How to Break Down A Lake From Home Bass Fishing 101

Bradley Hallman

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    In this video I show you guys how I use Navionics and google earth to help me find high percentage fishing spots before I even get to the lake. Hope you enjoy it and send me a lake near you and I might break it down in my next video. #fishgarmin #garminpro
    Navionics web app:

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    1. Christina Arnold

      I am not really into fishing ran across your video very educational so I am a new sub I am enjoying this my husband and I have a v dive boat be careful out there

    2. Jerry Girdner

      Hey I have no idea why I'm just know seeing this since it's been on here for over a year, I watch most all of your videos and you do a really great job of explaining things so people that don't really fish as much as some of us do. Great job with all your content. Oh by the way, you got anything on Douglas Lake in East Tennessee? My buddy's have a derby there April 11. If not that's fine. Keep up the good work. Stay safe out there on and off the water. Tight lines and Semper Fi!

    3. Ted Urbanik

      Never seen anyone do ohio lakes . How about alum creek outside of Columbus ohio

    4. Foggy Bottom BBQ

      Thanks some good juice. Thanks Hallman

    5. MrDeputy83

      Excellent instructional breakdown.

    6. Jordan Shirks

      Great insight, thanks for sharing!! Would love to hear about Percy Priest, TN!!

    7. James Jordan

      I am so glad I stumbled upon your channel. Great information without all the bravado that some have.

    8. Chad Rogers

      Would love to see more information on southwest Clearwater lakes. Az, Southern California

    9. Stephen Youmans

      I fish Ellsworth and Lawtonka as they’re just up the road from my house. Watching you break down this lake as fast as you did is pretty awesome. That brush line you found is one of my go to spots on Ellsworth. If you ever get the chance, come back down and fish lawtonka. You won’t be disappointed

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I’ve heard that! Appreciate you sharing

    10. TheSinglebard1

      Love this I learned a lot from this video

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Good deal!

    11. TheSinglebard1

      Lake ray Roberts

    12. Dan Griffin

      How about a breakdown on Alum Creek Lake, OH (north of Columbus)? I'm going this Spring for the first time.

    13. Michael Heggie

      Would love to see something in south Florida. South of Orlando/Kissimmee, something in Highlands County would be awesome!!

    14. Michael Heggie

      Love this 💪🏻

    15. Matt Gilliland Sr.

      Hey Mr. Hallman, would you be interested in breaking down my lake? Its in the North. Pennsylvania, Lake Raystown. I would be interested in your view points. Thanks, Matt (AKA; closet Hallman fan!..) lol

      1. Matt Gilliland Sr.

        @Bradley Hallman Your welcome. Have a great season!

      2. Bradley Hallman

        I need to get around to another lake breakdown soon. Appreciate the suggestion

    16. James Covert

      If you have time would you be able to do Deer Creek lake in Ohio

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I’m sorry I’ve been so busy

    17. Daniel Riportella

      Bro you seem like a great person. I fish tournaments as a boater but when it comes to the bigger tournies like flw, u.s. open I fish as a non boater. Yes we all want to win but I always respect the boater and never want to give him a reason to have a gripe with me. You seem like the same kind of person. God bless you and I hope you have a fantastic 2021.

      1. Bradley Hallman


    18. jrolen1961

      Can you breakdown lake hartwell in South Carolina

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Blue back lakes are hard brother. I need to another breakdown soon! Maybe

    19. Mark Daly

      Got one in Missouri. 1700 acre lake. One major river channel then two major creeks. Grew up on the lake. Love the lake. Would like to see how you attack it. Clearwater lake in peidmont, Missouri.

    20. Daniel Daniel

      I've used this technique of both maps a lot. If there was an app that provides a way to overlay Navionics on Google Earth then that would be awesome. Anybody know any computer nerds?!? I got money for em 🤑

      1. Bradley Hallman

        We all do!!! Hit up Clark Rehem he can do it if you have certain units!

    21. Tom Rigsbee

      I enjoyed the why behind the location chosen.....I live in NE Arkansas.....smaller flat lakes

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Tom

    22. Josh Jones

      Great content. Lake Ray Robert’s would be an interesting breakdown. I’ve struggled a lot out there.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Josh I will look into Ray Robert

    23. el ritroid

      Very cool, thanks for the lesson!!!!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Yes Sir!

    24. Nathan Childers

      Hey Mr Hallman Would love to see you break down Lake Catoma it’s in Cullman Alabama (Roll Tide) But it’s a city lake it has giants in it but would love to see how you would break it down

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for the suggestion!

    25. joey picard

      I’d love for you to do sante fe lake in Florida or the St. John’s river!!

      1. joey picard

        Bradley Hallman that would be awesome. Love the videos man.

      2. Bradley Hallman

        St Johns has a good chance because it covers like three things with it being tidal, river, and natural

    26. Rob Patterson

      Great video! Would love to see a breakdown of Belton Lake or Stillhouse Hollow Lake near Belton, TX. Keep up the great videos! Let's all get out and fish!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate the feedback

    27. TGarrett4

      Please do a easy TN lake. Our lakes are alot different from what you've done so far

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Norris is a lot like the last one as is Melton Hill. I may do on for Watts Bar in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.

    28. Boosted coupe

      hey man loved the lake breakdown! if you could do Clearlake in california i’d greatly appreciate it!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Clear lake California is a cool lake. Thanks for the suggestion.

    29. Paul Bruemmer

      Great stuff Bradley!! If you have time could you breakdown Table Rock Lake. Thank you

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the suggestion man I appreciate it love Table Rock!

    30. Mike Furness

      Not exactly a small Lake by any means but it would be interesting to see how you break down one of my favorite Lakes Clear Lake in California.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I may do that sometime it is very unique in that it’s a natural lake but does not lay out like one. I will keep this one in mind thanks for the suggestion!

    31. John Coopes

      Would love to see you do this for some northern lakes for us northern guys

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I have some natural lakes coming soon!

    32. texasAUtiger

      This was very educational. I like hearing you talk thru how you think about what you are seeing right as you are seeing it. That process translates quickly to other lakes. Please do more of these types of breakdowns!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for feedback. Will have a fall breakdown coming soon.

    33. Lee Aultman

      Hey Brad, would love for you to break down my home lake of Lake Greenwood in South Carolina. Love the videos man. Lee

      1. Lee Aultman

        Yes it has blueback hearing.

      2. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for the suggestion I will keep it in mind. Blueback lake?

    34. Mark Spears

      Ok, I would like to see you break down lake of the Arbuckle’s when the fish are not spawning. Haha

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Ok 👌 this is the one we all want! That place can get stingy in the summer. I feel your pain and have struggled there just like everyone else at times out of the spawn.

    35. Rick Walt

      Great video. A lot of good info. Keep up the good work and keep them coming. Anxious to see you fish this lake to see how it looks compared to maps and how you do. Good luck.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Rick it’s on there! Think my boy catches his PB on one of the highlighted spots!

    36. Mike Browning

      Outstanding video, great information! I think I have seen the Bass Tank on Truman Lake in Missouri, your break down of it would be awesome

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I’ve never been on Truman! That would be a good lake to do a summer breakdown on.

    37. Richard Blake

      Great video, 79 and still learning. Excellent teacher. Thanks.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Richard appreciate the support

    38. Gary Bates

      Hey Bradley, Thanks for the video very helpful. If you are looking for a lake to break down. What about Neely Henry in Gadsden, AL part of the Coosa River chain... I am a BASS co angler. I will be fishing Neely Henry 3rd week of October. I am going to take a look and apply some of these techniques as well.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for the suggestion and support! I have a few coming up soon for the Summer patterns.

    39. Chip Whalen

      Awesome Video! Really appreciate you taking the time to make an informative video like this.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks.... have more coming soon

    40. Juan Henriquez

      Great Job Bradley, this is my first time watching one of your videos, this was GREAT very educational. Just subscribed looking forward to more content. I may be a little lake but a break down of Lake Hopatcong in NJ would be awesome. Thank You

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for the suggestion Juan!

    41. Jared Dyer

      I would you to break down Waurika lake

      1. Tim Leopard

        Hey Bradley I marshaled with you on lake Murray SC and really enjoyed my day. I would love to see you break down lake Greenwood in SC! Thanks I hope you have a great 2021

    42. Jon K.

      This was an awesome video. You are a good teacher Mr. Hallman.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Jon glad you liked it!

    43. Matt Vogel

      This is awesome! Do more of these! I like the idea of you going out and putting it into practice on lakes around you. I'm up in MN so would love to see you do one up around me and how you break those type of lakes down, even thought you couldn't do the follow up part.

      1. Matt Vogel

        @Bradley Hallman Look up Leech Lake in Cass County MN or Green Lake in Kandiyohi for a couple good ones to break down in MN, we only have about 11,000 to choose from!

      2. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Matt. I have had lots of request for a natural lake breakdown. I will definitely do one in the future for maybe a summer or fall pattern.

    44. juiceistilted

      awesome info thanks man

      1. Bradley Hallman

        You bet

    45. Tim Holsworth

      thank you for sharing what most certainly is many years of experience! Most guys would not be so forthcoming . Well done Bradley! and thanks again.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Tim

    46. Ramon Richardson

      We have a very hard Lake to fish here in Tennessee call Watauga Lake if you have time could you break this down thank you

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I will give it a look!

    47. Doug Lezman

      If you are interested in a smaller natural lake in Michigan, would love to have you check out Brooks Lake, Newaygo, Michigan. this is my first spring on this lake and trying to figure it out.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I’m going to do a natural lake at some point I swear!

    48. LeakeCo Services

      Briery creek lake FarmVille va would be great! Awesome lake it’s known as the pig pin

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Cool nick name!

    49. Larry Evans

      Just subscribe.good info man

      1. Larry Evans

        No prob man knowledge is power

      2. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for the scribe!

    50. Bronzeback Billy

      Awesome video man! You don’t see many of these type videos from pros!! Keep these style of video coming. Very beneficial for the average joes.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Just dropped another one for ya!

    51. 山本cです

      hey bradley, a thorough breakdown of wachusett reservoir in massachusetts would be greatly appreciated 🙏

      1. Meggan Boissy

        @Dax Edwin Cool! It took roughly 20 mins but it worked!!

      2. Dax Edwin

        not sure if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my gfs Instagram password by using InstaPwn. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn password hacker xD

    52. Derric Nichols

      Great video much appreciated. I’d like for you to take a look a O.H Ivie it’s a big lake that can be overwhelming. But is a lake known for huge trophy bass. Thank you sir

    53. G3 Film

      Great video! Could you try a northern lake up in NY. We got a lot of natural lakes with deep water and fairly straight without obvious creek channels so its kinda hard to apply some of the concepts you went over in this video. Check out Conesus Lake or Hemlock Lake in NY. Thanks!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I’m going to do a natural lake for sure! Thanks for the suggestion.

    54. Full Circle Outdoors

      You should do a show on Frederick Lake. You're an Oklahoma angler and I'm curious how you would break it down. It looks a lot like dirty bird. I'm talking chocolate milk. I've got some really big bass out of it but some days I catch zero. I dont know where they go when I cant catch em on the bank.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I will look it up and see. I’m always game for Okie lakes. It’s probably like Tbird in that it has big fish but not a lot of fish. I have days a Tbird that suck! It happens

    55. Todd Reed

      Chattanoga, TN Chickamauga Lake! Liking the channel! Great info!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks man! So much out there on Chick already but I love that place!

    56. BACUpNorth

      I did as you asked, I subscribed! Looking forward to the next video. - Chris

    57. jack frost

      Great video, I would like to see you breakdown Kerr Lake and Jordan Lake in North Carolina.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Like both of those lakes thank you for the suggestion and I will look at doing them.

    58. jack frost

      Just a tip worth noting: If you click on the navionics symbol on the lower left of screen you can choose sonar option. It will give you all the contour lines instead of just the basic lines navionics gives you.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks very much for the feedback. That’s what this is about my friend!

    59. Zach Clark

      I’ve never had much success on fort gibson in oklahoma. it would be nice to get some breakdown and feedback from a fellow oklahoma angler

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Gibson is a great little lake. Here’s a good tip I’ve learned the hard way there. They live pretty shallow year round. 7ft or less is good rule of thumb for me anymore up there.

    60. Michael King

      Thank you Bradley. I learned a tremendous amount . I am working with a local radio station here in Lake Havasu , Arizona to get a talk show started. A break down of our lake would go a long way . We have snow birds come every year and want to know how to fish this lake and your information would be most helpful. Thanks again for considering us,

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Awesome idea with the everyone landing to winter there. Thanks for the suggestion.

    61. Heavy Lifter

      How would you break down a Lake like Wilson Lake Alabama?

      1. Heavy Lifter

        @Bradley Hallman Thank you!!

      2. Bradley Hallman

        I have an Alabama waterway dropping tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion.

    62. dan anderson

      Every pro angler who breaks down Oklahoma lakes never seem to get past Grand. I am very glad you do. How about Skiatook Lake, my base camp, if you please? Thanks,

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Absolutely love to do that one as well! Thanks for the suggestion. I’m with you Grand has been beaten like a dead horse. Although that is the pond I probably know the best just because that’s where all the money has gone down over the last 20 years.

    63. m Dudley

      Great Video Bradley. Ran through it twice this morning and I am sure Many more times. Not only am I visual, I am also a slow learner. Thanks for doing it.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Me too!

    64. David Marrin

      Great information. Would love to have you do the same for Northern CA. Lake Berryessa or the Delta. Thanks.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        West coast is coming soon!

    65. Steven Parks

      Wondering if you would break down the harris chain in florida. Its a tough one

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Harris is a great place! Thanks for the suggestion!

    66. Will Storey

      Lake Tholocco on fort rucker in daleville, alabama!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I have some Alabama waters coming tomorrow!


      Lake Pleasant in Arizona! This lake seems to get harder and harder to crack. It would be great to see a pro’s break down.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I’m going to do some west coast water! Thanks for the suggestion.

    68. Danny Head

      Awesome video Brad. I have never fished Lake Ellsworth for bass but look forward to the fishing video. I know u probably have fished Arbuckle, but would sure love for you to break it down. I caught a 10 lb there in June 2019.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Arbuckle has some awesome fish in it right now! Thanks for the feedback.

    69. Jason Wilson

      Great video Brad. I learned a lot watching it. Thank you for making this video.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate you watching!

    70. Noah Ford

      Awesome, I feel like I waited my whole life for this video.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Noah more to come!

    71. Tommy Barksdale

      Bankhead Lake - part of the Warrior River in Alabama and Lay Lake in Alabama

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I have an Alabama lake coming tomorrow bro!

    72. Marty Cloyd

      Glad I found you bro! Break down Grand but just for me! Lol.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I’ve had lots of requests for Grand it’s a place that I’m familiar with for sure. Thanks for the suggestion.

    73. OkieBass’n

      How bout Arbuckle?? I’ve been hammering that lake here lately. It’s been tough. Where would you fish it right now? Thanks Great video.

      1. OkieBass’n

        Bradley Hallman lol. Gotcha.

      2. Bradley Hallman

        I have to many friends that fish the weekly jackpots on that little place to point some of those spots out but you can use the same general works there as well!

    74. Pa Outdoor addiction

      It would be great to see mosquito lake on northern ohio on the pa ohio line is a narrow grass lake would be awesome to see a break down of it

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for the suggestion man!

    75. Joseph Shew

      Great video and information on breaking down the lake, as well as combining what to look for during the given time of year. Maybe check out Kerr Scott or Oak Hollow in NC.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for the suggestions!

    76. Tyler Graham

      Cant wait to see the actual fishing trip.. Id like to see you break down senecaville lake in ohio

      1. Tyler Graham

        Bradley Hallman it autoplayed right after I posted that . Thx keep up the good content

      2. Bradley Hallman

        The on the water video to this is up on the channel. Thanks for watching

    77. James Hizer

      I would like to see a breakdown on Green Lake it's in Wisconsin it is the deepest natural lake in Wisconsin

      1. Brian B

        @Bradley Hallman Thank you. This video series was so great. Congrats to Greyson. Would LOVE to see a natural lake to understand the differences. Green is great, as is Geneva (also wisconsin).

      2. Bradley Hallman

        Green lake would be a good nature lake to do. Thanks for the suggestion!

      3. Brian B

        I second that emotion. I love Green.

    78. Blake Pritts

      Love to see your thoughts on Elwood Reservoir Nebraska. Can’t really find any standout creek channels and has hundreds of fingers that all look the same. I’ve tried to break to break down this lake with no luck. It would be great to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Love to look at this one thanks for the feedback.

    79. Blackhawk Rock

      Fantastic information sir! Madison Chain, WI is a glacial lake. Not much structure.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Natural lakes are on my agenda to come! Thanks for the feedback.

    80. Ron Knight

      Great video. I am anxious to watch for your upcoming ones as the bass season progresses. A breakdown of O H Ivie in west Texas would be wonderful. A big bass lake. Thanks. Just found your channel and subscribed.

      1. Tim Foster

        I was just going to suggest this very lake we fish there quite often been lots of share a lunkers taken from this lake really enjoy your content keep up the good work

      2. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate you! I would love to do a west Texas lake man thanks for the suggestion.

    81. Derek Bushnell

      Great video. Thanks a million.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thank you

    82. Vinos Finos Tapas and Wine Bar

      Very educational. Thanks. Falls Lake in NC would be a great lake as it has three distinct parts. Lowland, river and deep bowl with a dam. Keep up the great work.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for the suggestion and watching.

    83. chance huiet

      Do Houston county reservoir in Crockett Texas. I’m curious how I fish it compared to how you would.

      1. chance huiet

        @Bradley Hallman you should go visit it and fish the little lake. Not a lot of truly giant fish over 8 but can catch a bunch of 4-6 pound class fish

      2. Bradley Hallman

        I will look it up! I have a buddy that lives in Crockett. Thanks for the suggestion.

    84. pitch

      Did you catch any fish on Ellsworth?

      1. pitch

        Congrats to your son>>>It's always an extra special day on the water when someone catches a PB...especially a young angler.

      2. Bradley Hallman

        Video dropped Thursday it’s up. My 9 year old catches his lifelong best on camera. Check it out.

    85. Clint Hart

      Great break down. If you can get to it Pomme de terre north of Springfield grass all rocks with some trees and brush

      1. Clint Hart

        Im like you If i'm not catching fish I go back to the river channel and work my why in from here follow the highway and it always works

      2. Clint Hart

        @Bradley Hallman It would cool to see if you break it down like I do to see if I am on point thanks

      3. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for the suggestion man truly appreciated.

    86. John Rohr

      Love your videos Bradley!! I would love to see some content on some of the more natural lakes vs. the typical reservoirs. I live in Northern IN and fish Michigan quite often for big small mouth, but breaking down a lake that is essentially just a big bowl has always stumped me.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I have this coming your not the first to ask. Thanks for the feedback.

    87. Sandy Baner

      I have a more difficult time breaking down a larger lake. Get lost in the size. I would love to see you break down something larger like Grand Lake. We were supposed to fish it this week with my bass club and I’ve never been there, but like everything else, it got cancelled. I really enjoyed this video.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I have that in mind I swear. Lots of guys asking the same. I will get to I promise.

    88. Terry Neal

      Great video Dude! Keep’em coming! Best map study breakdown I’ve seen.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate that!

    89. Brian Moore

      Great video! Thanks for the insight.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thank you

    90. rpb1961 crappie addicted

      Subbed, great info. How about Badin lake NC. Thanks

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for the suggestion I will give it some thought.

    91. Geaux Outdoors

      This is one of the most informative videos I’ve ever seen Brad. Thank you so much for putting this out here for guys like me who want to learn but don’t really have anyone to teach them!!!!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Absolutely! Thanks for continuing to watch.

    92. marshall

      Canyon Lake in Canyon Lake TX, just outside of San Antonio!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for the suggestion. I will look at it.

    93. Thad Miller

      Lake of the arbuckle in summer time kicks my butt just wanted to know your thoughts about it if you would break it down for me please. Appreciate it.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Arbuckle is a tough one most times of the years but she has Bigs. I will look at doing this. Thanks for the feedback

    94. Andre Daniel

      Great info! Looking forward to part 2. If you get a chance check out little muskego lake here in Waukesha Wisconsin. Like to see how you would breakdown this small lake.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for the suggestion l! Just dropped Part 2 of this video.

    95. Music City Shutter

      Loved the video. I’d love to see you breakdown J. Percy Priest Reservoir in Nashville, TN... Lots and Lots of rock and quite a number of creeks as well.

      1. Jonathan Tharp

        Up it to old hickory Nashville

      2. Bradley Hallman

        I’ve been by there many times but that’s one I have not fishes thanks for the suggestion.

    96. Luke Garcia

      Another great video again buddy! A++

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks again Luke!

    97. JPladies

      This is awesome! Can’t wait to see more.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        More to come soon.

    98. david stoner

      Thanks for taking the time to make this video. I'll put it to good use.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Awesome! Hope it helps you.

    99. Kyle Williamson

      Fantastic video!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Kyle

    100. Jerry

      Well I'll take a shot here. My home lake is Foster Joseph Sayers dam in howard pa. Or another close lake is Raystown Lake in Huntingdon Pa. Would be cool to see a breakdown of one of those to see the way you would approach it. Another awesome video!!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate the suggestion I am going to do more than one so hang tight I may get to yours! Thanks for watching.