. Bronson Ferri

      Real talk which ears does JoCat use to hear?

    49. El Derp o Derp

      Jocat has four ears. The lower I go, the less I see.

    50. NullArts

      I love that the backing was life of a bqrd *chef's kiss*

    51. mrquackadoodlemoo

      Is the stream going? I'm at Bards4bards and the stream isn't happening

    52. Eric DeGrendele

      really happy that he put the ukulele music in the background like every other kickstarter/charity does lol top form sir

    53. Decaying Dreamer

      One of the current campaigns im in im a satyr bard who's normal job is hataerae in a greek style game and some how i look at my team which has 2 female player included like they are some hoes

    54. Tyler Duncanson

      How DARE you call yourself the prince of bards!??!!? You're easily the KING!

    55. spiritofthewolf15x

      Wizard Gobbo bought!

    56. Christian Becher

      hey i bought the goblin plushie. just a question. im guarateed to get it right?? it says something about if the campaign doesnt reach its goal ill get a refund but id rather have the wizard gobbo than the money so im real nervous about it

    57. Gamehigh

      When will the plush end?

    58. olava pedersen

      Shit, another gobbo *rolls will save* ..fuck, well, might as well complete the set

    59. RancidTrain2540 __


    60. Conner G.

      Look my charisma is a -2. Can I draw you a monk who sucks at life?

    61. JayBlaze11

      We can add a little felt ukulele and say the goblin multiclassed

    62. Nub Man

      Ey yo i cant donate cus im broke but i still want Jocat to make animated music video and good luck on the charity!

    63. Knit Kat

      That plushie was so cute I had to follow the D&D cliche of adopting a goblin.

    64. Spencer Hill

      So...This is why no Diviniity streams for April. I dig it.

    65. Void Jockey

      Are... are you certain that what you're doing is safe? Do you remember what happened to the Critical Role kickstarter? I think you should start working on those songs.

    66. Ysil Erve

      Alright... So for every bard drawing submitted JoCat will donate 5$... Challenge accepted, we're gonna see how many bards it takes to ruin JoCat.

    67. AAA AAA

      Let's make JoCat poor with our bards!

    68. Miles Gibson

      JoCat was then bankrupted by his own generosity

    69. PrancingPanda

      I bought the first one.... So i neeed to buy the second one.

    70. ITZ Caleb

      also don't forget as a bard to seduce every living thing you see throughout your day

    71. Dat Boi

      The goblin is secretly also a bard because they have a beautiful singing voice

    72. Erric Chanthavong

      I'm just gonna say this: Who says wizards can't be a bard?

    73. Cacahuate Medina


    74. Christopher Davis

      I am just now noticing the ears on Jocat. When did this happen? How did I not notice?

    75. Duckman

      Me and my sis actually got an email the night they went live

      1. Duckman

        Me and my sis went to make ship so fast

    76. QisforQadim

      Artists... can't work because of the pandemic. o.O Solitude and focus is the life's blood of artistry.

    77. Declan Blodgett

      Neat now I just need to have money and free time

    78. Hannah Coleman

      I had just finished drawing my first bard last week. 🤣

    79. daakmore

      Will gladly pick up a plushie for charity and to give my original jocat goblin plushie a friend.

    80. GodlikePoet

      Y U Erase Hero Forge as an Art Medium? Not all of us can draw you know...but some of the stuff coming out of Hero Forge is Grade A Art. Also saying that it has to be something YOU make and then banning any programs that help you with that kinda stinks of Artistic Elitism.

    81. foodfighter123 W

      i wish i could draw....

    82. Mr. Wood

      Alt version, instead of jocat saying this message it’s jocrap

    83. TheRareOne


    84. Joseph Le Roy

      Am I the only one who first thought that bards 4 bards was a DND themed apples to apples game?

    85. translate this word leblanc

      Prepare for crippling det jo cat

    86. Cfactor98

      Dammit Jo, you keep making these plushies, and my wallet keeps spontaneously losing weight. I blame you! The fact that this is for charity is just a bonus.

    87. NoBop2000

      A woblin... a gizard?

    88. Jack LaGarce

      Guess April 20th is my BARDday now

    89. Tophatsheep

      Me: takes out a sketch book I haven't touched in years just to draw a bard

    90. RandomMindz

      1:16 - Welp better luck next Bard for Bad then.

    91. OniNoSweeney

      I know that song!

    92. Colbalt Fox

      Buying that plush... absolutely...

    93. Dragon0l

      I haven't played a Bard yet oof

    94. katya_korvik

      I saw, I squealed, I ordered💜

    95. Wanneko


    96. STILL

      One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈

    97. jataro kujo

      lol april trees music pot lol

    98. Jeikure

      Well, time to make a stick figure bard just to make Joseph donate 5 bucks. I'm sorry but I'm terrible at drawing.

    99. Littlehulk

      ME: sees goblin Also ME: I NEEEEEEEEEEEED IT

    100. The_Herobriner

      RIP i am still waiting on the goblin plush i bought from the glow in the dark line.