We Try EVERY Hostess Cake Flavor

Good Mythical Morning

1,9 млн көрүүлөр139

    Today, we're eating every Hostess cake flavor to determine the HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST. GMM # 1950
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    Try Rhett & Link’s top 4 Hostess Cakes and let us know YOUR favorite!
    Cream Cheese Coffee Cake: amzn.to/2PKnTzv
    Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake: amzn.to/3aTwxmL
    Chocolate Cupcake: amzn.to/2QJjnlw
    Chocolate Devil's Food Zinger: amzn.to/2PKn1Ln
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    1. Guest Cecilio

      Ho me, ho. - Link, 2021

    2. Brayden Wabeke

      Just watching them eat those is making me thirsty.

    3. Carrie Bizz

      Good lord America has so many disgusting processed "cakes"

    4. Kookies And Mochi

      15:18 he explained this a little too well cause this made complete sense to me lmaoo

    5. Funsize Flare

      I need multiple root canals and a actual waterfall after watching this

    6. Hot Chiken


    7. Hot Chiken

      FEED ME SEYMOR!!!!

    8. Nabith DG

      wow i haven't been here in a while

    9. RedVineTV

      Link - "Ding dong ***grin*** put a hurtin' on me, heh.

    10. Kalinn Stewart

      Me the whole time thinking Zebra Cakes are for sure going to win. Then they never come up and I feel like I've been a fake Zebra Cake fan my whole life not realizing they're not Hostess

    11. random person

      “If enough of you guys watch this we’ll do a part 2” *Grosses1mil+viewsEveryEpisode*

    12. Autumn Perry

      Please do little Debbie! The turtle brownies are my favorite!!!!!

    13. Hannah Lobaugh

      5:07 is me trying to answer a question someone asked me when I wasn't paying attention......yf?

    14. M J

      Can’t trust this ranking. None of the classics made it into the top. No ding dongs?!?

    15. Spiritual Meditations

      nice video !

    16. JakeDarko

      when did this become Rhett and Pimp ? xD

    17. Tom Jamieson

      Donuts are never cakes!!

    18. Arielle Hood

      They missed the pink lemonade Twinkie

    19. Ryan Harris

      Vanilla zingers are FIRE!

    20. Jeremy Way

      Need to re-do this test and have them take bites from cross sections

    21. Knockout King

      Ding dongs and Twinkies are my go to's.

    22. SAP 900

      “Ho me hoe”-Link 2021 lol

    23. Knockout King

      You guys are HILARIOUS! I like Hostess products, but nowadays they're smaller for the same price, which is BS!!

    24. Kaylee Leanne

      They now have strawberry filling with lemon cake 😂

    25. I can't look

      Rhett reminds me of Matthew McConaughey

    26. chukee boi

      Rhett: Im really not a fan of this, 72 Link: I love it, 14

    27. win big or play again

      at some point in the future they should make an episode where they rank the things that they have ranked.

    28. Christina Krenik

      I have been telling yall that yall been sleeping on the cinnamon coffee cakes dor years! 😋🔥

    29. Charmed Star

      My dream

    30. CHxSnipezx YT

      Wow I haven’t watched y’all since 6th grade 3 years ago🥲

    31. Jeri Price

      Umm y’all missed Star Spangled Ding Dongs

    32. Weird_Boy

      Best coffee chain coffee?

    33. S

      The random numbers lol

    34. ali ali

      video doesn't really start until 3:25 - that's a heck of a lot of fluff to get through

    35. Rigging137

      Hopefully you guys brought some insulin too!

    36. Savannah Brown

      we need "ho me ho" merch LMAO

    37. Joseph Cain

      For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

    38. Ruben Raid

      Look at the girls face she’s terrified 9:51

    39. Fuhc Yew

      I wonder if they get to eat all the left over cakes after lol

    40. iamAngela Army

      good days brings back memories I watch this vid when I was small UNTILL NOW THEY ARE STILL NOT GIVING UP I live this kind if memories

    41. Keziah Rose

      Links scores are still hilarious lmao

    42. Cyanyd3 6022

      What about the Shamrock Mint cupcakes?😂

    43. Diem Hummel

      This felt like a reenactment from the food judging scene from The Grinch

    44. Angie Malone


    45. Bella C

      I dont think I knew most of these flavors existed. I knew there were ding-dongs, Twinkies, Ho-hos and that they each had like choco and vanilla and holiday versions, but that was pretty much it.

    46. Savannah Rae

      “ho me go” put that on a tee-shirt

    47. Miss GingerWhooves

      Coffee cake is my favorite ^_^ and yes they are even better with a cup of coffee. So good!

    48. Jose-Ashley C

      You should do Hostess vs tasytkakes

    49. Aliya Fenske

      Would not agree lol, cream cheese is disgusting

    50. L V D M

      "Decent 69"

    51. Richard Bors

      WTF we only have 10% of those flavors in Canada.......

    52. S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing

      I've been waiting for a hostess episode for ages!

    53. Jesse Brunner

      HO ME, HO. Funniest thing I've heard here

    54. Meerim Taalaibek

      5:24 lol he said it

    55. polods Pittmqa

      The early yard latterly amuse because sandwich separately save through a new finger. untidy, incompetent whistle

    56. Nathan Armstead

      I have to say this might be my dream job lmaoo

    57. cresabi

      Why they wearing masks 😂😂😂

    58. Jackson Chhoun

      Ding Dongs just remind me of Zebra Cakes almost

    59. TattedCat

      The feeding makes me think of that scene in Jim Carey's How the Grinch Stole Christmas LOL

    60. jesse brown

      I'm just in general getting unhappy hahahahah

    61. Rachel Tackett

      i feel like during that cupcake segment he looked like when the grinch was being overfed LOL

    62. Noah Harlock

      HAHA the ranking chart is great, thanks gmm team for making me smile.

    63. Bus Man [ Midnapoo ]

      Banana Twinkies ehhhh

    64. Hockey Dude

      Pls do part 2!

    65. anthony freeman

      9:47 " THE HOE HOES INCIDENT" 10:23 Rhett makes it even better

    66. Damanii London

      The best cupcake is the strawberry and they didn’t even try it 😩

    67. Funky Women

      Why are the cakes shoved so aggressively towards them

    68. Amanda Fischer

      Do a Little Debbie bracket

    69. Rman Nayr


    70. Rman Nayr

      HO ME HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    71. Nickalli Braaten

      Where are the pumpkin twinkies??!?

    72. Royalthewaffle_

      Link looks like he’s in pain

    73. sgtzero1337

      Do mrs beards pie testing

    74. Dwarcca Nation

      The Wheel of Mythicality is no more

    75. Friedrich M. Beachy

      Ho me hoe - Link Neal

    76. Sage Sieglaff

      Link, you're neurodivergent aren't you because I 10000% relate to needing a chart like that

    77. VladTapir_Pootin

      Can we get a Ho me Ho tshirt???

    78. Jorgie Mathew

      all they like is coffee and chocolate!

    79. rabidslurpy

      I love Link looking at his chart like D&D character sheet.

    80. Regine Feliciano

      I hope you can try eating Filipino Treats or Food :)

    81. Erin Bupp

      There is a strawberry Twinkie

    82. Jason D.S.

      In the past, I completely understood links measuring system

    83. Jacob Greilberger

      Please do the same video with little Debbie snacks. 🤯😎😎🎂

    84. Scout Gaming


    85. Lauren Mindiola

      GMM should make a shirt that says "Ho me ho." on the front and "I'm sorry ho." on the back.

    86. polods Pittmqa

      The flaky sea etiologically report because crayon perioperaively spare by a quiet soup. aromatic, disillusioned ticket

    87. Morgan Roberts

      I love the cobra cakes

    88. Jayson Raphael Murdock

      I actually totally agree with them about the Hostess raspberry zinger. The Mrs. Freshleys version is excellent.

    89. Andrew Jorge

      New flavors, although nothing is consistent

    90. Ryan Urban

      Thank god for this chart

    91. Alison G

      The only time I’ve ever had hohos was when they were expired at my grandparents house

    92. Toking 204

      I've never had one and have no inclination to do so lol

    93. Cable


    94. Marco rodriguez

      They look like they need help 💀

    95. Ivy Johnson

      I loveeee coffee cakes, nothin beats them!

    96. Amelia Harding

      Please tell me there are cuts between each cake because if there’s not THEY EAT SO FAST

    97. ForwardLove

      This was great ! :):):) would LOVE a part 2

    98. Dayna


    99. Fernando Rey

      Part 2