100+ EPIC Fishing Moments

Carl and Alex

1000 миӊ. көрүүлөр486

    Fishing is our favourite thing to do and this year we fished so many epic places. We hope you enjoy our best bits of 2019 video!
    0:00 - Intro
    0:07:15 - The Ultimate Multi Species Roadtrip
    1:04:37 - Huge Pike In Clear Water
    1:08:28 - The Biggest Perch In The World
    1:36:37 - Quest For The Big Mirror (River Carp)
    2:01:49 - Catch and Cook Beach Fishing
    2:29:38 - Quest For A Personal Best
    2:56:26 - Small Streams Hold Unexpectedly BIG fish!
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    Our channel, Carl and Alex Fishing was launched in 2013. Our aim was to inspire people to go fishing, because at the time we did not have many friends who fished. Over the years we have filmed carp fishing, coarse fishing, fly fishing, bass fishing and even a bit of saltwater angling.

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    1. Burito-Jr

      Only discovered your channel in the last week, but by far has to be one of the better fishing channels out there! Definitely re-sparked my flame to get back on the water's edge, keep the content coming!

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        @Carl and Alex

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      5. Harry Porter



      Which video has your PB carp? I want to watch it


        @Carl and Alex oh ok 👍 you must travel a lot😂

      2. Carl and Alex

        We say we are in America when we are in America but when we say we’re in England that’s because we’re in England. :)


        Also what country are you in? Sometimes you say America and then England and it’s just confusing

    3. doug Oconnor

      You need to come up to Pennsylvania and go trout fishing or go for striper fishing in nj

    4. Ryan Linkenheld

      Catch 1.5lb bass freaksour catches 40 carp all the time meh lmaooo im so jealous 😂😂😂😂

    5. Mark Everest

      you guys deserve all the luck in the world from what you do, an inspiration to young people all over the world, my 2 boys included

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thank you Mark! :)

    6. Stephen Brooks

      Just woke up to this you guys are so good at capturing the experience of fishing and the enthusiasm you both have is infectious keep doing what you do thanks for sharing your experiences with us 😁🎣👍🏻

      1. Carl and Alex

        Cheers Stephen!!! :)

    7. Youbetternotfart I

      Dudes went to america and fish for carp we consider them trash fish

    8. Ahmad Fauzan Zaman

      I discovered your huge fresh water aquascape tank 2 weeks ago and find out about Charlie, then start to watch your fishing videos. I don't even like fishing but idk why i still watch your hours fishing videos hahaha and finally clicked subscribe. Well done mate!

    9. Anthony Webster

      I got a french slap by a 24lb carp on my 13 birthday and going fishing again for my 14 birthday 2021

    10. gianni naticchione

      First cut your unibrow... then maybe things will work out. Dh

    11. Mr. Chip

      wonderful scenery

    12. martin jacobs

      hello uit SA Holland het nogal nice fishing going on

    13. Evil

      I didnt know brits had talents like this, cool channel btw!

    14. Xenquility

      quite random but at 2:48:00 i have the same stove as you

    15. Jordan Michael

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    16. Milan Dol

      this is the first video i see of you guys and i love it

    17. castapoo

      States are beautiful aren’t they

    18. Joel Jackson

      Awesome job guys. I'm trying to do the same. I'm a subscriber 👍

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    21. jarzadon05

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    22. Leon Wenning

      I would like to see more adds in a 3h Video like that. I would like to see more adds in your Videos at all, because I want to support you more.

      1. Carl and Alex

        Ahh thanks dude! :) ❤️

    23. Madison Brown

      I was over near the light house lol

    24. Frank Estrada


    25. Jherry Perez

      Always wacth ur blog video so nice to watch learn somthing how to hook fishes

    26. cheeze

      i was watching your videos (love them by the way keep it up ) and i found the 3hr ones so i decided to watch them through my online school work but i wanted to sleep at lunch so i did and left the vids on so you got like two+ views on the 3 hr ones lmao. love the channel makes me wanna go back out to fishing but i only have a few spots near me so i can only go to good places on times off school but lovge the vids

    27. Kevin Mejia

      I’m just now watching this and that first Muskie moment had me jumping for joy with you guys. That was sick. What an amazing video.

      1. Carl and Alex

        Cheers! Thank you Kevin.

    28. dogman81

      dude Canada is part of north America

    29. Mr. Wicked




    31. jarzadon05

      The bouncy library seemingly annoy because myanmar thirdly stamp across a mushy result. grumpy, puny chive


      You guys have an amazing channel. I’m a proud follower. Awesome!

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thank you so much Keith!

    33. boomer

      when u were in kenora u were 2 hrs away from thev best channel catfish spot in north america . west to winnipeg north to lockport manitoba my pb is 32 lb . a dozen in the 20 lb class is a reg day if your ever here again greg wells fb

    34. jarzadon05

      The tart disadvantage fifthly force because passive implicitly gaze apropos a broad trowel. six, wry sunday

    35. Colin does stuff

      Thanks for making my Quarantine funner

      1. Colin does stuff

        Dude I got a heart from them... the one and only alex and carl

    36. Dinhchautuan

      Đi câu thú vị quá...

    37. Devin

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    38. Jejak Hore

      niceeeeee n cool

    39. sod. zyy

      You can see the effort and great skill in the video..I love the content. Had to subscribe, keep up the good wrk and grind

      1. Carl and Alex

        Cheers! Thank you so much.

    40. Different Fins

      I love your UK videos but seeing you both fishing in my backyard for species I am familiar with was extra special. Cheers!

    41. lewischandler12345

      could you guys recommend any good lakes for this time of year for pike fishing on lures many thanks

    42. Aquatic Obsession

      who else watched the whole thing

    43. Omar Bueno

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    45. Teo Šmida

      Did you ever take any fish to home?

    46. M_A_X_6_6_6

      I had know clue what I was doing but now ur channel is in my life it has changed how I fish

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    48. marijn van helmondt

      You gays are an inspiration 🤙💯

    49. Tom Crawford

      Go specimen chasing for pike on the Scottish lochs or go fly fishing for big brown trout

    50. Martins Maslakovs

      damn those lake trouts looks like pike and regular trout had some interbreed mating lol

    51. John Timmins

      Thank you, enjoyed that 👍

    52. Team Op

      is it over with the girl

    53. Neil Graves

      Your tutorial videos brought me here . Ive learned alot from you both . Such a credit to our sport . Carl im so pleased you are much better . Take care and keep safe

    54. taizer

      welcome to America where most fishing areas are restricted. come to mi and I can get you on those fish but way bigger. I live of lake st.clair the biggest beverage size musky. world class small mouth. tons of frog fishing in the summer and insane walleye all over the place.

    55. Hamza Redwan

      You did y’all not fish for steelhead

    56. Nymphaea Candida

      Nádhera, sen každého kluka od vody. Big Up from czech


      Nice shot of the pike chasing and jumping the lucky little kipper 👊👊👊


      Very nice perch and barbel top banana 👊👊👊


      Hi I'm a carper but the shot of that pike taking was awesome.Loving the videos. F... the jealous w.....s on that reservoir. 👊👊👊

    60. GamefishermanX

      music is sooo cool when you guys put it in your vids!

    61. Nathan Tibu

      Do you guys not have any pike in the US?

    62. Richard Rozier

      Hi I love to catfish and carp fish but I do not no how to make carp bait that good my first carp was a big one and I got Excited and happy I like your videos they are really great and never stop fishing.keep exploring.wrote by Richie.R

    63. jake mclean

      1:05:24 another amazing fish i caught one of these as a kid in ontario just by luck first time ever in a small boat with an outboard engine i just took the boat to a random spot on the lake and with a lure i got a pike! we ate it what a great memory

    64. jake mclean

      1:04 wow amazing!

    65. Jeanette Eriksen

      what is that thing running around on your umbrella at 1:52:05 ?

    66. David Flynn

      Just over an hour in fantastic video guys

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    69. UncleAndy46 _ American patriot


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      Quality productions alongside your quality angling

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      I just got ready and watched the whole video amazing work 👍🏻

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      2. Carl and Alex

        Awesome! Thank you :) :)

    74. Marc House

      I fish a lot in the UK for cats I think it would be a great video

    75. Timo Brown

      Hi guys. Thanks for all your incredible hard work to give us so much entertainment and knowledge. I feel like I know you guys personally. Cheers from South Africa

    76. Adam Porteous

      That MUSKY fishing was an eye opener, dragging the rod through the water?? Strange.? Aren’t they just huge pike??? Anyhoo as always well presented and entertaining. Keep up the great work and don’t change your style of filming etc. GREAT WORK LADS.. loved it..

    77. Adam Porteous

      KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK LADS. Love the way you film and edit. YOU LADS GOT IT SPOT ON.. even enjoyed the little tangents of the koi carp trip and Alex foraging for mushrooms, an the indoor and outdoor pond, always enjoy your vids.. You did right believing in yourselves. As always a pleasure to watch.. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. And letting us in on your experiences.. It’s hugely appreciated lads. BIG THUMBS UP...

    78. CAPTAIN CHILLCO shiver me timbers

      Excellent video, but please use your fingers when eating a pizza. 😅

    79. Jameson Hardcastle

      Watching you stab that musky in the face was awesome!!! That is why I love fishing 🎣

    80. Me 2

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    81. Mobin Baloch

      Bro who watches 3 hour fishing video omg 😱 boring

      1. NiceCleanDough

        i watched it and many others did aswell so thousands of people watches a 3 hour fishing video

    82. Susan Shafer

      Saw you for the first time catching those perch, wow. I'm so glad you are able to do what you love and get sponsors to support you. By the way, your filming and editing is superb

    83. Jejp2015

      Hope you are well

    84. Julian Cutting

      As always fantastic fish bites and great vids

    85. Matthew Barrett

      This is one of your best stories. I watched it when it first came out, but needed to see it again. What an amazing experience, you two brothers must have some of the best memories. It's important life to make sure every second matters, and you do this :)

    86. Spasticus Autisticus

      I used to score crack on that bridge every night,it was before I gave it up for Heron.....good times

    87. Adam Webb


      1. Carl and Alex

        Thanks Adam! :)

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      Great video guys been watching all your videos and have gotta say 10/10 for video presentation and content has always would love to see you guys at some of my local lakes tight lines guys keep them videos coming

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      1. MM V DM

        U have made my day so much better my cousin died today and u replying to my comment made my day so much better

      2. Carl and Alex

        A slug going across the brolly!

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