Mom Screams ‘My Son Is in Here!' During Home Invasion

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    Two masked gunmen were captured on camera forcing their way into a Florida home, with one opening fire, as terrified residents and guests tried to flee the chaos. The drama started when a guest of the homeowner who came over to watch the NBA finals pulled into the driveway. The gunmen appeared out of nowhere and forced the driver inside. The homeowner rushed to hide with her son. No one was injured, but the home is now riddled with bullet homes and the suspects are still at large.

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    1. Nurlan

      This is America

    2. Nuggets For all

      I thoght she said like don’t shoot me shoot my son instead

    3. ASTRO BG

      And shes naked wow

    4. Dee Formed

      Bruh she was playing Crash Bandicoot before this

    5. Fishy Guy

      Oh no shooters r invaiding our house but first from our sponsor raid shadow legends

    6. Jeffasaurases

      It’s nerf, or nothing

    7. Riley Colgan

      we aint gon talk about how the tv got shot like thats not possible

    8. Little Biscuit ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

      Yep she’s a badass

    9. s͜͡h͜͡i͜͡r͜͡t͜͡ ͜͡p͜͡e͜͡r͜͡s͜͡o͜͡n͜͡

      No ones gonna talk about her having a 17 year old son and shes 26?

    10. Maciej Ratajczak

      1:53 - Wow! Fortunately no one was hurt.

    11. Olga Demyanenko

      Wait he has the video game crash bandicoot a N sain tryoligy ME tOO

    12. Chocolate_ mxcha.

      You see this is why everyone needs a gun.

    13. Tyree McGee

      Notice how nobody is talking about she is playing the game

    14. sly

      Looks like hit gone wrong

    15. Paul William

      Its a home invasions, you don't get to make suggestion.

    16. rugaiyatu bah


    17. JaySix Official

      They’re K/D must be low.

    18. Leyna’s World

      I would be scared to death D:

    19. Andry Mateo

      i got some Jians at my home boi

    20. Christopher Nguyen

      does anyone know her name

    21. Alyssa Bilal

      She was naked?

    22. uwu-wood

      Is that a ps4

    23. GoldenKitti

      Poor kid was just about to play crash bandicoot

    24. christine matsuoka


    25. Bobby Careaga

      Clout Chasing gone wrong

    26. Blade Rances

      1:43 is that A apple or A human

    27. JustBubb

      Me looking at what game they have on the ps4 than the action

    28. Broken heart 4 ever 999

      Girl:IM NACKED WITH FREINDS OVER!!!Thug:oo la la

    29. John Fitch

      She’s soooo bad dammmn 😍😍😍😍

    30. MrPlayDay

      The real crime here is the lack of games on the PS4.

    31. SirVloneThug

      She a gangster for shooting back and not getting hit 💯

    32. Teckla Furro

      Thank God for protecting them

    33. j t 07


    34. Cool slasher boi


    35. Enzo Johnson

      Anyone notice how the mom kind of looks like Doja Cat?

    36. Wewli Lol

      Lol imagine if they died

    37. gabriel poester

      Guns Saving another life

    38. diddi dd


    39. Obby Destroyer

      Stop with the censorship

    40. Andres Crisostomo

      She a baddie

    41. Nicholas McQuaid

      This is why Americans need to keep our guns to protect ourselves.

    42. Mousy :3

      Gosh that shock me!

    43. Kayla Alexandria

      In my head I was like what if she has a gun and she did

    44. JR OBOL

      Very good, the best 👏👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👍👍👍👍

    45. _Pooh987

      So we're not talking about that her ps4 was on.

    46. Life With Katrina

      Her Instagram is ans_leey Your welcome:)

    47. The Mr Shadow

      Lady: “Don’t shoot please, I have kids!” Guy: *shoots* Lady: draw. “Pulls out gun”

    48. Izayah Mosley

      Who else was looking wat games they had on there game

    49. Tia Benita

      What happening??????

    50. Sm H04

      I need a wife like dis

    51. Mita Ghosh

      sorry to say but one question ,"is usa a first world country "?

    52. Selma A

      She is so brave! Hope everything goes much better with them

    53. Not Gloomy

      She’s an onlyfans model, thats why them cheeks out

    54. xd Goldenlol

      Does anybody cares about the ps4 cuz I do🦌🦌?????

    55. HexJK

      That entire family would be dead right now if they didn't have a gun. Protect the 2A.

    56. gshj gaytho

      1:51 waw unfortunately nobody was hurt.

    57. MoMo_ Beatz

      Why tf would someone do this, im glad I live in England

    58. gamermove

      0:44 the ps4

    59. Krixss

      Damn whoever that girl's man is "You do not wanna cheat with her"

    60. Shattered Official

      “wE nEeD tO tAkE eVeRyOnEs gUnS” no... we need home protection y’all can die a horrible death if you want but I’m protecting mine

    61. ellie styles

      bruh why they gotta shoot the tv like that i just wanted to watch peppa pig man

    62. The Smileys Crew

      Not to bring politics into this, but this is why the 2nd amendment exists

    63. Jbgamer2.0

      Rip tv

    64. Zachary Turner

      Why is she Blurred at the beginning of the video

    65. Brandon Bednorski

      This is why sometimes we need some guns bro. I’m gonna thank my dad for having guns.

    66. Kit Kat

      Imagine that she did not have a gun. And there were no men and women in blue because of defunding. Who you gonna call? No, not the ghost busters. Who else? A social worker? You're kidding me...

    67. Dyhron Ross

      He got that 50 round

    68. Wolfy

      I thought she was trying not to die and tried to get them to shoot the son and then when it said 7 year old I was like bro she’s really gonna make the older brother get shot and then I watched and I was like O

    69. brezzy

      what’s her insta

    70. Logan Merriman

      This is why you need need a gun. They could defend themselves because they had one. If they didn't, who knows what would have happend.

    71. Ryder

      They blurred out the booty :(

    72. Samuel’s Adventures

      Everyone’s gangsta until the mom pulls a gun

    73. Darkshadow 469

      Bruh I don’t understand how people literally come to a house to steal THINGS and don’t care if they take a life. Wow And why was that woman like blurred.

    74. paste

      Didnt even give us her plug, smh

    75. niya oliver


    76. FriedToaster

      Good thing a bullet didn't end up on the wifi router. Would of been much worse.

    77. Gtr guy R35

      My dad has a ar15




      Band guns

    80. Crazy Student

      No person talk about what was on TV and what was she doing 😑

    81. Big Aces

      "The mom was in bed" Crash Bandicoot trilogy: Am I a Joke to You?

    82. CrimsonRed

      Why did the robbers start shooting?

    83. jaquardchimoyochashe

      What is her handle? Need to know

    84. GamE FrEak

      WTF r u wearing that they have to blurry the ass here

    85. Ashton Benning

      “Gimme the gun gimme the gun” 🤣🤣

    86. KohaiKun

      Wht was the blur why aint no body taking bout that and if she was naked, did the husband friend saw her naked??

    87. karen younkins

      kill those scumbags

    88. Jonathan the turtle loving zombie


    89. DripClutch

      Don’t shoot me Buh shoots them 😂

    90. よしろ

      Thank god she had a gun in her room

    91. Viking Beard

      Thats why we need our 2A rights!!!! Trump 2020!!! biden want to take guns..... I Will Not Comply!!!!

    92. 栄奥よ[Jupiter _ Dust]

      The mom be like: “you soot at my family and me I shoot back” *chk chk*

    93. the 3 musketeers

      I would've died right there💀

    94. taetae

      lmaoo i have that fit 1:38

    95. taetae

      well that child is now traumatised

    96. NYC YAZZ

      I love black people man he took the weapon from the woman and handle Business

    97. One mill Great

      Oh fuke

    98. DXB_Maria2001

      This doesn’t seem like a coincidence. It’s probably planned or something. Wearing these clothes in order to not be familiarized

    99. Toyota Corolla E140

      1:03 You may shoot but dont danger the hostages lives for it!!!

    100. Nevaya Lopez - RTM Student

      Wow that room is so white I thought it was heaven then heard the gun shots