My First Major League Fishing Event | Lake Okeechobee Pro Circuit

Brian Latimer

140 миӊ. көрүүлөр14

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    1. Brian Latimer

      Hey don’t forget to follow Stanley on IG and go to this link for a discount on the products you see in this video and so many others.

      1. Jonny Granville

        The Stanley thermos is badass. Thats a working man's tool.

      2. Exodus fivesixfivesix

        That thumbnail looks damn good man.

      3. Buddy BEAVERS

        Stanley makes tools as well!!!!!

      4. Marshall Eng

        Yeah man lightseys is big money! Next time hit up Parrott Island! 👌🏽👌🏽

      5. Critty Cothran

        Belton, SC stand up

    2. Mays lawn care

      Great fish man your doing what I dreamed of doing all my life. I live about 4 hours from that lake never been. I m in Cape Coral got the salt water bug out here just not the same as bass fishing

    3. Jonathan Holt

      Dude u are my people I love to flip some plastic I love it man

    4. lamar ware

      Hoping to get out to the spillway near my house and do some wiper fishing then try for some crappie. Never been able to fade let alone line up my own hair. Beard I can trim that all day easily but not my head.

    5. kman237

      Man, amazing video and you are awesome. You seem like a real guy doing some real fishing. I just found your channel and subscribed.

    6. Adventures of PBJ and Raiden

      such a down the earth dude, love this channel, immediate sub. Keep up the good work man!

    7. GNR Fishn

      Great video brother

    8. Mark Miller

      Nice Fade Brian. Lmbo!! We fished Lake Okeechobee last spring prior to the pandemic. We had a good day! Keep doing well Brian!

    9. Blak Heff

      you da best my the content!!! great S@*t!!

    10. Twin Turbo LSX

      I love bass fishing. I just feel like a lot of solid fish die as a result of tournaments. Would be nice if they went to a measure based system that allows the fish to be released immediately after being caught like the kayak guys do. Less impact on the population.

      1. Brian Latimer

        Our fisheries are in the best shape they’ve ever been. No need to worry.

    11. Caleb Smith

      Monster EFFING bass

    12. Kava Chikore

      Thanks very much Brian was wondering what the bass fishermen do with the fish after weighing etc etc

    13. Peter Mitchell

      I love this every time I see that moonwalk it cracks me up great fish

    14. Blaine Smith

      I was sleeping on my recliner when you yelling “CAMERON” 15000 times woke me up while this was playing on my tv😠😠

    15. shootertg

      Awesome video. One of my favorites. I think a day on the boat with you would be a blast. Always seem happy to be fishing

    16. Scott McGahey

      Great Videos 👍👍

    17. MuahMan

      Is that the Jolly Roger Marina they're using for the take -off and weigh-in

    18. Almighty Dre

      Your fishing in black forces you may be my new favorite human 💪🏽💪🏽

    19. Blendon L. Olson

      Just started watching you and you’re a hoot man! Love watching you man! Keep it up brother💪🏻💪🏻

    20. Shane Berger

      I love your enthusiasm. Great informative videos.

    21. Harry Doyle

      I'm from Iowa but Okeechobee is on the bucket list. Hot action. Would take Okeechobee bassin' over Transformers Megan Fox any day.

      1. J. Vega

        Down yander We live for bass ;) Down at the bend

    22. Professor Mortis

      I kinda thought you would say the frog in the toilet inspired you to throw frogs today lol.

    23. Dustin Johnson

      Brian if you ever come fun fish Sam Rayburn may I just sit in back boat an watch you fish I don’t have to fish just be humbled to sit in your presence an watch an learn your great with your marshal there in the boat and then we can go to my crappie spots an catch us some dinner fillets to fry up

    24. Dustin Johnson

      That’s my kind of morning I don’t sleep anyhow so I wake up early an sit around waiting to leave or go to ramp an sit in truck till time 🤣😂 fishing is poison in my veins


      i really enjoyed you Bro. It is truly a pleasure to someone that looks like me catching them almost as well as I do, lol. You got a new fan!

      1. David Ball

        Oh I have white guilt now.

    26. Skylar Jordan

      First video I've watched of you man and your awesome brotha!! good fishing. be tuning in!

    27. HagShack5

      That flip was amazing

    28. Terrence Montgomery


    29. Jonny Granville

      Rock that James Brown...I feeeel good! Na na na na na na na na na!

    30. Jonny Granville

      There was a frog in the crapper??🤣🤣 Did Kathy include that in the air BNB?

    31. David Murray

      Some amazing catches here. Never fished outside of Massachusetts or New Hampshire. Love watching the videos and go Stanley!

    32. Roland Brown

      Man you make fishing look so smooth and simple. I'm sure you put in the hard work. Great job!! -Subscribed


      @9:33 Story of My Life

    34. The Supreme Fishing Team

      It’s about the big ones down there on chobee good fishin my friend

    35. Bushwookie NW

      Hey B-Lat, What happened to the penalty for letting the fish touch the carpet or “rough handling”?

    36. Scott Stevens

      Great video production! You're doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

    37. Walker Meiner

      Florida content from one of my favorites. Love it B Lat

    38. Preston Arnold

      You ever try to take that Bonifide out, me and some of the friends go every weekend. Got plenty of ponds we hit in the Upstate.

    39. Lavern Stutzman

      Awsome video

    40. Izzy

      The intro clip reminded me of how my dad describes his stories 😂

    41. Brian Hampton

      Great footage and great video like all of them🔥

    42. Terrance Garrett

      That catch made me so hype👏🏼

    43. bubba diesel

      Masks are stupid

    44. Victor Martinez

      I wish I can share my vids to you of me catching speckled trout. The feel and love for just hooking them are the best. Good job bud. Tight lines

    45. Random Upstate Adventures

      Love your energy in the Morning... Nice job on the fish

    46. 816_ Bassin

      “GQ, y’all better send ya boy an invoice cause I’m gonna send y’all a bill”...legendary😂

    47. Hunter Nix

      First time ever watching you, definitely subscribed! That’s awesome you’re from Belton! Maybe I’ll run into you back home.

    48. Benjamin Anderson

      Your a great fisherman, wish all were as exciting to watch like you are!!!!

    49. Scott L

      14:08 is the lucky sox! You need to save those socks in your tackle box 😂

    50. Scott L

      11:35 !!! NICE!

    51. Shane Koerber

      I just discovered B Lat and I love this dude! > fish on

    52. Alejandro Trevino

      these are my fave b lat vids

    53. Lucky Lucky

      That right brotha catch em.. salute to brotha I hopefully would like to meet you In person & fish with you if you ever come to the twin cities. Thank you the content you real talk..

    54. Allyn McDonald

      Brian really enjoying following you and watching your video's. I hope you win many tournaments and make a name for yourself in the record books. God Bless bro!

    55. Kiddo

      12:11 That is an AMAZING hook set yo !

    56. Jonny Page

      And just followed the IG and everything by the way this was great move it to watch in the morning I don't like how pumped I am to go fishing I live in Western New York doing water still hasn't broken yet

    57. David Cates

      That's a peac of wood with bad teeth right there that's the kind to stay away from right there

    58. Michael Smith

      Loved this video, enjoyed watching you be so happy and having fun, your a great fisherman and enjoy your shows and tips, good luck , keep up the good work !!

    59. Marcus Mccoy

      That day two on the two that got off happened to me just a month ago off the bank. I went back and the spot was all damed up with dirt for a new building to go on it . That spot had so much age on it I couldn't believe what had happened to it.

    60. Bass Brothers Fishing DMV

      Awesome video BLat. I watch this thing like I'm sitting in a movie theatre!!! Keep em coming Sir!!!

    61. K-SLAY Fishing

      How do u become a pro bass fisherman?

    62. Denali King

      you look like a bank fisherman walking back when landing a fish...........

    63. TheGhostof Versailles

      You need one of those magnetic positioners for your Body GoPro. It’s called snap Mount

    64. deejaytrizay

      Damn I love this guy. Every one of them are a "bign". lol. Love this dude's content though!

    65. Nick VanBishler

      Please can you fish in oregon

    66. Travis Bruno

      Im glad okeechobee is doing better ..great video

      1. Travis Bruno

        I love stanley 2 liter thermos you had therebmy coffee stays hot literally for 2 days in that thing its nutz

    67. Logan Johnson

      11:40 you're welcome.

    68. Brudda Chuck

      Love it!

    69. The king Giesy

      I live in okeechobee

    70. That Guy

      I get why you all Are doing these vids the way you do but wish they were more fishing less down time.

    71. Nathan Leemon

      Your so awesome to watch brotha! I wish you the best of luck this year!

    72. Blake McLaughlin

      Has MLF changed the format where they don’t weigh in the boat anymore? I’ve not kept up so I’m really confused

    73. Donald Johnson

      Hey bro... best of luck to you man. Really proud of you. Represent brother... I know the pressure !!!

    74. Eric Bible

      is the camera guy Lunkers old camera guy? Sounds like him.

    75. Eardley Bird

      Cool video. B Lat🎣 love the INTENSITY!! # miketyson blows!! Lol

    76. wildcat31772

      I wish during spawn all leagues would do what the one wheeler is in where they catch and release them right there. Don't see the need for the 5 in the livewell stuff anymore.

      1. wildcat31772

        @Blake McLaughlin i'm confused on that point too.

      2. Blake McLaughlin

        So I’m confused does he not fish MLF also? Why are they not weighing in the boat in this tourney?

    77. Lewis Hunt


    78. Harry Balzonya

      Dude is his really tall or are the ceilings in that house extremely low?

      1. Post Stalone


    79. DT TV

      I’ve always been told that finding frogs in your home is a sign of financial abundance🤷‍♂️.. I thought it was bs until I moved out of my moms house a year after I saw it lol

    80. Larry Tidwell

      Crispy line up.... HAHAHAHAHAHA.....GQ SEND ME A CHECK!!!!

    81. M

      I have not been around. I am so happy for you. Going with MLF. I think you will do good. God Speed.

    82. black guy

      You have the most relaxing background music

    83. Travis Archer

      The energy you put off in your videos man! Love it!

    84. Frederick Shebester

      The fantastic video. Loved every minute. Next video title should be: B Lat's Eye crossing hook set in stocking feet!

    85. matt h94

      Bro how tall are you? That are you were levitating because of how pumped up you were. Keep up the great work!

    86. Tom Miller

      The lake you're fishing Okeechobee is not 650,000 acres . Its 730,000 square miles. Big difference Dude.

    87. BigPunski

      That hook set Tho

    88. Scott Mayle

      Brotha it sounds like the universe is telling you to throw a dang frog. The universe is always talking but are you listening?? Hope you get that trophy 🏆🙏

    89. Tyler Martin

      I love the vid Man

    90. Erik

      LOVE watching the tournament process. Great video. @Putemintheboat - could not agree more. I would pay for a day on the boat with B Late ... sounds like another revenue stream for B Lat! :)

    91. Joshua A.

      Love the videos!

    92. Phillip Truth

      I know that fishing is your life, and it is indeed a great sport, but don't neglect your soul. You see, one day you are going to die and that could be sooner than you think. "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement." Hebrews 9: 27. Although you are feeling healthy, having fun on the water fishing, you can die at any time...for no one has a lease on life. When it's your time to go, you die. Period! Don't you think you should be prepared for death? And the only way to be prepared for death is to have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Get saved from your sins. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3: 16. Die without Christ as your Savior, and you will spend eternity in hell. Get right with God before it's everlasting too late. "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Romans 3: 23. "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Romans 6:23. How does one become saved? Romans 10: 9 says, "That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." Amen.

    93. Beau Adams

      Awesome job B Lat

    94. Mike Foster Outdoors

      You know its a good day of fishing when it looks like you have been bailing hay on the front deck lol

    95. Darrin S

      I'll be down there in April. Who are the best 2 or 3 large mouth bass guides on Lake Okeechobee?

    96. Bobby Grant

      I like watching your show you have alot of good information thank you.

    97. CBoutdoors

      B Lat. be the beeeest!

    98. Thomas Urben

      Dude was so hyped when he caught that monster can’t even blame him - first thing I thought, that fish is a HOG

    99. Keith Allpress

      I love my Stanley thermos. I'm from Canada so it's cold all winter but my coffees always 🔥

    100. Cory P.

      Good shit!! Love these videos 👌