Cody and Noel Do: Drunk Baking

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    Cody and Noel Do: Drunk Baking

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    1. it's chwabbie


    2. Jess B

      Mix some what?? Sugar? Idk man, that’s pretty sugar gay of you, dude

    3. Blurzy

      wait till they find out that they can just go get donuts drunk instead

    4. Taylor Firestone

      'Rate, comment, and subscribe' is very 2009, sus that Cody didn't pick that one up considering his longevity on earth

    5. Scott Bell

      Is Cody getting a double chin?

    6. Aj Cowley

      20 for 1/8th? Noel doesn’t smoke weed.

    7. okay

      this is hilariousssss but just brings back the memories of putting these on in class in high school for drinking awareness and them throwing the chemical balance in my head off and i disassociated and fainted for a week... :/

    8. Thomas Bethon

      was that guy really wearing a mask....

    9. Gerritt Decker

      “Epic chungus moment” I’m dead!

    10. Andreea Vuza

      ok look is great but the first joke ..... gives me nightmares

    11. Y B

      Can you guys react to more cringe videos together PLEASEEEEE I miss those!!!

    12. Liam Brewer

      Honestly the only funny thing I’ve seen ever

    13. Ali Zookko

      lmfao I'm pissing myself laughing!!

    14. Possibly Dell Honne

      all the stuff youused was from the same company. Where you sponsored?

    15. olivia

      “1/2 teaspoon of vanilla, alright Cody spit in this” SO UNDERRATED OMG

    16. Olivia Da Costa

      i rewinded every single time cody fist bumped himself bc i diedddd every single time

    17. bantalguling3

      Gingerbread construction next

    18. Rosie g

      show this to a friend on acid and send them off the deep end

    19. chris fo

      Cody saying Hey Siri make a countdown for 10 minutes triggered my HomePod and now it’s counting down10 minutes

    20. Grace Fernandez

      Who's kitchen whew

    21. eXKruel

      Cody and Noel: oh yeah its okay Cody's a little salty tho *_Youre both equally not good_* 5/10

    22. Grace Gellerup

      this is truly the only thing that gives me serotonin

    23. Briana Gonzalez

      Not Cody washing his hands then immediately touching his greasy ass hair smfh. That's probably why your donut tasted like trash, king! good job!!

    24. Bunny

      Why is no one talking about 13:34??? Lmao

    25. Christia Parrish

      how and why would a software engineer not know basic fractions?

    26. Joshua Edwards

      This is adorable

    27. Arryenne Lieghe

      where cody i see billy ray cyrus

    28. Juliette Marie

      when i bake, i put this on so it feels like i’m not alone ;-;

    29. Zenxen :o

      why noel tryna sell weed to cody if cody doesnt even burn

    30. Jonathan Shedd

      Next video "Noel and cody take 7 bong hits before cooking ham for Christmas dinner"

    31. Mitch E

      This feels like a fever dream and I love it.

    32. 4bigface

      bruh why is this censored tho😩

    33. Abongile Gotyana

      Best video on this channel 💥

    34. OofClips

      Pleeease do more with drunk goggles, omg this was so funny. Another one of my days brightened by Cody and Noel.

    35. NF42 Baseball

      Who else thinks Cody and Noel hate each other off cam

    36. gabijonesmusic

      The almost brotherly level of petty competition

    37. gabijonesmusic

      Loved this. Thanks guys.

    38. faith lee stark

      i haven’t slept and i’m choking on pretzels after realizing how absolutely ridiculous noels whisk is

    39. Ramsay Beoulve

      the editing on this is just perfect

    40. Aubrey Stallard

      military sergeant and hippie drunk bake together (someone nuts!)

    41. Daily Katie

      This is Cody’s new house???!!!!

    42. Carlissa Neumann

      Please make this an actually cooking show and a huge series except please actually get drunk with real alcohol next time

    43. Meg Meyer

      this is so fucking funny while drunk

    44. Lil bb muffin

      Not drunk. This is acid.

    45. bbygirl

      "Were you checking me out?"

    46. Paige Stuckey

      i’m so here for this

    47. Tommy Craig

      I don’t think this is a high quality content video in terms of making me laugh

    48. evian d


    49. Wrinkly Bastard

      Cody at 17:53 : eating the donut, visually disgusted by it, but continues to eat it

    50. J MacKenzie

      Noel: let cool for 5-10 minutes Okay Siri set a timer for 4 minutes

    51. aezidoubleu

      They bring positivity to anything they do

    52. David Christian Sorensen

      Why is he bald

    53. Sisir Howlader khan

      'oh you're squirting all over your pretty feet' even noel couldn't help laughing

    54. Maren Stone

      disliked because cody's apron was on backwards the whole time

    55. Living With Liv

      Do drag queen makeup next

    56. River Turnbull

      I got intoxicated just watching this

    57. carissas lame

      An 8th for 20???? Whheerreee?

    58. eiscrememe

      Why is Noels Whisk so damn huge! 😳

    59. Elaine Gray

      Me watching this on my lunch 👁👄👁

    60. Remi Matos

      u guys should do this again but with upside down goggles, I love this

    61. Jonathan Davies

      I can’t wait for Cody and Noel do: drunk driving

    62. ya like jas

      almond milk is SO good what :(

    63. sekar Wangi

      the videography style or what ever the fuck it called looks like some kind of professional baking show but when u click...

    64. Madeline David

      Who's still full from Thanksgiving??? And how was yours?!

    65. Insan3TV

      Absolutely No one: Both of them: 👁👁 👄

    66. Caro L

      This made me cry laughing holy shit 😂😂

    67. K S

      Just Bleep All Of It Out - The Story of Noel Miller (a biography)

    68. Cici Frocc

      I want them to try dancing.

    69. A. Elizabeth

      I really HATED all the wet sounding effects, could 100% do without

    70. TheClammantha

      2016 vlogger vibes w the click bait

    71. Meg Robinson

      Noel putting his goggles up is everyone in public pulling their masks down lmao

    72. Kayla Paulk


    73. Dani M

      Oh this is good

    74. alexa smith

      noel is so fine w that shaved head😩😩

    75. Moe Gann

      This was so good. Omg

    76. Moe Gann

      I slept on this and I really needed it. Thank you a week late. I was maybe also to drunk when I watched it but this was necessary.

    77. Caleb Crouch

      I Would panic. Haha props to you guys

    78. Stormo

      I'd watch a full series of just Drunk Baking

    79. maylen espinoza

      9:50 Me: There’s no way noel is winning lmao Noel: “fucking bitchass talking shit on your stupid ass phone, where you watching this? during your lunch? shut up.” Me watching this on my phone at work during my lunch: I...

    80. Bacon Eater

      Please stop touching your hair while baking 😩

    81. Victoria Scott

      they represent the two opposite extremes of the quarantine hair spectrum.

    82. bella reyes

      "Half a teaspoon of vanilla, Alright Cody spit in this" 😆😂🤣

    83. Xriqq

      You 2 on a team vs josh making a candybar

    84. Mia Modafferi

      why is this so funny

      1. Mia Modafferi

        the fucking tasting part im dead

    85. Kira Audrey

      I’m dying

    86. Amy Stuart

      Stopped about halfway through and drove to Timmies for a double chocolate donut.... XD

    87. Aleah A.

      cody licked the fork twice, put it back in the glaze, and then fed it to his friends. EPIC CHUNGUS MOMENT

    88. Aleah A.

      i don’t even know what part of the video to comment because every part made me laugh hysterically lmaooo

    89. Hamza Chaudhry

      17:26 the guy in the middle looks like Alex Albon

    90. Lydia DeRaimo

      i just watched the american school system fail them completely

    91. Kate Roberts


    92. Maddie Jenkins

      “half a teaspoon of vanilla... alright cody spit in this”

    93. Rachel Ellingson

      I wasn’t prepared for this video... but I needed it in my life. Had me dying the whole time!

    94. Nadirah Hanim

      Invite your girls. They give instructions but yall dont know what you're making. Make it chaotic!

    95. Ink Splatter TV

      pov youre watching this while wasted... or is that just me?

    96. player jr

      Bro who tf watches this and chooses to DISLIKE it. Is everything okay at home if u do bro?

    97. Jordan Cheechoo

      This was the first time I've ever been disappointed with noel and Cody. I was thinking they were goingto get drunk and bake but no ... lame ... ill get over it... Still a good video

    98. Zach McPhail

      I died laughing at this shit

    99. Julianna Beckman

      That was funny as balls Thanks fellas 🤓

    100. Tristarr Hernandez

      “Talking shit on your stupid ass phone. Where are you watching this? During your lunch??” Me: on my phone during my lunch 👀