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    1. Iris Velzz

      Where Is her blue top from in the end of the video ? 😭

    2. Arissa G

      Girl, you have like PERFECT feet! 👍👌

    3. Alice Fulcher

      The godly decimal noticeably groan because elizabeth relatively destroy absent a abhorrent smell. large, bad footnote

    4. Alize Rocha

      Your dad is the best dad there is! I wish I had a dad like yours!

    5. CiciTV

      You guys should go to buy buy baby! But yeah just wait till at least the second trimester or when you know the gender. For sure, bassinet, crib, rocking couch, DONT BUY CHANGING TABLE!, electric rocking swing for baby.

    6. Calvin Paz


    7. deedeerama

      You both are to cute, blessings to you three 🙏

    8. Anabel Martinez

      Will we get a mom's reaction to pregnancy??🤔

    9. Sugarplum87

      i have accidental fast track tickets better pay it fast or it like doubles lmaoo

    10. Sugarplum87

      omg laughing so hard at the intro 😂😂😂

    11. Jorge Velez

      I also wouldn't imagine u becoming a mother alo.u been threw alot.and god has spoken to u.i have a feeling that u will be a great mother to your child. ❤❤

    12. Jorge Velez

      Omg I really am so happy for you alo and benny I hope that everything turn out in your favor u have a beautiful family God has bless u.🙏🙏🙏🙏

    13. Karen R

      Pay those tickets Benny

    14. Elz

      Dont know how you could move that fast from tre👋🏽

    15. Laura Brown

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    16. Erica Schultz

      My boyfriend gained all the weight and craved everything more than me lol

    17. DreMations TV

      *AWWWWW* 12:35

      1. Laura Brown

        In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

    18. lisa t

      Clicking like before n the crack suks now it's not good anymore..

    19. Joey ********

      No cap I feel that the target yall went to was in San Antonio

    20. Meg Mellas

      Dad was trying to say he seant your glow n that's how he knew:)

    21. Luisa Rodriguez

      I'm team girl 😍

    22. Maria Jaramillo

      I finally finished watching this all late I didn’t realize I never finished it🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ but my dad was the same with me for all of my pregnancies he told me he knew too!! Must be a mexican dad thing 😂 one of them he called before I even knew myself!!! Awh he is gonna be an awesome grandpa🥺💕

    23. Leslie x2

      Shalisa!!! Lmao that’s from the trip y’all took and bennys fake kids 😂😂😂

    24. SJ 323

      Did I miss you tellin ur mom or u didn't do a vid w her? U rarely mention her so idk sorry if it offends. Btw ur so lucky to have ur dad be so loving and supportive. Welcome to motherhood girl🥰

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    26. maria garibay

      Your dad is so sweet!

    27. Yamillet Garcia

      I love your dad! xoxo

    28. mia ijo

      YES! On the islands, it is said that when the mom is pregnant, dad is pregnant too!

    29. Destinee Garza

      Your 4 months??!!??

    30. Shaun Washburn

      i think it’s a girl 🥺🥺💗💗💗

    31. Jazlyn Gomez

      I remember that video that was video had my dead I was laughing so much 😂😂😂❤️shylassa

    32. S Borr20

      6:19 Benny you should write a letter, better yet Alondra should write a letter. "Dear Mr. Target , I am a pregnant women in America and there is no font row parking for my pregnant ass...em em (clears throat) I mean Pregnant bottom. Sorry excuse my language"

    33. Mood Ring

      She is literally so linda!😍 Beautiful! You are going to be a great Mom and Dad!

    34. Mood Ring

      Jeje! Y’all are so sweet and funny!

    35. Megan Silva

      When are you guys going to have a gender reveal?!!

    36. KVI 98

      the blue part of the mask is supposed to be out -js for safety !

    37. MichelleG

      I honestly can’t wait for when I’m pregnant and I get to tell my dad he’s going to be a grandpa, so special

    38. Beatris Almanza

      Lol yeah my dad was so ill and the doctor said it was nothing then they found out it was cus my mom was prego

    39. Adrian Duarte

      You and benny gonna be good ass parents💯 plus yall both come from good parents well mannered and raised

    40. Nie Hernandez

      Su papá se ve tan humilde que bonito ☺️

    41. Jenny Echavarria

      I love it ..this video made me cry ... 😭😭😭

    42. GEE GEE

      You and your dad look distant. And does your lil sis knows Spanish at least? How come you don’t ?

    43. Andrea Fuentes

      where is Alondras mom does she approve of her being prego?

    44. Andrea Fuentes

      omg benny is becoming so mature in the videos

    45. Kimberly Martinez

      I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I AM FREAKING DEAD AF!!!! I thought yall had me when you were acting like there was a real baby in that bassinet but when benny was spinning with the mannequin THAT WAS THE END FOR ME 💀💀💀

    46. Yoseline Serrano

      your moms reaction video?!🥺😍❤️

    47. Aleena Rodriguez

      Aww omg your dad is so sweet ! 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️

    48. Analisa Torres

      You can tell Benny and alo really enjoy eachothers company they’re relationship seems is real for them both being influencers recording all the time

    49. Paola Yamileth

      Oh not me binge watching these pregnancy videos 🥲 my dad told me he felt like I was pregnant too cause i looked sick and tired

    50. Gustavo Castañeda

      I mean is cute and nice but goddam I already know ima be so jealous if ever had a daughter I see my self not letting her talk to dudes 😂😂😂

    51. Lali Briselda

      "you're fuckin lying" , same asfcc 😂

    52. C. C.

      Were you going to surprise your mom?? She always wanted a lido one 😭

    53. Ana S

      Awww it is true our parents know everything about us even when we try to hide anything they already know us better then ourselves 🥺❤️❤️ Bendiciones hermosa 💖🙏🏼🙏🏼🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    54. Jennifer Gaytan

      your dads reaction 🥺🤍

    55. Daniela Ll

      Ugh 🤦‍♀️ Benny really getting Alondras tickets and having her pay for them.... 🥴

    56. Hailey Reed

      Girl ur so gorgeous look at u. I love babies so much I’m so excited for you guys. I use to watch u and Benny when he first asked u out. And then life got busy and I haven’t been on KGup came back to it when my time got free and y’all are prego now and I’m so happy for u guys. I love u guys . U guys are so great and amazing and u both always got me dead on the floor laughing 😂

    57. Simply Sumiyah

      I haven't had any cravings. It's more like, if I see some food pop up on TV or something, it makes me want it. But I use to LOVE pickles before I was preggers. And now I don't. I have a whole jar of pickles in my fridge that have just been sitting there for 2 months now lol. Anyways I'm 32 weeks today, officially 8 months 😬

    58. LOV Gang

      Snuggle me organic is a god send!!!! Highly recommend it!! 💗

    59. Nayelli a

      Aww you das reminded me of my dad 🥰🥰 i cried when he hugged u and his voice sounds so calm and he sounds exited ❤️❤️

    60. Elizabeth Nieto

      Will u b doing yr moms reaction🥺😭

    61. Mariah Ramirez

      Aww she’s pregnant dang never expected

    62. Melany Salgado

      If you want the best baby products and stuff go to bye bye baby they have so many cute things 😭

    63. alexa chavez

      i literally love your dad he’s so adorable 🥺🥺🥺

    64. stephanie g

      when he called her the throat goat😭😭💀

    65. Jessie Moore

      You have some of the cutest chubby toes lol

    66. Marie Covarrubias

      Is the first time I see your videos. And this made me cry too. My dad passed away and I wish I had him to tell him he will be a grandpa again. Best wishes. Xoxo

    67. Gabby V.

      “YoUr fUkEn lYing” *mexican mom accent* 😭

    68. Stacy Lynn

      He’s seriously the sweetest dad he seems so gentle I know he’s gonna be the best grandpa!

    69. Esmeraldas CuppieCakes

      If he’s getting nauseous it’s maybe a baby girl!!!💕💕💕💕

    70. Mac Drea

      Benny is hilarious 😂

    71. Iris Velzz

      Where is that blue top from that she’s wearing 😭

    72. Vanessa Pineda

      Period same sis!!!! Spanish del ranchooooo !!

    73. maria hernandez

      But why don’t you speak Spanish back to him ? But ok I guess that helps him on his English too any who he seems so caring & lovingly 🥺😍

    74. Esperanza Garza

      I can't waitttt!!!! Team BOY!!!!!!

    75. With Love, Grace

      Omg how freaking cute! ❤️

    76. Mely&Juan Los chinos

      Ooooooo 420 😂😂

    77. Yurissa González

      WAIT OMG

    78. Suzy Suzy

      11:40 this is what ur looking for

    79. Huerita 74

      Wait ! Dont buy stuff yet !! You guys are going to have a baby shower right ?!

    80. Emily dominguez

      Girl I felt when your dad said ay mi amor, mi Nina!!! I’m over here crying lol I thought I was telling my dad I was pregnant 😂 btw you look beautiful, keep glowing mamas 💗

    81. Gina Beauty


    82. Jessy Favela

      Me not answering guuuguugaaagaa

    83. Dee Love

      Ok girl you made me cry and your dad too🥺🥺♥️

    84. Dee Love

      You guys are the cutest 😍😍bonita pareja ♥️

    85. Evelin Hernandez

      Will you guys b doing a gender reveal 🥺🥺🥺

    86. Eli Gonzalez

      Okayyyy, but nobody is talking about Benny playing with the babyquin🤣lmaooo. Fave part tho was her Papi getting the news forsure 🥺❤

    87. Gaby Mata

      “Ay mi amor tan hermosa” “ay mi niña”. Your Dad is the sweetest EVER. Tan humilde, me hizo llorar. Sending love 💕💕💕

    88. Dennisse Katerina

      Lmao Alondra is me being shy and laughing when telling her dad 🤣

    89. xxRaquelleyxx

      NOT U JUST NOTICING UR ACCENT ! my fiancé always like “you always watching those Spanish girls with accents, they all sound the same” 😭😭😭😭😭

    90. Beauty By Ann

      Your relationship with your dad is so beautiful made my cry 💗

    91. Megan Foglio Puglia

      I have three sons... YOURE DEFINITELY HAVING A LIL MOMMYS BOY!!!!!💙

    92. Nens Garcia

      I wish you would of done it more beautiful you know he is one of a kind dad

    93. Anzora Family

      Your dad seems so sweet lucky to have him ❤ does anyone know where's her mom? I've never seen her in the vlogs

    94. Carlos Salinas


    95. Alondraa


    96. dany dessy bella rodriguez

      I love how benny was like ay mi amor mi nina he gonna be a daddy girl shalissa 😍

    97. Genesis La Bella

      i cant stop crying!! congratulations!!!!!!!!!

    98. Renee Ann

      How come u didn’t show what the grandparents got?

    99. denise castaneda

      guy!! I'm cracking up and responding like if I'm with you guys ! hahah I love you guys !!

    100. denise castaneda

      Watching you guys, I'm smiling from ear to ear. you guys are truly happy and I wish you guys endless happiness.