Grubhub Cinematic-Universe explained


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    finally the answers we've all been waiting for.
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    1. Queen Reacitation

      Thank god thanks for saving our lives RNemo

      1. Luc Turney

        @Street Samurai I agree a lot

      2. Yulintha moken

        @Moon Gacha Things me to is not fake

      3. Aiden_plays

        @Julia Mia Randall it’s true

      4. Aiden_plays

        @Crazy tower of hell yes not fake

      5. Aiden_plays

        True he did save us

    2. Yin Toons

      Grubhub control their whole lives. They can't think about anything other than food because it's the only thing that make them feel happy. I hope they'll make a movie honestly...😂

    3. Rickdog Winger

      Don’t prove anything

    4. Jairus Keiden Pineda

      Thank god im shocked

    5. Jairus Keiden Pineda

      Thank hod im shocked

    6. Potato Avacadonion

      "but that's just a theory................................. A FILM THEORY"

    7. The Elijah Show

      oh noes. now i want to have grubhub. hhhhheeeeellllllpppppp.

    8. GamerForza23

      I am not going to order grubhub anymore I will eat McDonald's

    9. Flap

      Why do we look this deep into a commercial

    10. Mike 213

      grubhub ceo: oh no they're onto us

    11. Laina Muldoe

      his mom and dad could of had a device?! i think

    12. Landon Real life

      Little confused

    13. maeby vii

      😨 no...

    14. Gacha Yeni

      I became addicted to these 💀

    15. GGE_890KKXP EXP

      U make so much sense ur awsome!

    16. Ÿášh Gámîñ Đêľūxè

      That food had drugs!

    17. Ÿášh Gámîñ Đêľūxè

      Boogie man!

    18. Gabriel Toma


    19. Ronda Justice


    20. hyram tan


    21. UraniumPuppy 4000

      I will NEVER order from grubhub now.

      1. UraniumPuppy 4000

        amazon is SO much better lmao

    22. Cathy Kralik

      Its more like drughub

    23. Yeet That Random

      Wow I’d don’t notice this

    24. Scorpi Flow

      Why the fuck does this make sense

    25. HotSpicyCaleb

      Come on why everyone hating on a scary animation

    26. Ranch Animations

      Yes the GCU is here

    27. Julie Ha

      Grubhub is cursed

    28. Marcus Merrell

      this is why I never eat grub hub instead i only eat at ihop for breakfast and dinner

    29. IwannaplayR YT

      grubhub will end the world when everyone believed grubhub, why isnt youtube banning the grubhub account anyway?

    30. Haze

      It's all connected now

    31. Jason 4Hees

      1:00 wait he is black he could be the mother or her Me: but he’s a boy

    32. Woodgrain Owings Mills


    33. The Only Joke Here Is Me

      "WAIT! HE'S BLACK!" I'm sorry but that killed me

    34. macavelli 11avelli


    35. T1LLY!

      Well technically, its possible for a white woman to give birth to a darker skinned baby, especially if the dad has a darker complexion as well

    36. Younes Bouzid

      I never oedred from grubhub befor snd it is good i. Didint

    37. Niko awesome

      A cinematic masterpiece.

    38. Itz Bradderz

      Grubhub: The wiggle soldier, Grubhub:The first Grub ,Grubhub:Hubcoming

    39. TheGoodCat

      (This is a true story) It was a dark and stormy night. I was ordering some food in grubhub when a notification for this video appeared on my phone. You see, when my account got hacked, one of the channels the hacker subbed was this, I decided that a meme video wouldnt hurt before ordering the food.... Boy was I wrong. It appears this meme video is not a meme. Thank the lord this appeared on my phone, otherwise I would have been tricked and suctioned into the drug wolrd. I ended up ordering my food in Uber Eats.

    40. Evan Blom

      Omg bogeyman is the father so u r a Genius

    41. •Bunny•

      Dancing man is a baby maker. Me:die dancing man Bom: the bom has been planted 🧨

    42. DYSON LIU


    43. Muhammad Ibrahim

      thx i almost ate grubhub before watching this video u saved me

    44. Josiah Huallpa Flores


    45. PewDiePieTambourines

      0:58 lol

    46. Killerdragon boil

      My birth date is 11,16,07 I turned 13 when this came out

    47. Dyl and blade puppet master Studios

      You are wrong 😑 The pregnant lady might be consumed by bogeyman’s head duh 🙄

    48. AJ’s and Godzilla’s super duper channel

      The kid is saved YEA💰💰💰💰

    49. AJ’s and Godzilla’s super duper channel

      Wait pregnant lady can not dance

    50. Electronic Boy

      2:09 this is not the delivery guy you can see him riding a pizza bike at the bottom at 2:18

    51. Lori Marabella

      BTW I searched it up they’re just actors

    52. Lori Marabella

      He’s not a savior he’s just a hater

    53. ZaynPlayz

      Grubhub backwards is buhburg which includes Burg in it. So maybe only Boogie-man's burger only had the highly-addictive-drugs-that-make-people-dance-and-see-flashing-lights-and-colors. Grubhub may be all about burgers. And the other victims weren't infected by the drugged food. Maybe those other dancing people ordered food from another food website? (Those are my additions to this video.)

    54. Hector jr Quinteros

      Uber eats or door dash , what do you prefer? reply on this comment

      1. ZaynPlayz

        Grubhuh or doordash

      2. ZaynPlayz


    55. Fathia Annaila Asha

      So if the mother is the other boy then boogie man is gay

    56. WilliamNPC

      Holy shit it’s real

    57. WolfDragøn


    58. Kawaii bunny UwU

      Never knew that

    59. alan master pro

      Chill its just a ad

    60. LEGOPASTE yt

      oh my

    61. Kathryne Edwards

      The only 2 delivery things you should get is Uber eats and doordash

    62. zay cd

      Can u do more are this plz this are so good

    63. JB

      your eye are so sharp

    64. Maddyson Gilford

      this is so saddddddd XDD

    65. Leslie M.

      Fire trapped in the GrubHub commercial

    66. Theplotagonking 2004

      Is this true?

    67. Connor Salcedo

      God I’m never eating this stuff anmore thank you for savoring us rnemo

    68. Jemma Pelle

      1:01 “could this be the boys mother” well I guess it’s a diff universe so why not?

    69. Issac Boothcool

      May I ask how 0:59

    70. Issac Boothcool

      Uh oh watch out Marvel

    71. Rockmanbalboa

      thats a intersting concept, i would like a tv series.

    72. Heather Pollock

      yo dis epic

    73. Skid

      The ones who ordered grubhub liked this

    74. OOI ZAN LON Moe

      when watch this video and u eaten Grubhub before You: ;-; i am dead

    75. John Luis Igonia

      so true so true but grubhub is evil poop

    76. Captain Unikitty

      Oh oof 😅

    77. Down1meagain

      Wait *H E S B L A C K*

    78. ronfso

      I think this is kinda true, but a trick

    79. ronfso


    80. Jessica

      I think pregnant lady was suppose to eat healthy for the baby. I will never eat that food for a reason. I don't like eating salad, burger, pizza, and much meat stuff.

    81. Kiurama Foxz

      You have saved me from ordering grub hub my guy I can’t tell how happy I am by u explaining what I would have become... Thanks

    82. Boungiorno Bongiovanna

      Here I am watching a video on the history of a universe inside a tv commercial.

    83. The Master Of RED Alien Face

      Bruh the share link has the words "Hipio pay" Yeah sure I'll get a hippo to pAY for Grubhub food for me, makke senso.

    84. Andreea Stanic

      How is a preganent busting a move

    85. ito yang

      that world is for eating everything

    86. Angelo Alexis


    87. Nadia Gonzalez

      What is song but is transformers song

    88. Annette Garcia


    89. Annette Garcia


    90. Alexbunny Gamer

      Can u not put that voice it scares me

    91. ronfso


    92. Kyantoons and Games

      Omg is this true?

    93. harold bruse


    94. iiglossi

      Please don’t tell my wife

    95. eexayii

      oh no. they gave me boogie man food

      1. eexayii


    96. Stiffy Gamer

      👁👄👁my eyes

    97. 1DogeGamer1

      GrubHub: *Sees this video* GrubHub: YOU ARE MY FIRST VICTIM

    98. weston lloyd

      oh. no. oh no. oh. god😢😰

    99. Wardell Waters

      It is drugs

    100. Disbelief papyrus

      Thank you for saving everyones lives by everyone who watched the grubhub ad, and made this video From:Disbelief Papyrus To:Rnemo