NASA Will Spend $2,941,394,557 On SpaceX's Massive Lunar Starship Lander!!!

Scott Manley

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    Many people were surprised yesterday when news leaked that NASA was awarding all the funding from the Artemis Human Landing System program to SpaceX with its massive Lunar Starship project. SpaceX's price tag is about $2.9 billion with a commitment to fund half of it themselves. While most space watchers could see why SpaceX had made it to the final round most of us didn't expect it to be the only choice because it was so unlike what NASA was asking for.
    However the HLS program only got 1/3 of the money it needed from Congress and with time marching on NASA had to make a decision and the only option with a price tag that fit was SpaceX.
    There's much more info in

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    1. charlie pearce

      Like my new girlfriend said...." thats massive !"

    2. Craig Jones

      SpaceX does not ‘donate’ to US politics to the level of the other companies, so of course the other companies are going to be upset.

    3. Simon

      So taking this to mean NASA thinks Space X can actually fly this thing to the moon and land it there what’s the point of continuing to invest in SLS, Orion, etc if starship can do the whole thing? I guess this will be an optimized starship that doesn’t have the hardware to re enter earths atmosphere, but that had better get you some pretty killer advantages, in what it can get to, and do on the moon to justify its reliance on everything else in Artemis. Am I missing something here?

      1. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

        You are correct that the Starship HLS will not have either heat shields nor air brakes, so it will never return to Earth - at least not intact. It will remain either in Earth orbit or at the Gateway station around the moon. I suppose the folks at SpaceX don't necessarily mind this since they will eventually be using Starship variants to go to Mars and it would probably be nice to have a version or two that need to be refueled in orbit to have a sort of proof of concept for their future missions. That's not to say things won't change in the next three years and NASA doesn't scrap the Orion/SLS in favor of Starship handling all tasks, but as of now, both are moving forward.

    4. Jeff Fradsham

      When you look at Space-x, you see a company that designs, builds and flies the most advanced, successful and economical spaceflight vehicles ever. the choice is basically a no brainer.

    5. jcollishaw

      Do you reckon if the long term plan is to setup a moon base then this is another reason to choose Starship? If NASA wants to setup a base these small landers are not going to cut it in terms of delivering the required components. This would mean requiring another contract and spending a tonne more money to develop delivery systems for the required components. On the other hand a standard Lunar Starship can deliver a lot of payload and it would only be a minor tweak of the design to have a Starship that has a large internal space for delivering larger pieces of equipment. Could save a lot of money in the future

    6. Valleyberg

      Scott "it's entirely possible" Manley

    7. Cannon Carroll

      Imagination cost . Still need to get there the first time imagine that. Did we really go to the moon....NASA we lost the tec for the directions to get there....Me oh really

    8. Bodhisfattva

      if you are needing to build a moonbase of any kind it is stupid to choose a small option...we need to deliver MASSIVE payloads to the moon...

    9. Eugene Minton

      personally i'd like to throw this in the fray but idk the right channels to get the idea to musk...LOL. how about designing a modular motor system, i'm assuming it would be a mix of solid for travel and liquid for landing and such... but ... what if you could take a fairing to the moon? basically the modular system is like a satelite that is launched into orbit, that when a fairing that you want to take to the moon is launched, that it docks with the fairing section, ignites and powers the trajectory flight to the moon, flips the fairing and then slows it down to insert into orbit and then of course to land the fairing on the moon? where astronauts can unload it and potentially recycle the lander or refuel it to launch back into orbit for a return trip to earth orbit, where it could be picked up again by another 2nd stage or upper stage to attempt to land back on earth? or if its like an escape module, where the module itself could be like the space dragon capsule? i originally thought the idea up for connecting with a full sized starship to avoid having to refill their tanks fully in orbit, because the modular motor/lander thing.... was initially bigger to take it to mars :D ... think like in the star wars movies with the jedi spacecraft... it would dock with a light speed engine, to travel between systems, and undock for normal flight... i believe it was called a "hyperdrive ring"

    10. PongoXBongo

      SpaceX were going to send humans into space with or without NASA's funding. The other two teams couldn't do it without that funding. That's a huge difference, and it's good to see NASA realizing and capitalizing on it.

      1. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

        Eventually probably, but not as quickly. It is certainly a mutually beneficial agreement. Up to this point, NASA and the U.S. government in general has been one of SpaceX's biggest customers, so even up to this point, government funding has had a lot to do with how far along SpaceX has come.

    11. Club n Bone

      Sorry kids we're $557 short. There will be no moon this year. 😔

    12. Observer Observer

      Bezos owns WaPo and Blue Origin. I doubt it was happenstance that WaPo got the leaks...

    13. Texas Buzzard

      I’m happy with space x being the only option. Don’t throw money at people stuck in the past. The inefficient way of doing things. Give them nothing. They’ll either die or adapt

    14. Nirbhay Raghav

      Thats how you attack the educated illiterates crooks in congress. They probably believe in astrology.

    15. walter bishop

      How's that even a question! X wins

    16. Bynirn

      This is great news for SpaceX, I really was not expecting them to win it. Starship really is the future, and I think this just solidified that.

    17. Geert Drieghe

      "SpaceX's price tag is about $2.9 billion with a commitment to fund half of it themselves. " - It's not clear what you mean here: do you mean that SpaceX funds half itself? If so, it's inconsistent with stating that they were awarded 3bil. If not SpaceX, is it NASA? This doesn't make too much sense either since NASA is the gov, and who then is paying the other half?

    18. Eagle View HD

      I saw that NASA suspended this contract because the competitors complained.

      1. Gesshoku01

        Cried* and got backed up by congress friends. Typical.

      2. Eduardo Rodriguez Vazquez

        Hopefully it’s temporary, it probably is But considering SpaceX landed SN15 successfully, I think their guaranteed to win

    19. m_train1

      That's pretty cheap compared to most of the spending going on.

    20. Zee

      Funding a second competitor as a backup program would be a complete waste of money

    21. Atash Gallagher

      The best way for starship and SLS to interface is for starship to exist, and SLS to go crawl into a museum and die.

    22. Just TheFacts

      somebody grab Joe' strings and have him write a 1 trillion dollar check, because money means nothing to this administration

      1. Zuurker U

        Ironic, since the previous one spent almost $8 trillions...

    23. Чингиз Сабденов

      The number is big it looks like a stack overflow.

    24. Jack Philipsen

      14:00 is the Monney Shot:)

    25. NavySeal 168

      3 billion dollar to get to Mars, thats cheap

    26. Sardauker Legion

      How to spend our taxes

    27. Aaron

      11:24 NEW RAPTOR WHO DIS?!

    28. Dragon Systems

      Love him or hate him... to his credit, Elon Musk has a dream, and its not just to make money... "you know what my dream is? Dollar signs, money I didnt build this thing to usher in a new era for humanity!!!" - Zephram Cochran

    29. Daniel M Connolly


      1. Corey

        People that type in all caps are known lunatics. Not surprised you said something this stupid.

    30. Dularr

      Now we are back to no lunar lander. The national team is a one off solution that required a crew for testing. The Dyneitics solution simply will not work. SpaceX is now under dispute.

    31. Slade Blackstone

      Well there is that one issue. Space X can actually land. I'm not sure but isn't that kind of important.

      1. Killian

        @Slade Blackstone Its just their way of designing. Flacon 9 prototypes also crashed several times And right now its ome of the most reliable and cheap rocket in the marcket. Booms are impressive but they are also intended in this case.

      2. Slade Blackstone

        @aeroripper That's the problem. On their own. They don't want them doing it on their own. They try and launch their own exploration sat. They blow it up. The puppet masters think they own space. I watch a vessel land back on the ground perfectly. Then from behind the fence on the ground. It looked just like something was fired at the vessel and basically came out the other side. Then the vessel explodes. It didn't exactly look like a clean shot but it seemed to be enough. Strikes it at the bottom from the right side then exits through the left side. Then boom. I could be mistaken but I don't think so. We're not going to get anywhere if we don't all come together and find a common goal.

      3. aeroripper

        They aren't afraid to fail and are iterating/innovating on the fly. They've already delivered astronauts to the IIS twice, demonstrated fully reusable rocket systems that land themselves after delivering orbital payload, and demonstrating their all-in-once space vehicle can take off and land on it's own alongside a rapidly developing ecosystem to transform the logistics of space travel entirely. Even if they didn't have NASAs money, it seems they are not far from sending manned landings to the moon on their own.

    32. MrYaxalot

      I like how are goverment is litterlly printing trillions giving it to every other country in the world then comlain about 3 billion for space travel. F THE GOV.

    33. Zardoz4441

      Still, it has the advantage being a lander and station in one! Plenty of room to act as a base for bigger crews.

    34. bope1469

      Nothing beats how insane the Saturn V was

      1. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

        @Corey It certainly was impressive, but you also have to remember that a LOT more people were working on the Saturn V. It wasn't all built by the same company and they had a lot more funding to work with - both in actual dollars and even more so when adjusted for inflation.

      2. Corey

        @aeroripper Considering how quickly it was built & how reliable it they were, I'd say that's still impressive today.

      3. aeroripper

        For it's day. Starship with its orbital booster rocket included (that also lands itself) will be larger than Saturn V.

    35. Arwo

      I find is funny that the alliance with all the others and Blue Origin put in appeal to get in there anyway after being booted out Like.... Blue Origin technically “reached” space before SpaceX even had their first full sized falcon 9 build And now SpaceX brings Astronauts to the ISS, has landed god knows how many orbital boosters back on earth and is building their second launch vehicle all while BO still has their oversized dildo sitting on a launch pad somewhere achieving nothing but glorified hops to 100km Blue origin isn’t even a competitor anymore It’s a joke

    36. cr103

      Really glad they're not going with amazon prime to deliver the astronauts overnight.

    37. Nico

      even if SpaceX somehow loses this i think they would still do it and ask Nasa for astronauts when they prove themselves.

    38. William Faix

      11:25 New Raptor, who dis?


      It’s funny how all of these old school companies using their boomer methods of reverse bidding finally got bit in the ass. You mean trying to milk the government for every penny you can instead of offering them a great product at a reasonable price list me the contract? I’M OUTRAGED!

    40. Spyros Tsatsis

      I really hope those 40+ engines from the booster work. But I don’t think so

    41. Brah

      Space X could have developed and built the F35 on time and under cost.

      1. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

        There is zero evidence to support his claim

    42. not here anymore

      Man, I still get the chills whenever I see that shot of starship swinging around for the landing, it looks so unreal

    43. RangerHawk

      I know NASA put a hold on this contract because Bozos/Blue Origin and Dynetics are contesting. Has this changed since SN15 had a successful landing? In my opinion XpaceX's moon lander is the vehicle to use. No other lander will ferry as much cargo/personnel to build a base and conduct research. SLS is obviously too expensive in the long term, nor is it a lander itself, and having three or four main contractors would bankrupt the budget. If the end objective is a permanent base, and possibly mining resources I see no other option that even comes close to Starship. I also see no reason to just land people on the moon. What would be the point, to plant another flag, ride around in a buggy, take pictures, and one up the Chinese? A permanent base should be the objective. To hell with lobbyists, there are actual benefits not only to our nation, but the human race in a permanent habitat on the moon. What do you all think? I hope you read these threads Scott, I'd like to know your opinion.

      1. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

        From what I understand, there might not be a final decision until late summer on how they resolve the complaints, but they don't really have much to do with the shortcomings of SpaceX necessarily. It's more a complaint about the process itself. I do think it's ironic though that Jeff Bezos' Blue Origins has the nerve to complain that giving SpaceX the contract alone furthers their monopolistic control of space. This....from the CEO of Amazon...complaining that another company has a monopoly.....

    44. Monstoy Guitar

      With the recent success of starship's landing, definitely a good move by nasa. We'll be colonizing the moon by 2030 and mars by 2050.

      1. Hououin Kyouma

        Actually the program has frozen due to the competitors protesting NASA's decision, since NASA previously claimed that they'd fund 2 winners. Fortunately, this doesn't halter starship's development, since SpaceX is funding it on its own.

    45. agoodman002

      I see lunar starship with humans on it soon, but I think starship itself is years away. Seems risky for humans..right now

      1. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

        It *_IS_* risky for humans right now, but things like this tend to progress exponentially. From unsafe to certifiably safe can happen in a very short time. The lunar module had one unmanned test. The first manned test flight of the lunar module was on Apollo 9 where they tested it in Earth orbit. Then they flew it near the lunar surface on Apollo 10. Then they landed on Apollo 11 - on its third manned flight. It's also kind of unfair to judge the integrity of the Starship on the current tests being run because the variant that will land on the moon will not operate in any way remotely similar to the tests they have run on earth. It won't land on Earth. It will only LEAVE Earth, and it will have a giant booster when it does. I think they are more testing engine configurations and different systems right now; they aren't testing the ability of it to support crew.

    46. RustyGates

      I loved the design of the Dynetics lander. This was not even a fair competition / tender assessment at all. All these companies spend millions upon millions to design concept solutions and bid something worthy and compliant, and in the end congress muppets don't even fund NASA properly to make a fair assessment. NASA just ends up throwing away two submissions as soon as they come through the door. The technical solution and compliance was probably not even considered, they just look at cost and tried to line up the contractors schedule to how the government has lined up NASA's appropriations, which is all just a false paradigm of how government money is to be spent. Also, how the f*** is Starship meant to integrate with SLS?? What is wrong with all these idiots.

      1. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

        Starship is not meant to integrate with SLS. None of the designs were. The SLS is simply the launch vehicle that will put Orion into orbit and to the Gateway to rendezvous with the station and/or HLS. There were no requirements to integrate with the SLS. The other two designs were not even developed to any reasonable extent and one of them - even on paper - was too massive to even fly. If you read the accompanying report to their decision, it is abundantly clear why they went with SpaceX. No need to speculate or fabricate your own reasons.

    47. LinKongDa

      why bring a small sedan load of material to the moon, when you can bring 5, 20 ft container loads in 1 go? simple math.

    48. Louise Smalling

      Would it be worth presenting a simple size, load, cost comparison of current tech in a longer format?

    49. Louise Smalling

      Wow, so much to learn. Thanks to you and many others, I will be along for the ride.

    50. Sean Ivey

      14:37 - Space X IS the competitor. Couldn't be happier with the shakeup. Maybe it'll wake up some of the others to get back to competing instead of milking uncle Sam.

    51. Hayden Travis

      The national team are paper tigers before the hurricane that is Starship.

    52. Mark O'Connell

      But now we have a complete landing cycle for SpaceX.

    53. Andrew Adams

      And less than a month later, SpaceX has managed to stick the landing on the SN15 prototype! They still have a long way to go, but they do tend to be the company that delivers in the end.

    54. david petersen

      Bezos is wasting everyone's time. Neither of the competitors is even remotely down the road in practical terms. It would be foolish to go with anyone but the most experienced.

    55. Seth Courtney

      Would hate to be a reliability or safety engineer for Spacex on this project given what we’ve seen

    56. Bill Housley

      Did you seriously just say "monolith" in reference to what will be a tower-like thing on the moon. Now I'm totally picturing apes dancing around it.

    57. NPC Dude

      they have now proved a full landing cycle.

    58. Robert Frank

      2 weeks later: SN15 nails landing without going kaboom. What have you done today?

      1. -····-

        I pooped a large tower! I'm so glad of myself :)

      2. spock

        Eat a bag of doritos

    59. IfYouBuildIt

      @Scott Manley: Why is the Dragon re-entry protection ablative, but Starship's is ceramic like the space shuttle? The space shuttle burned up in re-entry because of problems with ceramic tiles- shouldn't we expect this again with Starship?

      1. Human

        @IfYouBuildIt Oh you're right. Pica-X is for Dragon hahaha. My bad, sorry

      2. IfYouBuildIt

        @Human My understanding is that Starship will not use Pica-X (ablative heat shield) and will instead use ceramic tiling (reflective/insulative heat shield that does not ablate). My question is why wouldn't Starship use Pica-X since it already works with Dragon? Musk talked a bit about how light they can make the ceramic tiles due to the stainless 301 temp. tolerance, but if that is the case, why not make Dragon out of that and use the ceramic tiles there too?

      3. Human

        No. Unlike Shuttle's heat shield, Starship will use a material called Pica-X that they developed themselves. The shuttle burned up because it lose some of the heat shields and the exposed aluminum body of the shuttle can't handle the extreme heat and eventually broke up. In fact there's another close call shuttle mission which also lose some of its heat shields. But luckily the exposed part underneath them was made from stainless steel so it survived the reentry. As u know, starship will be made from stainless steel so it can handle heat better than shuttle

    60. TheThirdMan

      That was the most enthusiastic "fly safe" I've seen for a while!

    61. Janusz Chrystusz

      that's why Taiwan is going back to the motherland this summer

    62. TheThirdMan

      Who has a press conference at 4:30 on a Friday? Someone who doesn't want it to make the news (hiding something) normally. This time they just got caught by the 24/7 news cycle.

    63. mike mike

      'Spacex have not completed a full landing cycle' That got old fast

      1. Max Queue

        not on the moon anyway. Nobody has landed people on the moon since 1972.

    64. random games

      Hmm I wonder what happened today? Sn15

    65. Wonder

      hmmm... perhaps just using a modified Starship would make a nice little space station and would even have large on board fuel storage for transfers or emergency landing the ENTIRE STATION :D

    66. 태선우TaeSunWoo

      Scott Manley: one of the few youtubers where auto generated subtitles are at least 80% correct

    67. CaptainToyota

      Pretty Sad Elon has to lower the bid to meet NASA's funding when we spend almost 1trillion on military a year. Like as a species and a nation wtf are we doing? Its been proven when you give engineers a goal and funding everything advances with it. I mean jesus how pathetic and greedy are humans

    68. Johnny Pate

      I'll have some of what NASA's smoking ... it's stronger than the dope Musk smokes for sure!

    69. Michael Skelton

      What I don't understand is why are we aiming to colonise mars before we colonise the moon, surely as a first off world colony the moon would be the perfect place to see if we could potentially live cut off from earth's resources and if something goes wrong they could return home in a few days instead of months or years depending on the position of Mars

    70. Dave Vann

      7:57 The geometry of the SpaceX landing legs do not look evenly spaced at every 90 degrees. They may have put two legs closer together near the elevator to help support heavy off-center loads on the elevator.

    71. Dave Vann

      Draper is part of both National Team and Dynetics, but I haven't heard or read anybody mentioning this.

    72. YourGamerPal

      NASA with the specific amount NASA: not a penny more or less

    73. No Left Turns

      Hopefully NASA will bow out and the moon will belong US private citizens stake a claim and defend your land NASA will allow anyone to use the moon

    74. Ilovegames 64

      when the best option is the cheapest lol

    75. Ariel Ramirez

      Whats up with the contract, why nasa suspend it?

    76. sid sam

      The old boys club and their puppets in Congress will do their best to screw this up.

    77. vinkaks

      If they want the program to be finished before the heat death of the universe the only option is SpaceX

    78. NavidIsANoob

      I can't be the only one who thinks the Lunar Starship is very ugly. I guess it just doesn't have that bulky, functional moon base aesthetic.

    79. Anarchy And Empires

      Wow .... it's like someone not being able to buy a fishing boat and being forced to buy a some how cheaper Fleetcarrier.

    80. Ben Saunders

      What is your opinion on Blue Moon and Dynetics opposing the bid? Do you think they have any cause with the GAO?

    81. IRememberJeep

      “Oh negative mass, it floats upward” lmao.

    82. Steven Seta

      And now the US Government has complaints from Blue Origin and Dynetics, over shifting NASA priorities involving cost, these complaints are entirely the fault of congress for their complete failure to fund the Human Landing Systems program. NASA was forced to choose Spacex because of congress, and now congress is angry over this decision that they forced NASA to make. How dare they make complaints over this decision that they forced NASA to make, congress is more concerned with pleasing their existing contractors than getting humans to the Moon.

    83. Daan Vos

      Another thing, when biden wants to go to mars, they can just continue with starship, instead of compleatly changing their problem

    84. Cheg Cluskic

      Blue Origin protested on April 26. As I understand this means an automatic 100 day hold.

    85. The Paws

      Jeffry and the dinetics are complaining but they’re ain’t doing shit .. space cowboys are building exploding and rebuilding.

    86. SON of a GODess

      🛑🛑❌❌❌ 📵 🙎🏼‍♂️SUSPENSION ON CONTRACT!!?😤 📵 ❌❌❌🛑🛑 Here’s an idea (NASA) why don’t you y’all stick with what you’re good at ( coverups ) & let other people’s social media (personal life) be for the birds.. Your main topic on your agenda should be worrying about yourself. Its simply not your business NASA .. let the richest man in the world ( humanity’s /savior ) let him say wtf he wants just like anybody els could without harassment. The richest man says something to the second richest man, an you think people care about wtf ever agreement it is you and Elon have in the works !? Da fuck outta here with that.. you just look dumb dude and I was a big ass fan of y’all .. that’s just a weak move.. letting social media and words dictate what happens to humanity future , fuck out of here with that.. you’ll have something to say about it when he goes off on his own and make y’all look stupid.. when he denies y’all the opportunity.. smh grow the fuck up

    87. Isaac Sim

      Is Congress, Dynetics and NASA going woke before going broke?

    88. Joe Mama Gaming

      At what point was that final 7 digit necessary

    89. Passion Fruit

      Thanks to SpaceX, NASA spending has gone down by a factor of ten.

    90. LagunaMoto

      The fact that blue origin was even included in the consideration blows my mind.

      1. Lufttorped

        It's not too strange. "The National Team" consisted of, among others NorthropGrumman, the company that designed the original LM (it was Grumman that designed it NorthropGrumman was created in 1994 after a fusion with Northrop). The other companies in "The National Team" are also very experienced. I love space exploration and I am amazed by what SpaceX has accomplished but I find the fanboyism by Musk-fans really annoying.

    91. nickp1987

      If the first lunar Starship isn't named Moonraker I'm going to be very disappointed.

      1. Anon

        I want first martian starship to be called Bowie

      2. FromNorway

        It should be named Armstrong.

    92. Pikpik Gamer 101

      Yes can someone please make a Starship SLS in KSP

    93. David Boyle

      Love your enthusiasm. Would also love your take on the engine complex for Lunar Starship, and whether it will possess any SL Raptors.

    94. Tomas

      Just use the Saturn V again problem solved. 🙃

      1. Max Queue

        and the LEM is needed as well.

    95. arosnett

      11:22 "NEW RAPTOR WHO DI?S" ??? Anyone please explain :)

    96. Gavin

      I think it's the right decision because it's a more efficient use of money, once the Starship is completed it'll have a lot more capability then going to the moon.

    97. Adam Weiser

      I for one think it's a great idea to give the national team a kick in the butt.

    98. ilmarinen79

      Crew seeing that thing coming closer: "We're gonna need a bigger station."

      1. Hayden Travis

        According to talk, Starship Cargo variant can launch the entire wet mass of the ISS.

    99. Jeff Ingram

      How can you possibly criticize spaceX and their performance. They see how the Falcons are working so great and they have recently put man safely into space.

    100. Dave March

      First Blue Origin is a Johnny Come Lately and has no gravitas at all. Yet, anyway. As for USA, didn't they just have a major miscalculation and now have to re-prove themselves? And the only one that features reusability, which is what's needed to manage costs, is SpaceX. The other companies will have to figure out reusability and soon if they want to stay competitive.