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    Witness the world premiere of the next all-electric supertruck. The revolutionary GMC HUMMER EV SUV.

    Reserve yours now.
    Simulated vehicles with available features shown throughout. Actual production models may vary. Pickup initial availability Fall 2021. SUV initial availability early 2023. Limitations apply. At participating dealers.
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    1. Justin Federico

      Probably the ugliest thing they ever called a gmc.

    2. Young Reefer

      The parallel parking thing is insane

    3. e k

      This is the only ad I seen that got over 9 mil views

    4. ChaoticSon

      Wake up! It's 2008!

    5. Satvik Krishna

      The car that will rewrite the entire history of the Off-roader. Tesla left the chat.

    6. Austin W

      When driving an electric car, never turn onto a dead end street. you'll be stuck on a road with No Outlet.

    7. iv4n_09

      best truck out there especially for a Boss man

      1. Ailsa Ni

        Wonder if this commercial is hinting our future

    8. Shane Kasper

      Super cool commercial

      1. Ailsa Ni

        Cybertruck is wayyyy better.

    9. A Overall

      Looks like a Ford bronco

    10. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Grave Mistake

    11. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Gigantic Malfunction

    12. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Gargantuan Mistake

    13. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Garbage Manufactured

    14. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Gothic Madness

    15. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Gone Missing

    16. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Getting Massacred

    17. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Girls Menstruating

    18. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Geeks Manhandled

    19. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Grotesque Monstrosity

    20. Tricky Dicky Ball

      GM Grossly Mismanaged

    21. zayford babblebronx

      Oh i see, govment motors tryn to clean up "messn the bed" on their new "Blazer", so they'll just copy Ford..... Again. Lol!!

    22. Logan Power

      Cybertruck is wayyyy better.

    23. Ion Know

      Wonder if this commercial is hinting our future

    24. danie tijerina

      This is gonna take alot of gas ⛽


      Explodes on impact

    26. Hunter Smallwood

      The hummer thing is a good idea and people be like why you need a “diesel” it pulls just as good that electric truck is gonna burn up like a dewalt drill pulling 25k pounds 😂

    27. ShadowWolf190

      Crab walk be like DEJA VU

    28. InfinityEthan Studios 2021


    29. Gloria's Internatiomal:OrG


    30. Brappin Gassers

      This makes me think of black ops 2

    31. Tak Zane

      I would rather have a Ford bronco

    32. ulises lopez

      Bronco killer

    33. D Max

      Is that Lebron talking

    34. J Jackson

      An Electric hummer is just disrespectful

    35. Aaron Hustoo

      Ik u all saw that crab walk

    36. Anoyel Fernandez

      *Awesome 😍 👌 💥 ❤️ GMC.'s General*

    37. Flint rock

      Lol. Nope. Ford bronco. The hummer was never really a good vehicle

    38. JF Gaming

      So is it a truck or suv, bc he said super truck suv

    39. Michael Ashcraft

      Note to the Rich folks, let me know how a 110.000 dollar battery powered toy works out for ya!!!

      1. kolim jone

        i wonder how much lebron got from this

    40. GhostE Masters


      1. kolim jone

        LeBron narration

    41. Ryyking21

      Who else watched the crab walk like 8 times?

    42. rdizzo1313

      I love seeing all the GM Employees in here trying to pump up the excitement of their own product...🤣🤣🤣

    43. Sad Socks

      Is that the gta5 truck from the game?!?!?!

    44. asphalt

      This will destroy the cybertruck

    45. realm313

      GM garbage

    46. kolim jone

      Props to GMC for responding to some of these comments; it really shows that they value feedback and care about customer interaction.

    47. NOPC20161535

      Way to ruin Led Zeppelin you idiots!

    48. WHITE LION

      🚨🛑🛑🚨🚨🛑🛑🚨🚨🛑🛑 CGI again or real this time? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    49. mellows

      who else searched flying car and found this? or just me

      1. kolim jone


    50. chargers9221

      I’ll wait for the Cybertruck and run over every Hummer that gets in the way.


      I wish them the best of luck, after twenty years plus, of repeated electrical repairs.

    52. Sir. John Doe


    53. Fusionn

      LeBron narration

    54. June Nixon

      i wonder how much lebron got from this

    55. Ken Whitman

      Way over priced.. impractical only for Hollywood elites, GM will lose money

    56. King-_-Meh

      All my life I’ve never known Hummer was with GMC smh

      1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

        Well I think they’ve always been with gm but I think them being a gmc is new

    57. David Collins

      Super clean 🔥 y’all hating for no reason

    58. Hollywood Gaming

      Eww electric ugliness

    59. Ailsa Ni

      Is no one gonna talk about how lebron is narrating a GMC commercial

    60. DarkMatter

      Surely the amount of fossil fuels needed to make this makes this redundant? What’s the life expectancy of a lithium batteries? Ten year half life?

    61. Xbone Chris

      Looks just like the bronco

    62. fanbyte BHL

      I wish this was a 🎥

    63. prisoner

      Quite litterly looks like a bronco

      1. Ailsa Ni

        $2500 CAD to get on the reservation list. I did not waste time at all. I can't wait to crab-walk the heck outta this beast in around this time in 2023. I prefer the Pickup. I hope I ge

    64. Unit_ Dynamo


    65. Parth Vasoya

      nice one

    66. Mark Ferguson

      In a battle of wits with John Cleese?She might as well play dead.

    67. bigprocar

      chill if you cant afford one they are making cheaper ones in the future

      1. Chuck Chambers

        Ya, MADE IN CHINA

    68. Jalen Hazelwood


    69. allen907

      Would be really cool if the citizens got a dividend from bailing y'all out in 08, good looking rig though

      1. WHITE LION


    70. allen907

      Dude this is lame

    71. Ryan L

      Redline it... oh wait

    72. Michael Hubert Lamla

      Thank you, GMC!

    73. branden householder

      Am I the only one annoyed by the techno Immigrant song? The Ah ahhhhhuuhhhh ah at the beginning sounds badass in the original song, but this sounds like a whimper from a prepubescent 12 year old boy. The rest is good tho.

    74. Eric Pierro


    75. Gabriel Reisinger

      Yuck. A Ford os way way better

    76. asioe kiou

      Is no one gonna talk about how lebron is narrating a GMC commercial

      1. Shane McCravy

        Yeah I was thinking the same thing!

    77. James Loft


    78. Pee Body

      I came here after my dealership sent me an email. I'm first on the list with my dealership in Etobicoke - Toronto in Canada. The Edition 1 Reservation List is full $131K CAD. $2500 CAD to get on the reservation list. I did not waste time at all. I can't wait to crab-walk the heck outta this beast in around this time in 2023. I prefer the Pickup. I hope I get a Jet Black or Army green color (in my dreams LOL!)... or I'll just wrap it. Not reselling. Will keep it even if I have to buy another model 7 years later. This one stays in the family forever.

    79. Rack Attack


      1. asioe kiou

        I need to buy this legendary car right now 😍👍

    80. Soulless Wonder


    81. Z Sullivan

      Love how they use the Immigrant song for this video👍

    82. cow

      Wow the first good looking hummer, that isn’t a military vehicle

    83. Daniel Sevilla

      Did you see the truck?

    84. CeroQontrol

      😂 😂 😂 you guys are too late and you need advertise to sell this that's hilarious it's a piece of s*** that's what it is

    85. Podno Lej

      Going electric should be affordable the problem is most are far to expensive if they want to get people to make change it should be affordable.

      1. Alex J.

        Thats wasn't the goal for this car

    86. Lloyd Jones


    87. Lance Dooley

      Lame. Gas and diesel for life. Politicians will not pencil whip communist epa regulations on me. Go yourselves.

    88. Sudheendra Harish

      They should hire cris hams worth , just imagine blue eyes big biceps 💪 driving it . Thor power

    89. Carszoom

      Perfect Suv

    90. R Inhu


    91. ICY BAE

      Halo warthog

    92. drttyu liqm

      I need to buy this legendary car right now 😍👍

    93. Paul Camire

      I want to drive this Hummer for Uber instead of my BoltEV

    94. Younes Ten

      I need to buy this legendary car right now 😍👍

    95. Younes Ten

      I need to buy this legendary car right now 😍👍

    96. atilla hun

      Back wheels turn ? Should be here long time ago. Now china will invent cars can drive by side.

      1. Alex J.

        @drttyu liqm they sold out all the available ones

      2. Alex J.

        4 wheel steering has been a thing for a while

      3. drttyu liqm

        Good luck selling a 100Khummer in a recession

    97. Andrej

      Выдатны апарат. Бяру два

    98. Luis Rodriguez

      Crab walk 😥

    99. ZHUWANDY A

      Omg what a monster 👹

    100. Soinas Doyi

      HUMMER IS BACK!!! ❤️

      1. Alex J.

        Copy and paste bot