Mulatto - No Hook (Official Video)


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    Mulatto - No Hook out now!:
    Director: John Tashiro
    Producer / DP: Diesel Films
    Creative Producer: Loies Kim
    Camera Op: Profit
    Gaffer: Jeff of MiVisuals
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    #Mulatto #NoHook #BitchFromDaSouf

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    1. Laii Honesty

      I didn’t realize she was the therapist to Lmaoo😭

    2. Queen Shades


    3. Chanyia Lee


    4. Beauty Istifanus

      I love you cos you love Nicki,now am a fan #teambars🎠💯 teamgoodmusic

    5. Excusively Tay

      The fact that she actually rap and rap about sex... not many can do both simple!!

    6. John Clay

      This is fucking dope dude.

    7. Marissa Perkins

      Maaaan I heard this months ago.... just got out a 11 year relationship and dealing with some other shit.... this song hitting WAAAAYYYYY HARDER NOW

    8. Franklin Ware

      Yes the same I wish she stop cussing

    9. Tyzoe Brown

      Love this woman

    10. kevin cool

      this rap went hard

    11. N Watson

      New subscriber! This young lady is very talented! She’s repping GA well.

    12. More saharrah were you can get more saharrah

      Even though I didn't go through these things I actually feel for this early one of my favorite songs big Lotto

    13. Felicia Woodbury

      Shes Pretty

    14. Reem Alexander

      No ghost writer real af , best rapper on god . Talent

    15. Reily Chavours

      When that beat dropped in the the beginning I went crazy 😁😁

    16. Elizabeth Childress

      I remember when she was Miss.Mulotta on the rap game 💪 still going ham

    17. sedonapratt

      dayummmmm she came at the whole rap game

    18. Christian Dior

      She is WAY better than Meg. Why isn’t she bigger?

    19. beauty ball

      Ilove her

    20. KyLandra Dettweiler

      ik you hear it in her music

    21. KyLandra Dettweiler

      she got adds frfr

    22. Reem Alexander


    23. Jvontay Damon

      But somehow megan got the award this year

    24. Be Happy

      All do is pray always worked hard

    25. Be Happy

      Want everything back that y'all stole from me

    26. Germaine Hart

      That Mirror Talk🗣

    27. Anisha Brisonette

      This is her best song 🤎

    28. DARK BLOX

      i like u not like gf like ur music it cool

    29. KyLandra Dettweiler

      i like muwop *im a freakily*

    30. Elite Entertainment2x

      Yeah 🔥

    31. iTzMAIN

      Eh i knew she could spit but not this well. She KILLED IT!

    32. Fred Houston

      She sound hella Tight laying a track wit Biggy Dammmn

    33. Quincy McDaniel

      She so dope I love her ❤️❤️❤️

    34. Macy Moore


    35. Elite Entertainment2x

      She making me cry to this song 😪😪😪😪

    36. Aiyania Jimenez

      Claim ur before 1m ticket here😂😂

    37. Melissa Garth

      I love you Mo3!


      Man this was dope 🔥

    39. Angel Myers

      Shoulda been longer but i love it

    40. Jennifer Adón Fernández

      Girl, this song is hot. You are talking facts. I don't know why so many people disliked your song, but real talk, this is fire.

    41. Ty

      This one was actually good for a minute and 44 seconds. Where’s the rest?

    42. Tamara Johnson

      Wow I’m going though the same shit too ...

    43. Ree TV

      Gotta do a part 2 from the therapist POV Big Latto!!!

    44. RobloxBypassedAudios

      Sound like woah Vicky 🤔

    45. Mance Makall

      Gotta b a part 2 therapist rapping back

    46. Mance Makall

      I dont listen to female rappers but I cant lie I'm fw this girl she got a strong speech wen she rap

    47. Lola Bunny

      Wooow!!! That’s crazy!! I love raw music... this hit some spots and soooo relatable...

    48. Drake Evans

      Big latto,😋😘🤞🔥

    49. Mark LamLam

      Yea I'm definitely blasting this in my car

    50. Jenise Rodriguez

      Damn. I can’t believe that I seen her the first time on the show. I loved her then and then BOOM .. I come across her on Ig about Nikki knowing who she was and I couldn’t even tell right away that this was the girl for that tv show. She won ofc. But dayummmn I’m really proud. She a real one

    51. badkidmya love

      periodtt thats my song

    52. Lexi V

      Why she say fuck the rap game that’s what got u famous lol

    53. Brí Akílah

      I keep coming back here...she push tf out her pen on this 💯🔥

    54. SendCedis2naira

      I’m hearing young ma

    55. Brittney Whitener


    56. K Jones


    57. hanna guzman

      The end gives me chills every time

    58. Mimi Jones


    59. Karol Melendez

      Talented asf ❤️

    60. Natasha K TV.

      She so real .. "feeling to black for them white folks"....

    61. Ashley Simpson

      "2 black for the white folks" Layton Greene said that shit a year ago!! "Hear em laughing at lunch time like I'm the joke, black and white but to black for the white folks"!! Be original bby

    62. Ashley Simpson

      You stealing lyrics tho!!

    63. gucci Reaves

      Who is brook I know I spell it wrong lol

      1. Muslimah

        her sister

    64. G G


    65. Kimberly Renee

      Ooo i can't wait till she drop more of these .ik it's her feelings and not just a song but she went hard w it. I can't wait.

    66. Derek McDonald

      My aint name brooke 😆

    67. Terrell Robertson


    68. Sweet ROSE

      Damnnnn I felt this so much... It gave me chills❄️❄️❄️

    69. Janice Johnson

      Beeyg Latto

    70. Pink* October


    71. 1

      She is real...can relate

    72. Taleda Rosser

      She use to be my dog now shes telling all my business

      1. James Bucks

        How are you doing Today rosser? It’s really having you here, I’m looking for a loyal sugar baby to spoil silly with a weekly allowance and pay all her bills

    73. Felicia Molina

      I just wanted to say she is a role modle and she is a real one ok we need more of those like if you agree

    74. Unique Mcglon

      My fav song by her

    75. Thebestmichael _

      Damn that shit was powerful

    76. Poshen One

      finally a song with substance

    77. world of lexis

      Omg this is deep love u forever mulotto ❤❤❤❤

    78. Niayana Whitley


    79. Niayana Whitley

      She rocked this and I love how she was also talking to her self cause that let you know she can’t trust nobody

    80. Kapri Tooson

      It’s the whole song for me 🔥

    81. koussay khmissi

      i really love this song

    82. Marielle Moore-Vaughn

      omfgg soooo fkn fye

    83. Rasheena Evans

      You go girl this 💯💓💞

    84. Ryan Bryant Jr

      You basically dissed the one tv show that made you famous😐

    85. Victor Brown

      This was the appetizer I need to hear more 😳🔥🔥🔥

    86. Mike Larry

      She killed that track! A nice feature from Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Cardi B would be straight classic


      yas xn me higo cas

    88. Lyfestyle Muzik


    89. Suzy-Q Playlist

      BIG LATTO this hard. My favorite rapper.

    90. Sharese Hendricks

      Oh she no how to rap rap

    91. Lynnette Dixon

      Love this track of your Truth 💯 🔥 👌🏽

      1. James Bucks

        How are you doing Today? It’s really having you here, I’m looking for a loyal sugar baby to spoil silly with a weekly allowance and pay all her bills

    92. Tanesha Young

      Yesssssssssssssssss girl love her I feel this song

    93. Shakila Miller

      Played this back 15 times. I felt every piece of this.

    94. imani dior

      gave me chillsssss

    95. KlassyKate

      Her best song......🙌🙌🙌

      1. James Bucks

        How are you doing Today KlassyKate? It’s really having you here, I’m looking for a loyal sugar baby to spoil silly with a weekly allowance and pay all her bills

    96. Vin 014

      Loved her on the rap game but how’s she’s so much more her own person and not what an industry wanted her to be. Love the authenticity

    97. Nina K

      VENTING TO HERSELF!!! The message here go deeper than her life story!!!

    98. Zhara Holley

      "Bitxh ian forgot how y'all was clowning but its coo nd ion trust nobody keep it on me" felt

    99. Ray Chel

      New fan! Hey Latto 👋🏾 💋

      1. James Bucks

        How are you doing Today ray? It’s really having you here, I’m looking for a loyal sugar baby to spoil silly with a weekly allowance and pay all her bills

    100. Joey Hazee94

      Mad respect ✊ this be a fxxkin banger 💯