Dodgers fans celebrate at Dodgers Stadium and Echo Park

Los Angeles Times

54 миӊ. көрүүлөр18

    Dodgers fans celebration near Dodger Stadium after the team won their first World Series in 32 years.

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    1. paul VON

      Dodgers have the best fans

    2. The Captain

      Now I want the Rams and the LA Kings to win. That would be a great thing for our city. Heck, I’ll even root for the LA Sparks and the LA Galaxy to win next year. No one cares about the Chokers and the Chargers here in Los Angles. They should’ve both stayed in San Diego where they were loved.

    3. tommy lee

      Cingo de mayo !,,,,,!,

    4. Boy

      The Guy Wearing a Puig Jersey

    5. Biff Danielson

      Give this pos city and state back to Mexico.

    6. special cook day

      How can fans celebrate? When there is wildfire. And fire fighter was badly injured. And there is still human lives and fire fighter lives are in danger.

      1. Splash'n'Skillz #37


    7. Jonathan Blaze

      The cops are party poopers.

    8. Jafell Me

      They win one and they act like its there first one try getting 3 in 5 years like the sf giants

      1. Splash'n'Skillz #37

        You think they done winning ????? Really ????

    9. Jammin Jay

      Looney sports fanatics are really low on valid brain cells.

    10. JPD Productions

      2020 was a bad year but my Favorite MLB and NBA Team won the chip which added a little joy to this awful year

    11. Cinthya Amparan


    12. Chris Mccormack

      Burn it down! Idiots!

    13. Sliver EagleXX

      Good job poilce for doing your work

    14. Victor G

      Turd introducing turd

    15. Hollywood

      BEAUTIFUL ❤️

    16. Andrew L

      Celebrate needs to be updated to rioted and vandalized private and public property

    17. Chelao Beltran

      Arriba mis Dodgers

    18. What Are You On About

      My grandfather was a Brooklyn Dodgers fan who became a Mets fan but he always had a soft spot for the Dodgers, so job well done, Congrats

    19. Orchid Sigapoa

      its LA's year. takin it for Kobe

    20. 2LIT

      DODGERS BABY 💍💙 checkout our reactions in our channel ⚡️

    21. Abraham Gomez

      Cops won’t let us have fun

    22. JOHN SMITH

      RECALL LAPD CHEIF MICHAEL MOORE FOR ALLOWING THIS!!! all his divisions should have been on tackle alert, dragnets should have been set up at hot zones, class action law suit time!!! Riots are allowed by lapd, their responses where way late, these protestors had ample time to assemble

      1. perfectgogeta

        Will you just shut up, man.

    23. Juan Velasquez

      L.A people are the best gooo Dodgers #1.

    24. Hello Kity

      All of california was lit!

    25. White Ghost

      sad you hit the streets over a meaningless game, but not over politicians stealing your income and you and your childrens futures over a lie that is convid19

      1. CALI LIFE 8251

        So true brother couldn’t agreed more

    26. Keith Kogane

      Lowest ratings ever.

    27. Sean Insanity

      Why would anyone celebrate like this for a bunch of millionaires that literally give no shits about the people who actually support them?

    28. that Jones

      The radical left is insane

    29. Marco S

      This is why COVID-19 isn’t going to end because of ignorant and careless people. No one was wearing a mask. You can just stay home and celebrate with your family. Watch the Covid cases go up during this week and weekend. Long live Dodgers! 🏆 But all these people are gross 😷

      1. Jose Bravo

        If corona is going to take us all out might as well let us celebrate a fucken championship the way we want to

      2. Ricky Garza

        some are wearing it

    30. jasona9

      Shame, the LAPD made at least 8 arrests last night and had to deal with unruly crowds because morons can't celebrate responsibly.

      1. Mia Laciel

        Blame LATINOS

      2. Jacob Acosta

        @Ricky Garza ok

      3. Ricky Garza

        it happens in every city not just l.a

      4. Jacob Acosta

        this happens every year that LA wins get over it

    31. Lil Minty223


    32. TyguhKonduh

      Meanwhile, downtown businesses get looted.

    33. RSKR


    34. B Z

      Armenian flag? Irrelevant AF

    35. Rudie Obias

      LA is having the championship year, the Cleveland should’ve had in 2016. But congrats to the Lakers and Dodgers for winning it all!!

      1. THE KING

        Cleveland stay trash. LA > Cleveland

    36. Anthony S

      Faaakk the Giants

    37. CaliGaL

      i like how the Dodgers' fans celebrate, compare to those Lakers' fans.

      1. Splash'n'Skillz #37

        Lakers celebration was more intense

    38. Average Joe

      LA Love!! World Champions💙

    39. Michael Robles

      Make it clear this is Lakers town , Dodgers town, and kings town Choke flippers , not welcome here anytime hope you move from here and go to Alaska or something 😂😂😂and don’t let the door hit you from behind

      1. Splash'n'Skillz #37

        And Galaxy town, Rams likely to be the 1 team but door still open for the chargers and there's always the Raiders

    40. thesos0

      Let’s take your kids out and breathe in all the smoke. Go doyers!

    41. Gitzen Shiggles

      Notice that Dodger fans don't run all over the city destroying stuff like in San Francisco and Houston. We're classier than that. THINK BLUE!!! 2020 CHAMPS!!!

      1. Jalen Mendoza

        @Gitzen shiggles fair enough

    42. Gerardo Reyes

      Como queman su dinero en cerveza, Mota y chingaderas!!! Ojala y asi se junten para votar y declarar sus derechos, no cabe duda que la media tiene poder de control y manipulation. Un Pueblo educado sera un Pueblo bien governado

    43. BRUT3MURD3R3R

      Real fans not looters ! Whats next Rams !! Or Chargers !! 🤔Maybe 🤞

      1. THE KING

        @Franz 89 And then you woke up.

    44. Therl Jones

      There is absolutely nothing to celebrate in this nation right now.

    45. J

      RIP the city of Angels

      1. Splash'n'Skillz #37

        @J I ain't for it either

      2. J

        I'm happy for LA because of Kobe. But I don't agree with destroying the city when a team wins a title

      3. Splash'n'Skillz #37

        @J Plus im not in the states so your jinx don't work 😎

      4. Splash'n'Skillz #37

        @J Nah YOUR won't

      5. J

        @Splash'n'Skillz #37 your city won't win another championship after that

    46. James Herz

      No social distancing or masks. Kinda got caught up in the moment Dodger fan?

    47. Ruthless 12 street

      I love my Dodgers fan , just like I love my fireworks.... ILLEGAL 😂

    48. Steve Coronado

      No looting, just a peaceful crowd celebrating the dodgers world series championship! Dodgers forever!

      1. Mia Laciel

        No.........there was looting, trash

    49. J Swartz

      La Champions of 2020 what a great year to remember. Enjoy your Lakers & Dodgers Covid party. Glad the Sf Giants Junior Varsity squad finally got chance to shine.

    50. Alex Pope

      And the the mexican a dodger ...Fernando is like yeeeaaah

    51. Sucker Punch

      We are the Champs baby 🔥🔥🔥

    52. Ron Greene

      Give it 3 weeks another huge spike in cases coming. Wear your damn masks people.

      1. Ron Greene

        @Kevin Cline its responsibility you grow up. You can celebrate and still wear your mask.

      2. Kevin Cline

        Cases aren't a bad thing. It's evolution. Grow up.

    53. javier book shadows contributor du

      42nd comment Clayton$$$

    54. Yolanda Perzz

      I could hear this from cypress park it was crazy.

    55. hi jinx

      I love my City LA... Everybody's flat out freaking crazy... and we wouldn't want it any other way...

      1. StrawHatMatt

        @SPG 565 go celebrate with your golf clap

      2. Theme Park Insanity

        LA PRIDE!!!

      3. Wet Porridge

        LA is a hell hole

      4. SPG 565

        Funny. It's a cesspool! Full of animals

    56. Melquiades Lemus

      Arriba Doyers cabroneS!

    57. Ramz Plascencia

      When Snell came out, we knew it was over!

      1. Droopy lll

        thankfully we all knew it 😂😂 if he would of stayed in who knows what would of happened

      2. Alex Pope

        They sealed their own fate

    58. lhia0416

      DC knows how you feel, LA 😁

      1. Kim Jong Trump

        @Tornado1994 ur mad that u lost to a team a 25 million salary🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. perfectgogeta

        @Tornado1994 More like realistic much

      3. Tornado1994

        @Alex Moreno Salty much?

      4. Alex Moreno

        Thanks for beating the cheaters for us last year :) much love from LA

    59. E P Ramos

      ⚾️☝️💥💫💯Dodgers ❗❗

    60. paris beech

      We did Dodgers nation we did WORLD CHAMPIONS

    61. Wolfie Wolf

      And the Covid cases are up! ☝

      1. Valerie M

        @paris beech 🤣🤣🤣

      2. paris beech

        @Wolfie Wolf good for you i guess🤣😂🤦

      3. Wolfie Wolf

        @paris beech Nope but I wear a mask.

      4. paris beech

        Keep live in fear 😅

    62. sxsw

      Luke 5 31And Jesus answered and said to them, “It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick. 32“I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.”

    63. Josue Sainz

      2020 has definitely been night and day for us, thank God for these championships; make sure to stay safe y'all this covid is no joke.

      1. Crusader Knght

        Covid is a joke, stop believing the libtard media.

    64. Jose Danny

      All my life waiting for this moment 🤦‍♂️ I never imagined it would be in this damn 2020

      1. My precious one 2/11/15

        I was 11 when they won it all back in 88 so this would be my second one and I'm happy about it.

      2. Logical-thinker

        @The All American Dodgers are not the most expensive roster lol. All teams that participated had the same opportunity to win.

      3. Jacob Acosta

        Illphaqup we’ll go with that

      4. Jacob Acosta

        Illphaqup yeah ok

      5. Jacob Acosta

        @Nada EsFacil1 hes just salty that his team lost lmao

    65. Joshua S.

      Next, why don't you report on the semi that was trashed and looted, the multiple instances of arson, and reports of shots fired?

      1. Joshua S.

        @Ricky Garza Stupidity is a nation-wide epidemic, and it seems to be clustered in the big cities. That's why you have people rioting over the deaths of knife-wielding criminals and the outcomes of sports games. Stupidity at its finest

      2. Ricky Garza

        josh u seem uptight you should of seem years ago what people did in boston at their city

      3. paris beech

        @Joshua S. Like i care about that 🤣🤣😂😂

      4. Joshua S.

        @paris beech Ask yourself, you're gonna be crying a lot when Trump wins next week

      5. paris beech

        @Joshua S. So what you going to cry about it

    66. Tallacus

      please covid let us celebrate in peace

    67. TheUsername217

      2020 is the year for LA sport fans NBA now the World Series holy shit.

      1. Christian Gruwell

        @coffee 941 nope Tampa already won the nhl, rowdies are in the finals for Tampa, and the bucs have a better chance of winning the super bowl. Tampa could also be the champs of 2020

      2. Mopar4Life

        Covid lurking......

      3. Johnny Blaze

        Did you guys ever find Kobe's head or is it still in the hills?

      4. Sub To-Trust Zbo

        @Gitzen Shiggles that’s a lie 😂

      5. Gitzen Shiggles

        The NBA is the armpit of sports. More people watched Game 1 of this WS than all the NBA finals games combined.

    68. Luck


    69. Lucid Nightmares

      LETS GO LA

    70. Luis Ramrod

      even covid is celebrating 😂😂😂

      1. Luis Ramrod

        @Peter Fuentes i meant kobe

      2. Peter Fuentes

        What's covid? Lol