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    1. Nikhil Vasanth

      "I want u in my video but u have to guess the prices way wrong ok?"

    2. Peperli Bennett

      He be spending to much time at Gucci

    3. * GachaStillExists *

      He actually thinks that the poop toy thingcosts more than the tv-

    4. foxxdrawsxx

      The way he rode away tho

    5. ferran-bro

      Like bruh

    6. Schleich Artist

      He's stupid. Lol Walmart is cheap!

    7. Willow The Working dog

      Like the 1st guys shirt God bless

      1. Mary Uvalle


    8. Alexandra Mera mina

      24 de que. . De 8

    9. Talya Kablawi

      I guessed he price of the tv bruh!

    10. Ashlynn Grace

      Yore banned from the game .2 seconds later, proceeds to ask prices

    11. Ashlynn Grace

      It’s not like the price tag is right there

    12. Global HVAC Fans & Sirens

      This is staged

    13. Hassan Sadikoune

      To this day, hes still riding that pink bicycle in the store.

    14. imperial 77


    15. imperial 77


    16. imperial 77


    17. imperial 77


    18. Hannah Schmidt

      I got the TV one right yet give me it now

      1. Hannah Schmidt


    19. Kiley Anne

      The last part tho

    20. Justavid


    21. GDC Productions

      If I was shopping and saw this I’d push both them into a rack of chips

    22. Phoenix Gonzalez

      Where is your mask

    23. Ender Forge

      I don’t want these time to say wrong price When he sees the bike Oooh ima guess it for real

    24. Lol • 10 Years ago

      This guy is the ClayStation of short stories.

    25. Jennifer Doxakis

      Bro we at Walmart not Gucci

    26. fitness freak Aklaakkhan

      Please guys need your support 🙏 please subscribe to my channel 🙏

    27. Mania 4 Gaming

      He said dress to be more expensive than TV we can see where his priorities lie

    28. Izzy Rendell

      That's me when my sister gives me her bike when mine pops

    29. Lovely watermelon Ello


    30. wolfie mcgowan

      Aint gonna lie this person pissed me tf off, is he some sort of spastic 💀😂

    31. Race Bannon

      Christians aren't very bright

    32. Charley Andrews

      # his first ever time shopping 😂

    33. •aĺęx_dŕeąmś•

      he aint want any thing else so he aint gunna try yet when the bike comes into play that a diff story now-.

    34. maou_ satan

      he's just joking no need to be angry 🤣

    35. siemoe

      I wish TV costs that much

    36. Dream came true forever


    37. Bru Bruh

      I thought this comment section was going to be a ton of hate I’m surprised

    38. jl109 khoward

      Wear a masskkkkkk

    39. Curtissucksatlife

      Let's see how many subs I get from this comment currently 57

    40. Zunaira Shaikh

      Lol he literally said louis vuittal

    41. Random Person 2

      This guy is literally stupid

    42. Penny S

      I know you think I am dumb but what does lmao stand for please comment

    43. Dr. Koneko

      Guess how much it costs to not make scripted videos.

    44. Alucard


    45. Stefanie Novak

      Bruh. I’m smarter then him and I’m 7

    46. FreeStyler

      Totally not staged

    47. Dragon ball Kizer

      At least he got his trycicle lol 😂  與在ㄗㄊˉㄊㄛㄍ

      1. Lucas Olivo

        It’s a bike

    48. Klaris Duchynos

      xD it so so so so so so FUNNY XDDD

    49. Jackie Pugh

      I need that 💩 plunger for my sons new house!!! 😂

      1. Kris_tea Pi_fer

        I want one too lol

    50. BlrClapZ

      We know we know its a skit. But its still funny😁

      1. BlrClapZ

        @GenericSocks bro go outside and enjoy yourself. This is why I h8 people

      2. GenericSocks

        No it’s fucking cringe dude you 8 year olds that think this shit is funny and give it views are the reason why KGup is full of cancerous fucks like this guy.

    51. I’m a Potato

      This is fake 100%

    52. Ultamate MEMER DUDE

      PFT LMAO

    53. Christopher Gonzales

      Can you teach me how to make a reptile tank pleasssssse bro😀😃😄

    54. the lonely fox


    55. Porquepo Gaming!

      The way he rubbed his chin like it was gonna help him guess the price- 👀

    56. Samara Chew

      Him: Bro we att walmart not Louie Vuitton Me:shopping for clothes there think its the best in th world 😪

      1. Samara Chew

        @Harms_music 14 I mean that's my Gucci 😂

      2. Harms_music 14

        @Samara Chew I mean we love clothes lol

      3. Samara Chew

        @Harms_music 14 thank u make my day

      4. Harms_music 14


    57. Jim and luke

      Hey neighbors

    58. mr.totolose

      The price guesser is the stupidest person ive ever seen, and i recently looked in the mirror

    59. bonkfrog 3000


    60. Lydia Lepien


    61. Corinne Lawrence


    62. FaceTheOdds

      Name the movie: "where's my jar of dirt?"

      1. Ayla Docken

        @FaceTheOdds ya that’s a great line!!!

      2. FaceTheOdds

        @Ayla Docken my favorite line in, "where's the thump thump?" from the 2nd one

      3. Ayla Docken

        @FaceTheOdds yay!! Love that movie!!

      4. FaceTheOdds

        @Ayla Docken yes

      5. Ayla Docken

        Pirates of the Caribbean

    63. Jordyn Ramos

      “Bro we’re at Walmart, this is not Louis Vuitton” 😂

      1. XoidZer

        @I’m papa Smurf dont assume all Of 9-12 Years Old Have A Pc Or a Console And I dont Play Fortnite

      2. I’m papa Smurf

        Y’all prob still play fn🤡

      3. I’m papa Smurf

        @Idk what this is you didn’t start watching yt at 2

      4. Daniel San Juan

        @XoidZer im 9 years old i started watching on youtube probably when i was 6

      5. XoidZer

        @Dude in a basket dude i have been watching youtube too for 7-6 years and im 11

    64. Amy Mendoza

      That was so funny. Lmao

    65. Elijah the cat


    66. Rory Peterson

      Oh my god why is this so funny 🤣

      1. Rory Peterson

        @GenericSocks I’m eighteen

      2. GenericSocks

        Rory Peterson it does since kids like you are the reason that KGup is full of cancerous videos. Like this guy’s content is fucking scripted dog shit.

      3. Rory Peterson

        @Rafael Figueroa why thank you

      4. Rafael Figueroa

        @Rory Peterson your so dumb😂

      5. Rory Peterson

        Does it even matter? Honestly I forgot cuz 2020-2021 has got me messed up

    67. That GUY

      I don’t even know how much my life costs 😜

      1. That GUY

        @Kbug’s Corner 🔥🔥🔥

      2. Kbug’s Corner

        It’s priceless hahaha

      3. B Carstens

        90 cents

    68. Ya boi BayBay


    69. xd NA

      I’m first

    70. Stranger Things22

      You are amazing person and every time you post I which you video

    71. Dhanush N

      Yo!! The guessed only some 😭😂😉

    72. Mix It Up


    73. Brendon Bureau


    74. short funny videos

      Hi colty

    75. Dhanush N

      First 😁❤️

    76. the grim reaper FORTNITE

      That's a nice dress : walmart

    77. Ricardo Mendoza

      First 🥇

    78. Jake R


    79. Leigh Colomb


    80. dinoderp 671


    81. Jeff Bob


    82. Shots FN


    83. sportz kingz


    84. Jordan


    85. Ella Craig

      Yay I’m early