ASK and You Shall RECEIVE - Massive Unboxing + Giveaway

Scott Martin

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    Let’s see what’s in these BIG Heavy Boxes! I am giving away some of it to y’all too. Be sure to follow me on IG ⬇️⬇️⬇️
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    Crankbait -
    Hook for flipping - Trokar TK 135 -
    Cinema Camera (SONY A7s II):
    Cinema Wide Lens (SONY FE 16-35mm):
    Cinema Main Lens (SONY FE 24-70mm):
    Vlog Camera (SONY A6500):
    Vlog Wide Lens (SONY 10-18mm):
    Drone (DJI Phantom 4 Professional):
    Chesty Camera (Garmin Virb Ultra 30):
    Dash Camera (GoPro 6 Black):
    Memory Cards for Main Camera (Lexar 64gb SD):
    Memory Cards for Drone, Virbs and GoPro (SanDisk Ultra 64gb Micro SD):
    Camera Rig (Opteka X-GRIP):
    Vlog Rig (JOBY GorillaPod):
    Power Blocks for Virbs (EasyAcc 20000mAh Power Bank):
    Shotgun Mic (RODE VideoMicro):
    Windscreen for Shotgun:
    Wireless Mic (Sennheiser Lav):
    Audio Recorder (ZOOM H6):
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    1. Scott Martin

      Hey guys I’m super excited to be giving away a lot of this cool stuff be sure to hop on over to my Instagram @scottmartinchallenge and share the post on your story to be entered to win! Make sure you tag me! Thank you for all the support! 👊🏼

      1. Griffin Smith

        Hey Scott how do I enter the giveaway...

      2. Person Person

        Just like the give away two months ago?

      3. Chernal Patton

        Scott Martin who won.

      4. Zak Tucker

        I’m hype for this giveaway

      5. Anderson Hassell612

        You’re the best fisherman you tuber ever

    2. Corey Cubbage

      *tosses our stuff on the floor*

    3. Liz Hurless

      He will never need to buy fishing line again

    4. Trump 2020

      can i have some line!

    5. katiedid713926

      I want some

    6. Reginald Carmon

      I would love to have some of your stuff to give away I'm trying to start off fish bass and I need some stuff to start off with do you have any things to say to me to get me started with bass fishing give to me if so I thank you so much for it

    7. Reginald Carmon

      I would love to have some of your hey call me when you get reloaded thank you for all the support guys thank you for all the striving to channel but here too

    8. UndercoverNerd

      Hi, Scott, I would love to get one of your tackle boxes.

    9. Tim Hickum

      Nice TROKAR hats !!!!

    10. Daniel Patterson

      My i have one of each Scott Martin

    11. Crazy Cowboy Custom Leather

      Love watching your videos and watching you catch new PB's. I'm a tournament angler in Canada and Walleye

    12. jishnu p s

      Can you do a giveaway for subscribers bro

    13. j w

      I need some tackle Scott, love your videos an the boat!!! You keep everything real!!

    14. Linda Schmeelk

      Scott I would like a face mack and a hat please , my name is Paul I'm from toms brook Virginia !!!!!!!!!

    15. The trigger Is gold

      Love your vids Scott I actually met you befor

    16. Shawn Lipton

      Is the giveaway still open

    17. Lead Terry

      I want some I am a big bass fisher and salt water fisher

    18. ETHAN COLE

      Can I pls have some tackle Mr Martin or a reel pls

    19. terry fonz

      Chasing the green things sucks in comparison jus saying! Dropping a line and any number of a couple dozen exciting species can come up on your line that is typically some of the best table fare in the world is just that much better than bass fishing!

    20. Luke Swaggerty

      Yo I want some tackle

    21. Kyle Kirby

      “See look it floats” imagine it just sinks. Lol

    22. Bkidd Tv

      Wish I could hit up a company and get tackle like this holy

      1. Bkidd Tv

        Being sponsored is well earned that’s for sure

    23. A Young

      I live in SW Florida (Lehigh) fishing sucks, but your tips and advice makes it more interesting! I don’t enter giveaways because 1 I don’t watch , subscribe, or comment just for free s#%t I do it cause I respect your knowledge and advice and 2 I don’t have social media so couldn’t if I wanted to!! Lol keep safe stay honest. God bless and tight lines!

    24. Leonard Jordan

      Scott handles those boxes like he works for FedEx 😂🤣

    25. Person Person

      His give away are all fake

    26. Haley Blanton

      Would love to be apart of some giveaways! My husband and I are in the process of buying our first bass boat! We love watching your videos and learning new techniques to use on the water!!!! Thanks for all you do Scott!!!

    27. The Angry Bass

      Damn, I can almost smell the salt there in the Keys. Been over 30 years since I’ve been down there

    28. Bad Bassing

      Can I have some

    29. Bahhy Lee

      Can I have some

    30. Outdoor Life

      Love u too Scott Martin 😂ig Jack_mccall13

    31. Outdoor Life

      I love your bass fishing videos my IG is @jack_mccall13

    32. Ravi Jayson Dwarku

      Hi Scott , 1st of all i am happy to see you fine and pray that all of your loved ones are fine too..we are also in lockdown in Mauritius..and your chanel keeps me from going crazy..i even went fishing last week n caught a 5pounder..I always love ur video and originality..keep it up..if i can get some of the give away it would be just outstanding...keep it up bro..i love what you do..n u r a true inspiration to me..God bless u..

    33. Cheri Larimer

      Just like Christmas opening all those boxes. Your location is perfect and would love someday to rent your place.

    34. Effrey Mielnicki

      Hey Scott I could use a new pair of pliers for my tackle box dose not mater the color!!

    35. Pond Fishing With dylan

      Can I have anything I don't have much salt water tackle

    36. moses morelos

      was any1 else adding up the cost of all the sweet gear martin is the man

    37. Leslie Sobel

      Nice line me up..!

    38. Leslie Sobel

      Sweet stuff..

    39. Dakota Dietrich

      Standing on a 42 ft boat, getting free boxes of gear, and says should I return the sabikis I bought at the store. What a cheap ass smh

    40. Swarpin_On_ Donks

      Can I have some tackle Mr. Martin? “Ask and you shall receive”

    41. Smokey

      Hey scot I was wondering if I could get a blue 4 ounce spoon and could you sign it cause I love your videos and you create awesome content. For my address just message me on Instagram it’s morganmac64.

    42. Kayden Duke

      Can I get some thing from the giveaway I'm going fishing on May 11 for my birthday! I whant to surprise my uncle with the stuff I get

    43. PeytonTheGamer13

      Hey can I get one ??

    44. Alan Hatfield

      Hey Scott big fan I watch you alll the time

    45. Patrick Clynch

      Hey Scott. Do you really need all that stuff on that really big boat? Does that boat have sleeping quarters?

    46. Tight Line Studios

      hey Sir , Dustin here from Edmonton Alberta Canada ! I look up to you man and wanted to say hello, my girl and I are going to check out the availability on your rental property, we gotta get outta this cold and see some palm trees, thanks sir for being who you are ! cheers sir - tight lines

    47. rh4by800

      Can’t have enough plyers

    48. Matt

      Your property rental prices are like rape.

    49. Larry Corley


    50. Sweet Diezel

      That’d be awesome to get the giveaway

    51. Shawn Seabaugh

      Awesome 👍

    52. Cipriano Rodriguez

      What is different from Japan and USA tact for fishing

    53. Cipriano Rodriguez

      Awesome assortment

    54. robbiijames

      Hey Scott, watching you whilst in Lock Down from the UK - loving your style & footage God Bless you & your Family Stay Safe Robbi

    55. M

      In front of five zeros there is a number-what is the sixth number that pays for the new Martin Family Freeman? How do you know what 409 is? Lol.

    56. Jairo Vega

      6 ounce and blue

    57. Anderson Hassell612

      You’re my favorite fisherman I really would like to meet you and I hope you stay safe😷

    58. Turtle Memes

      Yo I want a jerk bait you said ask

    59. Jeremiah Reid

      HEY Scott quick question what religious faith are you??

    60. Dave T

      You need to do some blooper vids man. Show us that crazy stuff.

    61. Bobby Harrell

      Love your channel, will be following you from here in Pensacola just keep it real brother !!

    62. Hayden Noel

      Can I get one of those pliers, mine suck.

    63. adrian moreno

      Would like to win something don't have an Instagram out of lake Amistad down in Texas.

    64. David Morey

      Nope, after about 3 years of trying to win these kind of things I give up 🤣

    65. Conner Tomlinson2009

      30 pound line

    66. Conner Tomlinson2009

      Blue Plairs

    67. Heather Swatek

      I’m not allowed to have instagram. Could I get a pair of pliers and a tro kar face mask.

    68. ليلى بسم الله


    69. Zachariah Colgrove

      if you decide to give me some gear I say you should just suprise me.

    70. Tanna Suits

      I’m jealous I wish I had all that line about 20 pound braid

    71. Tanna Suits

      Hey Scott I love your videos I was just pandemic this over with and go fishing.this is my mom

    72. Sonny East

      5/0 straight shank =mutton snapper fishing with live bait.

    73. N Trent

      Hey Scott I dont have an Instagram but would be grateful to receive some free stuff. Thank you and God bless!

    74. Sonny East

      Color isn’t that important for jigging AJ’s Scott, it’s more about the action,Fast!

    75. Fred Walker

      Hey Scott I would like a hat

    76. Joe Williams

      Buggar...don't have Instagram 😭😭😭

    77. Warren louisiana

      1 mask & 1 hat...

    78. Warren louisiana

      Nice hats,,,,,

    79. Warren louisiana

      Wow.. there nice

    80. Lane McClurg

      I was lowkey hoping that stick sunk like a rock 😂

    81. MuahMan

      Calling all FL fisherman. I have a box freezer that we used to store and bait and fish. Now I'm trying to use it as a food freezer during this lame pandemic. For the love of God how do I get the fish smell out? Is it even possible?

    82. Wooden it be Cajun outdoors & indoors With Ricky B

      Hey Scott I don’t have a Instagram. I would like to win a prize tho. I enjoy watching your videos , they are very good and helpful. I’m over here in Louisiana , so please send some love this way. Oh that was very nice of you when you took James fishing aka trash talking James. Keep on with the videos and shake n bake !!!!

    83. SwaZi Midget

      I would love to take what ever I could get, no complaints

    84. Cliff

      I want some. Just one not being gready.

    85. BamaBassFinder04 4

      Probably just got the rona off that paper 🤬🤬

    86. John Mitchell

      What if u dont have instagram

    87. John Mitchell

      Man i love ur content man keep it up

    88. BassingWithBrandon

      Those hats and face shields are 🔥🔥🔥

    89. 84neilbone

      Please I would love to have p line pliers. Scott I will suck toe for one

    90. Jaime Chacon

      Need some gear bait stores are closed plz 😀

    91. Jaime Chacon

      Can I have a fishing pole plz

    92. Vince Walczak

      awesome un-boxing

    93. Vince Walczak

      would love a hat, help a firefighter/paramedic out, hint hint

    94. Vince Walczak

      p line pliers look pretty nice

    95. Julian Betancourt

      Can I please get item

    96. Vince Walczak

      I`d love some gear, love watching your videos

    97. Charles Baecker

      I was wanting to sign up for your give away. Thanks for your videos and generosity.

    98. Robert Dyer

      Hook me up Scott beed some pliers or some line for my bass fishing. Been following since I've been fishing in tournaments in Indiana

    99. TravisHardinFishing

      Sweet pliers!

    100. Emanuel Rivera

      Yo scot my guy. Would love some new gear 👌🏽👌🏽