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    1. Schertel

      I need to buy that

    2. K V

      I love chimken hoodie... needed.

    3. Lai jayden Phromta


    4. Gabe Hopper

      Hekk you linda: **exists** Other merch: we know who won already *;-;*

    5. Natalie Weishuhn

      You should do one that has a cartoon of him with "chimkin?" on it XD

    6. its lamar time

      Wow your very smart that you went to learn how to understand your dog

    7. nadav lev

      for doggo/ owner or matching hodies?

    8. Allison tapia

      He looks so cute wearing his mearch

    9. Aswitha G

      Some days ago onwards his videos are not uploading If anybody know the reason

    10. Macedong Us

      Da best merch I has ever seen from the bootyful Tucker

    11. *-ʟᴜᴄᴀ-*

      I haven't watch u all day D:

    12. Lggt 2001

      He’s so cute

    13. Doireann McCartin

      Is the merch still available


      This dog tried of y’all 😤🤣🤣🤣

    15. Zaddio

      Honestly tucker would be a great model

    16. Shadowslash Diaz

      I can’t wait but I need to ask my mom I really hope I get it

    17. ZOTOV IVA

      Why is your dog so mean to you by saying hekk you Linda that could hurt your feelings

    18. Snowking

      Floof boy has merch! So now everyone can be floof!

    19. susan haugen

      can you send me a catalog of items

    20. Farhan Hafiz

      I make my dog wear shirts to

    21. Azura Loli

      Hi I subscribe and light just to make sure

    22. jagruti mistry

      I love it but prise is too much

    23. Snowy

      Pls consider my request

    24. Snowy

      Hey , i have a dog too named snowy. Pls can tucker make a factime video with him.

    25. Innocent Cat

      I'm wearing my new "Hekk You Linda" shirt !! Love it ! Top quality materials and professionally packaged...arrived in just a few days !! A+++

    26. Midas Mike

      I'd buy a heck you linda

    27. Permanent Makeup by Ashmi Singhai

      who thought the hekk you linda shirt was the cutest

    28. An Intelligent Cookie

      Does Tucker come with the merch?

    29. justin faafiti

      So adorable

    30. Studyket

      I am your huge fan I watch all videos of yours

    31. SamSam Cheesestick

      I think my heart just popped

    32. Shuffle King


    33. Livvylxve

      I got Merch For Christmas Tucker! Its so Comfy And The Mask I got is so Cute!

    34. pilttimobiiliofficial

      I have the white Tucker hoodie! (Tucker is wearing it in 0:20)

    35. Aidan Black

      I bought a shirt and a hoodie

    36. Michelle Perlado


    37. Tyani Dejesus

      Am I the only one thinking tucker looks good with a sweater lol 😂

    38. Ma Ladies


    39. Valentina Franchi

      I wanna say that ur dog is so sweet cute and i would love to be his mom!

    40. bradley boyce

      I got a sweater of tucker on it

    41. Abby !

      YASS 😭😭😭😭✋🏻✨

    42. Tanishka Yadav

      Hey Linda please give me a hoddie which is signed by tucker😂😀

    43. hardobby

      my dog loves it

    44. hardobby

      I already got I dog loves it thank you so much

    45. hardobby

      the merch is out

    46. jeffc181818

      Tucker you so cute like my little girl Remi she would love to play with you because she is a dog she probably would attack you tucker 😂🤣😅

    47. Anish's World of Math

      I have a new favorite shirt: 0:16

    48. Zachy Wacky

      Should we sub to ur other two channels

    49. Silly King Waffles

      stay safe everyone there's a lot going on were going to get through it. also im struggling to get to 50 subs on my own youtube and i would appreciate the support

    50. Neel Mohan Lal

      Tucker:-Oh yeh finally got some clothes and looking soo cool.

    51. Raindoirシ

      How much is the tucker in the hoodie? Wow each part if merch you buy comes with a tucker?

    52. Sarah Johansen

      My mom even watches ur vids!!!!

    53. Sarah Johansen

      OMGIESIES im asking my mom and dad right now!!!!!!! -Olivia

    54. Nana763

      Every time I’m sad I watch tucker and it cheers me up

    55. floeria

      everyone rhat sees this please pray for me

    56. PRAISE THE LORD! The Pet Adventures / The Fun World

      I got one, and I love it!❤️❤️❤️

    57. Ranga mohan

      when you realise tucker has cool clothes than you

    58. Divyashree Umesh

      Who don't know tucker 2020 gone waste but for me 2020 was so great from tucker wuv you tucker

    59. Elisabeth Inso

      There's a merch that is heck you Linda

    60. Pleb_Rat Poop

      Tucker is soooo FLOOFYYY

    61. Elizabeth Afton

      The views is currently the devil's number.

    62. Sunflower Asmr

      You know that imma get the”hekk u Linda “

    63. Anaya Clarkson

      Hekk Linda how your health status now he look so happy in that shirt

    64. CFRUKZ

      What’s this song called?

    65. Milo Aussiehoula

      I really love your channel! Even though you are a big account and I’m a smol one I hope we can be friends ❤️

    66. AADRITA paul

      Love tucker i want tucker holy fluff 😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    67. SpinKirb

      Can i get a used one?

    68. Oufa

      0:15 best merch

    69. V Rajesh

      I love tucker

    70. katherine RoseMore

      yall should make more general merch lol i would never buy someone elses name

      1. katherine RoseMore

        no offensive..

    71. hallena manges

      every vid its.......Hekk you Linda!

    72. Avryl Frith

      Honestly I'm just hoping that there are actually hoodies for dogs and that those aren't human hoodies just put on Tucker because he's big and fluffy he's a big golden cloud

    73. Alaiya Gibson

      Love u Tucker Hekk u Linda

    74. Maya Eisenmenger

      The modeling tho

    75. Sin Chung

      I'm such a fan of you but I didn't get the Shirt 😭😥

    76. Juhi Das

      Hekk you Linda!!😂😂 The best t-shirt

    77. Yetch The Video Man

      dog. dog with shirt. dirt. shog.

    78. Itz Hailey Bailey

      I got my merch today!! It’s soo cute!!

    79. Martha_ioannidou

      Tucker is the next top model in the dog world 😂🐶🔥💯

    80. KobeMendoza

      Your dog has grown so much 😭

    81. bingus the cat

      Hey everyone tucker is getting a youtooz figure

    82. Dragon Blood

      My favorite (if my mom would let me get one) is the “Hekk you Linda” no offense tho Linda.

    83. Rhonda

      I ordered a cute mask for a friend's Christmas present on Nov.27 and still don't have it. Reaching out the company has done no good. Please advise!

    84. Libbi Hornby

      Tucker: Everybody but the hekk Linda merch it's the best!

    85. Libbi Hornby

      Tucker: buy this Merch now filthy animals

    86. Libbi Hornby

      Tucker:ye I'm cool bruvs look at meh :3

    87. Tristan Specht

      How does tucker know what she saying

    88. Puppy Adventures


    89. Puppy Adventures

      Hekk You Linda Shirt: Exists Depression Has Been Defeated By Gimme Chimken_TuckerBudzyn

    90. Winning Smile

      Imagine someone getting the heck you Linda shirt and their mom is named Linda

    91. Petra PÍŠOVÁ

      I wish i cloud buy it but im czech and in a diferent state😥😭😢(sory for bad gramer im czech not inglish)

    92. Yesuijin Ochirbat

      I love dogs 🐶 so much


      This was awesome and so cute 😂❤️

    94. Hazard Gaming

      This came out on my bday!


      You so cute💜

    96. Musical_Sloth9347

      So cool merch ! I love this channel and... the t-shirt with: hekk you Linda was a perfect for Tucker when his mad at you

      1. Musical_Sloth9347

        And i love all the merch :) (i'm answering my own paw comment)

    97. Spectre Wolf Gaming

      Tucker is the cutest dog i ever seen in my whole life

    98. jb Sharp

      Tucker is so cute

    99. reese queen

      So cute 💖

    100. R3AL Kado The ai craft

      Tucker looked so proud wearing hekk you Linda 0:17