The Haunting of Verdansk Trailer | Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone™

Call of Duty

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    Tomorrow, darkness falls.
    This is the Haunting of Verdansk, beginning October 20 across #ModernWarfare and #Warzone.
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    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. Егор Парнюгин

      h-help Please Help me Help HELP Run for your Lifes

    2. That One Cinnibun

      I miss this mode so much

    3. MackenzieEther

      We need a season 7!! I love this game so much more than cold war. I still bought cold war but I prefer modern warfare! Please keep updated until the new one comes out. so many people have the same opinion

    4. SlowRhythm -3-

      I hope cold war does something like this for next Halloween

    5. kostas pap

      bubba and jigsaw

    6. Jane Smith

      Why cant we get the warzone map as a private lobby map? I know its there but you gotta have like 20+ people to play. Why cant 3 of us play on it and just mess around in it?

    7. jalen clayton

      Can yall mfs stop taking Royale Quad Trucks off warzone its legit better than any other gameode

    8. Jesse Martinez

      so cool

    9. N1rg3nds Karma

      Best Halloween Event ever ❤️

    10. Jasper Sanders

      Pls call of duty give us a season 7 every body love this game so mutch

    11. клоунада блин

      Чаво блять

    12. newo davies

      Surely well trained and competent military personnel should be able to handle a horror movie environment right?

    13. Oscar Medrano

      So the trailer looks amazing but it’s only skins and extra game modes? Here I was thinking it was gonna be like undead nightmare

    14. Fabyan Yafi Syahbaz

      Why i can play cod warzone it will stuck in black screen at launch

    15. John Herbert Pelotos

      The music theme though😏😏😏

    16. Ethan Quarrington

      Activision could make a completely seperate game, like this.


      Thought this was a movie at first

    18. W. Gonzaga

      Oscar 🇧🇷

    19. Lampツ

      1:10 I want to play a game, here's what happens if you lose. The device you're wearing is hooked into your upper and lower jaw, when the timer in the back goes off, your mouth will be permanently ripped open, think of it like a... reverse bear trap. Here I'll show you.................. There is only one key to open the device, its in the stomach of your dead cellmate. Look around Amanda, know that I am not lying. Better hurry up.. live or die, make your choice.

    20. Mohamed Ilyas Ismail

      Holy flip jigsaw and jason

    21. Trevel Francis

      I miss it

    22. Лис Хитрый


    23. steve chutney

      yo what are developers doing to ban haxx in this I just found out you can see through walls and stuff with haxx I play x box and don't want to cross play with people seeing through walls with haxx haxx is taking over, you must get paid enough with packs etc surely there's an anti haxx department to ban haxxers from cheating

    24. Shoko gaming!


    25. tenshi Mohagon

      This games dogshit

    26. AlphaWolf

      If there was a Micheal Myers bundle: Micheal skin for operator: Price Blueprints: gun: AK-47 Tracer: black and orange with dismemberment. Melee: Micheal Myers knife Calling card: Pumpkin with nose carved as Micheal Myers knife saying “Happy Halloween” Sticker: Happy Halloween Emblem: Laurie Strode’s house Spray: “Say something” Calling card: Micheal holding knife with reflection of Laurie Strode. Vehicle horn: Halloween theme song.

      1. Skipper Fishy

        @AlphaWolf yeah, Tha’d be cool for sure

      2. AlphaWolf

        IF where lucky, maybe the 2021 halloween it COULD come. But I don’t promise it. It’s just a thought

      3. Skipper Fishy

        @AlphaWolf true, and he is one of my favorite skins

      4. AlphaWolf

        Reason why I chose price because price dose not even have one bundle

      5. Skipper Fishy

        Yes tha’d be awesome

    27. elio 182


    28. Jack Riley

      rip those ppl rip

    29. Deepa Roopa

      That's awesome

    30. Insert name Here

      This is scarier than the actual game itself :(

    31. MAD BOY

      N.H.T. What are these numbers?😡😡😡

    32. Rocky Rhodes

      Activision is bricking everyone's consoles. BOYCOTT ACTIVISION

    33. Curtis Ginger

      They used an amazing song to promote a cash grab.

    34. 0 _ 0

      They need to make the punching weaker, everyone 2 punches me everywhere it’s so annoying

    35. Fabi the salty one

      Who's here now that the event is over?

      1. Thomas king


    36. Head32Hunter

      I'm missing it now

    37. BHS

      This was the best part of your entire game and you guys turned it off. IDIOTS !

    38. SASธนโชค SASศรีดาวเรือง


    39. Who_is Metchop

      I love this song

    40. What is Life


    41. Thanos Brick47

      I got damascus, where's my damascus controller??!?!

    42. Furkan Uzun

      Zombie Mode ❤️👍

    43. KING GODZILLA 541460

      I wish this stayed this was so much fun or be given as a choice to play

    44. Einfach Ich

      pls stop making cod for fkn hypebeasts and casuals ffs

    45. ThePunish3r69

      Realistic textures, realistic scenery, realistic clothing physics, realistic guns, realistic sounds, realistic models.... then the females look like they are made out of cement...

    46. Jay

      When is this coming out on Warzone ?

      1. itsTw1sted

        Bruh 💀

      2. Shootta Kill

        it already came out a month ago its gone

    47. Stalker -Six

      Imagine they added Michael Myers,Jason,and freddy Kruger

    48. Amber Moore

      I had a dream where there was a nosfuratu skin and he was white and black with a AR

    49. Elijah Williams

      I’m sad it’s over😔

    50. Ray Young

      Here’s an idea, make coop playable

    51. Kitsune Warrior

      I wish this event returns in 2021 :(

      1. FrostWolf


    52. Sefin

      they should have go for scenario where randomly selected players in the loby will be chosen as those figures from the movies - who would have special abilities and have constant adv. UAV active. If they die then there could be some mechanic to select a new player to take that role. Zombies were designed well, but I would also add Zombie NPCs. That would lead into some really creepy encounters. Players fighitng each other, zombies and player controlled bosses...

    53. justin tsolomitis

      watching this for the 100th time

    54. Ahah Ahaha

      Que miedo

    55. entretenimiento fermel

      Xd 😃😃😃

    56. David Duong

      Anyone know this song? This sounds so scary!

      1. stoney 2713

        Black hole sun cover nouela

    57. Very Crispy Boi

      Ngl I would buy this 100% if it was a movie

    58. optic4predator1

      I like your game but why not invest in anti cheat like pubg game became disgusting with a lot of characters work on it we pay money we buy pass seasons use mac adress to ban cheaters

    59. noticedpilot458


    60. Диас Саликов


    61. SPEEDer

      As a console player that's used to games with FOV slider for example Battlefield series apex and other games I don't know how console players that play this can actually play COD. The FOV is laughable in COD they should just remove Cold war and bring an fov slider



    63. TheMistGaming

      Jigsaw: do you want to play a game My storage: NO PLS NO PLEEASSE

    64. Sean McArthur

      Bruh the yellow tracer M13 was in this trailer

    65. HeyItsToner

      This event started on my birthday This was probably the best event in MW holy

    66. Nicolás Serrano Mendoza

      Verdanks is scary in the nighit no or yes

    67. Nicolás Serrano Mendoza

      The ves estock my brotehers

    68. Nicolás Serrano Mendoza

      Yes is spooky

    69. American Airlines Boeing 767

      In the subway scene I actually didn’t notice them saying “Rody No!” Idk seemed pretty cool to me on how they use nicknames.

    70. Tyren Yazzie

      It’s been two weeks great.... NOW GIVE ME MY PUMPKIN PUNISHER BLUEPRINT

    71. Sabir Zavala Rodríguez

      Como se llama la canción de fondo?

      1. Ah

        Black hole sun

    72. Klaus Witschke

      All the stuff is beautiful

    73. Blaze.

      dont remove rumble

    74. Renan Rodrigues

      Who sings this version of black hole sun ?

    75. Yuvi Live Hai

      We all know that CALL OF DUTY is amazing content and it's also an amazing trailer and warzone is amazing

      1. Rexigmb

        And that's no cap

    76. Nuk4lear


    77. Trixia on Netflix

      What is the music pls

      1. Ah

        Black hole sun

    78. Obed Reyes

      How do I play this???

      1. MAA

        The event is over

      2. ihavealongnamelikewtfdude

        get a console or pc dingus

    79. Silent Wraith

      Who’s he after this amazing event is over? 😭

    80. Emperor Michinomiya Hirohito

      I like this.

    81. Héctor Sebastián

      Alguien me dice el nombre de la cancion del principio? xd

    82. MC_Smasher 2342

      I did my Halloween challenges and didn’t get the blueprint do you guys know why

      1. Thomas king

        you have to have at least a 2.0 kd ratio in warzone to unlock it

    83. Nubaid Uddin

      But now I'm not scared because it's November.


      Downloading that cover ASAP

    85. Gabs •ᴗ•

      Does anyone know the name of the background music ???

    86. Joel Gonçalves

      What This music?

    87. yTheuzZ __


    88. CHEETS 39

      The two weeks went by too fast 😔

    89. YaBoyLuis

      What the name of the background song?

    90. Cheter Deviñ


    91. Clark Lewis

      THIS IS THE BEST GAME MODE EVER.. DO NOT REMOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would personally play this alot more if it stay's..!!

    92. Anthony

      This was an elite Halloween event

    93. dustinb797

      Best trailer ever. Get chills every time I watch it

    94. michael a

      Can we get one last remastered map from OG modern warfare. I would love to have strike back

    95. Dave Jessop

      1:05 Rodney NOOoooO

    96. melindied


    97. Diesel Baker

      What’s the song called

      1. stoney 2713

        Black hole sun cover nouela

    98. Darren Joseph

      Whats the song called

      1. stoney 2713

        Black hole sun cover nouela

    99. you are hot Sahcnez

      Nice traler

    100. hejshsh jejeheh

      Why this trailler looks like it is hinting for a new F.E.A.R game?