The Cold War - OverSimplified (Part 1)


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    1. OverSimplified

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      1. Michael Terrell

        @bruh HA

      2. Sara Bulhan

        can you do one about the mcarthy trials if you can?

      3. Huff_Puff

        Yugoslavia was not a soviet controlled puppet government

      4. It’sap

        Cold War woods:I’m a goddamn onion

      5. Düşündüren Beyin

        Hello. I wonder if I can use the characters in this video?

    2. Aaron Hopkins

      This is why I hate comunisim

    3. Seigneur Aradus

      I like your videos but try to be a minimum neutral please.

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      That was the smoothest sponsor transition I’ve ever seen

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      Hey did anyone realise that the Russian character is terribly balanced? The legs are in Ukraine and wouldn’t help with all the weight of Siberia

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    14. Ottoman Empire


    15. Little Kinder Club Coloring for Kids

      0:45 when you invent a new idealogy

    16. ania

      the anti comunist propaganda on this channel bro...what did i expect from an american tho

    17. Braxon Oakman

      Why the heck have 13k people disliked this video, there just haters with no friends

    18. MJ Ward

      Fun fact: US won the space race by a friggin manhole.

    19. Thomas Nguyen

      0:52 what instrument is this

    20. Harry Truman

      i love how they would block a yt video about hitler but thet make a movie Of hitler in germany

    21. Corruption

      “I was sad, now I’m glad. Life is bad, now I’m sad. :( “

      1. Corruption

        “Sadness, misery everywhere. My wife was eaten by a bear.”

    22. Adhishree Singh

      5:58 Every Indian mom with belan ever.

    23. Patrick Cullen

      If only Harry Truman used VPN the whole nuclear arms race could’ve been avoided smh


      your promotion never looks like a promotion.

    25. emma britten

      imagine having to watch this for school and the creater says Stalin wrong the whole video

    26. Baron Von LuchZ

      8:42 glad you put my country sliding in there :)

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    31. Asya Lengdon

      As a Ukrainian, I learnt that all at school and surprisingly I find your description deeply satisfying. Don’t know why.

    32. Ина Ина

      Я тебя не понимаю Говори по-русски

    33. Kobe Bryant

      Marshalls plan was in 1947 not in 1948

    34. Hastuti Rahmi

      KΠCC lenin

    35. KzrDtl

      This video made me realize how generically-American Eisenhower looked.... seriously, if you're an American, think about this: If someone asked you "what does Eisenhower look like?"... wtf are you going to say? point out ONE feature that is worth mentioning...

    36. grandpaapi emu

      Your next door neighbors dog communist. So fricking funny

    37. Chase 99

      The word communist was replaced with racist and since they candle history no one will know it's just repeating

    38. Ghost

      This is like call of duty black ops 1

    39. John Dough

      free and fair elections - like the installation of Truman?

    40. Lina Dominguez

      Like si viste la banderita de Colombia 🇨🇴

    41. Amir Brooks

      12:34 it sounds like krushaves assasination attempt may happened in 1960

    42. Aidan W

      Nobody: Stalin: My father used to punish me severely

    43. TheNoobGuard

      this video made me hate mr beast lol. I just keep seeing the honey ad. I HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR YOU GO TO YOUR MOM,DAD,SISTER,BROTHER AND DOWNLOAD HONEY. which kid actually shops online?

    44. Zcoffee

      guys fight in the replies of this comment guys fight in the replies of this comment

    45. Tai Hsien Ling

      You that part where winston churchill made the casadia, app and painting?He said it was worth 99 cents?99 cents back then was a lot money🤑😅

    46. Timor

      This is not what happened, probably in your history class in Usa they teached you that

      1. krad freedom

        Well you can believe what was taught to you by your own country then cause no ones forcing you to believe this lol

    47. Gamer E 2008

      0:48 oh yeah

    48. BrickBuilding Compilations43635

      Imagine a TV series, featuring Stalin, Truman and Churchill. I can't get this out of my head.

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      5:42 xD

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      I saw stalin he's wearing a superman outfit

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      More videos pls oversimplified

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      whoever wants indian war of independence by oversimplified, hit the like button on the comment

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      How i learn for My historie class Test

    54. Red World.

      The West started the Cold War. The USSR was not profitable for another conflict after the devastating Second World War. She needed to recover at a fast pace. For half of the country has been turned into a wasteland. Unlike the United States and Britain, which did not suffer much from the war. And yes the FRG was something that the development of the GDR. But look at the map, the FRG got huge rich industrial territories, the Ruhr alone is worth it + as it dropped above, the USSR was already devastated by the Nazis and it had to first grow up. Unlike the United States, which could allow the FRG to provide assistance. For the United States did not suffer from the war. P.S. There is a very interesting stereotype about how the Russians sent their soldiers to death, defeating the enemy in numbers. So remember Vysodka to Normandy. When the Americans killed millions of their soldiers, sending them to certain death. Yes, yes, that same meat grinder of 1944. What system is more humane here?

    55. Red World.

      I don't know where you get the information for the video. But to the magician to say that this is infa lies to the last word. Hunger is serious, Hunger in Eastern Europe. In countries where citizens and had full confidence in the future. Where there was a free jelly, education, medicine and employment guarantee. Guys don't trust this channel. For this channel is the abode of Lies.

    56. Red World.

      There weren't any puppet states. The socialists immediately took power in the countries in a democratic way. And let me tell you, since you call the Eastern European states puppet only because they are socialist. That is why, for example, Western European states cannot be called American puppet governments. After all, everything is the same there as in the Soviet occupation zones. Well, except that the rights of workers to be oppressed in full, a false ostentatious democracy has been created, as well as not equality and paid education, medicine.

    57. Shashvut Yechuri

      BBW stands for Big Beautiful Wall. Please don't taint it with obscenity.

    58. Jellyfesh

      Why the Soviet Union fell They didn’t have vegetable pealers

    59. MjhdNau4l

      Lenin: *Sips cofee while reading Crapitalism by Karl Marx* WW1 German commander: wH0 W@nT$ tO stA®t /\ r€V0\_uTi()N¿!?¡ Background music: *U.S.S.R. ANTHEM PLAYS*

    60. Idris bin Philip

      Bro at 7:04 this man used a mosquito flying for the plane sounds

    61. Ishan

      “Oh yes, certainly!” One minute later “Communist! Communist! Communist! Communist! Communist!”

      1. BeastModeCode

        The Chosen

    62. Austin Kendrix Fadera

      So... if Stalingrad was renamed to Volgograd... what about Leningrad?

    63. Polandball Animations

      Im waiting for a "Industrial Revolution" simplified

    64. Malyn Nadira

      Not hundreds of people died only a hundred

    65. alystee1

      usa; cecs on china

    66. Kaylie Davison

      14:54 nice graffiti. Niceeeee

    67. Runn__Jake

      Its still bewildering to me that the korean war was technically going until 2018. But man, my heart skipped a beat when the leaders crossed into each others' borders and they were hanging out and talking, no longer as political enemies, but as simple humans finally realizing the pale futility of war, together.

    68. laura Bitterman


    69. Gabrielito Vega

      Hes ligt built like a boulder

    70. laura Bitterman

      love it! funny and true, just wish there was no cusing

    71. Stephen Ludlum

      14:24 What I expected him to say: “We’re gonna build a wall. And we’re gonna have the capitalists pay for it.”

    72. Jhofo _

      The opening is amazing.

    73. Corina Guerra

      I LOVE UR VIDEOS!!!! They are totally timeless lol

    74. Deminalla

      "and then the russians with some help from their faithful ally, the winter, punch them"

    75. Lars Van Den Broek

      you are biased for the west and against the Soviet block

    76. James Wallace

      “Nuke em” lol murica



    78. kpatelv

      More like overly one sided

    79. Factor XZ


    80. rustyshack

      But Hollywood is objectively communist and received millions of dollars from Soviet Russia.

    81. Alisha Plays

      10:43 Did anyone see what his poetry read? It was... I was sad Now I'm glad Life is bad Now I'm sad

    82. daniel son

      @0:43 seconds when I get money and my mom sees

    83. Shahmir Mir

      If the germans didnt send lenin back to the Russian empire the cold war wouldn't have happened

    84. smokkaraucher

      Dude you forgot Yugoslavia 4:25 ?? Tf? And Yugoslavia was never a puppet state. We almost started another war over some nonsense of Stalins. But we were communist.

    85. The science noobie

      everyone is a gangsta until ussr anthem plays

    86. 신소연

      nobody: stalin: free and fair=communistcommunistcommunistcommunistcommunistcommunistcommunistcommunistcommunistcommunistcommunistcommunistcommunistcommunist

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      That advertisement is smoothhhh, I Stan HAHAH

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      OMG. This is so better than reading boring history books

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      0:52 made me proud

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      "I will build a big beautiful wall..that will keep all Mexicans in"

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      Oversimplified forgot about the collectivization in russia that screwed everyone besides military.

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      1:16 the best summary of Lenin's rule I've ever heard 😂😂

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      11:25 he looks like he reminds the teacher about the super hard test that is worth like 50% of the grade and no one except for him is prepared for said test.

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      Tsar Alexander made it all the way to Paris