Barack Obama, Michelle Obama arrive at Biden Inauguration

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    Former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama arrived at the U.S. Capitol for Joe Biden's inauguration.
    Biden served as Obama's Vice-President for eight years, from 2009-2017.
    Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States.
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    1. Armandino Rotili

      I keep hearing the mortal combat theme song when I see the women

    2. Underrated Loops

      0:16 why u hit him tho?

    3. Edel Awnings

      Our real president elect still trump you are a joke fraud , this circus has end at mach April

    4. monique a

      Worst president ever

    5. sergio Salvetti

      go away already.!

    6. Alexander Bersenev

      Disgrace. Cheaters.

    7. William Beaton

      Oh look it is the racist and his husband.

    8. Sheena Abal

      0:47 Why did the camera cut off?

    9. Richard Mikesell

      Sickening! Worst President since Jimmy Carter. Worst First Lady since Lizzy Borden.

    10. Tom A

      Michelle Obama is actually a man it's been proven

    11. L. W.

      You guys are the best 🤷🏾‍♀️ no really

    12. Larry Moore

      One big corrupt club.

    13. Iam TheGOAT

      Who give a F what these two are doing. Two of the biggest phonies ever. No class, no skills and every thing they did was a scripted act. He never ran the country. Others had to do it for him

      1. Ashmit Kumar

        Dude, even you must have realized that you were describing Trump all along 😂😂

    14. Vic Pardo

      Failures always stick together.

    15. amy rosi

      ja untrgang auch vonn dreck youtube

    16. Md Farla

      The perfect examples of doom.

    17. Phil

      Too bad they did not leave in Handcuffs

      1. amy rosi


    18. RoboKnightTV

      Their presence was so powerful it went straight to black screen at 0:47 to 1:27

    19. Tatrice Shipp

      My forever president and beautiful first lady. Couple goals for sure😍

      1. The Honkler

        Big mike is the first gentleman

    20. Michael Hernandez

      All garbage is welcomed

    21. getnanoed_xo_football

      2 guys walking

    22. Anna


    23. RedRiverChannel

      Michel Obama says pizza is a vegetable

    24. X B

      Good to see Big Mike again !

    25. George Gibson

      Michelle Obama: "Harvey Weinstein is a wonderful human being, a good friend..."

      1. Alexander Bersenev

        @Tatrice Shipp orange man baaaaaad

      2. Tatrice Shipp

        She said that in 2013 before all the sick stuff about him came out. But immediately in 2017 she and Barack said he was sick and should be prosecuted she also praise the women for coming foward. Donald Disgraced Dumpf "He is a great guy that keeps lots of young girls around" his words praising Epistein. "I wish her well" Once again Dumpf praising Maxwell.. Also Dumpf "I walk in on the teenage so called models naked I can do it because it is my pagent" This is not a hill you wanna die on ma'am. 😂

    26. George Gibson

    27. h.hyeqalz


    28. James Stipe

      Two dudes for flushing

    29. Daniel Ericsson

      I think I'm vomiting Sweden loves Donald J. Trump 🇸🇪 Trump MAGA 2024 🇺🇸

    30. Ronee Darby

      The video went black after they were announced!!!??😠

    31. ericc711

      how pissed must thin skinned obama be. trump had more votes than any republican in history, so to steal the election, they had to make biden the most POPULAR president in united states history. with the number of votes biden got, it's obvious it was biden that dragged obama over finish line. all those giant obama crowds were there just to get a glimps of biden, the most popular president in HISTORY. now, if you leftists think this is bs....think how us conservatives feel.

    32. ericc711

      michael obama looked like the final boss in mortal kombat.

    33. Elizabeth V

      I like it when 2 men hold hands

    34. david eisenbud

      I am proud to have voted for President twice

    35. Lani Lewis

      What a huge beast Michael is next to the Kenyan...

    36. ajd ajd

      Go transport those 65,000 PIZZAS OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    37. gjwalker321

      Bad to the bone👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    38. ericc7111

      Trump won by so many votes, that to make Biden win, they had to make him THE MOST POPULAR PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE COUNTRY. How pissed is thin skinned obama that after Biden clearly got millions more votes, it's obvious now that Obama's big crowds were literally just there for old joe. Biden carried obama over the finish line TWICE. that's how popular Joe Biden is.

    39. Pig Punishers

      Lol he’s still not president

    40. Kiana K.

      Nobody talking bout how half of the video is a black screen?

    41. Kelly Lamprey

      She looks like a line backer. And her package is swinging.

      1. ajd ajd

        She has a pretty big package.

    42. The Last Rebel Show

      The obamanations! 🤮

    43. Timothy H

      Michelle has the elegance of an nfl linebacker. 🤢

      1. ajd ajd

        Michelle Obama is a transgender

    44. Darnitfreedy F

      OMG michelle is taller then Barack that seems odd!

    45. I'm subscribing everyone who subscribe me


    46. Eric Allen


    47. Lewey B. Manta

      Their charism is unstoppable !

    48. Casey F

      She looks like the final boss on Tekken.

    49. Butterflies on my Mind

      Idk why but to me they are like the unofficial American Royalty😅 I'm not American and I've grown up with Obama as president so maybe that's why but it just feels right🤷‍♀️

    50. Ant Weiler

      The bloodiest President in the world Obama, came to greet his Democracy- Frend🤮.Diebe und Räuber kletterten an die Macht und stellten eine Marionette der Partei als Präsidenten auf, die sich demokratisch nennt, aber bereits fast faschistisch geworden ist. Wie viele Probleme und Verluste hat die amerikanische Demokratie in andere Länder gebracht? Amerika beraubt andere Länder, erpresst, droht nur, die ganze Welt amerikanischen Unternehmen zu unterwerfen. Die Amerikanische Demokratische Partei ist eine Bedrohung für die ganze Welt

    51. phong nguyễn

      The United States of bama..biden

    52. Alysia Brown

      Absolutely beautiful!

    53. ThêWrLd TRÎÎPÎÑ


    54. RenGib123

      I have the feeling Barack wore all black to not detract from Michelle's beauty.

    55. Ali butterfly


    56. Linh Pham


    57. Alice Kirshenbaum

      Everyone is so happy they can wear a mask to hide their embarrassment and shame. How pathetic So obvious they know that they cheated. Everyone knows Biden cheated to win. Evidence is everywhere.

    58. Aaron Swafford

      2024 Michelle and Oprah please!!

    59. deadbutworking

      This guy bailed out wall street. What does he even say to himself to help him sleep.. if I have an exam the next day, I cannot sleep.

    60. Snap-off

      Michelle rocking her n̶a̶t̶u̶r̶a̶l̶ white culture appropriating hair.

    61. mr struggle

      the drip tho?

    62. Banjo Bear

      You are very intellectually powerful if you can sit through this without having to develop some heavy cognitive dissonance. Here's the video:

    63. Sharon Weaver

      Where obummer and his husband go...oh yeah that's right there dead!

    64. jdog exceeder

      Big mike

    65. Bronwyn Kroeckel


    66. randy smith

      The Obama's net worth is now at $135 *MILLION* and climbing Let's all remember him saying, “I Do Think At A Certain Point You’ve Made Enough Money” Hmmm, I guess $135 *MILLION* isn't quite enough just yet, huh? And Mr Global warming was so concerned about the rising seas that he purchased a $12 *MILLION* mansion ...... at the sea shore. *SUCKERS*

    67. Brett K

      Looks like censorship on her balls....

      1. ajd ajd

        lol, you right

      2. Snox ಠ_ಠ

        You can’t stop them from making money, thats the point of “working”

    68. y y

      two men walk hand in hand

      1. ajd ajd

        you smart

    69. Justa Awake

      Big Mike keeps getting taller. Geez jacked

    70. Lixa

      Arrive with a fire fit though. I love how they introduced them as if they were still First Lady and the President. (Obama was the best president no comment.)

      1. TonyWitDaSauce

        He’s the first gay president.

    71. Heather Whitefeather

      They looked miserable

    72. Winnie the Pooh

      The worst president of the United States. However, looking like he will lose this title to Biden already.

    73. mando 01

      Not to be trusted

    74. LaChondria Coleman


    75. Patricia s

      Mike need to wear some boxers to hold it all in.🤢🤮

    76. the world is not enough

      Welcome to the Titanic States of America. Joe the Captain is asleep. Who's in the crows nest?

    77. anna sperber

      Why was there circus music played after they were announced? Did they do that to everyone? It’s obvious there were no saluting by our Military for anyone there, makes you wonder why this one was so different then everyone before.

    78. Sarah Mullen

      The real Obama knows where he is! It's an Obama clone! 7D!

    79. Joshua Thompson

      Who wants to play fortnite

    80. Imre Tóth

      Mind your own business, you peasant. Hungary hungarians don't have anything to do with you, black man.

    81. imel siahaan

      Why suddenly it went dark at the end?

    82. Common Sense

      Barry and Michael

    83. Rachel Edwards

      Y'all are so blind and ignorant to what that man did in office. Soon y'all will see. He hated AMERICA. And Biden does too.

    84. gillamonster100

      BIG MIKE!!!

    85. J. Bogaerd

      Here we go again...w/ the Obama's 😒😒😒 Stolen elections

      1. Snox ಠ_ಠ

        Yep lmao

    86. Katrin Goddess

      Dont get me wrong but Michelle Obama looks like a man

    87. anonymous hacker

      Coolest president ever

    88. Juliana Roh

      Slayed it.

    89. Mr Lion

      We all know which one is fucking who.

    90. allison lee

      Oh~~she is Micheal?

    91. Doris Sims

      I just love Ms.Obama outfit just "beautiful"

    92. pete

      Two men , one in a dress

      1. ajd ajd


    93. Eddie Sims-Bey

      You're nothing but a sell-out I Know What You Did in Iowa

    94. Lucid Nomad

      Barry and Michael looking like the Evil traitors that they are. We’ll see them in HeLl.

    95. G V

      Obumer was most corrupt President. But now with Chy-Na POS Joey....Stolen Election... Fake, Hollywood make Inauguration... Dominion Select Biden ain’t my President!

    96. Super indones

      The best presiden of America

    97. Raymond Moore

      Where's the 👍from the supposedly 80 million voters for Biden's inauguration? ...There wasn't that many, that's why the 👍's are so few...

    98. Nice Cat

      Cat videos are more popular than this boring event. Cats videos get tens of millions views, not like this.

    99. Anna

      Big michael :-(

    100. Tangy Eats

      I came for THE SLAY! Who directed this slasher film? John Carpenter? Stephen King? Clive Barker? They coulda let us know ahead of time so that my popcorn coulda been ready 😩😩😩😩 Oh Michelle my bell 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽