What really happens when you bleed


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    1. Xaviel Hendrickson

      What about if the card starts with a P?

    2. Sasha Korytnikova

      I never had a papercut So idk how painful it is


      $12 will smith 😂

    4. Celestia Ludenberg

      Cells at work live action (2021)

    5. .

      This reel cool blrrd, But im Crips

    6. Tsuyu Asui

      “I wast listing to a damn thing” Class in general

    7. GOKU SAN

      this is approved as KGup shorts

    8. the killer sandvich

      I love these

    9. soiung toiue

      "how the hell did he hear that?" "because you're talking out loud"

    10. scarygold

      Budget cells at work

    11. Jesse Ramirez


    12. Armin Theron

      Jesus loves you so much! ❤️ I was addicted to porn for almost 6 years of my life, I was on drugs, alcohol and I hated people but God set me free from all of it! He can set you free aswell, all you have to do is repent and trust in him and he will change your life forever ❤️

      1. soiung toiue

        but the blood is the one that blocks it?

    13. •Crowned_ _Violet•

      Me who sucks on my skin when i gt a cut cause somehow my blood tastes like candy and it makes it less painful:Dw I'm on your side except you'll be coming back in oki 😎

    14. wowokwow

      This is literally the anime ‘Cells at Work!’

    15. Amicable Palace

      cells at work tease

    16. Patrick Cooper

      🤣🤣I'm done wit this guy

    17. Nathan Kidd

      Cells At Work be like

    18. Ashton Harper

      Nah nah nah just watch cells at work lmao you'll know what happens

    19. Ocy Hughes

      Kinda liking this better than cells at work🤨

    20. tockeyo

      The cells accutally rush out of the cut to try and make sure that nothing bad can get in and I learn that in school

    21. Ethan_

      Is this the Netflix adaptation of cells at work?

    22. zeroblackdeath 13

      There's actually an anime about how the human body

    23. Brandon Bryant

      Bruh I have the same rick and morty poster 😂

    24. tofu

      Idk why but I thought of Cells at Work

    25. candy

      The escapeing red blood cell: freedom!!!!!!!

    26. Shondra G.

      not what I wanna see when I just hurt the back of my foot and am bleeding Edit: entertaining tho

    27. MrCat4886

      but the blood is the one that blocks it?

    28. Leylizbeth

      Is that cuz its from that anime of documental from what happens inside of your body resumed?

    29. xtc. Lewis

      Plot twist if that red blood cell whent from the beginning he would"ve gone in his mouth lol

    30. Angel Halo

      Wow I could never do that

    31. tommy malloy

      cells at work

    32. [[[ *Dragonier* ]]]

      Where’s the white blood cells?

    33. Eugene Liew

      And there comes the platelets to stop the red blood cells

    34. lilbro sky

      He reminds me of the old Coryxkenshin

    35. Domino Go lucky

      I'm convinced this man loves Cells at Work

    36. Lucjusz Mocarny

      Only funny YT story video I've ever watched

    37. ItsNotTaylor

      Bruv, this is like when I'm at school. Trying to escape but my teacher won't let me 🥲

    38. Games The name games

      Platelets is what clots the bleeding

    39. Nia the FNAF nerd

      He’s going to brake his nose lol

    40. Zero Cadet

      This reminds me of the anime cells at work

    41. Jaytivity

      Cell at work anime live action

    42. Kirumi Tojo

      The new cells at work

    43. Aliensarereal • 42 years ago

      “Because you’re talking out loud”

    44. Audrey Ampora

      I would love to see this guy make a reaction video about the anime Cells at Work.

    45. Coda Dettmann

      Live action cells at work

    46. AndrewKesler GT

      Actually blood is blue inside it just turns red when exposed.

    47. prodby_jc

      shoulda made it to where the blood cells got sucked out like it was in space

    48. Dishonored DeadMan

      This guy watches too much cells at work

    49. teddybear !!!

      Only if it worked like that for periods 😔

    50. Za Hando

      Somebody didn't watch Cells at work

    51. DEMON_ KID

      Red blood Sale: freedom gets hit by the door

    52. Robox

      I was hoping they had a job to sacrifice themselves to form a scab

    53. iYeetSauce


    54. RaVe_lonman

      Back round look like coryxkenshin

    55. Epic Sponge

      Cells at work

    56. R. Manolo

      I love it. The explanation is so good

    57. Velile Khanyile

      Hahaha what's wrong with Maurice hahaha these videos are the best😂😂😂

    58. Trixxy_Cola

      Is this based off of cells at work-?

    59. goodshow

      Hataraku no saibo

    60. Krisna

      This video make me wanna free all my red blood

    61. Matt Omoiyari

      Kinda looks like Will Smith a little bit.

    62. Hopeful* *Sleepii

      Accidentally broke a plate, Multiple wounds, One at my foot kept bleeding and when it stopped I can barely feel my foot now. Am I dying??

    63. Rock girl

      Ever since I watched this guy's channel, I always think my body has a mind of its own

    64. Zxolyz

      I am the 1500 comments

    65. Mike P

      It's like cells at work live

    66. Jovie Metcalf


    67. The IRIS

      This reminds me of that amine called cells at the work

      1. Rock girl

        Freeeeedooooommmmmmm smack

    68. Madasin Letulle

      just watch cells at work. but great demonstration 😁

    69. Aika-sama

      It's like cells at work but everybody is one person

    70. Salahuddin Mansour

      Damn red blood sells are so stupid. When they escape the will either get sucked back in depending on the person or will die

    71. Crazy Eggz

      This is what happened to me today when a basketball made me have a bad blood nose

    72. LinkMaster

      Cells at Work Anime in a Nutshell

    73. Smol Senpai

      Everyone talking about Red Blood Cell and me here wondering how did he cut his hand with a a paper.

    74. *NOT* two 8 year olds in a trench coat

      My man's definitely watched a lot of magic school bus growing up. Cause these are some of the best tik toks about anything scientific in a way out there

    75. Kilo Nova

      You know I’m actually happy I found this channel.

    76. Doggo TheGreat

      This is some dumb shit but it's actually pretty funny keep it up lots of laughs

    77. luis padilla

      1 man show

    78. TANVANTHシ 0980


    79. ThatDogAnimator


    80. Abraham Daniel

      I wish this is how I learn in school

    81. CaseyPlaysMadout2

      Freeeeedooooommmmmmm *smack*

    82. Omega The Great

      Funny content... from Tiktok!?! impossible!

    83. TALKINGtac0

      *breaks a bone and heals* Thanks Ian

    84. Dee Sakaria

      Love love this guy so informative and SOOOOO funny great to watch this on a miserable London day keep em coming pal

    85. Andy Abajo

      I love the creativity!

    86. Distilled- Rose

      Instead of doing this watch cells at work its an entertaining anime

    87. regface

      I just got cut with a knife... weird...

    88. King Saheb

      Cells at Work: Season 3

    89. Inexplainable Shiba

      Damn white cell ian, always ruining the escape

    90. Ac Cutie

      Wait so my red blood cells can talk

    91. AcidityBM

      Ian The Platelet is a real homie

    92. Hero MineVN

      When you watch too much cell at work:

    93. ZiP72

      Not funny. Did laugh. At how unfunny it was.

    94. Reagan’s World

      Red 📝 blood cells 📝 have meetings 📝 about where they 📝 will go 📝 but sometimes 📝 they escape 📝 Alright I’m ready for my test tomorrow😌


      Cells at work live action

    96. Brynn Campbell


    97. Mew Two

      Am I the only getting reminded of will smith from the wonderful Tik tok creator?

    98. Woah Berr

      You make education fun.

    99. -Blueberry_Drizzle- -_-


    100. Sentinel God

      I used to feel lonely but now I feel overburdened with responsibility's and lives