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    Lil Tjay and 6LACK’s “Calling My Phone” is their latest hit. The song peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking Tjay’s first Top 10 hit on the chart. It is produced by Non Native, Bordeaux, and G. Ry. On the track, Tjay and 6lack discuss a broken relationship.
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    1. oml taco

      Why 6lack look like black panther

    2. TwiN_EclipSe

      6lack doesnt wanna even be there ;)

    3. Kambria Foster

      6lack sound like he was forced to be here 😂😭😭

    4. Thatboi Cristian

      1:53 sheesh🔥

    5. Marshun_king1

      Tell liltjay stop using autotune

    6. Lorenzo ramirez

      MB03-knuck buck

    7. McBoomstick77

      yo why does 6lack sound like he’s in the most disgusted mood on the planet

    8. Tyler McDonald

      imagine how awkward this would be just saying lyrics to your song with a room full of people that aren’t talking

    9. Jakob

      6lack trash

    10. Islam Khedr

      6lack is high ngl

    11. Selia Robinson

      This guy said the last time he had real feelings for a girl was back in middle school....SIR what?

    12. Zain Lamb

      Lil tjay and polo g collab album

    13. Yung Brand

      6lack voice is unique and 🔥🔥 🔥

    14. nothingtolookathere

      6lack really has me laughing out here😭😭, he's so introverted like "get me the fuck outta here bih"

    15. saYEET boufrayoua

      He doesnt need autotune Autotune need him

    16. Lora Mosley

      Tjay had been my fav little bit before FN

    17. Zzz Zzzz

      Tjay doesn’t need auto tune, auto tune needs him

    18. Shadow Assassin

      6lack be like ;^;

    19. Sk8ter K1d

      6lack sounds bored as hell

    20. Lasara Benjamin

      6lack killing me😂😂😭

    21. Matthew Bazkur

      I like ur rnb shit

    22. Baraha Muhamed

      mans doesn't use autotune mans IS autotune

    23. Judge Roberson

      Damm bro really gotta voice

    24. nomKuh Babe

      Yall idc what yall say Tjay got da cutest personality and he jus over all adorable 😭❤️☺️

    25. PHIZZ_ radiation

      Ahh the only thing I can think of is Mickey Mouse version

    26. Khalid Elmi

      am I the only one whose getting frustrated by that little bit on tjays hair?

    27. Marshun_king1

      Dang he using autotune 😂😂🤣

    28. Troy ColeLewis


    29. Lindani Pike


    30. Alliyah Reid

      6lack be moving speedy with them lyrics 😂😂

    31. gamer girl 49

      that one lil crumb on tjays head making me mad as hell

    32. Dylan Catana


    33. EVXL

      It’s me or 6lack it’s high?

    34. TheAwesomeGeneration

      6lack’s verse just meshed so well

    35. YourA Peasant


    36. William Lawrence

      Anybody get humble down to earth vibes from tjay?

    37. Yvng trApE

      why the hell is 6LACK speakin so fast LOL

    38. Anmol Bajracharya

      6 lack wants to run out from the studio

    39. Ray Ramey

      put these two. on open studio 🔥🔥



    41. Jacob Chapman

      6lack acting like he don’t wanna be there

    42. Wreckage Void

      whats under dudes braid it's bothering me

    43. Exotic Edubs

      If u put at 2x speed he sounds like xxxtentacion

    44. Korey Makupson

      6black look like he don't won't to be there or sound like it 😂

    45. Khalifat Aboubakar

      Why is 6lack so fast on this

    46. Trag Streams

      They got tested before sitting by each other right>?

    47. Anonymous Emorces


    48. Bloodshed Zine

    49. Bloodshed Zine

    50. Cillian Johnston

      6lack seems like he doesn’t want to be there

    51. kolin madison

      I have that problem too

    52. Alauna White

      Ouuu I’m ready for them love songs 💯💜

    53. ya boi drip

      2:22 da fuk is dat in tj hair

    54. Stackers

      What that in tjays hair

    55. Tim Flynn

      I love tjay

    56. Snow Tricks

      You're telling me polo could have been on this somg🤦‍♂️

    57. Lord X Official

      just one hope don't go to jail

    58. Albert Brenson

      gir boy

    59. The Boyysss

      Lil tray is insane at singing and rapping it’s crazy

    60. Karan

      6lack took a hit and he ain't interested in behind the lyrics cause bro wants another hit 🚬

    61. youngbull 903

    62. Ruaridh _brunt19

      no autotune needed

    63. Momoh Conteh

      Lil Tjay dont need auto tune autotune needs him

    64. Emonie Williams

      "yo boi" messed up yo song my guy

    65. alexandra brown

      "and the most suggested was polo" DOESNT GO WITH POLO

    66. KloOnTheBeat

      it's The Best song

    67. laylaa tofa

      I still think this song needs Polo G

    68. PjfrmDaO

      They bringing rappers back inside the genius studio

    69. yung lean

      6lack looks like L from death note

      1. Yung Brand

        he give the same vibe fr fr

    70. Desire Ward

      He should callab with nbayoungboy

    71. Lion Szn

      No one else just figured out lil tjay was in jail

    72. ysbely santos

      Yo this shit slap so hard. SLATTTTTTT

    73. Billy handy

      Tellin me lil tjay doesn’t sound like tony Montana?

    74. Ahmed 1

      that shit in tjay hair really pissing me off

    75. Ari_ Lai

      Literally one of the best artists out there😇

    76. Liaa Lay

      for most ppl this is their first time hearing 6lack, for me; it’s my first time hearing tjay. 6LACK IS THEEEE MOST UNDERRATED RAPPER OF HISTORY END OF STORY AINT NO ARGUING. “My nonchalant flow will never end right”

    77. Jeremiah Montijo

      i love it

    78. Cheater TJ

      6lack be talking so fast

    79. Andrewpruitt2k

      Damn they high asf

    80. Priscillar NP

      song of the month, love 6lack

    81. Kelly Moronta

      You guys should have la Ross Maria from 🇩🇴 do this

    82. Destiny Morris

      What’s the sample ?? Please someone tell me !

    83. Didjana

      Lil Tjay is more of a person than a celebrity. A rapper with an actual personality. Really like the guy. 6lack is just being himself basically

    84. txjayysthz

      anyone else trippin out on whats in tjays hair?

    85. Mariam Tunkara

      Lil tjay dont need any autotune😚

    86. Kartel Niyah

      If antisocial was a person it'll be 6lack

    87. DiioV7

      Calling my phone featuring Juice Wrld

    88. Galak c

      Lil Tjay and polo need to make another song together and Melly and YoungBoy

    89. kevin

      Those white things in Lil Tjay's hair that piss me off

    90. nicand1331

      Loving the breakdown!! Song hits hard!!!!!!!

    91. sharxii

      mygosh tjay is so handsome tf

    92. スイチセイス

      Best song of 2021

    93. Sujeidy

      I been listening to 6lack for like 2 to 3 years and I think he’s underrated

      1. Gracie


    94. Angela Godinez

      Keep them facts

    95. Tu Mami

      Lil tjay hazme 10hijos

    96. Tiffany Degraffenreid

      Lil Tjay is cute😍

    97. SOS greg

      We need nba youngboy

    98. SOS greg

      Do young boy plz

    99. Yusuf Rehman

      Is 6lacks name pronounced slack or black?

      1. User


    100. EkinoX

      Bro, Lil tjay doesn't need autotune.