Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species


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    SpaceX Founder, CEO, and Lead Designer Elon Musk will discuss the long-term technical challenges that need to be solved to support the creation of a permanent, self-sustaining human presence on Mars. The technical presentation will focus on potential architectures for sustaining humans on the Red Planet that industry, government and the scientific community can collaborate on in the years ahead.

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    1. Joachim Voldseth

      Even though the vehicle has changed a lot the testing timeline seems to hold up great. They are soon about to start booster testing. Orbital flight test this year is the goal.

    2. Cyborg X

      Hey all those crazy people out there, you can either watch it happen or be a part of it!

    3. Anthony

      Any civilization that has zero plans to become a multiplanetary species is literally a civilization that is just sitting around waiting for an extinction event to occur. Elon might be the most important person of human history.

    4. Indra Gunawan

      From being ignored by NASA in this conference, to being awarded Lunar Human Landing System. Elon, Gwynne and the rest of SpaceX teams really change the world.

    5. mars


    6. Jason Kewley

      Elon is an alien, this video confirms it

    7. Hard Player

      why is there no city on the moon? why do we skip this step? first the moon must be colonized then the mars. isn't it easier?

      1. Waker of Winds

        Well friend, with the announcement of Starship as the HLS, it seems you've gotten your wish. While going to the Moon wasn't their initial plan, doing Lunar missions will help tremendously in preparing them for Mars, particularly in preparing life support for deep space missions.

    8. Jim Henry

      This guy is history in the making,and we get to watch him promote a goal or goals,develop and execute plans and achieve goals. NASA was a fantastic innovator in the 1960`S, but basically is the gang that can`t shoot straight any more. They are using technologies developed in the 1960`s and basically stopped moving forward. I work in chemistry and material science and working with a large university, developing ways to utilize indiginous materials on Mars and the Moon, creating building structures from locally sourced structures. When we compare the cost of funding Columbus` trip to Cuba and then sending pilgrims to Plymouth in the 16th century to colonize America for European this is a far bigger stretch.But Elon as no one else,could do it.

    9. Saket

      Tony stark of the real world - Elon musk

    10. Richard Boss

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    11. Dusk

      In all contexts, the human doomsday event is closer when all our cards remain on Earth.

    12. Bruce Bradbury

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    13. Joe Huelskamp

      No amount of SCIENCE can equal million's of years of EVOLUTION , this is why our EARTH has life , even with past extinction events , life survived in some form , to think we can inhabit Mars or even the moon is DILLUSIONAL physiologically our bodies need Gravity as well as all other life supporting elements , Protected by a hot liquid core ,magnetic shield that repels gamma radiation, which keeps our atmosphere intact , without it , we be just like Mars , LIFELESS , better to be stewards to our space ship earth

    14. Leo Cieri

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    15. Imperial Dynamics

      He is South African yet he keeps putting the American flag left and right. Hollywood-brain-washed much?

    16. Anto VH

      This guy is my inspiration! One day i will meet him and thanks him.. for making me a billionaire.. 💯💯💯🤞🏻🙌🏻💪🏼📈✌🏻

      1. Рената Мещанина

        Your inspiration should come from books not from freaks .


      You know, on mars people don't die, you can be immortal.

    18. Andy Vandenberghe

      Elon doesn't mention the lack of a planetary magnetic field, which means cosmic radiation reaches the soil unfiltered and any atmosphere has since been stripped off. Fix that root cause and you could possibly start talking about colonisation.

    19. Taavi Leinonen

      Moon gravity assist?

    20. allan thomas

      Fuck I hope to live to see man walk on mars.

    21. Gary Cullen

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    22. Abhishek Sharma

      10:45 Cost of fuel $10? 😕

    23. Sir Endor

      It's crazy how we're already at a point where we can safely land boosters

    24. Ben Chasing Horizons

      Elon Mars

    25. Nigel Mutepfa

      it dosent look anything like that anymore.

    26. capichow

      Boost is waiting to happen for you. For us all Because of you.🙏🏻♾❤️

    27. capichow

      Nothing is impossible All will be accomplished If not lots was done and was all was needed was done Sometimes it’s never done It just gets better Nothing more Nothing less You did it Elon Musk And are doing it It all will happen man Your awesome 🙏🏻

    28. capichow

      Let’s target 🎯 Saturn to live on and the moon🪐 🌚 Mars is for the aliens at the moment 🙏🏻♾ ❤️ But it would be awesome for sure.

    29. capichow

      So time is shortened in space but long on earth 🌍 So are we measuring earth kilometers for space distance 🤔😅 What would we call Kilometers in space And speed 🤔 1.0000 LSP on the straight away 😅 On curves 0.5000 LSP I’m just guessing And have no clue 🤣 I must sleep now I’m sure the signs would just be like the meteors we dodge 🙏🏻♾🥇🎖🏆🚀 it would be long signs that we can see at top speed Imagine how long the sign would be As you travel at a speed of light the sight and sign would look quite interesting to make one to be able to see and read at that speed

    30. capichow

      Happy Easter 🐣 Elon Musk ♾🙏🏻

    31. capichow

      All is possible Thank you 🙏🏻 Everyone

    32. Chirag Joshi

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      1. Luke Zhang

        That's probably the one thats gonna make the most funding in the shortest time.

    33. Sinaas Sappel

      People think it will be good for the Human species 😂 those are the ones who will fall first.

    34. Tristan Zotaj


    35. Andreas Nekstad

      It has bean 4 yars now. Were soon there

    36. muhd akieff

      That is huge rockets OMG. Please send me to Mars Elon Musk I will work for you for free Sir!

    37. Jacky boi

      Musk is a person who doesn’t give no matter how bad the situation is

    38. Brett B

      max Martian high 20C max low -150C atmosphere 1% of Earth's mostly carbon dioxide regolith (no organics, therefore it is not "soil") - contaminated with perchlorate at 0.5% toxic to humans - easily transportable fines that will destroy seals and moving parts distance Earth to Mars (near/far) 55,000,000 km/101,000,000 km distance Earth to Moon (compare) 363,000 km/406,000 km Tesla sales 2020 500,000 (total) ................ market cap 635B GM sales 2020 2,500,000 (North America) market cap 83B Ford sales 2020 2,000,000 (N America) ..... market cap 47B just sayin

    39. Febu António

      Long Life Elon, the world needs more people like you

    40. nil nillers

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    41. michael kass

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    42. Ethan Forsyth

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    43. Luucid

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    44. j Lx

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    45. Reluctant Enthusiast

      Are we witnessing an interplanetary border patrol? The starkly different success rates of Starlink and Starship suggest it. I believe we need to fix the open-border mentality before we'll be allowed to venture to other planets. If we can't respect foreign sovereignty, we'll be blocked indefinitely?

    46. tbspezial

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    47. Pablo Sanchez

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    48. Max Jordan

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    49. Brad Watson

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    50. Luis Leija

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    51. Joshua Kristall-Wagner

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    52. Erica Parker

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    53. Kelly Arthur

      This is the height of stupidity. Once you're out of Earth's 11 km/sec gravity well, what kind of lunatic _crawls back down into another one_ ?

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    55. Wolf Walkers

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    56. LiteStuff LLC

      I initially thought yes we need Mars for insurance.. but hmm no one has found a thing worth going there to get, its brutally cold, unbreathable atmosphere and little chance its inadequate gravity can sustain one, let alone a radiation belt. We'd be just as well off just building some space cities not so far away? Why go to Mars?

    57. Kevin Colt

      Does he know that ucant plant potatoes on mars? Cant have cows neither chikens There is no fish You cant be outside without a suit and helmet and o2 tank And there are storms on Mars that last for months big enough to block the sun light. Does he know that?

    58. AJ Beamer

      What a f**king moron! This guy has become your pseudo-science priest! Why? Because you think he's a cutting edge businessman who is credited for generating a piece of shit company your government created with US tax dollars! Out of nowhere it's this idiot's creation, and the fairy tale continues! Put down your Google and wake the f**k up, already!

      1. AJ Beamer

        @Fly For Christ TV People wake up to watch a screen that fills their head with what to think. Whether they know it or not, they believe EVERYTHING their TV scientism priests say! That's what the pandemic is, not a virus, which we all know aren't contagions! Also the reason morons are running into line to get recoded with a NON-VACCINE! mRNA recoding is actually AIDS> If you get the shot, you will now have the modern improved version of AIDS! ...and it will kill you! No take backs. You get it, you die! They won't pull the plug on us all at once, because that would raise alarm and be quite messy! They won't tell you people are dying, unless they tell you it's a new COVID!

      2. Fly For Christ TV

        Yea I kinda agree with this What is up with the fascination and idolatry of this man? Am I missing something?

    59. Josefina Canlas

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    61. Ray Gall

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    62. Chad M

      Watching in 2021 and Elon is sending rockets almost weekly. Recovering boosters +90% of the time and I have no doubt he will take humanity to Mars in another 4-5 years. Maybe sooner.

    63. Kaan Secilmis

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    64. Keith Harris

      Elon Musk’s new obsession is Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, then he’ll sell his little lot at everyone else’s expense to burst the bubble... The man’s just greedy and he thinks he’s Jesus Christ to boot.... And what a laugh that there are so many suckers out there worshipping him....

    65. Richard Boss

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    66. Marc H

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    67. Marc H

      Musk is a visionary! We have two types of humans - those who take, and produce nothing, and those who produce and move humanity forward! It's refreshing to see the things that Musk produces! There is hope! He is amazing!

    68. S G

      Earth is amazing! Why leave? Use the money to improve the planet.

      1. JuanManGaming

        you clearly didnt listen to why he wants humans to move to differend planets

    69. Kieran Quinlan

      I'm all for this and basically anything "Musk", he's a legend. But. What if the asteroid hits Mars instead, and all we've done is polluted and destroyed Earth and now we can't live on either? How much extra environmental damage is this going to do to Earth?

    70. Thou shall be free

      I’m supposed to trust a billionaire to send me to outer space? Ya right🙄

    71. FullSizedGaming

      5 Years later and I'm watching this for nostalgia. They missed launching dragon to mars in 2018 and 2020, but to be fair they completely abandoned it as a method of landing on mars for the Starship which is 1000 times bigger than dragon and will also propulsive land. At the time of this comment they had just recently landed their first Starship so its totally doable. So not only has Space X since this no only landed hundreds of rockets, they have launched thousands of satellites, resupplied the international space station dozens of times, and successfully landed a new version of their mars vehicle over 1000 times larger than what they had imagined doing here. What has any other space agency done? Who else has landed a rocket from orbit? Nobody? Where is Jeff Bazos? Is he still comparing a 100 meter hop to landing a rocket that was in space a couple minutes ago? Why hasn't Elon been approached at least to take over as director of NASA? I doubt he would want to but they should sure want him.

    72. Aleksandr Iartym

      I wish carl Sagan was here To see this

      1. Andre Lewis

        Me too

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    74. KEN PNZ

      ... If there ever was an impossibility turned into a possible Oxi - a Private Non-Gov. Rocket Company turning METAL into Ships with insane parts coming together in building it! ... and yet MORE impossible (mind cringes at landing HEAVY ships vertically) into possible's by any "ONE" - THIS MAN is it! As an ENGINEER and old Sci Fi dreamer - can say this. Even thinking of landing MASS OF HEAVY rocket ships vertically is a crazy mindbender by itself! ... Never mind I am thinking of coming up with an Anti-Grav that will take care of that hair-raising mind-boggle - so that "I" can sleep at night!!

    75. That one Content Gamer

      I would certainly fly to Mars

    76. Andre Anderson

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    77. Andre Anderson

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    78. Andre Anderson


    79. Andre Anderson

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      Hit like if you are reading this in future, from mars / moon

    81. N Ala


    82. Ma. Je.

      Thanks for this super interesting video 👍😊

    83. BSA _13

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    84. Icy Brown

      17:00 I wouldn't even be surprised if Musk produced the simulation himself LOL

    85. NeoFrontier Technologies

      To populate Mars at first glance seems like an achievable goal. And I'm fairly convinced that humans will achieve it. However, as it goes with life there are always unknown factors at play until you discover them. Officially speaking: No human has left the magnetic field of Earth. I am not trying to worry anyone, but it is known that the magnetic field of earth ( google this ) has an influence on the human brain. How the human mind and body will react when totally leaving the magnetic field of Earth completely is not known. But I would estimate, just guessing, that it might not be a big problem. And if a problem then a solution exists.

    86. haroo86

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    93. Giovanni di Capo

      We fucked up one planet -- let's fuck them all up. Human beings are the worst thing that ever to have evolved. For every 1 amazing thing we can do I can list you 100 evil things we've done. But ya - let's look for another planet to destroy.

    94. Jonny

      people wouldnt survuve on mars, they crave internet and online communication. The people to go would have to be willing to work extremely hard and dedicate there lives to devolping the planet

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    99. gauri jadhav

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    100. i_nellijames2003

      He Did Do Everything Almost He Said ... Love You Elon❤️❤️