Bad IRISH ACCENTS That Even I Can't Understand


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    Irish accents are beautiful and diverse but sometimes they reach the comical levels of a cartoon and I can't even understand them.
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    1. Gemma Card


    2. Nat

      the accent woman made me cringe lol

    3. Nat

      i understood nothing that farmer said.

    4. Lauren Harvey

      That’s one of my favorite scenes in Hot Fuzz, I love you Sean

    5. Sage Smith

      That person talking about frost bite looked like a hoo from thr live action grinch

    6. J T

      The facts channel video has RTE host John Sharpson I think! 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

    7. Rose Rottbuttons

      The Irish accent is too inconsistent to be imitated. It cannot be measured. It will not be quantified. It will never be understood.

    8. Mikkelsen

      My irish friend literally said "top of the morning till ya" the other day

    9. ernesto carmona

      I've been gone for a year or two, is the "top of the morning" intro not a thing anymore?

    10. Cratzy Muffin

      Might as well be a new language

    11. Ken Kleinsasser

      He does a better Christopher Walker accent than CW does an Irish accent.

    12. Kenedy Tokkapaz

      SIR you have a mouthloud of cavities , you might want to get that checked out. your teeth are gonna fall out

    13. Diego Villar

      That fucking county louth joke actually hurt, me being in Dublin i don't find dubliner accent neither south nor north strong, like at all

    14. Ashley Harris

      me: oil jack: oil madeline: *œyl*

    15. Edwin

      I get goosebumps listening to north Dublin girl I understand how it’s the sexiest accent now

    16. Sn0tFace

      Whale Oil Beef Hooked

    17. Chelsea Anna

      Omg I could go down the rabbit hole of accents for days. That was so much fun. Sean translating the farmer was magical. I kept trying to guess and then would be 99% totally wrong haha.

    18. Alistaire delacruz

      I just notice, they hardly move there mouth

    19. Alistaire delacruz

      He's in Sage mode (look at those eyes)

    20. Mikael Wihlstrand

      So cringe when someone produce a movie and they don’t dare have a Irish actor ..

    21. aalienbae

      trying to do an irish accent is like doing an italian one: don’t. there’s just so many, you’ll get lost

    22. arham_

      The vocal coach is teaching you how to pretend to do the Irish accent, dont worry

    23. Shaheen Tarek

      I've always liked Irish accent 😂🖤 I would love to watch a video of sean going full Irish

    24. Jose Batista

      I have to find it comical that in Walken's world an Irish accent consists mostly of dropping his New England accent

    25. Shawn Gates

      To be fair to Brad Pitt, Guy Ritchie specifically wanted him to be hard to understand as a lark since there had been accent comments about Ritchie's precious movie.

    26. Keanon Williams

      I imagine hearing someone with a thick Irish accent must be like hearing someone speak when you’re having a stroke.

    27. Tundra Night

      as a irish person myself im cringing at too many of these

    28. tyranomegosaurus

      why would you ever LEAVE Ireland? I want to move there!

    29. Grace Samels

      do irish people just not move their mouths when they talk

    30. IronBjorn TV

      Your accents still the best one Jackoboy! 🤘

    31. Popfizzdan 01

      I dont know if its cause I'm half Irish but I can just barely understand the farmer everyone else

    32. johnny tightlips

      Irish accents literally change every 5 miles i imagine people find a Dublin accent more attractive than a Letterkenny one lol

    33. hello

      Alternative title: sean giggling over irish accents

    34. Fal3ing

      When your 3% Irish:

    35. Zach

      Jypsy Irish different to normal Irish? I can understand the guy mostly.

    36. deadandgone70

      I’m so glad you put the Ruari video in 🤣🤣🤣

    37. Ethan McConnell

      I hate my accent I'm a irish american born in the south so my accent is southern, irish, and american

    38. Ain't I just the Cutest! :3

      Do Irish people use punctuation marks? This is, of course, a legitimate question.

    39. iiRxmpxge

      Am I the only person that can actually understand the farmer- (I'm from Kerry sooo) He has a real spa or a single accent 😂

    40. I Don’t Know

      Jeff was…a thing, that happened, and everyone was uncomfortable.

    41. Jonah Murdock

      ... I'm drinking milk right now ...

    42. I Don’t Know

      As an American, fuck yeah, I just hear, “Ajdhhdhdsusbsbsjaojwlqpwlnrbcnnxeh.”

    43. I Don’t Know


    44. Leeona Exists

      Even though I'm Irish, I could only understand about half of what the farmer said.

    45. kertaspaper94

      Humor aside, feel sorry for those farmers

    46. BrokeNCartx

      I always thought the mad Irishman was speaking Native Irish.

    47. Living on a Dollar

      Newfoundland accent on KGup ...Good luck

    48. Steve Grainger

      I live in NI and I can barely understand the host.

    49. Formally Sweet

      2:20 there is no Jack, only, Gru

    50. Formally Sweet

      *Cries in being Irish but not sounding it*

    51. Riain Galligan

      Yer wans no more from Kerry then I am

    52. Your Local Loser

      Where’s all my Irish people at? 🇮🇪🍀

    53. Mandy Groening

      I loved everything about this video! Been to Ireland twice already and can't wait to go back :)

    54. ZestyBullet

      The fact you can actually UNDERSTAND THAT MAD ACCENT is mind boggling to me. It sounds like he's speaking Yiddish to me, not going to lie.

    55. Backslash

      I have never laughed as hard as I have while listening to that sheep farmer

    56. Zachary Reed

      My ma is from Cork. I blame that for why I mumble so much.

    57. Ethan Lewis

      My family is from County Cork and I grew up in Kansas and its hard to understand them sometimes ngl

    58. Phonnzi

      Christopher Walken needs more cowbell

    59. Erin McIntyre

      I must be the only person to ever to be able to understand that

    60. V S

      if i focus i can make out most words but i'm eating and that makes my brain hurt

    61. WakaWaka Wakatoshi

      I can understand maybe 4 words that farmer said....

    62. Shahrul Azwan Sahbudin

      remind me of Chris Rock......

    63. A Channel

      “That’s just Christopher Walken being Christopher Walken!” I fail to see the problem here

    64. Sidney

      ok but jack saying "the 't' sound is like an 'sh' sound" actually fucking... helped me understand the accent

    65. ayyXmomo

      this is my favorite video on the interest. wow

    66. Uncle Ainsly

      Is that old guy speaking gealic? Or nah

    67. Vonni

      The people on the Irish side of my family are just as bad as that farmer. At some points I cant understand and i just nod along and hope for the best.

    68. LordRampentHump

      The Spar bag refers to the duo, The Rubberbandits

    69. Mr.Mister

      Your man from Louth is a terrible example of the Louth accent.

    70. Mr.Mister

      The American woman doing a video on how to do an Irish accent is just wrong on so many levels. It's like the blind leading the blind.

    71. Crush Edits

      Its midnight and my roommate is sleeping (obviously) and i was just losing my shit while watching this and my roomate probably thinks im on 7 different types of drugs

    72. KingFreakGhost

      I have somewhat of a good Scottish accent but when it comes to Irish I don't even try.

    73. Thưởng Đặng Quốc

      Why does that Irish schoolboy look like G man

    74. Alex Bibby

      i think my 0.000001% Irish dna kicked in cause i only just managed to understand those thick accents

    75. Gem'n'Eyes

      Kinda the same sort of issue with English accents, there's London, but you also have Liverpool, Birmingham, then down south you have Somerset etc...

    76. Kieran Fennelly

      Jack's impression of Christopher Walkens is better than Christopher Walkens impression of a lot....

    77. Gem'n'Eyes

      "D'ya like Dags?"

    78. potitishogun2961997

      2:21 I'd say that's more Arnold Schwarzenegger than Irish x'D

    79. Andrew Adams

      Brad Pitt isn't playing an Irishman, He is playing a gypsy.

    80. tyranomegosaurus

      wtf is the sheep farmer saying though?

    81. tyranomegosaurus

      snatch is so good though!!!!

    82. tyranomegosaurus

      okay I fucking LOVE the Irish accents!

    83. hannuli

      *i'm a vowelbender*

    84. Steven Baldwin

      I was at a bar in Burr a few years back and I was talking to the bartender when all of a sudden a guy walked up and interrupted us and to this day I have no Idea what he said but apparently he was speaking english.

    85. MrPyroflames

      What I've learned from this video is that Irish is NOT an English accent. IT'S AN ENTIRE DIFFERENT LANGUAGE !!!!

    86. Nunyour Business

      This is the equivalent of doctors handwriting

    87. chudfordbrimley

      they sound like theyre talking backwards

    88. Amber Thompson

      5:35 that sounds like Japanese

    89. Kim Pekkonen

      "it's just M, I and fifteen Rs"...that's kind a how I feel bout irish accent

    90. Razorjax

      Spend some time in country Australia, especially in farm regions, I grew up here and I still can't understand half of what they say, its gibberish haha

    91. Lussila Army

      I swear it sounded French at sum point 💀

    92. Jillane

      Very disappointed the Healy raes didn’t make an appearance

    93. L. Time

      The Irish cram everything into one rolling sentence.

    94. lord kanti

      It seems that Irish accents are frequently updated by household. Yet no one other Irishman has the patch notes.

    95. by the power of ra

      I recently found out im from skibbereen 😂

    96. Aoreka Gaming

      Subbed because jack called me out.

    97. okmadss


    98. Lau Ste

      I feel you on every Irish town having a different accent - my friend Tadhg (whose mum is Irish, I'm not completely sure where from exactly) met an Irish lady a few years ago from a few towns over (to where his mum used to live) and she told him he was pronouncing his own name "wrong" 😂😂😂

    99. Vivi La

      I just cackled through the entire video. Absolutely LOVE Irish accents! 💚 Every stranger we had to ask to get around Dublin was just super kind. When we were completely lost at a bus stop, people just came up to us asking if we were alright or if we needed help with directions. We felt so welcome in this country that we wanna go visit other cities or towns in Ireland ☘️

    100. guerney2000

      "He's Jamaican Katleen" ... "He's not Irish, Kathleen, that's a conspearaccie."

      1. Charlotte Rose