Giant Swimbaits - The 14yr old "Swimbait Kid" shows me something very Special! Bass Fishing on LBJ

Scott Martin

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    I watch in amazement while a 13yr old named Grant Langmore (Swimbait Kid) puts on a Giant Swimbait and jacks a BIG BASS on LBJ in Texas during our challenge. Myself, FLW Tour Roommate Tom Redington and Grant challenge some of the LBJ studs Preston and Justin. So awesome to learn something new! Hopefully this video will show you how to fish a giant swimbait. Thanks Jon B for the referral!
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    1. Danklord

      Damn that Hinkle Shad is like $1000!!!

    2. Dan Wyatt

      Fun video 3 years late🙃

    3. Eli Espy

      I know grant and have a lake house at lbj

    4. alexa berdugo

      Who else though at the begging dock flip he was talking about someone being inside the house

    5. Eddie Breelinum

      Swim bait kid rules! Inspired me to learn big swim baits now days 🙌

    6. Thomas Lunsford

      This is Thomas lunsford

    7. Graden miller

      Me:*14 and throws big swimbaits* well fuck

    8. Ryan Johnston

      How many times he say "yeah" when the kid is explaining his set up? Lol

    9. Christie Stanley


    10. phartattack


    11. Texan Football Houston

      Cool off season for me is cool just added fishing to it. But life is the same now just listening to take care of myself more n enjoy life volunteer in somethings I enjoy same shit passing out food or something I'm a Fisherman 🎣 caught one. Fish 🤣

    12. Jack Carty

      Imagine if Hillary went and they ended up dating

    13. Kimmel Sadat

      Damn, why’s he got to chuck the fish like that

    14. Fish and Fishing Activities

      Really good content Sir!!!

    15. Jaime Mierow

      does he sharpen those swimbait hooks?

    16. Emily Johnson

      Do u know Robby Johnson? From when u we’re younger

    17. Barney Roberts

      I live in South Florida have a great spot in West broward fished for 20 years going back after 10 year layoff with my grandson going to try swimbait for the first time.

    18. WildKajun

      Scott I always liked you and your Dad.I use to watch your dad all the time. Lol I think it's great being a positive role model for our young generation! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 RHEC

    19. Steven Johnson

      Yooo I’m from Louisiana and I just moved to marble, ligit need some advice on LBJ! Lol

      1. WildKajun

        You mind if I ask where you from? I'm in Golden Meadow La.

    20. Tony M.

      God often blesses kids with innocent luck.

    21. Ashley Pressnell

      scott is my favorite fisherman ever

    22. GOT'EM!!!

      Love Challenges... Always enjoy watching all your videos...

      1. GOT'EM!!!

        @Scott Martin dont thank me. Thank you and your father for all them years of teaching and sharing your knowledge to all of us cause I had been a fan from the 80's and still is and learning from all the videos you all made... thank you...

      2. Scott Martin


    23. Grasshopper

      Marble Falls is a great place. That whole 281 corridor through the hil country is a great drive too.

    24. j w

      Awesome job guys!!!

    25. joanne burrus

      Can I follow me on fish brain Nathan

    26. burned burden

      Hey Scott guess what my middle me is Scott and my dad's name is Scott I literally love fishing and if we could go see u in Maryland it would be awesome

    27. Chandler Cook


    28. COY JACOBS

      Scott you should take me

    29. Kayden Mallory

      Grant need to Challenge jams

    30. Penny Roberson

      Let’s go grant you to Scott

    31. Al C.

      Awesome!!!! 👊💪😎

    32. Jarrett Hathcock

      That’s a nice boat scott

    33. Carson Ridd

      that kid looks like 15 or 16, not 14.

    34. kituwahband

      at 6:54 sounds like gunshots goin off

    35. Joshua Spears

      plese share with me what glasses are you using to allow you to see so well in the water. tell me because i am in the market to get some good new/nice/clear/and powerful glasses. thanks in advance

    36. Hugowt17

      I don’t know Scott personally but I know a couple of guys that room with him and they all say he is without a doubt the hardest working guy on any tour! Daylight to dark everyday! I like to see people succeed that work hard at it!!

    37. gary m

      took em from their beds didnt you scumbag egos are way too high you all treat fish like dirt dont deserve to fish

    38. Bigwu

      That is a huge bait.I am surprised.

    39. Dave S.

      Justin is just throwing those fish in the bag like he has an ego issue. Besides the fact your pulling fish of their beds and not releasing them right away.

    40. MM3

      Sad to see that grant turned into an asshole over the years, guess he let everything go to his head.

    41. Aaron Johnston

      What the hell was the explosion someone explain and tag me

    42. Cody Dutton

      Ever fishing Lake Alan Henry Scott? There n the Justiceberg, Tx. area.

    43. Mitch Keizer

      He may be good, but he seems like a major douchebag.

      1. Mitch Keizer

        For the record, not the kid. The pro.

    44. Guy Phillips {Texas}

      Great job letting the young man share the spotlight and give him bragging rights for his classmates. I fished that lake when it was named "Granite Shoals" and had pretty good luck.

    45. frank leaney

      I got some swimbaits to try this year. I’m starting at 5.5 inch though and work my way up🙂. Fun video

    46. Donald trum

      No joke, I saw my lake house

    47. OG-Gonzoe Whyte

      What he using 20lb flouro as top shot, or fully spooled?

    48. Allen G

      Great stuff !!

    49. Liam M

      The splash that big swim bait makes. Lol😂

    50. Lacs

      Those swim baits are not cheap!

    51. Bryson M

      Grant needs to fish with hillary

    52. Steve Hogan

      Yep, very cool.

    53. Ron Chambers

      Pretty cool of you to showcase those kids.....

    54. Camden Randall

      Scott I love your fishing videos

    55. Outcast Outdoors - On a Fishin' Mission

      Justin, I hear there's an opening for a lead guard position at a Turkish prison if you ever get tired of bagging fish.

    56. Michael Fasanella

      Scott IS the man!

    57. Eric Veilleux

      These kids coming up are good. Scott and his dad really are the best stewards of sport bass fishing.

    58. John Young

      Way to give back, you made those boys day, really enjoyed watching the swim bait action

    59. John Klein

      I will beat you in a Contest

    60. Ashley Rossi

      Shock the fish some more why don’t you 😑

    61. Rayford Rash

      You breed to go to lake corner

    62. Christopher allen sutton

      i fish for food why you gettin them of the bed? that ain't right

    63. Jason Koehler


    64. Clappin Bass Cheeks TV

      I'm stuck on shore no boat but I have the time of my life fishing I promised my son next year I'll have a boat

      1. Clappin Bass Cheeks TV

        @Noah Glover I bought one off fb yesterday

      2. Noah Glover

        j w better buy one so you’re not a liar

    65. Tyler Soria

      Grant is awsome

    66. Alan A.

      14:09 "that was clutch" 😂 too funny, glad to see y'all acknowledge manual cars

    67. sergio brown

      Dang y'all are in horeshew bay that's right by where I live if u can ever come back I have wanted to fish with u forever

    68. Freddy G

      You should try Lake Amistad in Del Rio Tx By far one of the best in Texas 2nd biggest lake, monster bass and the Beastmasters learned that in 2006. You are not even safe with a 25 Lbs bag a day there that's how good the fishing is.

    69. Florida Sooner

      The kid is the real deal, if you’re ever up in the panhandle I’d love to fish with you.

    70. DougZilla62

      That kid is a stick seen him before

    71. Trooper Cameron

      Hey Scott my pb is 12.5 pounds large mouth it's on KGup I wont link it as I dont want to self promote

    72. J Harrison

      Shit video.

    73. smiley454jmw

      Glad I wasnt the only one pissed about the way he was slamming those fish into that bag geez

    74. Dylan P

      Grant and Hillary? ❤️

    75. Billy Rodriguez

      Austin tx

    76. Kyle Pszczultkoski

      that kid needs his own youtube channel. Id watch and subscribe. Love watching hogs hammer down!!!!

    77. Super Philly 31

      I used to live in Marble Falls

    78. Russ

      Dude grant is such a beast

    79. John Savage

      New challenge.....Smallest fish

    80. Noah Williams

      When I blew out my candle on my birthday my one wish was to go on a fishing trip with you one day I know your probably not gonna see this but keep doing what you’re doing and I’m always taking notes while watching you

      1. Scott Martin


    81. Caleb J.

      God bless spread his word!

    82. Elijah Luth

      Justin just dropping the bass right up in there , whatta prick. Sheesh

    83. Wyatt Richards

      That swim bait is the size on a dagum 4 lb bream?!

    84. Carrie fletcher

      Can you come to lake butler fl

    85. Owen Merry

      Didn’t that kid catch a ten pound fish

    86. Hayden Powers


    87. Joe MaC

      Love ur videos

    88. that_G_EvanP

      If Grant hangs that lure up I bet he's going swimming. It's $1,299 on eBay!

      1. Advanced United Appraisal

        You can get em at bass pro for a lot less lol

    89. that_G_EvanP

      Grant's a true fisherman. Ridiculously knowledgeable for his age and has no interest in KGup channels or anything that's not fishing. You do you Grant!

    90. that_G_EvanP

      I see Grant's rocking that free Yeti hoodie from the video he did for them. This kid should have his own channel, boat, and be tournament fishing. His parents will regret not backing him as much as they can. He could make a great living doing what he loves. There's nothing better in life.

    91. cliftonsuber

      Was going to buy that swim bait buts it’s $1300 on eBay.

      1. that_G_EvanP

        Are you serious?! Why?

    92. Matt Parks

      Hey Scott, I doubt you’ll see this but where did you get those rod cases that are on top of your truck?

    93. Timothy Buzzell

      If you're ever near Burlington North Carolina fishing it would be a dream to fish with someone like you Scott

    94. Jackie McGee

      I want to fish with you.

    95. Preston Worsley

      My name is Preston

    96. lisa owens

      I need a boat like that

    97. Oklahoma Overland

      Said nice to meet you lol you fished with him when he was 13 didn’t you?

    98. john rojo

      Good thing I don’t subscribe to this guy he talks to damn much

    99. I77deer

      Way to go out on a limb Aftco a whole tshirt. 😲 The kid was cool but I thought he was going to show us how he works the swim bait or did you edit that out? 👎And justin WTF. 👎

    100. gray mc

      how to ruin a lake 101