BEFORE and AFTER Fighting Israel Adesanya

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    Here we look how opponents reacted before and after fighting the UFC's fastest rising star, Israel Adesanya.
    Moving up to face Jan Blachowicz in March, MMA fans can expect to see plenty more action from The Last Stylebender.
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    1. Tempo

      12:00 he fucking sharinganned that shit

    2. BlazinHot 6

      The real reason that Mr. Adesanya has done so well is because he has a freakishly long reach. Typically Middleweights have around a 74" reach, where Adesanya has an 80" reach; which is huge. Thats so hard to train for because it's super human. Someone needs to invent special training gloves so that you can replicate that long reach in practice.

    3. SMHK

      He'll be the next Hokage. 🥷 🙏🤙👉🤘👈🙏

    4. Frank Armilio

      Where's the new videos?????

    5. Kendallv Reed

      He's definitely one of those kids who used to run like Naruto 😂

    6. 666hobart

      LOL They ALL want a rematch, the last guy just can't accept he's not as good lol

    7. in God we trust, gacha tuber

      Adesanya is proof that being skinny has nothing to do with wins. That's why Bruce Lee fans believe Lee was the greatest

    8. in God we trust, gacha tuber

      Competitors need to understand the meaning of style bender; Adesanya inverts (uses your) style against you which is why you always get shocked. 🇳🇬🤣

    9. Cooking Parker

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    10. Juju Rellama

      Lumumba Mai, Lumumba Mai

    11. Marc Joshua Latonero

      He looks like young Michael Jordan. I think his career will be like Michael Jordan.

    12. Noah Holiday

      They talk so much smack and than when they get whacked there ..... silent

    13. Nootpocket

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    17. Isaac Saad

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    18. Kruletee

      Man i loved him and Anderson, that shit was great...

    19. Kruletee


    20. Jett Epstein

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    21. babu_oppa

      *i friggin love this guy’s ninja way*

    22. Donny

      The only reason they say he's too skinny, is because it looks that way, but he's like 6'6, and most of them are like 6'2 max, so obviously they look bulkier

      1. Olivier Lucenay

        He is 6.3

    23. MOSSIE 13 SHADOW

      Get him uso well we still young honestly I had my peck but now finished ♥️ rip it well u can love u uso 👌👌

    24. Art Soul Artwork

    25. Armando Vicario

      Usman the only one killing it he deserves the Bmf, belt.

    26. rovle x

      Jan 🥺

    27. Alex Lex

      If you watch this video, you might realise what is wrong with the world : each and everyone, thinks he is better than everybody else. Some take the retard level to a NEXT level and think they are STILL better even after they LOSE.

    28. Janah gretcheng

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    29. ironlungslc 95

      Silva would beat him in his prime!

      1. inconsistent

        On peds sure

    30. Timothy Lee

      Such a well made video. Editing, music, and narrating was amazing. Subscribed and liked.

    31. Bien olavarii

      I love this man

    32. John Lavvas

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    33. SerxElm

      aye this was posted on my birthday

    34. Kevin Allen

      What dedication brother. Keep knock 'em out. You are a King!

    35. KinG Stacc

    36. judah

      Look like julio jones

    37. cadavison

      Its too bad he is such a loud mouth a-hole.

    38. Chris Silva

      No lie I have Izzy a chance against Yan since he fought Paulo Costa but oh boy was I wrong, Polish Power all day

    39. israel Soccer Player

      my Name Is Israel As Well

    40. Abel Tan

      He got the power of GOD and ANIME by his side

    41. Soul SoulTaker

      Hes good but hes no jon bone Jones

    42. Ed Spears

      Moral of the story, if ur 42 and get a title shot don't waste it

    43. Ian Hope

      Anderson's voice has always made me be like waht because his voice doesn't fit how he looks

    44. Luca Loaiza

      This guy is a striking wizard

    45. 0 R

      Only big mouths..he shut them adesanya big up👍💯

    46. MidMOGrower

      Excuses from every loser

    47. Opaque

      2:55 "He got nothing figured out" Bro look at your face 😂

    48. WisdomJoseph

      He is calling them out like he is the only look for the belts

    49. terrellma

      Clearly showed that he wouldn't beat a prime Sylva imo. But at least the respect was there, and perhaps when he grows into his prime that will change my opinion.

    50. Alessandro Porri

      We're fucking gonna smash him 💪🔥 FORZA ITALIAAA!!! DAI CAZZO MARVIN!!

    51. Tina Jones Myers

      The problem with all the adversaries of Adesanya is that they underestimate his talent or better still his skills because he is a bit noisy and too skinny but don’t be fooled by the show man appearance as he loves to display as underneath is a determined warrior

    52. Silent_

      great respect to legend Anderson Silva 🙏

    53. Dr. Rockstar

      As a certified weeb, I vote to claim Israel Adesanya as a part of the anime community.

    54. Danny

      i dont have much knowledge in ufc but the sportsmanship between andesanya and silva was great to see

    55. Jrock Az

      In his prime silva would of set adesanya down

    56. andre

      izzy is so good

    57. legend 246

      love fighting

    58. Wekki Meif

      Funny how the other fighters don't understand power of low leg kicks

    59. Mr. Fahrenheit

      Something always happen costa. Some thing always happen 🤣🤣🤣

    60. raguna mist

      I enjoyed watching this cause I recognised the inside/under parts of the stadium for the Whittaker fight 🤣

    61. Rudy V

      Nobody : Every losing person : next time i will make him pay

    62. Kurizu Kun

      Imagine losing to a guy who tries Anime handsigns before fighting

    63. Kurizu Kun

      Imagine losing to a guy who tries Anime handsigns before fighting

    64. Zach Lake

      yo ricky martin got diced the fuck up eh

    65. Cr Staff

      I think just SSR trap card can stop him😂

    66. Alkho James

      Everybody's a gangsta til Adesanya put down his weights.

    67. ISimpForFerg

      I find it hilarious that pretty much everyone he beat wanted a rematch 😂🤦‍♂️😂

    68. VJ LEVI

      Why is Derek’s ufc 3 character soook skiny

    69. Perplexed Wolf

      I don't know why but Silva voice still throws me off haha not that there is something wrong with it or anything

    70. Perplexed Wolf

      The last style ender? Is man a fan of Last Airbender!?

    71. Karmie Williams Jr

      Black ppl been on top

    72. Dominic Boutros

      Swear everytime u post this about someone they lose

    73. AK VON

      if i had to fight him to save my blood line i don't think i culd do it ;-;

    74. Alex B

      So happy you have an MMA channel! Boxing is getting kind of lazy

    75. Revvv

      I wanna see him fight MVP

    76. Xavier Bambury

      I cant stop watching this video bro

    77. yamont'e

      They not convinced I think they want a second plate they not full enough👀👀👀💀💀😂😭😂

    78. Yanis Agodor

      Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)

    79. Stefan Morosan

      I love this,and powerful...

    80. Lion Kortüm


    81. Tadas Blinda


    82. Khrawku Gaming

      'aye you better lift some weight man' famous last words 😀

    83. Art Soul Artwork

    84. Itsyaboi KP!!

      I love how everyone wants a rematch and they talk about him and he just destroys people

    85. Sigde

      You don't need to be big to pack a punch

    86. Jay

      Sorry Israel, you suck. All Jan did was pressure you and you bitched out. 🖕🏼😂

    87. SensitivityGames

      what is it with cockey people getting to the top thees days? XD not that i dislike it but HOW

    88. Living Is A Talent

      He is talented, no doubt but he talks too much and is a bit too old to be so immature 💯

    89. Saigon6

      Costa is a clown

    90. thatonepolishdude

      Jan entered the chat


      3:37 middleweight Anthony pettis

    92. SLow_Poke

      I think Jan gave this a thumbs down.

    93. sora actualize

      lool lots of his opponents can't speak properly I take it english isn't their first language

    94. Random Channel Kyan Made

      Pheonix from Valorant

    95. ItzMimz

      Get you a man who can do both


      Mans lost his undisputed title fucking sad

    97. PAIN

      His from the same place as me and he like anime 😈

    98. Aiden_C12

      Adesanya is not bigger than McGregor 😂

    99. Átkozott

      i wanna see this guy beat the hell out of jake pual and logan