The Most Expensive Koi Fish In The World!

Carl and Alex

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    Koi fish are the most beautiful and expensive fish in the world, join me on an adventure to Japan to find out what makes them so special. This documentary touches on koi varieties, Japanese gardens and culture, pond and lakes and of course the koi carp farms. Click here to watch MY FISH COMES HOME:
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    1. Carl and Alex

      My fish 'Charlie' has come home now, see her arrive in her new pond here!

      1. Jeff Lith

        @Jax Teller I guess its depending on the person who owns them. A youtuber actually use chiron for snow shoveling.

      2. Jax Teller

        @Jeff Lith because it's not supposed to be used as an "asset". It's liking buying a Bugatti Chiron. Look up the depreciation per mile on one of those fuckers.... it's a few thousand dollars

      3. Destiny Martin

        Bro 😂😂

      4. Pray for Peace

        @Jeff Lith Could have bought many cars or helped the poor

      5. Jeff Lith

        I just can not understand people buying million dollar worth of living creature.

    2. Alexander Hammond

      coco pops

    3. Ken Lee

      Koi fish In the US are cheap

    4. ehonker

      0:04 i am the fish and the spoon is victory

    5. Power of Chi

      Koi fish are SOOO CUTE❤

    6. Jimmy J

      You see fish I see dinner

    7. K J

      Cool video guys

    8. 峎羽

      I never thought I would love Koi fish until one day, my parent brought me to a manor Coffee in the mountain. That was like a garden with a huge pond. And there were so many Koi swimming. And I notice their pattern and color for some reason I don't know why. I thought it was an illusion but later when I went to the lavatory I found that there were many Koi fish illustrated books around. Then I realize the reason that makes me feel special to those Koi fish. I start to understand their beauty since then

    9. Rohan rodnikk Rellin UK


    10. The Dude

      This is so stupid... Pay 1.8M for a fish is just dumb... 🤦‍♂️

    11. Josh Akawa

      When you buy the fish and it dies

    12. Eric Sanchez

      And who are the statue of hercules made and honored too King leo hercules

    13. Eric Sanchez


    14. Eric Sanchez

      Just like the fastest animal in the planet

    15. Eric Sanchez

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    17. Eric Sanchez

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    18. Eric Sanchez

      They all like this

    19. BB ~

      Loved this! So well made, so enlightening. The way you progressively added more and more information until the explanation of why some koi are so expensive was very well made, easy to follow and enthralling. Hope Charlie is enjoying his new home!

    20. Tom Worley

      What’s wrong wi birds hair pal

    21. watrgrl2

      Loved your documentary! Very professional and I watched with rapt attention to every minute of it and not for a second was I anything but fascinated and entertained. You are a natural narrator and your on screen presence is so natural and calming.

    22. Shake n' Bake

      One time I’m over fed my neighbors koi... you can assume what happened. . . . Rest In Peace Starchy. ☹️

    23. Abhinay Limbu

      So which is the most expensive?

      1. Carl and Alex

        The red and white one which was at the auction :)

    24. Ian Marr

      Coralfish12g and his Koi adventures worth a watch too.. Thanks for this one, very interesting subject. Amazing that a fish can be an investment like real estate.

      1. Carl and Alex

        We've watched a few of his videos! Full energy that guy!

    25. Little Brook Reader

      WOW!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

    26. Karen Banogon

      Ok. At the end it's still a fish. It always fascinates me how the human brain thinks . Amazing ! Kinda like " caviar ". It's fish eggs for crying out loud. God... I salute you for making the brain brilliant and stupid as well.

    27. Mili M

      Looks like an overweight goldfish to me

    28. Robert Baird

      Incorrect: Koi are not the most expensive fish in the world. Blue fin tuna are far more sort after and have far greater value.

      1. Carl and Alex

        @Robert Baird wow didn’t know that, thanks! If I could re edit my video id say ‘most expensive life fish’ thanks for the info. :) RIP your little koi ❤️

      2. Robert Baird

        @Carl and Alex Depends how you define value. Highest price paid for a bluefin tuna was US$3.1million in 2019. You may quibble and breakdown the cost per kilogram, or live weight. I raised koi as a child in a Japanese "ike" or pond in New Zealand. My prize fish was albino and weighed over 4 kilograms. He died after 8 years from a Kingfisher attack. He also suffered from skin cancer and netting the pond helped to some extent. He was a prolific breeder and sired more than 20 offspring, none of whom reached his size and girth. But I enjoyed your video. Sorry if I came across as antagonistic.

      3. Carl and Alex

        Ok what do they sell for? :)

    29. Kringy

      When I first found out people collect fountain pens worth thousands of dollars, I had the same reaction to this video. Wow! Highly informative though.

    30. Paxielle


    31. Bobby Edmands


    32. The Man That Likes Your Cut G

      Koi in thailand is bitch said my thailand friend so that fish is a bitch fish ur wellcome☺

    33. Arctic Fox

      R.I.P all the poor people who lost their lives in the earthquake 🙏 .

    34. Keith Bernard

      Give it a alkazelser, they really like them 👍

    35. Taxandria

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      i am the fish and the spoon is victory

    37. Abdul rehman

      It's not a koi fish it's 'MAGIKARP'

    38. jay gunjal

      Kinda crazy they will never be able to see how beautiful they are...

    39. Xentoo 89

      Critical Ops players will know what koi is the most valuable

    40. moias ghiwan

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    41. Veyunali FL

      Imaginin nyo na bumili kayo ng koi tapos ginawang paksiw

    42. M !

      They’re hugeeeee

    43. Shu Meister

      I wonder, can you eat a Koi? Those it taste good?

    44. Alexa O

      Is he one of the cast of harry potter?

    45. snake plissken

      My father was killed by a school of koi when I was 7, since that day I've never stopped hunting them,,and I never will.

    46. Clover Lee

      Rich people issues.

    47. LunerCat_ 1

      Pog fish

    48. Sweetsweetyswyou Love

      People selling those expensive items for spending / transfer dirty money to other place. It is for cover up.

    49. Raddishist

      good thumbnail

    50. Sasha Schmidt

      Great video! I have always loved koi fish and you make me want to visit those farms too. It was amazing how your love of koi fish came through in this video. Made me really excited haha

    51. JS C

      “The market will regulate itself” The market:

    52. Milk Man Man

      Who wants milk from Milk Man Man

    53. Khoo V Cool

      Pog fish

    54. Laura Darnall

      My question is what do they do with the koi that don't make the grade....of being a show fish ....

    55. Hydro Aegis

      Nah sounds more like money laundering for the wealthy.

    56. Alyssa C

      No one going talk about how that man tried to buy him

      1. Carl and Alex

        Haha 😂

    57. karlos mamaku

      We I live they pest eat all our trout

    58. Win From Within

      Magic carp has entered the chat

    59. Leneyosh

      What an excellently produced and interesting video. One of the best I have seen on KGup! Thank you

      1. Carl and Alex

        Wow, thank you!

    60. John L Guildoo

      Do they eat them? We have carp and no recipes.

    61. Johan Franzen

      One pun you can use is that koi also means love (恋=love) so koi love is koi koi

    62. tdotc

      videos do exist that soothe the soul.. absolutely lovely

    63. Levi Harvey

      They're expensive because it's actually Magickarp and at LVL 20 will evolve into a Gyarados

    64. dolandlydia

      N ever understood the fascination with this stuff.

    65. jay fox

      I know why those fish is so expensive.

    66. Headband OG

      I wonder if they mounted the fish when it died?

    67. Sheryl H M Kiwi

      Fascinating thanks. I learned lot, what a beautiful fish.

      1. Carl and Alex

        Glad you enjoyed it Sheryl.

    68. John Belcher


    69. Ema Works

      Love the fact that we get to see the thumbnail right in the beginning

    70. GameElders

      LMAO 30min to say, because there is a market for them. :)_;

    71. Radish Juice

      There used to be koi in a communal pond at my school. They were so cute and fat

    72. Paweł Domański


    73. Peter Ripuli

      I have learned to appreciate Koi Fish! Very great documentary!

    74. mizala mizala

      I wanna have it grilled...

    75. Morgan Massey

      Sitting on the couch promising myself I won’t get into any more money sucking hobbies... *Watches video about koi fish* Well damnit.

    76. zenanarchist

      Tokyo is not even close to being the most densely populated city in the world.

    77. Fwoosh312

      Anything is worth what someone is willing to pay.

    78. The Music Nations

      Koi" mean love?

    79. carmay3600

      My first thought was that the fish must not like being moved and sold like that. Just like old people don’t want to move out of their house to live with strangers. It’s not surprising that the fish died shortly after.

    80. Laisa hh

      Its sad that it's just a show now

    81. Greta B.

      Being a Koi dealer is kinda a flex. I love Koi fish 🎏

    82. K. R.

      Most importantly: How does it taste and how's the meat texture? Are 4 to 5 meals really worth its price?

    83. K. R.

      All it can do, is Splash. Its name is Magikarp.

    84. حكايه Hekya

      Am from cairo love it wish you visit my country my country alot of different Fish

    85. حكايه Hekya


    86. Tom Lompa

      Just the first minute was enough to tell me that there are some really stupid people in the world with lots of money. These are carp. Only good for fertilizer.

    87. Alex likes string cheese


    88. The Mighty Pair

      I like your English.

    89. Le bean

      me: has very very important GCSE exams in a few days also me: goes from a maths video to a video about koi fish

    90. Rob

      mmm pelleds

    91. Music & Soul

      Why? Does it even fricken matter? Ugh I hate this so much

    92. Pranav J

      Thank you so much. Learnt a lot. Very well made film. Props to you. 💯

      1. screwy_goo 72

        Learned *

      2. Chel’le Malone

        I like how you spelled learned phonetically, it reminds me of my native tongue, AAVE. 😂

    93. Keelon Thompson

      Over 1000 mud pounds? 💰💰💰

    94. Sarnil Maharjan


    95. Izzie RH

      Typical Chinese -- if they cared about animals there wouldn't be so many extinct species.

    96. sandy iam


    97. Doe Serpent

      I have seen so many of these in the temple..

    98. A healthy journey

      A fish gets transported from pool to pool probably gets daily massages meanwhile right outside there's people starving in poverty.. this was a great video and very informative... but couldn't help and think of the people that might benefit from this amount of attention or even a fraction of it

    99. glitched cam

      fugg it, i am the fish and the spoon is victory