GMC Sierra HD | Solo Trailer Tips with The Flipping Nomad| GMC


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    Custom RV guru, Cortni, the Flipping Nomad, knows what it takes to trailer even the biggest rig solo. So, it’s a good thing she drives a beast that’s more than capable- the GMC Sierra HD 3500. Cortni shares tips and features the help her solo trailer #LikeAPro with the Sierra HD.
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    1. Real Anti-Jewish

      Why this car have spanish name?

    2. Jake Savoie

      Love working on Sierra’s. But I have to work on a dually.

    3. Market Share

      Rumor has it on the new GMC you can get TPMS installed on your tow vehicle that will automatically pick up in your truck. 👊👍😎

    4. Van Garcia

      What is She Doing Out There???By Herself

    5. Sir Derty

      Marketing to the retired and young-retired elite now, lol. Smart... ey...

    6. Dynamic Vehicle Simulation & More

      Look Awesome Bro, Awesome Truck & The Trailer GMC, Keep Going 😎😎😎😎😎😎

    7. Caleb Lee

      I love seeing a big truck like that haul I huge trailer like that

    8. katanajake 2010

      Thanks for bringing back my favourite truck the HUMMER! keep it up GMC!