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    The next chapter begins. Start streaming the new season of #TheMandalorian Oct. 30 on #DisneyPlus.

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    1. Alan Fernandez

      this is the way

    2. Obi Wan Kenobi

      Hello There

      1. MrQuackDuck

        Oh, General Kenibi...

    3. not_Judas

      “hey look it’s the guy from Fortnite” let’s hope that doesn’t happen

      1. Will Boozang

        Why do people keep saying this? How did they make a show from the guy from fortnite so fast?

    4. IanTheBanana144

      anyone else here from watching an "I have the high ground" video?


      Ending: "only on disney plus" My pirate spirit that guide me: u can find it if u want to. This is the way

    6. Akshat Dogra

      The beskaar is shiny!

    7. Tanisha Chowdhury

      I love this series

    8. Anupam Tiwari


    9. David Isaacson

      I remeber a month ago when saw this and was so hyped

    10. ItsJustAWaterMelon

      So with the release of episode 4 we have seen EVERYTHING in this trailer

    11. Britton Rasmussen

      So the trailers show no footage past episode 4.. that means the next episodes are all gonna be unseen footage

    12. Rajwardhan Ghorpade

      Looks like all the footage shown in the trailers in over now...can't wait for next episodes

      1. elPinguino

        and to think so many people were ready to write off this series after chapter 10/episode 2.

    13. jake none

      borderlands 3 trailer

    14. The original Smashing

      Google maps: Go left and then right then continue forward, you will reach your destination, this is the way

    15. Ricardo Franco Gerez

      Tuve que esperar decadas , pero al fin volvio Star Wars, gracias por llevarme a la fantasia.

    16. reposter of art and gamingz

      2je Wel uansfts Ee where htiw tso~ us it's inthtDu cut ehnoftbyensy

    17. Max Pants

      Ok it looks to me like they only showed footage from the first 3 episode plus one that takes place on Nevarro with the of gang. Half the season has never even been shown. Including the next episode ;)

      1. DDDA CREW

        Next episode, episode 4 is the Nevarro episode

    18. Hello I am alive

      Give me episode 3 or I will bring you in cold

    19. BlueBeaver Gaming

      0:40 is it me or is that blue guy seems like the person that Mando carbonated at the 1st episode?

      1. Lucky Specialist

        he is

    20. krishna Ravindra wadalkar 10th D roll no 15

      Mandalorian is the best Don't you agree I have spoken

    21. Reed Ditto

      Did any one else see the mythrol aka :the blue dude that was the mandalorians bounty in episode 1 at around 0:40

    22. Asutosh Behera

      The way this is.

    23. Lucky Specialist

      0:01 ~ 0:08 Chapter 10 0:11 ~ 0:19 Chapter 11/12 (expected) 0:20 ~ 0:22 Chapter 9 0:22 ~ 0:27 Chapter 10 0:27 ~ 0:35 Chapter 9 0:36 ~ 0:45 Future Episodes 0:46 Chapter 10 0:47 ~ 0:56 Future Episodes

    24. The Ultimate INSECT Person

      *Every time I add star wars music, it leads me to here*

    25. The Mandalorian

      0:40 What is the episode 1 blue fish dude doing here

    26. exotic

      0:40 pause.. The dude from episode 1 is back! Let’s go!

    27. srhysrstuf

      Me with a 21:9 monitor: aww yeaaaaaa

    28. Bewild149

      Was that the fledging mythral who evacuated his thorax in ch.1 at 0:40 ?

    29. Barış Söğüt

      The list of Disney did something very cool: Only Mandalorian lol

      1. DDDA CREW

        Clone Wars Season 7, Rebels, Fallen Order, Rogue One, Solo...

    30. Conner Benson

      Star Wars are awesome like movies shows, games and toys

    31. The Most Unlucky

      Wherever I go, he goes.

    32. Dhruv M Draut

      every friday huh

    33. Jolatto The Jokage

      I think I peed my pants first episode.

    34. Max Hostility

      Is that blue guy the guy who was in the first chapter

    35. Anakin Did Nothing Wrong

      It’s kind of upsetting that this show had to blow up for Disney to give it anywhere close to the same amount of money as they’re giving the Marvel shows

    36. GULLIST _


    37. Physicals1x

      It’s the 30 where it at

      1. Brocker


    38. Emilio Del Pozo

      In a few moments, this will be mine. Mando must reunite the child to its own kind. The show comes back in less than a day. I must see it, _this is the way._

    39. Kelvin

      man, i got goosebumps several times over from watching this. hype!

    40. Kyr09

      November 2019: The Mandalorian S1 December 2019: The Rise Of Skywalker February 2020: The Clone Wars S7 October 2020: The Mandalorian S2 It's been a good few years for star wars. Hopefully the future will be even better. There is a 97.6% chance that this will *not* fail.

    41. Sasha Chunky Fluffs

      The baby I would like to see

    42. Matt Tuckerman


    43. dragongirl 2350

      This is the way

    44. Andrew Tedd

      Are we ignoring that Mando's first bounty (blue fish man who's name I forgot) is back?! Maybe just someone of the same species but I think it looked a lot like him.

      1. Sasha Chunky Fluffs

        @Andrew Tedd Reece Orozco Reece Orozco 1 day ago (edited) I didn’t even notice the Mythrol! The blue looking thing from episode 1 0:40 Deathsquad 2670 Deathsquad 2670 4 days ago That fish dude that was in the first episode is gonna be back 0:45-0:47

      2. Andrew Tedd

        @Sasha Chunky Fluffs sorry, I scrolled through a lot of comments looking for that but didn't see anyone talking about it

      3. Sasha Chunky Fluffs

        nobody is ignoring it it's been said more then amillion times by now

    45. chellie nippie

      i would like to see the baby

    46. Rohandazohan

      1 more day

    47. AdamHeheXD

      i want more baby

    48. Uthaya Surian

      Will i see a jedi knight in this season ?

    49. Ibrahima Traore

      Is nobody gonna talk about how amazing the score is.

      1. J G

        Indeed. This is the way...

      2. Ibrahima Traore

        @Yes papa man the music

      3. Yes papa man

        What score?



    50. asioe kiou

      I am amazed by how cinematic this looks - even more so than the first season! Might be the most gorgeous-looking TV show I've ever seen.

    51. Reece Orozco

      I didn’t even notice the Mythrol! The blue looking thing from episode 1 0:40

    52. Anna Wilson

      O.O Yay :D

    53. Hippie8 Studios

      Woooooooo yeah baby this is what I’ve been waiting for yooooo

    54. bocoy noiu

      I am amazed by how cinematic this looks - even more so than the first season! Might be the most gorgeous-looking TV show I've ever seen.

      1. asioe kiou

        Four days to go. 😎

    55. Nerfbox One

      I really hope there’s a final trailer because I really wanna see Ashoka and the other characters from Star Wars Rebels.

    56. Evlegoproductions

      No ahsoka

    57. Spencer Petersen

      the beatles

    58. Rowen Schut

      0:53 I could faintly hear Anakin Skywalker yelling I hate you like on Mustafar

    59. Daniel Jaek

      Daniel Jaek

    60. jamal bullard

      a random woman: *makes song that makes disney look bad even though the song was right* the mandalorian season 2: O M A E W A M O U S H I N D E R U

    61. Audrey Marianne

      God i will never get over the music 😍

    62. bouytt guyt

      “I’m just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.” - Jango Fett

      1. SuperSteph

        You got the wrong Mandalorian.

    63. Jasonz W


    64. The Protagonist

      The Mandalorian looks like a viable candidate to recruit for Tenet

    65. Kingdom of Gamers

      That last shot looks like Sullust!!!

    66. Phoebe Witt

      ugh wheres ahsoka 💔

      1. Phoebe Witt

        @bouytt guyt who, the blue guy?

      2. bouytt guyt

        0:41 holy mother of the force!

    67. Michael Gibb

      Four days to go. 😎

    68. Telamont Tanthul

      Remember in the first season when he said "I need to get one of those" (referring to the jet packs)? Well, looks like he finally got one.

    69. Loser liam

      Can you guys maybe do a bit better in the writing process this time?

      1. J N

        The writing was great fym

      2. Loser liam

        @Sasha Chunky Fluffs i could do better

    70. Sasha Chunky Fluffs

      show meh the baby i vant to see da baby

    71. Sasha Chunky Fluffs

      i'm hype your hype we are hype hype all aboard the hype train this is the way.

    72. TellCarti


    73. KelRylo

      Can I like this twice?

    74. Stinky Pig Plays

      “I have a bad feeling about this”

    75. - HobbitNinjaWizard -


    76. vbddfy euuyt

      They really didn’t need to advertise this, everyone was already going to watch it.

    77. Rocky Rocky

      5 days to go

    78. Cooper Lawson

      0:41 holy mother of the force!

    79. Cooper Lawson

      0:02 NO

    80. Typhon Plume

      It's NOT a trap.

    81. Spanish Input

      This is where the fun begins!

    82. Deathsquad 2670

      That fish dude that was in the first episode is gonna be back 0:45-0:47

      1. Deathsquad 2670

        I mean 0:40

    83. butti fdft

      Its crazy how they pull this off in a years time

    84. Osvaldo Salazar

      0:39 Yondu?

    85. Brendan Dugdell

      This is the way

    86. Dirty DoughBoy

      Can't wait to watch for freeee..thanks Disney plus...

      1. butti fdft

        They really didn’t need to advertise this, everyone was already going to watch it.

    87. CodyTheDoggo

      Still can't get over how great that armor looks

    88. Maxine S

      I cant handle this anymore!! Cant you release it now??? Oct 30th is just too longggg

    89. υlтяα ιηsтιηcт υткαяsн

      This is the way


      O maior capoeirisra do cinema 🇧🇷

    91. Ess Ji

      ‘Wherever I go, he goes!’ FATHER OF THE YEAR!!!! = Mando!

    92. ohya masa

      Nonton dimana

    93. For Derp

      I was hoping for ahsoka Why are youuu here

    94. Lee Wong

      The first season was sensational. Let's hope Disney don't ruin it like episode 7,8,9. You've got a winning formula... stick with it.

    95. gaddadnittiosjunollnio

      Hate Disney any body know wen expand will start again

    96. Jacob Moore

      Honestly that planet at 0:02 seconds looks a lot like bespin from the empire strikes back am I the only one who thinks this

    97. German Wojtek


    98. LolWalker

      Still better than Star Wars 7, 8 and 9.

    99. Marsh Jellow

      They really didn’t need to advertise this, everyone was already going to watch it.