LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS VOLUME 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix


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    The NSFW animated anthology returns with a vengeance. Naked giants, Christmas demons, and robots-gone-wild… Consume irresponsibly. Volume 2 coming May 14.
    Presented by Tim Miller, David Fincher, Jennifer Miller, and Joshua Donen.
    LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS returns with VOLUME 2 on May 14th
    Watch LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS on Netflix:
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    LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS VOLUME 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix
    From wild adventures on far-flung planets to unsettling encounters close to home: The Emmy-winning anthology returns with a crop of provocative tales.

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    1. Ank

      whats the music

    2. Goza' !!!

      Anyone else get traumatized from the song reminding you of midsommar lol

    3. cobberbrimo

      One of the best things on Netflix

    4. my mind is digital 2

      My favourite ep from the first one was sonnie's edge. Hope i'll find something amazing from prt2 aswell for myself

    5. Fly

      holy shit

    6. LolWhyuNoGG

      So excited.

    7. Dovahkiin

      the episodes arent long enough and some of them are pointlessly violent

    8. João Victor Fiorati Ruela

      When this violin hits I feel something diffrent

    9. Bloody Wheels

      0:48 if cuteness is a name.

    10. Marcus Valdez

      Looks like Robert Valley is back for another one!

    11. eddie zhang

      can't wait!!!!!

    12. CausalityLoop

      netflix has done some questionable shows in the past. This repents for everything, It's the best

    13. Afthab Abid

      lets gooo I'm inn

    14. Teegan Reed

      Was that Nick Dragotta art? That would make for amazing animation

    15. Nooux


    16. Tyler Van Arden


    17. BLADE

      Lol Michael b Jordan again. This guy is everywhere at 1:18

    18. Sarge Scum


    19. Tankrider

      I loooved season 1 i hope season 2 will be just as good, even if its not as good its still amazing but still

    20. Storms10

      So disappointed it is only 8 episodes. The first season was 18.

    21. LHF Inatl

      Marvelous, simply mmmmarvelous

    22. Vitartial

      I still think this show has the potential of adapting Lovecraft's stories

    23. Ryan Tirtajaya

      YES!!! I was always hoping for a season 2!!! Keep them coming!

    24. uhhh jr

      Holy shit they used reborn by Colin stetson

    25. Kenterrious Bey

      There better be like 5 seasons of this show it’s too good

    26. Music4dayzzz

      Did i just see a cgi michael b jordan??.....😂😂

    27. EMB3R

      1:31 me when ld&r new season

    28. XxMakeOutHill23


    29. Akhmad Djuraev

      Positive comment! Finally a worthy for that comment news!

    30. Rik Havok

      Bout to go watch the first one again🔥🌲💨😎

    31. Julyan

      omfg this and Castlevania coming out the same day, I just can'ttttttt

    32. Frankie Thomas

      And they confirmed vol 3 for next year too

    33. Waikiki Sahara

      One week to go, ugh. Who else can’t fuc*in wait?

    34. Aesthetic Dyamano

      OoMG battlefield 6

    35. partytranimal

      Happy birthday to me

    36. April Fools

      I’ve been waiting for this moment!

    37. Ok

      Just watched season 1. The artwork, animation, everything screamed talent and creativity. Being a netflix show, yeah.... They must include as much gore and genitals as they can. I don't mind it if it serves the story but they were a bit out of context. Other than that, this project is mind blowing.

    38. El Borre

      That's a Blade Runner reference?

    39. Tanto Faz

      Aaaaaaaa ,só vem !

    40. Javier Moya

      Hereditary soundtrack, the best of this video.

    41. Shaka Ingabire

      For those who recognized the music i hope you've mentally healed after that movie

    42. Alejandro Flores

      Nice to see they aren't trying to make the models ultra realistic and instead making them more visually appealing

    43. Cody Choules


    44. King Chaos

      Best entertainment news this year!

    45. Krisztián Tóth

      Sonnies Edge is so so cool. I very like her.

    46. Cordies Moore


    47. Elijah Talbott

      Is that Vangelis?

    48. Guess963

      What year is it?!?!

    49. Prince UwU

      no 3 robots, not interested

    50. Preng 23

      1:01 this movie is produced by winning awards bla bla bla bla

    51. Jan Looser


    52. Julian Auston

      Fingers cross for Sonny’s Edge part 2

    53. CinnamonToast_Choppa


    54. Vio-Rose

      All I ask is that the fanservice is more equally spread between genders this time. Let me ogle some pecks you heathens.

    55. BigDaddyCoatesy

      Netflix I know we've had out discrepancies but I love you

    56. capin

      what music plays at 0:40

    57. Antonio Manaligod

      This is literally the best show that you have. You better keep this going

    58. Mad Science

      Love, Death & Robots**** ffs smh

    59. Rodrigo Soares de Almeida

      Best show!!!

    60. Añtõįñęttę Wįłłįãms

      I knew it, I loved the first episodes

    61. Frosty

      LDR in a nutshell: Dust with better writing and budget

    62. Walter Ruiz

      How're they using the hereditary ost?

    63. Nazeem Colon

      Castlevania and this both early in May bruh 😫

    64. Pricope Ionut

      My body is ready!

    65. L P

      I love this show so much

    66. Jaime Barba

      Haven’t seen it yet, looks great

    67. Macro

      I wonder if every episode this season will feature a schlong

      1. Cut a Nut

        @I drink your milkshake dude stop today I slept until 10am by accident and my gf just made me a butter and jelly sandwich

      2. friedkangaroo

        what about boobass

      3. I drink your milkshake

        @Cut a Nut Yes it is. Wake up

      4. Cut a Nut

        first reply on my favorite youtuber is this a dream?

    68. Kim S.S.

      They used Hereditary soundtrack to do this trailer! Great choice

    69. Tarun Naskar

      is it Dev's music ?

    70. FlopzY

      Just one year to go then.

    71. Epstein's Pilot

      Hereditary much

    72. Whynot


    73. Atomic Knight

      I like how they just put the hereditary song into this trailer. It made it epic ❤️

    74. ben ward

      Why do I recognise the music ?????

    75. Prabhu Rao

      2022. I can’t wait that long. Dang

    76. Alex the dude

      can’t wait to watch this on shrooms


      We need more episodes like sonnies edge and the farmer robots episode those episodes was easily the best of the series

    78. Guilherme Lopes Claudino

      tava com saudades já

    79. Sképsi Somnomumid Moreira


    80. agustin venegas

      *may 14th* "oh damn thats clo..." *2022* "oh..."

    81. ricardo costa

      o melhor da netflix

    82. Nancy Azul S. Rdz.


    83. Jackson Lind


    84. Ghadente

      awesome, been waiting on this and the next Witcher season. What is up with Black Mirror though?

    85. Chunder Dragon


    86. Mikey MotorPsyche


    87. Santos Kandel

      Excited to see what's coming

    88. chris van den Brink

      Track ID??

    89. Mr. Sandman

      I like how in order to make an LDR trailer you just have to make a LDR out of context compilation

    90. Ricardo Mendez

      AAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I binged this show the minute it was released I'm so excited OMG please

      1. Ricardo Mendez

        Renewed for 2 seasons 🥰🥰🥰

    91. Josue Toledo

      OMGGGGGG FINALLY!!!!!!!!!

    92. CK

      This is EXACTLY what I've been waiting for!

    93. NadŚwiadomy ZaRząd

      Cudna Baja się zapowiada 👍🙂

    94. skully boney

      the secret war was my favourite

    95. Mohammed Rizwan

      what is the music thats used here? Its so unsettling and epic at the same time!!

    96. Mohammed Rizwan


    97. Daniel Aaron

      Oh gosh, that music is making me think about Hereditary.

    98. Balls nuts even


    99. Marv

      Damn got goosebumps just from the trailer. I can't wait Netflix :D

    100. kriza

      There is never enough hand animated videos