Russ - Who Wants What (Feat. Ab-Soul) (Official Video)


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    Official video for "Who Wants What" Feat. Ab-Soul
    Twitter: russdiemon
    Instagram: russ
    Facebook: russtheone

    Produced by Russ
    Starring: Big Tigger
    Production company: Blank Square Productions
    Directed by: Joan Pabon
    Executive produced by: Edgar Esteves

    ℗ 2020 Russ My Way Inc.
    #Russ #WhoWantsWhat #AbSoul

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    1. Patrick Keys

      I was waiting for Soul the whole time worth the wait

    2. Rose Smith

      He sure do got a pretty smile

    3. Chris M.N Sarille


    4. Purple WorLd Slowed

      I only came here for soul 🤷🏾‍♂️

    5. Brandon Russaw

      I need this beat. Anyone know the name?

    6. Amisse Afonso Carlos


    7. Carla Colon

      WHY am I just seeing this? 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    8. Debjyoti Karmakar

      damn u lads are shootng this in bathroom

    9. Joshua Matheera

      I had to listen to it again and again

    10. It’s Aubry

      Russ tried so hard on this. This ain’t even the raw audio he released the studio recorded version. This shit was wack and damn sure ain’t no freestyle.

      1. Shaharia Chowdhury

        You realize this was a music video concept right??? It wasn't meant to be a freestyle tf...

    11. Love Thyself

      This keeping hip hop alive. Ab soul I’ve been waiting to hear something from the lyrical genius. Russ 🔥🔥this gives the world hope 💪🏿

    12. Geoffrey Anderson

      Soul looking like a yeti

    13. Brett Huskin

      Ab souls verse is one of the best of all time

    14. Stranger031

      Russ do a song with SiR! You guys would do a good ass song together

    15. Tr3 Ali

      I keep skipping to Ab Soul part !

    16. PUBG mobile God mode

      My God!!! Ab-soul tore it apart "They want the old soul- I can deny my ascension!!"😭😭😭

    17. Velen Delatorre

      ab soull🆎🆎 luv it❤😘

    18. Javier Cruz

      Had to rewind Abs verse a couple times to go back and grab all the lines that went over my head ... sheeeeesh

    19. Nathan Chase

      This was fucking dope. Ab Soul obviously killed it but damnnnnn Russ was 🔥

    20. IAmChandler

      This is the hardest Russ we've ever heard. Don't @ me.

      1. Mr. NLR

        Imma say Stockholm syndrome and momentum are shout outs too.

    21. Alex Alt

      I've never listened to Ab soul but have always seen his name about. Russ has introduced me to one of the greats with this. That verse was insane

    22. Jer Rivera

      They want the old souls back i cant stop my ascension 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    23. odd Family

      Okay russ let's go hahaha

    24. Cozy Lab

      this sounds so old school very nice

    25. DRIP

      Big Tigga n Rap City Nostalgia

    26. Alamin Naib

      My guy said I merge mentalities 🤯

    27. Rene Delgado

      # russ and ab soul best verse ever

    28. Syl Von Whitney

      We want a part 2!! 🔥

    29. Feminazi Slayer

      Russ won by 💯

    30. Fetti World

      big tiggas so fuckin stoned lmao

    31. Kevin Watkins


    32. chris

      He's italian? Thought this dude was puerto rican or something 😂

    33. Zhenya Landyak

      beast coast setting the trend again

    34. Crunchy Doritos

      I feel bad for sleeping on Russ now. That bar about Shaq being on the magic studying the dream... Gottdamnnn

    35. Fez Lukhele

      Damn! It took nearly half-hour to listen to this, everytime russ or ab drop a dope bar im weelin the track lol 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    36. Overshotbmx

      Bruh I used this beat I knew it sounded familiar

    37. VV AIV


    38. Adrian Cuevas

      Both dope . Ab-soul killed it tho. “Underground emperor my ring needs kisses ,every move is calculated like we teach physics”

    39. Lamar Wilform

      I never heard anything by ab soul but from this day on I fuck wit it he straight murdered this shit

    40. Michael Leachim

      Bruh I been sleepn on ab man I just heard this and daaamn bruh🔥😍

    41. Mourad Awad

      eat a rapper have him cease existence then catch a attitude ... cause now I gotta clean these dishes :(

    42. ١٩٧٩ on the line

      Big up to Russ for bringing ab soul and not fearing of being outshined.

    43. Sabin

      lol whats up with the shitter and the sink in the background. mad

    44. King Cain

      This cute. But where the Fuck is Ab soul. I had enough of the best lyrics being benny and the BsG. Can a God MC come make niggas shape up again

    45. Mann Parikh

      So are we not going to acknowledge that this is a bathroom? Alright cool :)

    46. Bankhead Miller

      Soul one of my favorite rapper's still waiting on new🎶🎛. No 🧢 Ab soul is the best on the🎤🎙.🤞🏾🔥

    47. RetroLodge

      I just been out all day for a meal and walked through my area until, the sun went down I come back to this video whenever I'm feeling good and need some real lyricism and inspiration when writing my own songs. 👀✌😀

    48. Philip Clayton

      good song but fellas we know russ got bodied.Not even trash talking here.

      1. Shaharia Chowdhury

        Russ should've revised his bars, since be had his verse already on the track and didn't change it. The other artist can come in with a frame of reference on how far they should push their pen.

      2. Philip Clayton

        a mistake too put this dude on his song though!!!!!

      3. Philip Clayton

        "Your views amuse my vision your outlook funny" tell me one russ line that passed that. Love russ though no homo.

    49. Kidd Hartwell

      Your cliq aint on top of the game, that's just a mouse pad..... god damn

    50. Hey S3ntrox

      That Soul verse is one of the best ever... no cap

    51. Kyroh

      ab soul is incredibly inspiring

    52. StackBrains

      Russ did something magnificent here, I can't stop listening to his part just taking the bus, walking, smoking a cigarette, chilling with alcohol, getting deep about my future EVERY FUCKING SITUATION. It's like confidence performing stunts on a dope track, the shit is crazy I swear

    53. ezekiel duncan

      Had me at KRS-TWO hahaha I fucking love soulo literally one of the best writers/MCs in hip-hop. I didn’t even know this song had a video! Love the rap city shit haha good times

    54. Anthony Turner

      Ab soul one of the rawest niggas on the blue planet

    55. Yeana Bila Jackson


    56. Heru Ur

      Ab-Soul is the best rapper in the world, straight up Change my mind...

    57. Angel Luna

      They gotta bring rap city 🌃 back !!!

    58. SlimReaperTV. GRMI 616

      Both went in my goodness!!! 🔥🔥🔥

    59. SlimReaperTV. GRMI 616

      Man! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    60. Michael Ntsala

      I am KRS TWO

    61. Carlton Ellis

      Russ vs euro gotti

    62. M.D

      Where the lyrists at ? you go (;

    63. Andrew Jauregui


    64. Ansem Thewise

      Na that nigga russ said Nipsey &Kobe i merge mentalities

    65. 2.E

      ABSOUL'S VERSE is GOLD, no cap. 💯

    66. Malxolm

      Haaaaard 😭😭😭💜

    67. Joan Rivera

      Best collaboration off 2021

    68. Jimno

      “The fame may go to your head, most of it be cap.” This damn near broke my brain 🤯

    69. 1018RADIO

      endless melodies in my head like inspirations for the dead

    70. E

      Dont sleep on russ' verses through the whole song. He dropping bombs left and right.

    71. Ligia Monteiro


    72. Rock Salem

      Love the Track hate the video recorded in the bathroom 😂 tho Come on you couldn't bring anything to cover the toilet 😂 bags of weed maybe shit tons of printed money for production use and make a mountain of money over it and around it and cover it out

      1. Shaharia Chowdhury

        It's a reference to Rap City which I believe was filmed in a studio that had a toilet... Honestly I don't know what the original intent was for the toilet


      Yo click (clique) ain’t on top of the game, that’s a mousepad 😂🔥

    74. smoqueed 4L

      If “Verse of the year” was a thing at the Grammys (which it should be imo, that would be dope), Ab Soul would clearly take it this year. 🐐

    75. pooponaboat2

      Fuckin SOULO!

    76. Milán Kusztor

      Is there maybe a song for the first 10 seconds too ? ty

    77. CheddaCam

      dave mirra cause i handle bar shit

    78. Nilsping187

      Russ killed it

    79. A WARD

      Also idk why but it seemed like ab was just sneak dissing russ the whole time haha

    80. A WARD

      Lol ab soul making russ look eh

    81. iReck Oppz

      Never let ab soul go sec he kills everything moving

    82. Gold Jozi

      These dudes just set the studio ablaze

    83. Marcus Wolf Rammala

      Ab soul would do a great album with Eminem,he sounds more like Rass Kass though!🤦‍♂️

      1. Roland taylor

        Yooooo he kinda does fire on ice Damn never thought of that

    84. Fredd Bricks

      Yo and Av soul and tiera whack collab would be lit

    85. Javier Aguirre

      Who wants what?

    86. LiftedGamingLoL

      Fucking here we go: Recorded by me, mastered by me, directed by me, written by me; produced by me, sourced ab soul by me....but it’s chill though

    87. ty

      theres so much significance in the putting on the jewellery onto ab-soul , if you followed is music .

    88. Class!c Forever

      i have lost count of how many times i have watched this

      1. Leonardo Prekratić

        Same 😂

    89. No One


    90. Joss

      Mad combinaison, for real.

    91. Sam Turner


    92. Dhbddb Hebshdbd

      See how Russ killed it abd went over the time limit

    93. zahir jaffer

      i want a track on the establishment, vaccines, and shout out for all the other rappers speaking the truth- vinnie paz, rRA the rugged man and ab

    94. Nosreg

      Who the fuck wants what! Bring it bak!

    95. Nikeheadtillimdead83


    96. sonya vargas

      Damn Russ 🥵

    97. Gean Velveteen

      Russ is wearing his grandma's sweater from Dress Barn and still makes that shit look slick.

    98. Mr L


    99. Golden One

      An soul got them Osirius bars

    100. Irene Zalisti

      Yeah I own property and land, I'm in popular demand 'Cause the catalog is long, I got more songs than Robert Plant If you dissin', you get hit, that's just a part of who I am I'm Italian, I can't help it, we love talkin' with our hands Had to conjure up a plan, launch a monster from a man Your favorite singer at my crib, it's big, it's Ariana Grand' Sayin' "Sorry" in advance, I got Paul McCartney fans Rockin' Marnie, this ain't Barneys, I'm a star the Hardees man Army van instead of lookin' for a Bentley to cop 'Cause as of late, being a rappers is the deadliest job Why you think I got like six guns around the crib? Just pick one Five, six, but with a stick, I swear like I feel like 6'1" But let me chill, death is not a jokе, this ain't Wendy Will' 'Cause this Henny still got mе wide like Henry Hill Very ill, my entrepreneurial phase is long I out-rap your favorite rapper then drop your girl's favorite song Who fuckin' with me? I feel like Shaq on the magic I studied the dream, ooh, you got lucky Hakeem Plaques in countries I ain't seen, I am a money machine Your girl like Gumby how she bends over, fuck me, it seems That I've struck a nerve, I'm a boss, there's no one I'm employed by That's why every show I do looks like a fuckin' Floyd fight You're annoyed by my confidence, how beta of you You didn't feed your wolves, so now they 'bout to take you for food Shit lot of people love to talk, from the stands, I ain't hearin' it My J's ain't dirty, this is sand from the pyramids Dave Mirra shit, with the bars I'm a legend Jennifer wouldn't fuck me, had to garner her attention, yeah Am I ungrateful or ambitious? Or maybe I'm both I'm cuttin' off my crazy bitches or maybe I won't This is inspirin', but tirin' too I'm 'bout to fly her in, but I would never buy her a coupe I don't reply to her nudes, off the wine I get rude Hired a McLaren, but then I had to fire the Ruf All this truth that I give like Paul Pierce buckets God talks to me, I'm Will Smith, I'm all ears run it I love it, divise the planet, then I work the strategy Took a lot of swings to hit, this ain't the first at bat for me Heard you mad at me, I irk you casually What hurts you actually is I'm a fuckin' boss, I gave my circle salaries This is Nipsey mixed with Kobe, yeah, I merge mentalities Y'all got hurt anatomy, I got merch in factories Shippin' out global, multi-million dollar mogul Lately I been bumpin' Roddy Ricch, and feelin' antisocial I been vocal (uh) Givin' gems, but I'm a Libra, so I'm givin' opals My circle gettin' tighter now, I swear this shit's an oval My mind is mobile, it's omnipresent I wrote a book of my beliefs that people follow Gotta call me legend Fuck all these peasants that be hatin' on me Shit, ask the last guy what happened when you playin' with me One more time Fuck all these peasants that be hatin' on me Ask the last guy what happened when you playin' with me Who wants what? Where, when, why, say it (why say it) Who wants what? Who wants what? (Who wants what) Who wants what? Where, when, why, say it (why say it) If not, shut the fuck up, stop playin', stop playin' (stop playin') Who wants what? Where, when, why, say it (why say it) Who wants what? Who wants what? (Who wants what) Who wants what? Where, when, why, say it (why say it) If not, shut the fuck up, stop playin', stop playin' (stop playin') Know your roots and who you rootin' for KRS Two, I kept the intelligent in movement in root thus far Hope you don't mind that I do Not like I needed approval from you or somethin' (nah) I took a spoonful of the puddin' The proof was put in, the truth is digustin' (yuck) Your views amuse my vision, your outlook funny I had to enrich my sense without no money But now we get into it, it's more than music to flow with me I'm gonna need to see a quote from my quotes that's poetry Been on my globally, from the omens I've spoken openly Not 'cause I pose to be what they told me I'm 'posed to be Hopefully niggas get the memo and don't take it out of context (uh) We ain't on the same page, check my table of contents Stop it, I'm well read like the Nickerson Gardens Straight out of Carson, play your cards or get discarded I ain't the type of artist to be disregarded This what art is, simple as that, shut up and rap Where the lyricists at? How sad Your clique ain't on top of the game, that's just a mouse-pad They want the old Soul, I can't deny my ascension They want the branzino, but they ain't tryna go fishin' I took the scenic route, made wrong turns, I let y'all have y'all turn But I though long term so I can teach 'em how Virtuous patience says, I believe that (yeah) Remember that you can't just win, they gon' want a rematch (uh) A lot of people that you connect with need to be detached The fame may go to your head, most of it be cap (facts) Mind over matter, respect the telekinetics I move a mountain by the mile 'cause I said it The rapper's rapper, black-lipped pastor, the prophet, the God Playin' fetch with blank checks at the top with my dawgs Who want what? (huh) Nobody, I'm 'bout to go potty That shit, I'm kickin it, but I don't know no karate No need for cold feet, I ain't playin' no hockey 'Specially when effortlessly the flow is Mojave (yeah) Underground emperor, my ring need kisses Every move is calculated like we teach psychics Eat a rapper have 'em seize existence Then catch an attitude, 'cause now I gotta clean these dishes Soul Who wants what? Where, when, why, say it (why say it) Who wants what? Who wants what? (Who wants what?) Who wants what? Where, when, why, say it (why say it) If not, shut the fuck up, stop playin', stop playin' (stop playin') Who wants what? Where, when, why, I say it (why say it) Who wants what? Who wants what? (Who wants what?) Who wants what? Where, when, why, say it (why say it) If not, shut the fuck up, stop playin', stop playin' (stop playin')