Wolfgang Van Halen - Mammoth WVH - Distance (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Mammoth WVH

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    “As my pop continued to struggle with various health issues, I was imagining what my life would be like without him and how terribly I’d miss him. While the song is incredibly personal, I think anyone can relate to the idea of having a profound loss in their life. I never intended ‘Distance’ to be the very first piece of music people would hear from me, but I also thought my father would be here to celebrate its release. This is for him. I love and miss you, Pop.” - WVH
    Proceeds from “Distance” will be donated to Pop’s favorite charity, Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation
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    I’m so happy
    You’ve found a place
    That’s better for you
    Than this rock we’re living on
    I’m so nervous
    Don’t know my place
    A life without you
    I’m not ready to move on
    No matter what the distance is I will be with you
    No matter what the distance is you’ll be okay
    I’m so tired
    Can’t see your face
    My memory of you
    Slowly fades when I go on
    I’m still cryin’
    Don’t want this place
    A world without you
    I don’t think I’ll ever move on
    No matter what the distance is I will be with you
    No matter what the distance is I will be with you
    No matter what the distance is I will be with you
    No matter what the distance is you’ll be okay
    No matter what the distance is I will be with you
    No matter what the distance is I will be with you
    No matter what the distance is I will be with you
    No matter what the distance is you’ll be okay
    No matter what the distance is I will be with you
    No matter what the distance is you’ll be okay
    No matter what the distance is I will be with you
    No matter what the distance is you’ll be okay
    No matter what the distance is you’ll be okay
    No matter what the distance is you’ll be okay
    I’m so happy
    You’ve found a place
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    1. Jeff Matchette

      Great song and really nice tribute. For all those like me who lost their dad's to cancer this really hits home.

    2. Majoras' other Mask

      I'd love to show this to my Pops, but he passed in 2019. We never got along, but I miss my Dad.😢

    3. Slow_Joe_ FG4

      What are you guys talking about?? We now have both eddie and wolfgang! Eddie taught wolfgang we know this. That solo was awesome and sounded like eddie's ... Beautiful!

    4. Sam Torres

      ONLY FOR lovers of GOOD vibes and MUSIC pressopen.spotify.com/track/4h6h7Xdy2ThBnyUmQ4aInH?si=tde0HxB-SfW7H7R7lc_Ong

    5. Sukay Smith

      Wow I loved it I cried

    6. João Ritzel

      Man.... I have no words... just, Thank you. I'm crying. Eddie was the real deal, the game changer, my biggest inspiration. So cool to see all that footage, he was, indeed, a good guy. I will always miss you, dear Edward, my idol. Rest in Peace, Sweetheart.

    7. Timothy Lewis

      BEAUTIFUL WOLFIE...i love you.

    8. John Sutton

      This song made me cry, not gonna lie

    9. Star Dust Mountains 1993

      Wow such a great tribute to Eddie! RIP Eddie the Legend😎🤘🏼🎸

    10. Linda McClure

      Love this song and video!

    11. Medowdog

      Wow !!!!!! This is the new father and son song !!!!! Wolfgang was taught by the best .......Eddie van Halen 😎

    12. bill


    13. Henk Wessels Bass

      Good song. There is a lot of emotions in this song. Thanks Wolfgang. RIP Rust in vrede Eddie.❤️

    14. Len Murray

      I'm 55 and just found out in March I've got Stage 4 spreading to multiple organs...no good prognosis. My daughter is 24 and my son just turned 20. I'm balling my eyes out. This is the first time I've really cried since the diagnosis. This is an incredibly powerful song for so many. Please, do not take anything for granted my friends. Enjoy each and everyday.

    15. #MrFretz

      Four years ago today I lost one of my best friends. No matter the distance brother. 💔

    16. TapesnCartridges

      Appreciate your dad while he's still alive. He might not be Eddie Van Halen but he might have tried to provide for you and help you

    17. Alesia August

      I grew up listening to your Dad and watching your mother on tv and your mother taught me how to cook. I know one thing for sure,your parents are absolutely crazy about you. I'm very sorry for your loss. Beautiful video.

    18. Jesse Hernandez

      Wolfgang Van Halen beautiful song about your father we all have our own ways of expressing things when it comes to someone that we love yet your song is a beautiful way to keep your father in memory and the Beautiful way to say I love you great job kiddo.....

    19. watkinlo

      This has to be the best tribute music video I have ever had the pleasure of watching. I lost my Dad in 2009 and the pain I still feel is beyond measure. Wolf, thank you for creating this incredible tribute to a legend that you had the honour to call your Dad. You have an angel watching over you and your Mom.

    20. ariel gonzalez

      The cultured british periodically copy because ramie nally rule given a tangy single. plain, unbiased horse

    21. NrseStat

      Wow Wolfie I ❤ Ur voice!

    22. Stephenie Alexander

      This is like the best song to be a tribute to your wonderful dad!!!! I have a hard time listening to it. Love the song, just makes me cry😢

    23. academic person

      So cool to see this side of Eddie that the rest of us never get to see. Usually get bored with rock star worship even though I love the music. This shows a beautiful side to this gentleman and a special relationship with his son. Wonderful it is. And yes, everyone knows he was a master guitarist.

    24. Jdjs Bshhd

      Listened to this about 40 times already. Wolf, I think you have already found your place... please keep making music! 🙏🏻

    25. Jo Qu

      I love this song

    26. Linda Arrambide

      I listened and I cried. What a great man.

    27. bruce0767

      Oh, man Cant talk


      Such a beautiful tribute to your wonderful Dad. Your videos make me love him even more. I'm so sorry for your loss, Wolf.

    29. Greg Jandt

      Wolf Excellent Song I have cried any times since your dads passing. Good Music awesome video - carry on and keep playing, please! Greg J Just another fan!

    30. James Roberts

      This, this right here, is why your Pops will always be the greatest guitar player...ever! This proves that YOU are his best accomplishment. Thank you for releasing this song. You sir...are an absolute blessing! Love and miss your Pops, but glad to see that his presence will live on in your music. That is what its all about...no matter the distance!

    31. jojo27655ify

      The bond and love between you both is undeniable. The song is beautiful! My hearts breaks a little each time I listen to it

    32. dann whitehead

      I lost my dad 3/1 this year. I am sorry for your loss Wolfgang. I had posters of your dad only wall when I was in 4th grade. I wore out my cassette of the 1984 album.

    33. Barb Cobbett

      Oh wow, my heart just stopped for a second what an incredible video!

    34. scott maka

      Wow. Just......wow. Always 2 sides to every story isnt there.

    35. Cherie Johnson

      Thank you so much for showing your dad. He was an amazing man more than words but I bet he was an outstanding father who could never be forgotten. This video makes you want to hug people more and tell them that you love them even more because it's so special how you collaborated all the perfect words. That will be okay. Your dad's so damn proud of you son.

    36. Traci-Anne Moon

      Wow wow wow!!!! This is the best song!! the tribute.. everything about it is a winner! Omg!!

    37. klimtklavier

      Edward Van Halen gave the world so much... including Wolfgang. XOXO

    38. Lunker

      Congrats to your first 100,000,000+ viewed video 🤘

    39. jdivitto

      Wolffie , its a beautiful song and the meaning behind it is just as beautiful. You did good and pop's would be very proud of you, your a good son and he is smiling down on you!!!

    40. Gwendolyn Szabo

      Wolfgang you did great Love ❤️ it. I grow up with ur dad music he would proud 🥲

    41. common sense

      Wow, Wolfgang your voice and music are amazing! Please keep on with your talent and never compare yourself to your father, he loved you just as you are!!!! Of course you remind me of your endlessly talented father but please never be insulted by that, he was a phenom and you are a beautiful extension of that! God bless you.

    42. Idiocracy

      What an amazing video and song! Never got to see VH....maybe one day up above. ROCK ON!

    43. Star Love

      Cool 😎

    44. Preme Plug

      Jesus the end hearing the voice message just destroyed me. Amazing relationship. This is what family should look like.

    45. sharkhaywood

      Some day I will be able to watch this without breaking down in tears. Today is not that day.

    46. buttwuurst

      Really looking forward to your future

    47. Teresa Kofoed


    48. Craig mapel

      Damn the ending where eddy leaves a message got me. My mom died Nov 14 2014. I still have the last message she left me still on my phone. She just woke up in recovery from having heart surgery. I got a call 3 hrs later that she had passed.

    49. Scott the wozznijak

      I am 12 Year old tearing for the man itself Edward Lodewijk Van Halen jij zal de beste zijn

    50. Matt Kellogg

      I’ve been reading a lot about Eddie Van Halen lately and of all the amazing things he has done, his proudest moments was getting to share the stage with his son, Wolfgang. This video is beautiful for a father to watch, or a son for that matter!

    51. James Samuel

      I lost my mother who was 90 on 11/15. This song really hits every area of my life and I cant thank you enough for sharing it this way. Can’t wait to hear the rest from WVH.

    52. Patricia Taylor

      What a great tribute for a father from a son. You rock Wolfie. Great song

    53. Enigma

      Fighting back tears. As a father and a son it's hard not to put your place in wolfgangs shoes and not feel his pain...great job dude. Your dad is proud.

    54. Matthew PLATZ

      I could apply this to my son. Thank you Wolfgang for such a wonderful tribute.

    55. Amy Allen

      As someone who lost my Dad 6 years ago...this still tears me up. It’s a beautiful tribute.

    56. Brent Dibble

      2:39 he prefers Dad lol so cute

    57. Jewels

      Van Halen been my fav band since I was in grade 5 (mid 80s) this was so beautiful! I def feel bad for any son who loses his dad too early. Eddie we miss u and will remember you fondly! Wolfgang is an amazing musician carrying on his dad Legacy! ❤️

    58. Lolasmom


    59. Jean Bean

      Looks like he's never missed a meal. Touching song but all I see is lard

    60. Rob Brown

      Eddie seemed like such a great father.. seemed like an average guy behind closed doors also, which is incredibly rare considering EVH was among the greatest guitar gods in rock n roll history.

    61. Rob Brown

      Considering this was written while he was still alive is incredible but now that he's gone this is heartbreaking.

    62. R. T.

      Every household in America......"we gotta clean out the garage". Great song Wolfgang! Thanks for sharing your life with your dad.

    63. Kitty Kurylo

      Beautiful Wolfgang. Thank You🤘💘

    64. Sandy Pruitt

      Beautiful and very touching. Love your voice. You're a rocker Wolfgang. ❤️

    65. Peggy Louise Day-Fulk

      Perfectly speechless! Love this muchly~

    66. Jesse

      I think grief is just the period of time it takes for your brain to accept that someone’s gone. Cause everything in your body, your mind, your entire being just keeps bringing you back to the moment they’re still alive. It takes a long time for your heart to let go of that. Its the hardest thing of all, letting go of someone you love~ NB

    67. HeroDoingWork

      Lost my dad 8 years ago and life still hasn't been the same. Wont ever be. Love this song soooo much.

    68. newbone kanobe

      YESSS!!. Awesome!!!

    69. Rebel Rocker

      That Was The Most Beautiful Tribute,Thank You Wolf,,,To The People That Thumbed This Down,This Is Someones Father Famous Or Not,Why Not Just Skip The Video Instead Of Disrespecting This Mans Father,,,CLASS ACT YOU GUYS ARE,,,YOU ROCK WOLF,,,PRAYERS OUT TO THE VAN HALEN FAMILY

    70. TapesnCartridges

      Val and EVH raised a great son

    71. B.H.

      What a lucky boy to have such an amazing dad !!! What a lucky world to have known such an amazing legend that will never die🎸🎼🎶 So glad that most of my life I was able to fill my ears and soul with his music while he was alive!! There will never be another Eddie Van Halen 🎸💔

    72. Christy Lane

      Beautiful this song is just amazing song it says everything I wanted to say when I lost my grandparents all I can really say is wow

    73. clinton kotcha74

      man wolfie you are the man glad to hear this and see yr history

    74. Shota Toriumi

      Jesus man, this tore me up. I'm gonna go call my dad.

    75. Ruth Nolan

      Stunning song!! Love it. My father also just died, so I'm crying along with this song. Great job, Wolfgang. You rock.

    76. Whisker Kenbrook

      More please

    77. Tara Walsh-Arpaia

      I;m really sorry for your loss.Ilost my father a few years ago and we were close and I can see that you were as well. Just remember his music is part of the oxygen... it's everywhere.

    78. Rickerd Licks

      Makes me wish Eddie Van Halen was my dad while growing up.

    79. Alejandro Orona

      who's up next? 👇👇👇

    80. dan danny

      Beautiful, kickass, and heartbreaking. My condolences to the VH family. Fantastic job Wolfgang!

    81. Matt W

      The broken heart never goes away. You just learn to live with it.

    82. SaturdayNightSlamMaster

      I'm sniffing man

    83. SaturdayNightSlamMaster

      EVH world's greatest guitarist EVH world's greatest father

    84. The 1% Vs Everyone

      Kleenex anyone?

    85. Jacob Soldat

      I’m sorry but why are there ANY dislikes on this video. This is beautiful and a great tribute to your Dad. So May great memories. What a life! You keep doing you, Wolfgang. Thank you for sharing this.

    86. Sam Leininger

      How can people dislike this???!!

    87. Maria Rivera


    88. bunkie5150

      The voicemail, gets me in the heart real bad!! Good luck Wolf!! RIp EVH!!!

    89. B Meeseeks

      Aw this brought tears to my eyes.

    90. Les Dillinger

      Man its so cool to see parents who love their kids. www.reverbnation.com/thelesdillinger/song/32203295-falling-creek-rez--idea-ghosts

    91. McShaman

      Amazing Song. Great Vocals man. Rawk on. Sending much love for you and your Family >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    92. Christine Coca

      Beyond beautiful. I am moved by your song...... your late Father was the greatest guitarist of my generation. Yes, I'm 51. Not ashamed. Your Dad was beyond amazing in his art..he must have been a way more amazing Dad. Godspeed EVH.

    93. Sandy Wisneski

      The DNA is there!!!!! Wonderful video tribute. And you go Wolfie your gonna do great things just like your dad. Rest In Peace Eddie we love you!!!!!! Always remember that grin. 😘😘😘😘

    94. roof rey

      This is beautiful

    95. MatthewDean

      Miss you every day, Ed. Always will.

    96. Kirk Shipp

      Beautiful song man.

    97. Patrick Huben

      Wolf. So sorry. About your loss a great song but so sad hang in there.

    98. DTO

      Massive love and respect! The energy in this song is empowering and heart-felt. Thank you for your self-expression that is touching so many lives and especially the spirit of your father. Blessings

    99. Christina Mclachlan

      I never realize how awesome of a father Eddie Van Halen was and he really was rest in peace will miss you just like your son

    100. Jack Stark

      Thank you, you made me cry, you moved me to tears.