Brewstew - Wrecking My First Car


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    Let my irresponsibility be your lesson for today
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    1. Rory Gamer

      He prack his car on the streets but if u look at his house he has a Garage

    2. Selenea Gibson

      I had the same car lol. Loved it

    3. Mr Gamer24

      Did you ever need to change the oil on your 1st car

    4. Prince Justine Paltao


    5. CaptainNonsense

      Pulled an all-nighter in college to finish an essay that was due the next morning. Was a fight to stay awake for the 40 minute drive to college but almost got into a head-on collision with a dump truck from college to work. Needless to say I was wide awake until I got home and passed out for 14 hours.

    6. IanTheGreat

      4:06 "Shit broke" lol

    7. Logan Clarke

      Or some food

    8. Cee Boe

      Just under 12 mins....classic

    9. zackishere1

      My first car was a 2002 chevy cavalier as well, until someone totaled it..

    10. Danielle

      My cavalier was named mighty red because she was a beast and survived multiple wrecks 😭😂

    11. Reckless entertainment

      But wait if he got his first car when he was 16 that means the cavalier was only 3 years old when he got it lol probably was a nice car when he got it lol

    12. Tyler Sauverwald

      my moms name is Michelle Schwab

    13. Bloopy Snoopers

      That poor Chevy cavalier

    14. Cindy Tietz

      I wouldn’t say all right P Michelle

    15. Brick Assault Productions

      I remember driving my neighborhood to exstinction

    16. tydeandiggens • 50 years ago

      My first car is a skoda felicia fun pickup make in 1998 my dad drives a Renault 5 gt turbo make in 1989

    17. Red’s Stuff


    18. Trudy M. Howard Smallbiztaxlady

      I’ll be damned, Chelly is still alive.

      1. Byrd Kids


    19. Trudy M. Howard Smallbiztaxlady

      Lol. I’m in love with these videos.

    20. The Arbirter’s Hobbies

      I crashed my first car. It sucks but at least no one died.

    21. Tastier jungle 46

      Dutlniv tioogattlyg

    22. Yung ASKIA


    23. Shadamyfan 1923

      Hey its the car from the first prank wars vid!

    24. TheBeast 750

      320000 kilometres in my dads hilux

    25. Timmering

      This one was very funny lol.

    26. Patriotic Productions

      We had a similar first accident

    27. Jay

      4:37 Maybe an HOA neighborhood.

    28. Jay

      Almost to my thirties and never wrecked any of the cars I've owned. Other cars ran into me or were in the fucking way.

    29. Rares Nichitean

      Cool vid

    30. double A

      He is from northern ohio. If he took a nap someone would probably try to narcan him

    31. MartinDoesStuff

      Your art style bearly changed since 2018 and i like it

    32. John Nickel

      Driving home from work one day after working 16 hours ( I worked graveyard shift) and I fell asleep I got lucky I didn't hit anything somehow drove into a parking lot and came to a stop.

    33. Avery Martin

      My first car almost killed me three times.

      1. Jacob Washburn

        That’s how you know you’re doing it right

    34. dat boi

      A good 10th of chicago cars look like that, especially the south side. You would fit right in

    35. Brad

      My first car was a red Fiat 500 I named her Mia

    36. -0melette-

      I fell asleep at the wheel once too, honestly worst scare of my life. I woke up smashing & jumping my way thru a ditch.

    37. Earth worm sally Sheep

      Are these actually like real????

    38. QNTI

      Least u didn't flip your car... Poor opel kadett

    39. M Smitty

      Lol I got a 2000 Chevy cavalier when I turned 16. An heirloom, but mine was green😂

    40. The durpp bros Sol ree

      I hate sabriaty tests

    41. Andrew Stevenson

      I have a video of my crash from falling asleep this past year... August 2020

    42. critical gamer

      Who else was a fan scince like before 300k

    43. R Holly


    44. Souper Newb

      This came out the same day I got in my first car accident

    45. boi red

      Found her on the road well a peice of her

    46. omygod

      Somehow when he said Michelle i was dying

    47. War _Fight1911

      Whats a DWI?😂

    48. Ed West

      Just because its messed up what made it parked illegally?

    49. Christoph Rice

      I did the same think with my first car about 4 years ago. Could have used this video then.

    50. BaconGameing_YT


    51. Daxten Markle

      Mmmmm,, L

    52. WWC PicFed

      Once, I crashed into a car all drunk and shit, and I fell asleep immediately. Now my funeral is happening in 2 hours.

    53. jonny o'connor

      Can you un-fuck up my car 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    54. Fox Raceing

      Is that how you spell it

    55. Fox Raceing

      Poor wip rip Michael

    56. pentuim man

      If you still had the Chevy would you sell it?

    57. First Name Last Name

      My name is Michelle.... 😐

    58. Tucker Kyle

      I wrecked my first car one week ago today. Flipped it three times and almost got my ear cut off. Good times

      1. XavierComputer

        Mine was one week ago today. Hasn’t nearly as bad as that, but still idk what I’m going to do for a car

    59. Ruby Pardee

      When I hear Michelle, I think of Full House.

    60. brad ley

      I came one day and now im laughing my ass off😂😅😅😭🤣😭😅😅😭😂😭🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😅😭🤣😭😂

    61. W A L T E R


    62. Rachael Batey

      I think about this video so much. I have issues with staying awake and ever since I moved and my commute is longer on my drive home a lot of the time I start to doze off. I keep thinking in my head now "if you're falling asleep while driving a motor vehicle, don't drive the motor vehicle!" And it's actually been really good advice 😅 thanks for playing voice of reason in my mind

    63. Josiah Ellis

      How many crazy $h!t does this man get himself into XD

    64. Tomas Gomez

      Nice vid

    65. azmer0 boi

      Your vids make my day

    66. Arian Khaderzadeh

      I will expect one day where you meets Michael again and he is really succesful and has a family

    67. Jason Someone

      Damn MEEP MEEP

    68. Rubi Martinez

      i like the vids

    69. Pain Nagato

      Bra all these videos make me lmao

    70. Michael Gomez


    71. Zedsuss

      "Apparently you're not allowed to have a half mangled vehicle parked illegally in a residential area, what the fuck ever." That quote is 10/10

      1. Dink Bros

        Haha Yeah! He's so funny!

    72. cozentie 91

      This video was great... I'mma go crash a car now

      1. Dink Bros

        😂😂😂 for sure

    73. Riley Stearns

      Alright ah just like always

    74. SPCDetroit5431

      “Impound Yo Shit”🤣🤣🤣🤣

    75. Andre E

      I uh didnt learn my lesson watching this and totaled my first car

    76. Code Maxo

      f adds

    77. Alex Amirkhani

      She said the name was michel but whent he tried to drive he said somethinng shelly works

    78. Xxlegit DashxX

      I just got my first shitbox, 2007 ford focus ses with a 5 speed manual and i am currently trying to repair it so it wont be a shitbox

    79. deadmanfl2

      Just wrecked my 2007 mustang heat today first thing

    80. Krispy

      0:16 NOOOOOOOO 💀💀💀

    81. alicia hamblin

      Just got my account back first video I went too❤️

    82. Syell09 YT

      I like michelle

    83. Nakeya Anderson Anderson

      Tyler you are my favorite KGup or

    84. Ethan Parkinson

      Cool vid bro

    85. the cringe cream seal

      i will say i feel simpathy when i am 16

    86. Damuel GD

      I’m sad I didn’t watch these videos early :(

    87. Snake Cool


    88. Maximus Prime

      Just out of curiosity what part of North West Ohio did you grow up? I grew up in the Findlay, Fremont area and your videos seem so close to home sometimes lol

    89. Brayden Chan

      Awesome vid

    90. Speedygamer67

      Lol I burst in laughing

    91. robert byers

      once i crash my 2011 ford focus lol i got sued

    92. Call of duty Gamer

      “I just crumpled up her car like last weeks homework” - brewstew

      1. qwak

        Great thumbnail homes

    93. It’sCrazyCam YT

      Your voice is so different from 7 years ago

    94. Vladsnipe11

      No one: Brewstew at the start of every video: Alright,

    95. Shazeem Khan

      I just "Lindsay Lohaned mysefl into this car!" I lost it 😂😂😂😂

    96. Brayden Bone

      My 1st car is my 2008 white chevy impala I haven't wreck it let had that car since 2016 my mom bought for my after I got my drivers license my dream car is a 1968 dodge charger

    97. twisted whiskers


      1. Jameson Sims

        "Un-fuck up my car"

    98. Adam Ellyson

      Awesome vid

    99. Mary Nyak

      I love this channel

    100. LazerBeam

      Gee nice cane grandpa