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    1. Fnaf gaming Channel

      Where part 3

    2. Rosie May

      Prank your dad with the snake on putting it on his face

    3. banana doppie best boy

      Every video I see I know there's gonna be a part 2 but the next part is not gonna show what the fucking shit does

    4. Lucy McGeorge

      Heart attack go brrrrrrrrr

    5. Adam Domonski

      Gets shot

    6. Ra W

      Plot twist: his parents call the cop

    7. Kazal Alshahoud

      Ugh Cole I hate you let's see there reaction

    8. l l


    9. Wong Darren

      What the fu is that

    10. Louis's Shenanigans

      PART TWO!!!

    11. SuperNova12

      Can u please do a part two 😩

    12. Hamiltan Ahmed

      When he thinks of such a good prank but he doesn’t do it be like : 👁👄👁

    13. k3nt0-yt

      So where can I find pt 2!?

    14. Ally Ingram


    15. Shinigami13

      Father: proceeds to shoot intruder

    16. Storytimes

      you never post the damn part two

    17. Teagan Trendz

      Umm part 3 please

    18. Abigayle Mattera

      Well the third video???I can’t find it

    19. Blackpink and bts Bangtan

      Ugh this is one of those StAy TuNeD fOr PaRt tWo 🙄😑

    20. Red Among us

      The full video is in the description

    21. Jojo_11

      Dude ur evil! LOL

    22. ÏVÄÑ BF

      Wheres the prank :(

    23. Chloe Dillabaugh élève

      you know what i find annoying, the fact that there’s no part 2/3 cus he already explained his plan in a video

      1. Laith ALHeji

        Ya exactly

    24. Chepe Lepui

      Man you so mean to your parents

    25. orelg 2019

      I can’t find part 2 😭😢

    26. Nomonde Ngonyama


    27. Mailey Eve


    28. KTS_ImABot

      We’re still waiting

    29. ItsJoe

      If I was them I ready be screaming at the top of my lungs

    30. Hlut Thar

      Can you show us their rection plz

    31. Froggy Dipper

      How to kill ur parents without actually being in BIG trouble :))

    32. CB

      Part 2

    33. Lil boyo

      When is it coming out???

    34. Deniise Guess

      Where is the other part ??

    35. ZenoaRcadian

      Oi bastard upload it allready will ya

    36. Amberrose Johnson

      I wanna see the prank dang it

    37. Snouwi

      Why cant u just show the fuking reaction

    38. XxRandom_WeirdoxX

      Wheres part 3???

    39. Melody Rae2009

      Where is the actual prank???

    40. Bradley Peck

      Someone else does that to their parents then gets shot because parents thought they were a intruder

    41. Sanket Patil

      You didn't did the reaction video yet r u lying

    42. Dj. Noah Crazy

      Where is part two

    43. double SS

      Where is part 2

    44. Jenny Cook

      is that an old ussr gas mask if so the filter may have asbestos in it

    45. Mony

      Are u gonna show us

    46. Kylie Federici

      Where is the reaction

    47. brazi

      Where is the video of the prank

    48. Official Yúúta togashi

      Make sure they dont have a gun

    49. Atender Raghav

      Hindi bol karo bhai bro

    50. Cold_war-gaming_

      Where is the full vid

    51. Some brit on the web

      Fun fact: that filter on the mask isn't completely safe, it contains a bit of asbestos.

    52. 憂鬱な憂鬱TheGloomyBear

      This is SOO evil😂😈

    53. Damon Howe

      Reaction needed

    54. PixelTimeParty

      i don’t want to live with him on april fools

    55. Wayne Dumas

      When will he make the video because it's been a while and he hasn't made the video yet

    56. Ernesto Aguilar

      When is the other part gonna come out i am so excited to see there reaction

    57. Kelly Schroeder

      W h e r e s. P a r t. T w o

    58. Sage Buentiempo

      Bruh is he gonna release the 3rd part

    59. Alicia Fitzpatrick

      I have been waiting for ages and u still haven't posted their reaction

    60. saamik Petersen 2

      Part 3?

    61. MBIZENplayz

      Hi liar when are you gonna post the video

    62. Gabriel Rodriguez

      When will part 2 start

    63. Invalid Creature Andrew

      I love how he makes two videos about this and says stay tuned for part two in both videos

    64. Faze jr 5680

      And he never did it lol

    65. Jaygaming 713

      Where is it

    66. Michelle Adanna

      *hears hahahaha * *Wakes up * I WONT EVEN WAKE UP IF THERE IS A FIRE ALARM or something

    67. Nerd Flix

      Where part two plz make part two

    68. Droopy Sprout

      Don’t bother looking for this he never did it in any of his vids

    69. Victoria Silva

      Brasileiros entendendo nada que nem eu ?

    70. Erin Louise5

      Where do you find the part 2?

    71. Jayden Kinnersley

      Where us part 2

    72. Guayando.

      We have been waiting for it dude. Nothing has been posted

    73. NaturePlayz


    74. Da Penguingirl

      Hmmmm it’s been weeks. I wonder when your actually gonna do the prank? 🤔

    75. XxShenanyBoixX Gaming

      Bruv stop making these cliffhangers and just make a full vid ;-;

    76. Squidward78

      He never did it

    77. John John Cabral

      Part 2 Please 🤗

    78. Perry. vb

      All you do is make short videos just so u cAn make a part 2 cuz u want veiws

    79. white shadow

      Where is the reaction

    80. AngelaTheCuteOne Morris

      I don't think their going back to sleep maybe they'll have insomnia

    81. L3_ Chronic

      When the prank

    82. Kai and par films


    83. Leighyal RK

      U didn’t show the prank

    84. SHUT UP BOTS

      Too cruel have to hit the dislike

    85. No.55 Gaming

      POV: He has schizophrenia he lives alone.

    86. Has Videos

      I have a gas mask like that and it scares ppl alot

    87. Voxy

      All you do is part 2 and stuff

    88. Aiko xxx

      I don’t think he ever did it

    89. Maëlle Rick

      Part two please

    90. ッYuu

      I- my dad would kill me with his hands or the loads of weapons im not trying to mess with 👁👄👁

    91. Peris2penguin

      Where's the video

    92. Doge :D

      And in the end they stabbed him with a knive

    93. BMO YT

      We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you We've known each other for so long Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it Inside we both know what's been going on We know the game and we're gonna play it And if you ask me how I'm feeling Don't tell me you're too blind to see Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a…

    94. Gaming with kiwi

      Where part 3

    95. ac policarpio

      Bruh where is the reaction?

    96. BMXWOTB!!


    97. Jordan Guard

      You are great

    98. Jolty studios


    99. RangerExp

      Bro that's fucking messed up

    100. Peach 2.1

      WHERES pt 2