"Sober" - Tom MacDonald & Madchild ft. Nova Rockafeller

Tom MacDonald

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    PRODUCED BY Tom MacDonald
    MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan
    Special thanks to Ryan Lo

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    1. Snap Crackle Pop

      I appreciate the consistent messages of truth you are spittin'.. I never heard of u but am currently binge watching your content and I have to say, its quality.👌 Keep fighting the good fight.👊 MUCH LOVE.❤✌

    2. David E

      Man, I wish I was ready. So many stupid mistakes. So much pain I've caused the ones that love me. I've had a lot of addictions throughout my life and I've beat every one of them... except alcohol and nicotine.

    3. TeaSToRM

      after i drunk till all my teeth rotted out hits hard for me and im still drinking wtf maybe i need to sober up thanks Tom

    4. melisa beard

      To all that are clean! Keep it up! And Tom thank you. I put the bottle down. ❤👏

    5. melisa beard

      I guess I shouldn't be drinking this fifth of jack Daniels while listening to this..... I just wanna sleep tonight . I just wanna sleep. 2020 worst year in history. I lost my self this year.

    6. Bridgette Anderson

      Who doesn't love this guy

    7. Brian Jardine

      I know this is a song about being sober but it fits with depression also

    8. Drunken Gamer

      very powerful song

    9. r ottman

      This song makes me fight every day to stay clean fuck that dark road. Thank you

    10. N0 Gimmicks

      I stopped drinking and doing xans...I felt like I was dying! Can‘t describe the feelings I had from the in and outside. Wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy! Then my best friends who were like brothers left me when I needed them the most... cause they been busy chasing girls and drugs. Plus after that I kept smoking weed but it wasn’t enough without alcohol or xans...So one night i started doing coke. I was basically back to square one. I’m fighting hard. Also making Music, and working out helped a lot! But I’m still in between sometimes anxiety and depression keeps me coming back. The only reason I’ll say that on YT is please anyone who is still young and dumb..Never ever even try this BS! Health > Wealth! Also thanks Tom for being real and honest... you inspired a lot.

    11. ghoster

      no one should have to bury their child. rip

    12. kyle langdon

      AWESOME MAN." After i drank till i rotted my teethout my head, got infections in all of my gums" this is what i'm dealing with right now...ive been an addict for 10 years just got diagnosed with HEP C , teeth rotting out etcc.. but im getting through it. and man ive listened to 20 of your songs in the past 2 weeks you are an amazing artist and nova! YUHHH!!!

    13. Jamela Lynn

      Having another bad night, one of them uncontrollably sad ones. Once I pulled myself physically off the floor, face soaked, I turn on your videos. Your message is so real, you're a real person that I can relate to. You and Nova help me through these rough times, might have even saved me.

    14. ADerpyReality

      85lb overweight... Yeah that can be part of addiction and another factor for depression.

    15. Mark Smith

      I’m a recovering alcoholic and fight this war daily, every time relapse crosses my mind I listen to your music. Thank you Tom Nova and Madchild. Y’all are life savers

    16. turd furguson

      The song was cool I like the concept but the chorus was ask Imo

    17. Cory Hutson

      That was Me, Literally. Except the Oil Rigs

    18. Rage 3.0

      Used to bang meth for almost 20 years. Didnt know how I was gonna stop before it killed me. One day, I just said enough, I was done. No amount of anyone trying to get me to quit or force me just made me do it even harder. The moment that you realize you are done , you are cured. It takes anger, anger at yourself. You have a moment, then realize the stupid and hopeless situation you created for yourself , is a dead end. And I emphasize DEAD. It comes down to this, do I want to live? Or do I want to die. I dont know about anyone else, but Ive always been a fighter, street fighter, life fighter, gutter fighter, self fighter. I have never met a tougher, meaner or ruthless enemy than my own self. I was harder on myself than anyone could have ever been to me. Once I realized that, things just started to fall into place. I know alot of you know exactly what Im talking about. Let go of your hatred towards yourself. Listen , regret is the hardest thing to live with. So stop making more regret, start making something you can be proud of and proud of yourself for doing. Be the person you look up to. I hope these words find their mark. I hope its what you needed to hear. There is hope and you are way stronger than you give yourself credit for. Peace and love to you. Oh and one last thing, HANG IN THERE SOLDIER. Adios.

    19. Alex Sanders

      Gotta love chemical dependence, shit makes u feel really hopeless in urself

    20. Bobbie Marie Carroll

      I've been clean from alcohol for 7 years. And cleaned from opioids for 5 years this song is a testimony from the soul. It just speaks to me. I know it gets better, this is a war i will fight for ever. Im finally the girl i know again. And i am proud of the woman ive become. It brings me to tears... Like i said before im a 100% country music girl but I LOVE TOM MACDONALD. HIS MUSIC IS REAL. AND NOVA YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL GIRL no lie ive listened to this song atleast 10 times in the last hour. Its s great motivatinnal work out song. Makes you push harder and harder since being sober ive gain 80 lbs its crazy, but im getting it together. Working out everyday. Waking up sober thankful for each day i wake up. Its the best high ive ever had!

    21. Artem Alkhatov


    22. Artem Alkhatov

      Fuck i feal you guys.

    23. khronosfateless

      the fact his focus was money shows his focus........ i'd give all the money in the world to just be happy. i never had millions in dollars.... but i had millions in a very good wife and my kids. "AKA money was less then the more important aspect"

    24. KR Standridge

      Please tell me we will be seeing Nova in another song. Amazing!!!!!!

      1. John D Rocky

        more please?

    25. JSPowerWashLLC

      This was beautiful.

    26. Daniel Nesbit

      Can totally relate to this

      1. Daniel Nesbit

        Been sober fourteen years this November first def dif world throygh sober eyes ya dont put up with shit ya used to let slide...word...i like lookin whoever... whenever... in the eye...an theyre the ones the look away now...confident...emotionally sound...somewhat deff work in progress...friends introed me to you style...instant yeah oh hell yeah i can relate...party cant last forever...stay strong... my brutha fruma nutha mutha....

    27. m.u.m ruf

      Ooofffff --- wooow 👍 gets me deep

    28. Mike Thompson

      Yesterday I hit a milestone I thought was impossible when I started this I said I wouldn’t last a month yesterday I hit 4 YEARS it wasn’t an easy path but damn the view looks damn good from up here!!

    29. Mary Parker

      I pray my son gets sober.

    30. Michael Brookhaven


    31. Kendra I.

      Clean almost 6 years. Thanks for your voice to such a demon. We need to break this stigma. One day at a time

    32. chris adams

      Having no one the talk to after your sober is the worst part about it, felt this.

    33. Kelly

      this song touched my soul stay strong in the fight. its a constant battle for sure.

    34. Epsteins spirit

      6 years on H, did 80 days for the first time in life!!! Until I relapsed and am about 6 months in again. I honestly just wanna die instead of dealing with the withdrawals. I just don't care anymore , the faster I die the better Sorry family I wish I wouldn't have to put them thru it,, but I rather die Honestly

    35. muleskinner1975

      Dude has some real music not like the stuff with no meaning to it this dudes heart is all over his lyrics

    36. TERDferguson

      the line where it says im finally someone that i know again.?????? i dont know who i was or anything... i dont get how i can just figure that out. im so lost and need help so bad but i cant figure it out

    37. Stacey Beck

      I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! my meth habit made me lose almost everything... I now have 10+ years sober !!!!!! this song hits home hard.... I LOVE IT .... Keep doing what you do Tom

    38. Jeysin Cervezas

      Another day, another month acheived. 4 months free from drink, over 1 from tobacco. Not where I want to be but better than where I was back in July. Thanks @TomMacDonald for the inspiration to get back on this journey. This is something I plan on fighting until my last breath

    39. Tracy F

      This hits so close to home, it gives me chills and brings tears to my eyes.

    40. Lu L

      11 years clean! My wife and children keep me clear. I really don't even think about it anymore. Just happy for what I have

    41. Josh Franklin

      This cuts so deep...🙏🙏good luck everyone

    42. Matt

      Why isnt this on itunes?

    43. Ritchard Thomas

      I still use I can't stop ,the rehabs around here don't seem to let you quit they are all Christian based, have the evangelical God complex, meaning, if they baptise you, they go to heaven they even crap on the ten commandments, saying " following those aren't going to get you to heaven. The people that run the place, they act like the cops you see on TV shows. Have a very low opinion of just about everyone. And no one really listens,its like they themselves are addicted to pretending to be people of authority and everyone is always in trouble. They really do get off on it. I had six months clean they gave me a "drug test", told me they found pot in my system but the thing they tested me with was a home pregnancy test.with a blue minus sign on it. I told the idiot that it means negative, and I am a man I can't get pregnant. The people at a local aa meeting laughed in my face. I just gave up after 11yrs of this.

    44. Levonmedia

      nothing but love brotha

    45. Marci Ochs

      Madchild, love you always stay strong brother

    46. Marci Ochs

      Have so much respect for madchild

    47. Tyler Collins

      Would love to meet you just to look you in the eyes shake your hand cause I feel you on every lyric in this song from riches to rags..drugs, alcohol , women.. keep it real fuck the haters.

    48. Domino Perk

      7 years sober, this song is literally keeping me from drinking this bottle right now

    49. Let's grow together

      I'm a black girl and this is the only song i cosign on. His other songs are inflammatory rhetoric like Trump

    50. Karl Bona

      Madchild KILLLLLLLED THIS. straight fire.

    51. Michelle Hiatt

      🤔👁️... ... 😎🙈🙉🙊

    52. Speuler

      336 days. Let's go.

    53. Nø_Nõnsênsé

      7 years sober from heroin 💪🏼

    54. Michael Jaguar

      If you’re addicted, especially to opiates, look up therapeutic ibogaine sessions. It has helped SO many kick that shit for good! ✊🏽

    55. Brittany Livingston

      You are an inspiration! I hope my brother can get to this point! Thank you for the song. PS Nova is as cute as pie! Love her!

    56. Triton Diaz

      I love it 😃

    57. King_Slayer 935

      Proud of everyone here.


    59. Matt McGaha

      Best recovery track out there, you ask me. I love the experience strength and hope.

    60. tom elliott

      Fucking great tune, hits home severely Thanks

    61. Nolani McLeod

      I am addicted to something... I slipped up 2 months ago... I went 7 months without it... I feel like it's always going to haunt me.

    62. Ray Osborne

      Hits home not me...my ex...

    63. Charles Stafford

      5 years sober. I spent a long time in the darkness of addiction. Doing any drug to get high and escape reality. I truly believe my son saved my life cause when I found out I was gonna be a father I quit. I've spent the last 5 years fighting this war but I'll never fold. To much invested in this shit now. Soto all the recovering addicts stay strong and to all the addicts struggling you're a warrior never give up

    64. David Brunning

      This is one of the best tracks I’ve heard. 10 years upcoming. Respect to you both

    65. Benjamin Audet

      Thanks for this its got me through some hard moments recently 🙏

    66. Joshua Promises

      I lost the women I love, and then I lost 8 years sobriety... watching videos, 2 four locos down, after listening to this called a friend to dump the rest of them... Saved my life Tom!

    67. Shawn Sullivan

      Powerful Shit... Whoa

    68. Cody Greene

      I can't believe this video has so many dislikes like really you have a problem with people trying to overcome their demons so they can become whole or as close to it as possible

    69. Bishop Coleman

      I've legitimately never cried because of a song before. Powerful story, powerful message, beautifully executed. Fucking hangover gang for life

    70. Ex JW uk Freedom Anita

      Oh wow what a powerful message. Love it from U.K. x

    71. Robin Jenkins


    72. Family Yankey

      Damm brother you a real man! We all fuck up in life, picked yourself back up don't ever look back!

    73. erin knight

      I had a high-school friend kill himself bc of demons he couldn't control unless you've ever had an addiction, you'll never understand

    74. Alfred Galindo

      thank u you two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    75. Tik tok

      Holy shit✌️

    76. Todd Burtch

      Thank you Tom. Thank you Mad Child. Thank you Nova Congrats on sobriety.

    77. Charles Edwards

      Islip here and there but dat white girl and molly be calling me at times iam to old to give a shit anymore when death calls me I'll be ready

    78. Venom_EL

      cute couple great voice AWESOME VIDEO

    79. Robert Crouch


    80. Ben Bischop

      WOW!! And I thought the new Tesla Model S was powerful. Brought a tear to my eye.

    81. MotoCob

      Tom an Nova are great together!

    82. Strike

      Your voices speak for millions of people out there. I have been very lucky myself, but this could relate to many of my friends, some still here, others didn't make it.

    83. Dondorius

      Madchilds part is mad lit

    84. Alison Garrett

      Fuck this is deep .... thank you Tom. Inspiration at its finest. Will have three years sober in April 2021.

    85. Jenna Strange

      WOW... i been in some of this.... and *highffive* man...

    86. Kevin Hill

      This song hits deep with me.....I've faced alcoholism and self mutilation.....both made me feel normal. Self mutilation isn't about pain, its the endorphin release.......just putting that out there

    87. Rachael Boyd

      So inspiring 💛💙

    88. 97warlock ismyname

      I think that shouldve went on a little longer at the end ....... didnt want it to end. Good stuff.

    89. Hannah Bartley

      14 months clean today

    90. Phil C



      you know what baffles me, is you never see comments like this under non chemical dependent addiction problems like obesity, gambling, greed, sex, power. some are even looked at as elite and are respected. the only reason why anyone feels like they have a problem is because that is what society has said, ITS BULLSHIT just because some guy in a suit makes a law and indoctrinates the people to a specific mind set doesn't mean it bad more than likely the law was put into place for some personal financial gain.you never hear a person that neglected his whole family to become wildly successful and is now super rich say i need to go to rehab quite the contrary they are held up as great hard working people all while his family suffered horribly, all because having money at any cost is better than being poor. YOU GUYS DONT HAVE A PROBLEM, society is the one with the problem and since we have to partake in this society we have to for some reason have a like mind set as the others or were cast out. Everything in moderation dont let anything take over your life but enjoy all of it. nobody is perfect not even God.

    92. Aszad Sabir

      "Fell in love with a hooker", "drugs".. Been there. Faced that.

    93. Domestic Misdeeds

      Dude I've listened to this a thousand times and the part about lola still brings tears to my eyes. Much love and respect gentlemen

    94. Catherine Hart

      You two are beautiful humans-thank you for the gift of your expression and sharing your vulnerability with us. Radiating big love your way 💯

    95. Mark Smith

      Checking into rehab tomorrow. Thanks to you Tom. Keep spitting the truth.

    96. Michael Fram

      I really feel madchilds verse..... i used to listen to him when he came out with prefontaine.... we've clearly both come a long way... im still an alcoholic tho

    97. TopSpeed Daily

      On day 3 thanks Tom for every song but this one is saving my life

    98. Christian Falldine

      Tossing in bed feeling like actual death- too real. Never went to go back to that.

    99. Dj Adams

      Been sober since 12/27/18 Love this song Thank you tom macdonald

    100. Daniel Adams

      17 year heroin/oxy addict, been clean going on 8 years now..I never knew life could be so good..your music touches the soul..thank you for sharing the inspiration!