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Daily Dose of Gaming

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    1. Noriaki Kakyoin

      Hello everyone this is YOUR daily dose of gaming

    2. Marvin Jimenez-perez


    3. halle

      It feels weird hearing him say "goodbye" instead of "later"

    4. Hannah Vories

      That was short but sweet and a good way to start of a channel.

    5. SILENT775


    6. doge 2.0

      welcome to your doge of Internet

    7. a frogge

      GOOD ONE

    8. DtG '

      cool stream dood

    9. NexusExoticz

      Poor daily dose, he doesn't know how to do a stream. awwwwwwwwwwwwww

    10. Minecraft AndSomething


      1. eioshen boboi

        gaime teim :D

    11. Siddharth M

      Your voice😅😆

    12. GamingButNotReally

      Hello everyone reading this in the future

    13. Matteo Turtula

      Why does he say that this is a stream when it’s only 30 minutes long

    14. Yap yap The destroyer


    15. Mikey Jones

      His voice makes me wonder how he looks

    16. asioe kiou

      *”Hello everyone this is YOUR Daily dose of gaming”* I’d actually love to see game clips in that format

    17. Kz1nk

      Where it all started

    18. LDA Playz

      Imagine he is dream?!?

    19. Patrick Bossa

      Always trying to get to that 10 minute mark smh

    20. Hacked


      1. asioe kiou


    21. bcvbb hyui

      So many verfied users commenting 😭

    22. Aser Chaudhry

      goodbye :)

    23. Alfredo n00dlez

      gaime teim :D

    24. Iceyy

      The best part is that he’s self taught. *on youtube*

    25. Sketchfx

      Hello everyone THIS IS YOUR daily dose of AMONG US

    26. gaming with ashton

      Look at the views for just a 39 seconds video

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Why didn't you tell me SOONER!!!!

    27. Bransen Kelley

      You are the best youtuber

    28. Capybara 632


    29. Ahmed Sav

      Live streaming.

    30. yasio bolo

      my mind after this video: okay, okay, oww kay

    31. poopy butt


    32. poopy butt

      he has the nicest voice its so calming

    33. MetaCat _


    34. Ro-Ghost


    35. Line


      1. Line

        @yasio bolo Like a voice you dont hear every day.

      2. yasio bolo

        His voice is so weird ad not like in a bad why not trying to be mean

    36. Черный ангел

      Will you be playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure??

    37. Afeesh Syeeshmi

      We are alive

    38. Hayabusa In section

      @Daily Dose Of Internet your voice is different here

    39. pimplyface64

      Why didn't you tell me SOONER!!!!

    40. ebicoreoz

      Wowie let's see some PC Building Simulator! That would be cool. Absolute legend by the way!

    41. AlexBlanford

      Why’d u say goodbye 😔 it’s pronounced ‘later’

    42. Screw The Net

      A daily dose of a daily dose of gaming and videos...DAILY?! SUBBED!

    43. Andros Forever

      All right everybody set... all ready to go... sweet.. GOODBYE. 🤣

    44. YUDooDat 101

      Oooooooo you should maybe play halo

    45. Destiny Skitz


    46. Datu Rayden

      Ooo so cool you have a new channel!

    47. ABK BK

      He wasn't a robot after all

    48. Just Liz

      His voice is so weird ad not like in a bad why not trying to be mean

    49. Alexis James Arbitrario

      oh god


      Here before half a million subs

      1. ima_REE

        Um... ok

    51. Hendra Halim

      Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Gaming

    52. The meme Mixers

      So much verified people

    53. Baconooze

      Sub to this amzin dude

    54. Mopegaming1

      Hey everyone this is your daily dose of streams

    55. ツI tried ツ

      Epic moments

    56. fahad al-9br


    57. Wackrat


    58. -oFrenzy


    59. Llennoux


    60. GALAXY9

      a legend was born

    61. Nikop

      It feels so weird that this video ended without the iconic "later"

    62. Callum Bullers

      Is that a thing now? Are you going to say goodbye on this channel instead of later?

    63. Rick Astley

      daily dose of livestreaming

    64. TheToxicDog

      39 seconds of epic

    65. THOR Thor

      Wow this was live on my birthday

    66. UntTopics

      its big brain time

    67. Julian Ung Miranda


    68. Robbie

      hey, thank you for posting this :)

    69. xxPaticakexx

      7 verified channels in the comments

    70. Joey

      PubG mobile

    71. Roberto Pierrot

      Toby?! Are you Toby, the Scranton Killer?!

    72. I don’t know what to put here

      This will be just as good as your other KGup channel

    73. Mom Life

      great stream

    74. Redvipor

      Omg hearing him talking longer sounds better

    75. Felix Le

      :0 your brother just committed on your channel

    76. ghosty bloom

      He sounds so nervous

    77. Collin Vail


    78. Bori_ Gori


    79. Lego Nation

      You should do t,a,b,s

    80. Point44

      That was a cool video! When is part 2 of this coming out?

    81. kJuicer


    82. Jayd Ro20

      Do a face reveal on this channel

    83. Chow Dhanuseng Chowpi

      Sir what types of games u like. One last question when you are gonna reveal your face🙏❤️💕 Dieing for it to see you as a real one.

      1. GramperNavy

        he has already done one you just gotta put face reveal after daily dose of internet

    84. Aviation Channel

      Your voice is AMAZING.

    85. Bryson K


    86. Sebastian Granados

      Can you please have a face reveal

    87. Me

      Did he say the f word at 0:25 or 0:24

    88. shaqtus 69

      Good fresh tip Do a cyberpunk 2077 review

    89. Big Wilbur

      when do you stream? i’m looking forward to watching

    90. OpTiCaL


    91. shogunsteel

      Looks pretty legitness

    92. Windalou


    93. Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat


    94. seeni gzty


    95. HW veteran

      Shortest livestream ever.

    96. TRÜRÜR ÜR

      Hi I'm an og remember me when he hits 20 mil

    97. Arnas 3321

      so the gaming legend will be starting to play games and show his sKiLLs thats awesome

    98. Max

      You actually talk like that irl

    99. yasir

      He's really a nice person

      1. seeni gzty

        Hello new channel

    100. Luis InShadowz

      Goodbye lol