This is Getting Complicated - Road to the Classic Ep. 22 Cherokee Lake Practice

Scott Martin

46 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

    The pressure is on and I need to make something happen on Cherokee Lake for the next stop in the Bassmaster Opens Tour. We’re finding fish we just need to catch them in the tournament to pull off a victory.
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    1. PokBil Vlog

      nice.. ❤️ from malaysia 👍🏿

    2. Chase Rogers

      Just stick to fishing not running 😂😂

    3. Jason O'Neill

      No hotfoot? reason? more comfortable idling around?

      1. Scott Martin I can sit up in the seat and see the water

    4. Randy Rauhuff

      What kinda of rip knocker was u using

    5. Elray Banderas

      Yo @Scott Martin where is @TheReelHillarySue?? We need her vids to hit the tube!!!

    6. Billy Noles

      On'em Fishing

    7. Tim Pooler

      Dear Scott I need your and Hills help I have found the most beautiful and cool hat for your dad I need to know how to get it sent to your dad for a gift I have been a fan of his since there was only one s in Bass can you email the address of the bait shop or something so it's not weird and he can pick it up there?

    8. big rob

      Billy is so funny on the phone call lmbo 😂🤣 and the race was a classic👍🏽

    9. Dennis Duffy

      Billy couldn’t help himself lol 😆

    10. Juan Arellano

      Racing challenges!!! Fun vids👍

    11. nathan morin

      Billy’s so funny

    12. SmokinDeadOP


    13. BassinatorTech

      Messing with scammers; just like my dad 😂.

    14. Tc

      Did you try and drag a C-rig

    15. Marsh Mud

      Oh you definitely beat Andrew in that foot race brah 🤣😂

    16. conrrail04

      i live like 30:00 min from cherokee

    17. William Brown

      Scott this video was great. I keep trying to hit thumbs up but I already did

    18. Don Sisco

      Yall Be Safe, and Good Luck Yall might wanta take up jogging with all that Eaten yall been doing.😁👊👍🔥

    19. Rob Fike

      You guys ever heard of Cloud backup? There is really no excuse loosing data off a hard drive like that.

    20. Nick LaRosa

      The edit on the intro... that was amazing

    21. Austin Hubatch

      I miss the cinematic releases. Bring'em back!

    22. Eric The Red

      In addition to redundancy, (backup or mirroring) are ya'll using SSD drives or traditional hard drives? I would think an SSD would stand up to a table fall since there are no moving parts.

    23. Captain Chaos

      Sorry, billy u lost

    24. Rich Dagsher

      Fall separates the boys from the men! I realized I'm still a boy... =)

    25. Rogbass

      Scott as a super fan. I’m nervous. Don’t know what to say. Lol. This is highly stressful. Lol. To understand a little about what your going through has been amazing. Thank you for the in depth insight into your tourney world. So cool.

    26. TheJtaylor000

      Poor Billy "Don't throw over there Dude. Don't throw over there!" Get'n scolded like a kid by Scott. That gave me a flashback of being in the back of my dad's boat at 9 years old and not being able to do anything right. LOL! But at least he turned around and boats the biggest one of practice. YOU GO BILLY!! Scott's overdrive gear don't kick in before 55 yards guys. He needs at least 55 yards. Scott won that race no question. Andrew should be ashamed. It shouldn't have even been close. Another great video. Even Castledine behaved and was even cordial in this one.

    27. wingedknight027

      Scott's got Hella speed that was only 1/3 of his real power

    28. ItzVizn

      jeez macoy stepped the editing up

    29. Aredd Fishing

      Andrew got those noodle legs while running hahah

    30. joel redd

      if only i had the issues yall had getting ready to fish

    31. Bob Root

      And it's Scott by a nose at the finish line.

    32. UltimateNinja1984

      Showing love to the Martin family all the way from North Carolina 😊

    33. Kyle Mattix

      Dude your videos are by far my "favorite" on youtube HA! See what I did there lol no seriously man, love the content Scott! 🤙

    34. Bassfisher78 !!

      Another great video Scott!!! Are you still planning on doing these videos when you make the elites?

      1. Scott Martin

        I do..👍🏻

    35. TAJ 103

      Love the humor. Keep it coming ! 👍🎅🏿

    36. Donald yancey

      Lmao billy 🤣 with that telemarketing call that was epic great guy to fish with right there.

      1. Scott Martin


    37. Ashton Maldonado

      Why are you fishing, you could be film directing.

      1. Scott Martin

        Maybe one day

    38. Hunter Jarnigan

      Man I’ve lived on this lake my whole life and it’s definitely going down hill fast it gets worse and worse every year

      1. Scott Martin

        They are getting smart

    39. J Tee

      Unbelievable, Billy gotta bass on camera, will wonders ever cease? Next Scott will let him use the rear displays to read the bottom behind/under the boat 😁

      1. Scott Martin


    40. Allen bryan

      Do a video on setting up your panoptix. I’m having a hard time setting mine up

    41. Live free

      Lakes here in the southwest are flipping any advice

      1. Live free

        Thanks scott

      2. Scott Martin

        Flip the Bandito bug

    42. Rusty Wells

      I can't believe how fast Scott can run wow!

      1. Scott Martin

        Andrew can’t

    43. Scott O,Donahoe

      Rip rap on a western facing bank will hold more heat and just a few degrees can make or break your day . You over think your selves with all the modern tech and should get back to basic instincts . Remember when you were happy just to be fishing and enjoy instead of hoping for a pay day !

    44. Ziggy Blue

      Praying for ya! Good luck and stay safe out there.

    45. Bass Raider

      Good stuff!

    46. Phil O'neil

      Not even 5 minutes into the video and Billy is already starting.

    47. Douglas Cole

      what about chuck

      1. Scott Martin

        He didn’t come to this one

    48. HBfishing

      Really enjoy this series keep up the good work Scott 👍

    49. Jacob Alexander

      Why don't you run a hot foot

      1. Scott Martin

        No big reason

    50. Justin Frost

      You putting in next to my house. Man this has been the toughest year of fishing I've seen in a long time here.

      1. Scott Martin

        Sooooo tough

    51. ShantM Hammond

      What kind of tail spin is that?

    52. Thomas Diehl

      put the hard drive in the freezer (as long as is doesn’t sound like a rattle) for 2 days, once frozen sometimes it will boot up long enough to copy everything to a new one

      1. Scott Martin

        I’ll try that

    53. Chris Thornton

      I'm thinking tubes might be the dill Scott

    54. Corey Johnson

      intro was killer, keep up the good work

    55. Robert Kent

      Hellgrammite soft plastics. Tight lines Scott.

    56. Xersrt A

      Yo those edits were NASTY

    57. Brock Johnson

      Billy caught A BIGGEN!

    58. Brock Johnson

      That damn cinamatic release from Billy was EPIC, ,! Hahahaha

    59. Foggy Bottom BBQ

      Now...the telemarketer part made me laugh out loud. Too funny.

      1. Scott Martin


    60. Chris Jae

      Great video! Billy is my man! Don’t let him get a boat... keep him with you on the channel!🤣🤣 Got a question.... did you ever do a follow up video of the new wiring you had done on the boat??

      1. Scott Martin

        Haven’t done a follow up yet

    61. Stephen latimer

      that was a fun vid. the children where playing today. scott u have top mates👌👍😎😂. cheers from australia.

    62. Dupa Seymour

      Its bad when the best part of the fishing channel is the cooking 🤣🤣 go back to Raw footage of slaying em !!

      1. Scott Martin

        Bro...Not much slaying on Cherokee right now

    63. John Humphreys

      Set the hook Billy!!!!! I am the #1 Billy fan!!!!!

    64. BASS n BEER !!

      That lake always seems tough!!! I always struggle on Cherokee, I did catch a 4.1 smallie earlier this year in like February, best fish I've ever caught on the lake!!!

    65. Bassand Furious

      cant wait to see you on the elites!

    66. Tim W


    67. jacob berryhill

      Cherokee is very tough right now

    68. Herb Albert

      Scott you need to get your MoJO back we are counting on you to pick your game up a couple notches we know you can it man....

    69. 256BassFishing

      Billy "I just want a boat!" I hear ya, Billy! I hear ya. That's why I've decided to go full time Co-Angler next season. See your crazy butt on the water, but I feel Hil gonna kick both our butts down south. Lol

    70. Alley32

      That video of the foot race was clear as a sasquatch sighting. I'm not sure who won that deal. Ha!

    71. John Pilcher Fishing

      Breaking out the wing ding. Nice

    72. Jesse Boyden

      Yo his releases had me dyin every time

    73. C

      You’re Scott F#&*$@,+ can catch fish in your sleep homie!!! You got this!!!

    74. Colby00

      Why is billy a co angler?

    75. Jerred Wayne

      Mccoy is sick on the edits. Now we gotta get him to quit breaking stuff 🤣🤣🤣

    76. Jim K

      Billy's GOTTTABASSSSS!!!!!!

    77. alexander jackson

      Scott forest gump Martin..... imma just keep run n

    78. Bruce Thivierge

      This video should have been titled "Watch Scott Martin Pull a Hammy" 😂

      1. Scott Martin


    79. Tim Moutos

      Y'all need to que in chariots of fire in a slow mo of you two dorks racing. 😉

      1. Scott Martin

        Exactly what I said to Macoy

    80. David Merritt

      I see y'all hitting the rip rap but try #8 shad rap chartreuse and white, crank down enough to slightly tap the rocks. Down size the line and use spinning rod. Always works for me.

    81. David Merritt

      Way to go Billy. I see you using the doodle rig and catching a nice 'un. Six pound line and zoom finesse worms will hook the big girls. Now just dye the tail chartreuse and you have a winner winner chicken dinner.

    82. Charles Tusin

      Billy-cinematic release Fish- flip, flop, smack Scott- yeah, that was nice Me- LOLOLOLOL

      1. Scott Martin


    83. joshua lee

      legit if andrew had the same stride length as scott he woulda beat him... poor andrew "quick draw" upshaw the man the myth the legend who slapped boxed hilary 🤣

    84. James Mims

      Good stuff guys love it.

      1. Scott Martin


    85. Ben Rednour

      Definitely a hard place to fish this time of year and with the weather we’re getting here doesn’t help! I live two minutes from the oak grove ramp! I really appreciate the content!!

      1. Ben Rednour

        Looking forward to the next video! And good luck on the next tournament!!!

      2. Scott Martin

        Thank you for your support Ben 👊🏼

    86. Donald Millsap

      Billy is funnier than all get out ❗ Good luck to all you guy's ❗ Rip some lip's ❗🤘🙏🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟‼️

      1. Donald Millsap

        @Scott Martin 👊 Love the vid's❗🤙🙏🐟 Always loved watching your dad ripping lip's❗ 🍎 didn't fall far from the 🌲 ❗

      2. Scott Martin


    87. Jeb Steadham

      Dude I don’t comment like ever... but I love these videos I love the candid stuff y’all do that’s tournament life with the boys. Good job keep it up

      1. Scott Martin

        Glad you like them! Thanks for the comment

    88. Jon Thomas

      Don’t worry about the footage. It happens. Just keep fishing and winning foot races.

      1. Scott Martin


    89. Peepaw bassin 51

      Hey what’s that line through bait?

    90. Preston Littlejohn

      Scott won. great videos

    91. ed melungeon

      I know a MUCH better swimbait than that keitech for smallmouth on cherokee, esp when its tough like this...

    92. Jeff Allen

      Cherokee is one of my home lakes. This area in general can have some of the toughest fishing days than anywhere in the country.But other times we have some of the best lakes in the country.

      1. Scott Martin

        Love that lake

    93. Richie _k_68

      Yes SCOTT I will pray for you pray for all of you.🙏🏼🙏🏼🎣🎣

      1. Richie _k_68

        Scott Martin : Your Welcome..🙏🏼🎣

      2. Scott Martin

        Thank you!

    94. Joe No thanks.

      I was waiting for one of y’all to skid across the pavement.

    95. Michael Durham

      Billy literally trips me out everytime 😂😂😂 keep grinding it out tho Scott 🤙🏼

    96. CaptureFish

      LOl! Telemarketing uhghhgh

    97. JR Earley

      How can anyone dislike any fishing video?

    98. Tucker Traub

      Scott fire him already

    99. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      I had a tree fall 6” from the tongue of my boat in Lawrenceville Ga 2 days no power. Still without internet.


      The Tournament Quick Race 59 was fun 😂