NASA Astronauts Return to Earth, Splashdown on SpaceX Dragon Endeavour


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    After 62 days in space, approximately 1,024 orbits around our planet and four spacewalks, our #LaunchAmerica crew members made their way home!
    On Sunday, Aug. 2, 2020, NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley returned to Earth aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Endeavour spacecraft. They splashed down safely in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Pensacola, Florida at 2:48 p.m. EDT.

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    1. 14284 RIPDAMAN GILL

      amazing wonderful

    2. Jörgen Norrman

      Fortunately no one lost or droped the keys too open the capsule !!

    3. Jörgen Norrman

      A beautiful landing Nasa !! And I would like too see the landing from inside the capsule were the pilots are sitting !

    4. Jörgen Norrman

      Awesome suit's they are wearing ! Me want !!

    5. Mitchell Kirkwood

      spacex needs to come up with a better video then a pretty static overhead of mission control..

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    8. Astúcia Natural

      7:18:11 if you have telescopes so powerful, that you managed to see beyond the galaxies, why are these images so old and poorly made?

    9. OwnedBucket

      *Welcome back to planet Earth, thanks for flying SpaceX.*

    10. Raider Richard

      8:32 they open the hatch and all they find is body parts and organs strewn across the seats and floor, and blood splashed walls still dripping with gore.

    11. margaret neanover

      Did they go really? Let's see

    12. Armando Guevara

      It’s funny to see so many ows. We already watched that movie during 60’s and 70’s when the pilots returned from farther away! ...and better movies when pilots landed in a space shuttle. We should be seeing pilots returning from Jupiter’s moons.

    13. Yoda Master


    14. Eliza Tudor

      I hope you take care of those parachutes as well...

    15. Anthony Bira


    16. Blue Eyes

      I take it there is no threat of the corona virus is space since no one has to wear masks and the social distancing is not a thing . Sure is good that a few us still get to greet others with hugs

    17. NoNamewithoutA Cause

      Her tears are SOO sympathic!

    18. Abderrahmene Aitouche

      If you are sincerely cosmonautes , surveillez une nuit dans ces 19 prochains jours ,vous remarqueriez une nuit dont les astres cosmiques même poussière ne peuvent franchir l'enveloppe atmosphérique de la Terre 👍💙🎓🔦🌷

    19. John Rauner

      Does anybody else think they look a bit silly in their little booties?

    20. c7042

      My perspective at 71 years old: 1970: Hugh mission control complex for launch/recovery. Everyone smokes. Apollo returns to target Pacific Ocean with aircraft carrier with its fleet and Sikorsky choppers to recover. Non-reusable capsules retired to museums. 2020: Mission control set up on picnic-like tables with some PCs. No one smokes. SpaceX Dragon uses Gulf of Mexico off Pensacola NAS for precision landing and 3 speed boats plus a houseboat for recovery. Less than a year later, and same capsule is recycled back into space. How things changed since I was young.😎💖😎

    21. CanadaMoose


    22. Vylkeer

      This part always makes me smile: 7:48:50

    23. Aditya Vardhan Singh

      Isn't the time between splashdown & hatch opening too long? But I guess Dragon is spacious from inside so shouldn't be much of a problem

    24. Ajith Kumar

      Real stamp.

    25. Phil Ebling

      I wanted to ask a question on whether you could start rentry by slowing down to match

      1. Phil Ebling

        The spin of the earth in the same direction of spin and simply drop out of the sky. Would this reduce the friction and heat?

    26. yan rodrigues

      This is amazing!

    27. RealYukioYT LOLLELHELLO

      “Welcome back to planet earth, thanks for flying SpaceX”

    28. full clip

      Why the poor quality pictures from the great NASA?

      1. full clip

        Great sir

      2. Jack Whitlock

        Because they are Live Streaming in the middle of the ocean

    29. le grand kuli



      AWESOME .....2021

    31. :ScRaMbLeS:

      My only question is did they get to watch the rover land live from up there

    32. Ashleen Nahal

      This is amazing!!!!!!

    33. J-ann Caras


    34. MonoClock TM


    35. llewodcm20

      7:39:00 a wild patriot appears to congratulate Bob and Doug

    36. Nara Cruz

      God bless

    37. Chin Rotha7777


    38. Chin Rotha7777

      ចង់ប្រើអោយវាស់ផែនដីម៉ាជុំទៀតតើរួមអត់...? 🌍(40075kmខ្សែរអេក្វាទ័រ)

    39. Israel Matias Homem

      _svLvlmos 3ll3

    40. Israel Matias Homem


    41. Israel Matias Homem


    42. Israel Matias Homem


    43. Israel Matias Homem


    44. N. Heroe P

      oof,, I can't imagine how long does it take to bring 7 people out of the capsule. It'll be interesting to see how long crew-1 will get out from the capsule next time. It's like watching paint dry.. LOL.

    45. LIM EE RAIN Moe

      7:20:23 For Splashdown

    46. Regina Lawrence

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    47. Binicgod

      wtf why these cameras from 1956

      1. Jack Whitlock

        They are Live Streaming in the middle of the ocean

    48. Steve L

      How cool would have it been to see a helicopter pick up the The Dragon on to an Aircraft Carrier

    49. GamersGeek

      Why there is no camera infront of vehicle?

    50. DorisQueenPrincessJeanBornSmithJones LewisGaston


    51. mj007

      congratulation !

    52. pasi mäenpää

      opening takes far too long.

    53. Kati B

      I'm late to the party, but "space dads" is so dang wholesome. Love it.

    54. Erin

      They broadcasted for nearly nine hours without a break??

      1. Maria Flo


    55. zoya mehar@

      I want to become astronaut.. 😊 But I am poor... l have no money.. 😔 😔😔😔

    56. Pampeii

      When docked on the ship, the capsule looks like a stormtrooper head. Elon is sus.

    57. Stopeatinganimals

      Can someone please tell me that they picked up the parachutes and did not leave it in the ocean......

      1. Stopeatinganimals

        @E. Rose Yay! Thank goodness.

      2. E. Rose

        Yes, they picked up the parachutes.

    58. Muhammad Nadeem

      Are aliens In real I just like your vedios

    59. Christopher Puddy

      fung bros

    60. Deepak Thakur Rana

      # binod

    61. Lean 2200

      Imagine if the opened it and it was filled with slime like off the movie Life.

    62. Timme

      MrBeast 2060: Destroying the moon and surprising nasa with a new one.

      1. AIO YouTuber TV

        @Lars Games I mean, the OP seems to imply that NASA owns the moon.

      2. Lars Games

        @AIO KGupr TV who says it is?😅

      3. AIO YouTuber TV

        How may times must I say this!? "Nasa doesn't own the moon! Noone does!"

      4. Rashid Salum


    63. The 300: Primed Providence Phenotype

      CEBUano -- Grammar -- EnglisH NA -- Adverb -- Already SA -- Referent, Location -- In

    64. Shrey sharma

      8:45:50 ...she started crying !!

    65. Shrey sharma

      7:48:49 falls overboard !!!

    66. Nickole H

      How fast is it traveling around our planet? Over 1000 times in just 62 day.

      1. 000 000

        At a speed of about 27,000 km/hr

    67. Sabitri Konwar

      👍👍 👌👌

    68. Manab 2.Ø


    69. Nao Girley

      You’ve got to be kidding me 😂😂💀

    70. Great One

      Nasa is going into space 2024 the goverment will pay 28 Billion dollars to go there. Do yall see America roads bridges homeless and people is hungry and America is crumbling But they have 28 billions dollars to go into space and 5 Trillion Dollars to spend on endless wars that America is not getting nothing out of it.

      1. Ramazan O

        When you are going to understand? This is not NASA's problem. Their mission is Space. If you want to help people go to other companies and start using your brain.

    71. LaceySpace


    72. Travis Robinson

      Amazing simply amazing

    73. Samantha Jones

      Test comment - sorry

    74. Sheldon Pashby

      Will this come to a screeching halt if America is destroyed by the elites? Will we keep doing this if God is ignored? God may let us go so far. But not let us keep going. The Bible talks about the earth wars but not space wars. But if have humans in space? Not always do we live for each other. Sometimes we help to take over. Everything belongs to God. We just borrow. Maybe we should ask God if we can be in space. God may not want us there. To go where we aren’t supposed to go. God could let the elites have America. The space program was be dismantled. People will worry about survival on this planet. Forget space. People need to their eyes to Jesus. If you die not knowing Jesus as your Savior? Your body will not merely to go in the grave or wherever you die. It will decay. But the soul God gave you will go one of two places. Either to be with Jesus(You know Him as your Savior) or Satan(We are Satan’s children from birth)(God gives the innocent a covering until we reach the age of accountability, after God takes it away. The people who don’t know right from that never make it to the age of accountability, they keep it till death. But they will make their decision later in when Jesus sets up His Kingdom. Then even they will decide who they will follow.) As I said we all have to make a choice. Jesus isn’t one you can trifle with. Either you come to know Him as Savior or stay Satan’s child. Ask the Holy Spirit to make you see whom Jesus is. Pick up the Bible and read John and try to understand your life depends on it. John 3:16,17and 18.

      1. jaymz1999

        Sheldon Pashby You really need to let go of that gods thing, it is outdated and redundant.

    75. Dinesh Aheiba


    76. Jug

      It's good that NASA and SpaceX are working together!

    77. Kuba Skowron

      Gratuluję pszeżyciu w kosmosie

    78. velma noche



      What about the parachutes won't they pollute the water? ???????????

    80. Rameen


    81. Nikitha Muthu

      How do i become an astronaut?

      1. nanoleaf

        College and uni

      2. jaymz1999

        Niki to You begin by ditching youtube.

      3. SilantX


    82. Maike Meier

      hmm, is elon immun or why is he the only one who doesn't need to wear a mask????

    83. Golden Eagle

      Woahhh 😲

    84. Ayushman Upadhyay 6C


    85. wotchermuggle

      If they were in the descent for over 19 hours, are they.....wearing diapers? Just curious. lol 😂

    86. wotchermuggle

      They have got to work on better filming. Jesus. The quality is terrible.

      1. wotchermuggle

        Bob Bobber I get that. What I mean is for like uploading, it’d be nice to have quality video. Like having a cameraman at the landing.

      2. Bob Bobber

        They are in the middle of the ocean and at first, that was live. They need to send a signal to a satellite (and then, the satellite need to send it somewhere else) when being in water... that make the connection slower and unstable. By keeping the quality low, that make it easier to keep the video stable and to reduce the delay.

    87. Ozair Kazi

      Well folks, this is about it for me. I hope we were wrong and nothing happens but that's wishful thinking at this point. I'm sorry I couldn't rouse the hearts and minds of the people and manage to land it, see you when it's all over. Unless we nail the clutch. It would have been wondrous. :') Signing off

    88. Mochii シ

      The module color change due to Reentry heat effect😮 8:33:06

    89. Arshad Ali

      Dragaon pitch wahat happing

    90. Arshad Ali


    91. Chris Potter

      It's gonna need a repaint

    92. Sean palmer

      2020 ..... better videos from mars seriously how bad something so important we have images from the 70s

      1. Bob Bobber

        They are in the middle of the ocean and at first, that was live. They need to send a signal to a satellite (and then, the satellite need to send it somewhere else) when being in water... that make the connection slower and unstable. By keeping the quality low, that make it easier to keep the video stable and to reduce the delay.

    93. Jeffrey Richardson

      new sears appliance amazing rocket science catherines reliance

    94. Shyam Sharma

      ओम नमो नारायण 🇨🇮

    95. fireoil

      8:32:28 Then A Wild Will Smith appears , says "welcome to earth" and punch the guys inside in the head and light's up a cigar

    96. tik tik tik

      I want to go to space

    97. tik tik tik

      I love space

    98. thelastoneontheplane

      NASA gets billions of dollars in funding to go to outerspace, yet millions of Americans are about to be stuck on Earth broke without jobs and no income, seems fair i guess.

      1. nanoleaf

        Wealfer and homeless shelters exist, they can build up there life a little bit more by this.

      2. Stevan Matejic

        ... You really dont know anything about econimics do you? That money gets spent and put Back into the economy. And its not all the governments fault people are starving, its the people them selves

    99. サムライソード

      Is this video uploaded using 1tbps

    100. WASE em

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