Watch SpaceX dock with the ISS and open the hatch live


290 миӊ. көрүүлөр116

    Docking at 15:00 Hatch Opening at 3:00:00 Entering the ISS at 3:22:00
    NASA and SpaceX will make history Thursday morning delivering astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the International Space Station.
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    3. alfonso penamante

      Doug Hurley got front right head bruise .FYI

    4. alfonso penamante

      historical moment

    5. Amy jo Jinkerson

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    9. john arvanites

      Seems like a lot of work for one hatch

    10. Lydia Gacuma

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      1. Lydia Gacuma


    40. Lydia Gacuma

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    48. Lydia Gacuma

      I think the dragon is wearing blue shirts it looks black colour shirts because it's dark inside may be that's why I say Balck shirts because it's dark inside the hatch

    49. Lydia Gacuma

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    50. Lydia Gacuma

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    51. Lydia Gacuma

      Is that the two Chinese that was been sent back to earth for docking around Pacific and passing to Australia and Goins passes to Papua NEW Gunie and JAPAN they keep going around the Pacific Ocean

    52. Lydia Gacuma

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    53. Willy Reyes

      Nice foto shop

    54. Willy Reyes


    55. bigben1986

      I wish I was up there with them. I need to get away from earth. Place is going bonkers!!

    56. Amen Amen

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    57. Lamow Kachow

      Can someone with a sound mental state explain to me why there are religious fanatics, conspiracy theorists, gravity deniers all over this scientific achievement?

    58. Hendra Li

      _No Time For Caution Start Playing.._

    59. Hendra Li

      "No Time For Caution" - Interstellar

    60. freemindthinker ezrapound


    61. Bob Tom

      I *WISH* was greeted with hugs and smiles just for showing up to work smh.. Usually everyone just tells me to go home and starts yelling some stuff about being fired months ago blah blah.. grossly incompetent blah.. reckless endangerment blah blah and so on. Smh.. Some people are so lucky to have coworkers that are so much more friendly than mine..

    62. GrievedHymn

      "No time for caution"

      1. Efectivamente

        Come on tars

    63. Touch Me Slow

      3:23:50 Is this a wardrobe malfunction or is that wire I see pulling through the back of his shirt. Who knows I could be just smoking to much.

      1. Dim mary


    64. Alexander Mizeu

      Hello. We see the real Heroes of America ..!

    65. Stoneglass Houses

      please someone give him a plaster for his head

    66. Minivan Tripping

      This is SO COOL! I wish I could have seen it live. Thank you for the opportunity to see everything so well!! AWESOME!

    67. Lance Hondrade

      The two luckiest men “no longer” on Earth.

    68. Rudolf

      We need artificial gravity. And big big space ships. For 20-30 people. And bigger speed.

    69. The Morgan

      How does anyone believe this😭💩💩💩

    70. Tom Zhao

      And the one on the far right has been injured bleeding from forehead. How come this could happen and no one cares to asking him how he is doing, I am very concerned for him not to get infection.

    71. Tom Zhao

      Why no one talks to the other three especially the one in the middle who seemed to be from NASA and worked all the time to ensure the docking success from iss.



    73. 0over0

      I think it's an astonishing act of imagination. Expedition 63 is going to do these experiments: * Playing around with magnetic colloids. Could lead to ways of delivering a drug specifically to cancer cells. * Project "Alpha" - an actual, orbiting light sail, though very small (1 meter square.) Some day could be used for propulsion of space ships- science fiction up until now. A Light Sail is a giant, very thin film that creates a small pull on a ship soly by reflecting sun light. Alpha will also improve GPS. * A gadget that looks for anti-matter. Could lead to better understanding of the Big Bang. * Observation of (bizarre) high altitude lightening, to the end of better understanding weather. * An experiment that looks at the possibility of sequencing RNA, "isolated from any organism directly." * Vascular eccograms of the astronauts themselves, possibly leading to new treatments for cardiovascular disease. * more efficient and economical solar energy. * 3D printing research. - Jack Ritter

      1. Lamow Kachow

        Thank you, I was wondering what they would be researching

    74. tubetop123

      Has there ever been an accident in docking? Are we always that's great or it is actually pretty easy to dock?

      1. bresea702

        Yeah, there was a collision with a supply ship on the MIR station

    75. hoang Gia

      Thật tuyệt vời!

    76. Rose de Roubaix

      Why cant we always hear what they are saying inside Dragon

      1. Rose de Roubaix

        @Charles Boyle thank you. It was so interesting. For me hooked! Awesome stuff. 😁

      2. Charles Boyle

        ISS had the same issue, thats why it took so long to open the hatch

    77. david forte

      Success with sleep in space with the first rocket since 2011?? No not without pills

    78. Mark Arnott

      Bob👩‍🚀🙃 & Doug👩‍🚀🙃 SpaceX-Nasa Great flight best videos 2020👌💗 cheers 🦘

    79. Brandon Edelman

      What's wrong with the dudes head at the end?

      1. david forte

        He has to have an extremely bad headache or banged his head..... The whole video was filmed with him holding or rubbing his head

      2. david forte

        IDK that is strange like he got beat up in the riots on earth

    80. Crie Dela Croix


    81. Jared Beaver

      Videos on solving error message situations.

    82. KIBE

      27:55 why is the left guy moving like a robot and the right guy too kind of, fells like they are just doing stuff to pretend to be human, are they robots and not human ?? is this a scam ?

      1. Hafiey plays

        @Sarena Harmon how is it faked? I watch the take off some people even watch it with their own eyes how could it be fake? You can see the can see the footage inside the have all the proof

      2. Sarena Harmon

        Robots, astroNot actors, shills, whatever you want to call these fraudulent clowns.

      3. Bill Smith

        Dude, of course the entire thing was faked! Biggest accomplishment of mankind, to keep the tens of thousands of people involved quiet about it. And wow, how they tricked all of those thousands of people that stood around and watched the takeoff. What a clever trick! Idiot.

      4. SuperKawaiiChannel

        No he is just bored, he did that many times prior to launch when on launchpad!

    83. Jon Lennryd

      Warning for dinosaur at 03:19:00.

      1. digitaldirt777

        It's a dragon

    84. Brian Sharp

      Wife: What are you watching at 2AM?? Husband: SpaceX Wife: Oh really?!!....and what are you wearing, SpaceX??! SpaceX:....khakis

      1. Robloxtrio [ kiyru’s second account]

        Jake from space x

    85. Brian Sharp

      Awesome! Thanks CNET for not adding 60 secs of ads for 45 seconds of video.

      1. Rayan Douni

        Mmm mmm I N J J

      2. Rayan Douni

        Ik N Nimj I I In I I I MI M J In Nuiii O

    86. gutenmuach

      Imagine if they had brought the corona virus into ISS

      1. Bill Smith

        Yeah, Like, they never checked for that ahead of time. Idiot.

      2. Paul Brown

        Yeah quarantine is a thing.

      3. Chauncey Gardner

        Yes, the virus is invisible. Thats why there is so much emphasis on the crew being quarantined before they fly.

    87. Bill Smith

      Biggest thing I learned. Nothing in space happens quickly.

    88. SAVE

      So proud of what can be accomplished with our friends from Russia. We've come a long way since the Cold War!

      1. Jarett Woodall

        @david forte My My N HNTAI H My N Yn Ynhnh N My

      2. david forte

        All controlled by by computers .... amazing

      3. david forte


    89. ssahmad

      “What is MECO?” - why are politicians the ones asking them questions?

      1. Bill Smith

        And here I thought it was the name of that group that did the disco version of Star Wars medley.

      2. Chauncey Gardner

        Main Engine Cut Off

      3. Bill Smith

        Because they’re the ones that authorize the funds for the revised space program.

    90. Armando Arizpe

      Another simulation flight. And like always Americans stuck at home watching in amazement.

    91. Mark Cunningham

      To get that AIR TIGHT SEAL... Use **EloN - Kitchen and Bathroom, Silicone Gel** (Now with added SCIENCE.. ) No Responsibility is taken by, EloN, Industries.. For sudden loss of Life.. Alien encounters are considered out of the ordinary... Shelf Life = TBA... Pressure limit: Tested on my Bike Tire, seemed to work, for a while...


      telegram: @cnetnews


      ISS to be the collaboration among all nations over the world in order the mankind be happy.

    94. ฿rian

      Very cool

    95. Lime Salt

      yo so like where are the stars???

      1. Bill Smith

        @Sarena Harmon so here is my question to everyone who thinks NASA and everything about space is fake. When all those people watch the spaceships blast off, where exactly does it go? or perhaps the takeoffs are just a hologram? And last night, when I watched the space station streak across the sky, if it wasn't actually the space station, then what was it? The deniers are either just having fun trying to get a response, or, they are mentally deranged and belong in an institution.

      2. Sarena Harmon

        @Bill Smith , you don't have to say you were joking, it is definitely all FAKE!

      3. Bill Smith

        It’s also a photography issue. In order to properly expose a camera to see the earth and space craft, the stars become invisible to the camera’s eye. Or, The whole thing is just a fake, in a Hollywood studio. LOL! I’m just joking of course. I would think that if it was fake, they would have included the stars in the background since most everyone doesn’t understand why they are not visible.

      4. Chauncey Gardner

        Never been to space but on earth you have to wait for the sun to go down to see stars, in space you have 3 times the problem, earth, moon and the sun are really bright, so stars may be hard to see.

    96. Hui Seng Lau

      Thank you

    97. Jones 0

      Step 2 - time for upgrades to the ISS

      1. Daniel NA

        Yep and first on the list should be a less than 3 hour hatch opening procedure...

    98. Joe Pham


    99. Gazza At home

      Why didnt they invite Elon Musk to be on the welcome group?

      1. tubetop123

        Hes busy drawing up plans for Mars

      2. Moe Joe

        he doesnt care about that stuff, hes busy creating new things for human benefit

    100. Jackie park

      Elon did it !!! He's a real winner!!!

      1. david forte

        He's the idea and money man....the winning team is our science...well ... We stole the science from Germany but we won

      2. Jackie park

        You are you go!!!

      3. Bill Smith

        We are all winners! Pass out the participation trophies! LOL