Soda Tap vs Bottle vs Can Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning

2,2 млн көрүүлөр251

    Today, we're tasting soda in different forms and determining which is best. GMM # 1918
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    1. SoapKingston

      1. Glas, then can and then plastic

    2. Rebecca P

      Taco Bell has the best Fountain Dew. McDonalds has the best CocaCola.

    3. Emery Kosin

      Rhett had to much fun lol

    4. Jon V

      Glass bottled soda often has cane sugar instead of corn syrup. So it can taste "funny" if your not expecting the difference in sweetness

    5. JSTaco20555

      3,400th comment

    6. wulfy the noob 2nd channel

      Its all the same to me? 🤣

    7. Icaro Paiva

      I have the impression you guys taste these drinks and they are not cold at all 😔

    8. invictusfish 1215

      Call me crazy, but I’m a plastic bottle man. I’ve grown up with bottled soda.

    9. Roxie G S

      You cannot drink Dr. Pepper without ice. Sorry, I'm a Texas girl and cold DP is best. That's sacrilegious y'all.

    10. Celtic Lass

      Never heard of Topo Chico before today, but I'm sorry Link didn't get it.

    11. sarah johnson

      I used to work at McDonald's.

    12. RammSnipe

      McDonald's only ships and stores Coca Cola syrup in stainless steel vats. All other flavors are in bags.

    13. Ava Martin

      The glass bottles they have at Anna's burritos are the bom, by the way so is your podcast!

    14. Twinkzilla -

      Okay but McDonalds Sprite when they get it right is the best Sprite I've ever had!

    15. Gavin Lee

      Can for soda is just superior

    16. Just Out Here Tinkering

      My girl thought I was crazy that cans were better, she said there is no difference!!!! Total Can Man!!!!!!!

    17. Father

      Can for the win

    18. Mr Anty Ant

      Can all day for the most crisp taste

    19. Jacob Rutzke

      I dont know why but I've always liked fountain water

    20. Itz Rob

      Y’all forgot glass Fanta

    21. Mike's Daily Gaming

      I love Dr Pepper everyway EXCEPT from Taco Bell, Taco Bell's DP tastes like ass

    22. Lefindon

      When they used to serve still fanta in McDs I used to get that as it was by far the best choice.

    23. Shanaly

      What on earth is LINKS accent?!!

    24. Shanaly

      where can i find a man exactly like Rhett damn

    25. Kylie Shellenbarger

      Always loved the can better

    26. Gerdy the grey

      Hold up! Why don’t we have glass option for Fanta? That’s the best glass soda?!?

    27. Bianca Cas

      Link being devastated by not getting the topo Chico was so funny to me

    28. River

      McDonald's fountain Sprite is the best Sprite on the market. Fight me.

    29. The Mongrel maag

      Wait... you guys can't get glass bottles of fanta an America?

    30. Greg Hendrix

      McDonald's has a strong game, BUT!!! My movie theatre here has great fountain drinks. I will say this may not be a fair judgment because fountain drinks lose their effervescence quicker than "contained" drinks. In my opinion, nothing beats a good fountain drink straight from the source.

    31. Phillip Rincones

      Where is the glass bottled Fanta???

    32. Michael Krebs

      I worked at McDonald's it comes in plastic bag in a cardboard box

    33. Opie Orion

      The questions that need answers.

    34. Tristan Oronce

      Glass bottle everyday.

    35. ChickasawScot

      Glass bottle definitely tastes better BUT green glass bottles tastes better than clear glass!

    36. jon dubois

      I am so glad this was done. I have been telling friends and family for YEARS!!! that can is just vastly better and they tell me I'm crazy. thank you for justifying what I have known all along!!!

    37. D1amondcrusher

      People don't say fountain outside of the south?

    38. Jackson Cielo

      I think they're can men

    39. Satan Lover13

      theres additional syrup in the mcdonalds cup

    40. Arthas Menethil

      Theres 4 kinds of people. Bottle, can, fountain, or none.

    41. KoolBeanz

      Jarritos Mineralagua is the fizziest beverage

    42. Cristina Flores

      The infamous roast intialy force because mascara methodically replace beyond a tiny kangaroo. ruddy, roasted sofa

    43. JenniferX

      I prefer cans for all sodas except root beer. Root Beer is best In an ice cold glass.

    44. Hailey McDougall

      Should’ve done root beer!

    45. Richie In The Kitchen

      So glad these guys are from the south! Makes them very relatable😂😂

    46. Pinkyblxck

      I grew up on gmm

    47. Dayton Davis

      It’s polar pop for me 😂

    48. white boy

      But glass is its own thing

    49. Adam Shaver

      Burger King - no comparison

    50. nico martell

      You guys should do fried foods boiled vs boiled foods fried

    51. marvin134397

      Fountain drinks are calibrated to be served with ice

    52. BionicSammich

      It varies from drink to drink

    53. Female Gorilla

      There's this asian buffet place near me that has the BEST fountain sprite, best sprite i have ever had in my life.

    54. Alicia Nicole

      no slander formed against MCDONALDS SPRITE!!!

    55. Karim Aly

      I still prefer glass bottle more

    56. Elijah Baisden

      Fountain is far superior!

    57. SA1TY RAT

      Get the Coca-Cola from Mexico

    58. D W

      I love soda from the bar.

    59. Dan Dan


    60. giveheraway

      I like glass bottles just cause they make me think of beer and I feel special ✨

    61. DiNoah

      Mexican glass bottle tru!

    62. Bryan Garcia

      Glass bottle soda or a can soda are my favorite.

    63. StevenP 91

      Glass bottle is absolutely the best tasting for soda

    64. Brandon Price

      I was confused the entire time tryna correlate which letters and order correlated from one side to the other

    65. Marsha Turner

      I can taste the glass aren’t you drinking from a glass.

    66. nate van velsor

      Shoulda said, “bottle lovers, can huggers, and soda jerks” see how many people understand the joke lol

    67. Let'sArt

      Soda in a cup with ice and a straw can't be beat. It's just colder and better.

    68. Joleen_ nhrstr

      Can is my favorite :)

    69. LECyr4

      I'm just sitting here like "I don't like carbonation" ._.

    70. Myusernameistakenwtf

      I always thought McDonalds fountain Sprite was the best Sprite. Now I want a canned sprite.

    71. Ben Nesbitt

      No Irn Bru?

    72. Tyler Tylerson

      Am I the only one that thinks the labeling in this was confusing?

    73. Lost pupper123

      I dont understand why link hates Dr.Pepper is good stuff

    74. ghost

      sometimes I just feel like gmm makes important videos. this is one of them.

    75. GnarledVulture

      I do prefer the can because the carbonation is a lot crisper for the most part.

    76. GnarledVulture

      Mcdonalds fountains are deliciously better than any other form

    77. Laura Arnold

      For me the can is always better with the exception of Fanta for which I enjoy the fountain drink best oddly enough.

    78. jacob hyatt

      Ice cold can or glass bottle all day any day. Fountain pop is always hit or miss

    79. Jess Simon

      Despite everything presented to me in this video I am still a proud fountain person

    80. Tamarra Trethewey

      Glass yum!

    81. Anthony Wock

      They should do it with beer

    82. Jennifer Walden

      Rhett says “Don’t ya think you can taste”. Link says “Sunkist”. Lol!!!

    83. Zuleyma Hernandez

      As a former McDonalds employee I can actually deny all this 😂 the “soda”( it’s literally just all the sugar ) is literally in a bag that we put into our filter in the back which is connected to our fountain which is connected to the carbonation tank

      1. NikkiNick HockeyForever

        I need a bag of McDonald's Dr Pepper then please 😂 fountain Dr Pepper is top tier

    84. AssassinatdAPE

      Ice also plays a big part on making fountain drinks so good.

    85. Coda

      plastic bottle soda is not good imo

    86. Heikki Remes

      Glass bottle all the way!

    87. Redneck Billy

      I love your beard

    88. DJTHABEST123

      Why are you not using glass bottles for all drinks?

    89. Miss Makeup

      I’m so glad somebody else can taste the can 😂

    90. Lonosk


    91. Kyle Nickel

      Glad to see some new can men, nothing better than a cold can of pop.

    92. DJ Phat Phuck

      This episodes fan made outro was absolutely _A DORA BOWL!!!!_

    93. Elle Choppy

      McDonalds sprite is elite

    94. c s


    95. mrwapato14

      You guys missed the fanta glass bottle.

    96. Dep. Phish Gills

      cans are always best

    97. Kay Collarfeild

      Glass bottle is best

    98. Mike Agnew

      You guys should do this with beer also

    99. JonnyDog2000

      Dr Pepper is carbonated BBQ water. I refused to believe anything else

    100. Partna

      Drink in a can be hitting diff don’t @ me