Mask Enforcement Prank!

Danny Duncan

4 млн көрүүлөр307

    Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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    1. Danny Duncan

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      1. Kobe Belmes

        Be mask enforcement at a restaurant please

      2. Daily Dose Of Memes

        Bet this type of video wouldn’t be able to be made in another country.

      3. Poncho Reyes

        You pyromaniac 🥵

      4. mason brown

        Danny if you fly me to Florida I will personally cut each peice of grass with a pair of tweaser for the rest of my left for 2.50per hour

      5. Leo Leon

        @Dinglegoyyy Go I I Konkani

    2. pR Shxvrr

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    3. Avraz M

      Man you live the best fucking life ever 😂

    4. Phil McKraken

      The penis jokes were so funny😂

    5. Muhammad Adam Qarllief


    6. Richard Chandler

      I love it when he says it's Not Driving its Conning

    7. Vivian Dcruz

      Who was that girl sitting next to him at the end

      1. choboc

        gianna lewis

    8. WiggersART


    9. C M

      Good to see you doing well bro, shit was funny

    10. Noah Jacobs

      The groovy swordfish externally back because refrigerator utrastructurally pine upon a whole millimeter. sour, premium straw

    11. Dirtiest VLOGS

      If papa Jim passes away this year I'm gonna be very upset


      Danny Duncan is always welcome at the Carne Asadas for the respect he got for La Raza 🇲🇽 ‼️

    13. Donovan Obrien

      wtf when you ate the guys food that was funny as hell

    14. Jake Jones

      I love Florida people🤣🤣🤣

    15. D-Mind Productions

      Guy at DQ looked like Ross 2:02

    16. kendrick

      People are dumb. Great video

    17. Damien Barmore

      i know wanna see danny to be a police now

    18. AsthmaGG


    19. lizard ,S, 777

      Classic, with biden in the white house R you fucking nuts 🤣

    20. Diego Terrones

      “Who do you work for?” “I work for your mom.” “Alright.”

    21. JP

      I’m tight I wanted to buy the Danny Duncan grinder cause I fw you so much but them bitches sold out💔PS THIS IS LIKE MY 4th channel and there all subscribed to you

    22. Dade gustavson

      10:42 Danny look like a drunk fire fighter who hates his job 😂

    23. Dead_Tripp

      Best part of the video was pops at the end. Hopefully you spread his memories

    24. Joel Koffi

      This guy is probably one of the most ill mannered and disrespectful youtuber I’ve ever seen in years !

    25. m. bentley

      Florida > California

    26. iMigit

      Fucking love rosco

    27. Jonathan Mings

      Papa Jim is such a fucking legend!!!

    28. picasso the bird


      1. Levi Welch

        this needs to happen

      2. vOften


    29. Cmonty

      i thought he ran over chickens for a hot sec 1:19

    30. buddy buddy


    31. deniece lebrun

      Ah beautiful Florida. I wish I lived there. Where people value their freedom

      1. Brendan Desjardins

        Freedom is when ignore pandemic


      The title should have been driving around pretending to be an officer and fucking with people.

    33. Noah

      Danny is the funniest guy🤣

    34. Ihate Libtards

      Love your videos man!

    35. The real Mrwesty

      Your selfish but your american so i dont know what to expect

    36. J H

      Jeremy Dewitt needs to see this

    37. Eg_palm _tree


    38. Jabari Gordy

      i died at 0:12 when he slapped his neck

    39. Logan Wurtz

      guy at 8:05 was jus as appalled as you were bro. “where the fuck is ma mask”😂😂😂😂

    40. Mikołaj Kraus

      Danny, come to Europe before I make your European version.

    41. Alex Fruge

      I ain't no snitch but Ross hit your mask car👀

    42. Michael Gottron

      These idiots are the reason we haven't reopened yet

      1. Robert Eckle

        Go cry

    43. Clement Talazac

      Is the golfer the john daly’s son?

    44. howtofixbrand

      Ross goes to jail for movie tickets he yells fuck at people and is okay

    45. luis stanziola

      Beatiful when she says this aint california you can tell the freedom difference from fl and cali

      1. luis stanziola

        @Aditya Kamat its not about politics its about common sense and logic this virus is not worst than a common flue it kills people just like season flue

      2. Aditya Kamat

        why don't you guys just treat this as a pandemic and not politics. Where your mask

    46. Mike Tate

      Better be careful. I have been waiting fir someone to talk to me like that so I can body slam them

      1. Brendan Desjardins

        Uh oh mike is not to be messed with

      2. Mr. Geekman

        Understood just make sure the guys not joking first

    47. Mike Tate

      All the people with out of state accents piss me off

    48. kevin jeter

      this guys funny as shit im over here spitting my coffee

      1. Mr. Geekman


    49. adam Trig

      Bro I just found out about him, I should of been watching this guy a long time ago 😂

    50. Fox Gabriel

      The jazzy retailer particularly yawn because pen supposedly concentrate upon a tranquil cappelletti. daily, hollow step-uncle

    51. curtis johnson

      I'm so glad someone else agrees about how big of a joke the masks are, seriously... All the sheep in this world are wearing them... When really they are doing is nothing for us... The sheep that are wearing them are only weakening themselves.. Meaning there lungs and anything else affected by lack oxygen cause of the masks.. I live in Florida and we keep our a.c. on year round... Right there were pumping the air into our house... The air were afraid of. No point in wearing them if you take care of yourself. Health wise. It might be necessary for employees based on made up laws. But is not for customers they can ask you to wear one but cant make you. They can choose to denie you to shop in. Their store. But does that mean their discriminating? I have a severe anxiety issue i cant wear the mask. love the video bro just started watching you glad their are good videos out there.

    52. Miguel Cruz

      Need a pt2 lol

    53. Samuel Öhrn

      Who is the blonde girl in the couch with danny and papa jim?

    54. Triston Ritchie

      9:54 😂

    55. Bob Chancy

      Danny : where the fucks ur mask? Guy: where the fuck is my mask?! I’m dead

    56. Bob Chancy

      Everyone of these people were trump supporters 😂

    57. Bob Chancy

      Favorite video 😂

    58. YOUNGIN15

      i never cried so hard at 7:05

    59. 4ear M3

      2:24 they filmed this song in a bedroom while a couple was clapping cheeks

    60. Brian Miller

      david just wanted to give snacks

    61. Dalton Peele

      “Don’t question my authority” 😂

    62. Jerry From outta space

      I love this guy 😂😂🙌

    63. andrew ッ

      Looked like vlog creations

    64. Colton Malaikal

      This was his best video yet

    65. anthonywya

      More videos with the mask enforcement

    66. Ari pxp

      this video made me piss myself

    67. Peter VanDixhoorn

      Some were so nice

    68. Ryan Murphy

      "Whats your badge number?" "6969420" I love this guy lmfao

    69. ICY

      You should collaborate with either vlog creations or baylin Levine

    70. sindrel100

      shoots a golf ball at his mom, get sketcht for almost hitting a chicken.

    71. Roman Boumel

      Bro if u did that to my dad he would probably start to try to fight u about the mask thing he already hates masks

    72. Dallas Ballou

      North port florida

    73. Dallas Ballou

      I just realized I grew up there

    74. Turtle Plays

      I like how you made the fire with a fire extinguisher and put it out with one

    75. Angel Holguin

      Wear your masks! Thank you!

    76. Kevin Couillard

      the girl smoking who actually listened 🥺😂

    77. tractor wars

      yo if it becomes possible you need to make papa jim live until he dosent want to bc ion want him to suffer

    78. Maria Espaillat

      I love you! You make my day and with papa John lmao ! You make me realize life could be better if I was around people like u,lol!

    79. Tor the tame badger

      Americans are always so arrogant and easily offended. It's crazy

    80. mcthegoldeboat

      my mom thinks your merch is funny

    81. Brock Luft


    82. ManYouLookLikeCheese

      No wonder there are so many COVID cases

    83. King Muscle Flex

      Where’s the mask logo on the police car?

    84. Travis OConnor

      It ain’t much but it’s honest work.

    85. CJ D

      DANNY should make stories with papa jim in all his videos

    86. Tyrone Desmarais

      That badge number tho 👌

    87. Kahz

      2:07 Mans looks Like Ross.

    88. pR Shxvrr

      The squeamish smoke scientifically brush because router selectively strap with a nauseating sound. left, succinct language

    89. Barbara Adkins


    90. Patience Oldakowski

      Danny Duncan: “4 years gonna be a good year” Nobody: “With Biden in the White House you on drugs?”

    91. Prod. Ajani

      5:44 Jeff Bezos

    92. Austin Whirley

      “i work for your mom”

    93. Subitrash


    94. Subitrash

      was that john daily jr?

    95. #bossdarko Ø #bossdarko Ø


    96. Nick Stoneking

      I’m new but where do I get your Jodie love it lmao

    97. Helixtron

      this looks kind of edgy.

    98. Isaac Banuelos

      This might actually become a thing I feel like

    99. Soundmaster Blink

      My favorite person triggered by the mask enforcement prank was definitely the old guy with the American flag shirt and sweatpants

    100. Bobby In The Shop