I put a Tribal Village on Every Tile as Babylon and this happened...


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    1. Daniel Wells

      Potato, have you considered doing a deity score victory? It's much more of a passive, defensive game as you can't let the AI get too far ahead in their own science/culture/religion, but you also can't get accelerate your own improvements otherwise you risk winning the game another way.

    2. Alexander Meeks

      Potato is Civ King but still doesn't recognise a Skirmisher/Ranger ROFLOL

    3. Vynne

      Crippling dept from learning too much stuff... Hammurabi was the first American college student

    4. CHRIS vids

      actually wish you tried to finish it to see how well you combat the gold problem

    5. Jeff B

      That poor AI. They thought they'd be fighting units from Babylon, they ended up fighting units from Babylon 5.

    6. Matthew Overturff

      In Civ 3, it wouldn't matter if you had a tank that early because Spearman would still be able to kill it easily.

    7. Vitan Kočevar

      You have tank at turn 29.

    8. Neptooone Sr.

      imagine you were doing this in civ 3 and you spawned on a barbarian village that attacked you turn 1

    9. John Mayonnaise

      seems balanced

    10. Michał Szewc

      My favourite part: 26:38

    11. ClockworkOuroborous

      Back in the mid 90s, I did 10-key for bill pay, and started to get RSI symptoms. That stuff really sucks.

    12. Jacob Gantz

      Didn't even get the golden age smh

    13. Grant Shearer

      The real challenge would be playing this map AGAINST Babylon

    14. hagger

      talking about clicking how do cookie clicker speedrunners that play cookie clicker a lot have hands

    15. Saga Malmberg

      This is stupid............ So I absolutely need to do this! Thank you!

    16. shaggoui

      gods of the rsi religion is definitely osu players

    17. Golhan Dincmen

      2:01 thank you ! i was screaming like a little girl here

    18. Ludwig Larsson

      So next game barbarian encampment on every tile? XD

    19. cheongho cho

      So this is how colonial expansion works. If you don't wage war, you get bankrupt. If you don't keep expanding, you also get bankrupt.

    20. Unified Horizons

      Bankrupt not to bad you can just steal from others

    21. Reggie Tyler-Andersons

      this is blursed

    22. Ben Quadinaros

      when you have stirrups but not mining yet you knw something is wrong

    23. Spelheim

      write code :) for placing should make it easier :)

    24. Jason Thweatt

      It's funny because I decided to do this before I saw this video but after I saw Marbozir and Potato do their original Tribal Village videos. It was...an experience.

    25. Stephanos Portillo

      sc2 players are wimps compared to sc broodwar players when it comes to clicking lol

    26. DIgi Song

      it's weird he never used a auto clicker when editing the tiles on the map

    27. Jerry Crow

      Sumeria->Akkad->Babylon, the land between the rivers aka "mesopotamia".

    28. J Par

      Try this with Montezuma and use all those extra builders to speed build your districts.

    29. DropBear

      As an age of empires player I have learnt to click with my nose when my fingers start showing bone.

    30. Mega Gaming

      Sumer was the first empire

    31. The Tech Corner

      Lol that was a ranger, not skirmisher

    32. Stormforce VII

      Great Vid! Regarding repetitive strain injury, I’m not trying taking away from your joke on it, but having actually had it this might be interesting to anyone who was wondering about it; In second year of music college I got RSI and ended up with a splint and a compression bandage for a few weeks, my tendons felt like they were going to snap 24/7, I could barely hold my phone in the effected hand and my whole arm felt shivery like how your body feels when you have the flu but much worse. a bit of pain from a lot of clicking isn’t RSI, but if you get a cold feeling in your wrist, stop whatever intensive activity you are doing because that is the first signs of it, and if you are stupid like I was, you could risk causing permanent damage. That said, as someone who probably played games for too long on occasion, doing so isn’t even getting into the same order of magnitude of hand movement that would be an issue, and if it is causing RSI, a dietary or other health issue is probably contributing to the problem more than the amount of mouse clicking you are doing.

    33. WeFadeToBlack

      Who is the science civ now Korea

    34. David

      "Im gonna have to declare a suprise war on you or else my economy is gonna start falling on its face" *the US would like to know the location of your oil*

    35. John Gaming

      you missed a small island to top right 2:00 :p

    36. Oliver Perryman

      Potato: Please scout, give me some gold! Scout: Aluminium goes *brrrrrrrrr*

    37. Hughman

      You ever feel like a man with a stick versus a tank?

    38. TsieLeMoswang

      Man i really wish you had played this game to its conclusion.. fuuuuuuuuck

      1. TsieLeMoswang

        i am setting this up right now

    39. David Quelquejeu

      The Babylonians are so smart that they have mastered almost all technology, yet they don't need to know what pottery is.

    40. Paper Titan

      Algorithm Support post

    41. Alec Moravec

      Lol, Liked video for that opening alone

    42. Francis Keough

      "Yoinkerino" ? Is that Gaelic for something ? :-)

    43. Paula Buckle

      0:50 Back in my day

    44. Felipe Perez

      27:06 I'm getting a slave era kinda vibe here

    45. Felipe Perez

      This is great! I've been seeing some of your videos but this one made me subscribe!

    46. Darth Fluffy

      good stuff to help the algorithm: “Minecraft" "asmr" "pewdiepie" "music" "fortnite" "markiplier" “KGup is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "Dream" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Pokemon cards" "card unboxing" "charizard" "they don't want you to know" "Flat earth" "round earth" "triangle earth" "earth is not earth" "what even is earth if not earth omg government is lying to you" "minecraft" "asmr" "pewdiepie" "music" "fortnite" "markiplier" “KGup is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” "Runescape" "World of Warcraft" "Shadowlands" "Dream" "MrBeast" "Warzone" "FaZe Clan" "100 Thieves" "Call of Duty" "Pokemon" "Halo" "Devil may cry" “KGup is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits.” “Cocomelon” “t series”

    47. Aaron Holst

      uh potato, thats a ranger

    48. maiori


    49. The Maxalorian

      Make a resource tile on every tile eg horses,uranium on every tile

    50. Mister Comment

      Poor Poland, already getting Blitzkrieged.

    51. maggotmusic757

      Good call on the AoE2 players' hands being dead LoL

    52. Yaeke 63

      How does Potato have the free cam ?

    53. Anagram Confirmed

      Somehow I've been watching for months without being subbed. Rectified. SUBBED.

    54. ToolforOffice


    55. Tactical Monk

      1:12 Osu players: *laughs in carpel tunnel*

    56. William The Conqueror

      It hurts seeing Potato confues Rangers with Skirmishers.

    57. German Dalek

      You could have sold some strategic resources to kongo

    58. LoneDragon

      I could be mistaken...but I believe there is an option to turn barbarians off. :P

    59. Blacksmith8rock

      you missed a spot ;) 2:12 top left

    60. Frozenred

      How did he rotate the map? Is that a mod?

    61. ShrrgWolf87

      naw god of carpel tunneling are bedwars sweats

    62. pippin

      Yoink: The Movie

    63. Aa Aa

      You shouldn’t be allowed to play civ.

    64. Samir Fajar

      1:06 nooo you missed a tile

    65. Brandon ZZZ

      Barbarian outpost on every tile. Good luck

    66. Ben B

      This would be good against other people, fast to lvl and fast to end!

    67. Dnote113

      Invading Poland when they weren't prepared with tanks? ... I swear I read about this somewhere

    68. Cal T

      The city state of Uruk was around in 3100 BCE, with a citizen population of 40,000, as well as the city state of Ur with a population of 65,000. Babylon didn't come about until almost 1000 years later.

    69. Derccent

      10:17 YOU CAN DO THAT????

    70. Thiên Định Nguyễn

      Year 3120 BC and your civ get a tank ...

    71. Little Mac86

      If I had a penny for every click I've made since the 80s, I could buy an island and start my own country. Thanks, Civilization (All of them, but Call to Power, stole months of my life), Age of Empires (all of them!), The Sims, Roller Coaster Tycoon...

    72. hh8575


    73. Rd son

      tank? historically that goes to poland.

    74. Zachary West

      It’s weird in mobile the strategic resoirces don’t get used up when building the things they’re required for... you just need 2 of them and you can build unlimited.. and only 1 of them if you have encampment/harbor/aero etc

    75. Mark Richardson

      Honestly mate my hand is dead from playing the C&C Remaster on the hardest difficulty. If you ain't doing a million commands a second then invading England on the last Soviet Mission ain't happening

    76. Brazen Bard

      ...Krakow had a Splinter of the True Cross in 2880BC... That's pretty damn impressive. :P

    77. Pdragy

      if you got the war whatever (the heal 20hp per kill) government building you are invulnerable. I mean ranged units (city centers) can still wittle you down... but the AI's not smart enough, they'll give you a melee unit to snack on soon enough xD (and you can kill ranged units) they're basically vampires by than.

    78. andystar22

      8 production 2 food is good my farms with 100 faith are better

    79. Jeffrey O'Gara

      I keep looking at his empire and think “this isn’t TOO impressive” but then I look at the turn timer.... 😳

    80. Steven Robledo

      next time just use an autoclicker

    81. Coline Duvivier

      I'd like to see a full random run. Random map, random civ, all the special game mods activated, on deity. Just to see what the rng can do. Also, do you ever play in marathon speed ?

    82. Zurichan

      Carpal tunnel is still the same name. And it is a RSI (Repetitive Strain injury) which is just a classification for the type of thing it is.

    83. Jos Buis - Claessens

      Who cares that a deliberately created broken setup turns out to be broken, when you have so much fun playing :D Thanks for spreading the joy!

    84. Zandr mandr

      The emperor of mankind reuniting the earth be like:

    85. Shadowbow1000

      Missed a spot

    86. Drake Stephens

      Age of Empires shout out! Nice!

    87. Pokemongenix Coffman

      Potato is playing the part of Russia and Germany and Poland is playing the part of poland

    88. Rocket Propelled Mexican

      "I'm not perfect - yet" I trust that the RoboPotato program is proceeding smoothly yes?

    89. gunzakimbo

      Potato, I understand if you wouldn't wanna do it cause I know you've recently done a Russia game but pretty much the same as you did (Inland sea, cold, legendary start position and abundant resources) but instead of Work Ethic try and do a reliquaries run with secret societies for void singers and heroes and legends and maybe try for a sub 150 tourism victory?! I'm gonna be trying right after I'm done with my China record I'm currently doing.

    90. Nicholas Short

      The sumerians where first

    91. Dead Pooland

      Could have made it to the card giving one gold per envoy

    92. TheReal UziDuke

      Think you unlocked rangers before skrimishers.

    93. Qado00

      So i just wonder Where is unique infrastructure tier list?

    94. DerpyCyclist Jr.

      Just don't tell him about mod that puts villages everywhere automatically.


      I still have hands but the enemy doesn’t exist because of my awesome strategy

    96. Free Access

      Check out this AI for civ 6 kgup.info/get/nKF1aoHZfq9ufoc/video

    97. Farkas Csaba

      Next time you can use a mod for do this, so you do not have to place it manually.

    98. Oskar Podbilski

      Please put this map on steam workshop.

    99. cpt Kamina

      Discovered your channel like two days ago and binged 3 of these videos and 2 series I think. You quickly became my favorite Civ youtuber. Perfect blend of humor, expertise and great editing. Thanks for being so entertaining :)

      1. cpt Kamina

        Btw, not sure where you said it, but the joke about fascism being the prefered ideology for gamers if you go by forums had me dying.

    100. William Antis

      "Free stuff is way better than not free stuff." You could make a tier 3 government out of this.