Kylie Jenner: A Day in the Life

Kylie Jenner

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    I wanted to give you guys a glimpse into a typical day for me. You guys have been asking to see my new office, but I thought it would be fun to show you everything from the moment I wake up, so I'm taking you into my home, my closet, my business meetings, my photoshoots and more. More videos to come! x Kylie

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    2. MIMI PK

      i can work as a maid or a babysitter in her house just to live there

    3. Vivi Jelly

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    4. Michaela Puchorová

      I've seen this video several times and I can still watch it over and over and enjoy it 💙 I'd like to see more videos when at work, it's interesting too see 👍

    5. Sofia Herbert

      I kinda wonder what last name stormi goes by?

    6. Yenifer

      Cries in poor

    7. Gabriela Fuentes

      Her mini handbag room as big as my garage

    8. 2k.2sha

      can i get a job at your company pls!!!!!!!

    9. 《Noor-ul- Ayesha》

      Stormi looked so cuuuute when she said mama she always look cute


      Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed🙏 Amen 💪🏼

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    38. Pan&Cafe Studios

      This vlog was created to show a day in the life of Kylie Jenner and her many daily activities. The vlog can hold attention using catchy editing and music. Vlogs are a permanent record since the internet will always retain what is put onto it. The people who watch this type of vlog are most likely fans of the celebrity, who wish to see how they life. The information shared is meant to be entertaining yet informational to a degree.

    39. cris 3.16

      Love cardachans

    40. cris 3.16

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    41. Venus

      I have watched this vlog upto 200 times❤❤

    42. G S

      Stormi’s typical day would probably be 8:30 wake up 8:35 brush my teeth with my Louis Vuitton tooth brush 8:40 eat toast with a caviar marmalade 9:00 get into my fancy clothes and pick out my designer hand bag 9:05-9:00 pm (LOOK RICH) these are not time stamps in the video they are just imaginary time stamps SO DO NOT CLICK ON THEM WAIT WHAT IF I PUT 40:14

    43. Dabster Sam

      Kylie being a mom is sooooo relatable 😭

    44. Dilşah İmran AVCI

      burda kendall hangi harry le konuşuyo

      1. Andressa Silva

        It's Harry Hudson (i think )

    45. Kayleigh Jenkins

      PLEASE do another one of these

    46. Aashka Bansal

      I wish she would make more day in the life videos

    47. Arancita :0

      queeeeeeeeeeeee dices no hablo TAKA TAKA xd en español plis no te ando manejando el TAKA TAKA XD

    48. Brandi maines

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        @Yumn Mohamed niyaz ikr I respect ur opinion but sometimes BTS are kinda sucks

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    56. biggie Channel

      Wow it. Does not take you hours to ding the best outfit

    57. biggie Channel

      Kylie if ya need more money you should sell more then Makeup a skin. Just if you want

    58. Jeff Stacey

      Why do you fail you farther stormy like what?

      1. Yumn Mohamed niyaz

        Um what u should shut up


      where are you from

    60. Danijela Džoić

      Stormi is fucking cute for real.

    61. Andreea Maria Farago


    62. Stranger Things

      Stormi is so cute ✨🌈

    63. A. Singh

      5:28 when your trying to get away from that weird girl whose tryna have a convo w you n your friend

    64. Lulu Aljasser

      I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    65. Lilanie Botha

      Wish I hade a mom like Stormi

    66. Susan Hofisi

      Me with 2 dresses a top and some jeans while stormi be having an ocean of clothes

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    69. xbuzxo1

      Kylie Jenner is a queen

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      We need a new vlog

      1. Yumn Mohamed niyaz

        Will u stop spaming comment and SHUT UP SHUT UP

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    75. Toxic nerd

      No one cares


      Did anyone noticed that Ariana's song was being played in the background ......

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    78. Hope Mutie

      Kylie is my motivation she is showing me that even being rich I need to work hard for it

    79. Kewl g

      Man i wish i had a close sister :/

    80. Cxssiiidy


    81. poor Man

      I like u

    82. Brandi maines

      Why do they talk like a corn cob seriously like I feel like I'm going to be 10311 they talk like

    83. Cessli Jeffers

      Stormi bad

    84. Paula K

      Kylie we need a new vlog 🤓

    85. Chloe and Ina vlogs #neighbours


    86. Chloe and Ina vlogs #neighbours

      Her vice is so peaceful

    87. Theodore Hyczko

      God bless America only in America can your father win woman of the year

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    89. SARIAH LUI

      kylie: *bops lips * there pumeped as they will ever be

    90. SARIAH LUI


    91. Darkmount productions

      June 5 is my bros bday

    92. Shazia Nagvi

      Anyone noticed that kylie jenner phone was cracked when she is checking the messages

    93. Susan Paquette

      Nujjhjjkjj,Lp O

      1. Nathaniel Holmes

        couldn't agree more

    94. sarah

      I kinda live under a rock, but why does Kylie get so much hate? Like she seems so nice and thoughtful and she's an amazing mom.

      1. Nathaniel Holmes

        cuz she's a total narcissist? she has pictures of herself all over the wall, and her name everywhere. she can't stop thinking of herself. also, perhaps this is just me but I have a loathing for celebrities because they act like they work hard to get where they are when really it's just because they think they are pretty. jenner is no exception. she has many cars, while people are dying of starvation on the streets. but nope she gotta fund her capitalistic consumerist empire. also, this is just her camera persona famous people have looked like great parents when in real life they lock their kids in their closets and starve them for days so don't make any assumptions just cuz you saw it on the internet. ☭☭

    95. Gunner Bru


    96. Hiyo55 Alsmrona

      Hola Kylie, necesito algo de dinero. Nuestras condiciones son difíciles. Espero que me ayudes😭💔

    97. ꧁china꧂

      hey does anyone know the background music?

    98. Arianna Rodriguez

      Stormi is to cute I swear


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