2015 Lake Guntersville


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    Diet Mtn Dew Bassmaster Elite at Lake Guntersville

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    1. Billy Langford

      If you was ever curious to what the term spinning out meant, Ike just showed you. When you get such a negative mindset it can be hard to catch a single fish, as he showed. I also can't stand watching him. I have to say that many pros are terrible at landing fish. Been watching for over 40 years, and they are much worse now than in a past at landing them. Many go into panic mode as soon as they know it's a good one, and bad things can happen in panic mode, regardless of what you're doing.

    2. S Walker

      Mike beat himself. Negative additude. Confidence means alot in fishing. More than people think. When I think I'm not going to catch them I usually don't. You fish differently when your confident

    3. Jeff Smith

      People love him or hate him. I love him, I think he's great for the sport of fishing. That's Ike obviously. What this shows is you can't swim down there and toss a hook in a fishes mouth. There's a reason these guys are out there getting paid to catch fish and even the best of them have days like Ike did. Why it's so fun everytime you feel that thump in your line.

    4. Charles Robertson

      M I is a moron !

    5. Kori Whitchurch

      Got to love Iaconelli he knows how to keep it loud lov it

    6. Corey Caudle

      Ike is a character and a half

    7. Shea Locke

      This was back in the better days when every jackass with a bass boat wasn’t following the anglers

    8. bassguy90

      Put that flag away you're in America

    9. Bassmaster Ice

      Ike needs to take a few downers!

    10. Dunkindonuts743


    11. David Newcomb

      Ike is a fucking idiot!!!!!

    12. Chad Drumm

      Not a fan of Ike’s antics! I’m a fan of enthusiasm but he takes it to an absurd level! That whole spitting thing drives me nuts!

    13. Mike Griffin

      Ike's jaw needs to cramp up

    14. Dougie Ritchie

      They should put up a health warning sign every time Iaconelli gets a fish. He is an idiot.

    15. Dougie Ritchie

      Is all the noise really necessary? He caught a fish, well done.

      1. BamaBackwaters

        Passion for the sport. Nice guy but he loves the catching fish.

    16. L. E.O.

      I love watching the old classics. It's changed a lot. To much BS now

    17. Alan Lister

      They can leave the camera off Mike Iaconelli's boat any time they like. I won't miss that shit

    18. Pizzzle _

      Dude Ike is crazy lol

    19. Nicholas Jassoy

      you people should come to the Milwaukee river and have a fishing contest there go to the one in Saukville

    20. Alan350z

      I felt so bad for mike

    21. Brandon Gilbert

      Are they not allowed to use nets to land fish or something?

      1. Kneel And Reel Fishing

        kushcrumbleshatter1990 first 2 days of flw tournaments you can use nets.

      2. kushcrumbleshatter1990

        Of course not, not in this kind of tournament fishing

    22. Bryant Outdoors TV

      my home lake!

    23. Andy Williamson

      Great show, but not one mention by the reporters of a very important piece of info-- Water Temperature. Did happen to notice on Skeet's graph 66.6 degrees.

    24. Caden Acree

      Wait what month was this

    25. Blazinxtreme

      DT6 IN ITS FACE!!!!!!!!!

    26. ShotgunsCentral

      Whenever Mike Iaconelli says it's 8lbs, you automatically know it's a 5.

      1. Evelyn Gray

        definitely not watching what not to wear. Hi Do you wish to laugh so very hard ? Then search this on google "makemelaugh8282" or "make me laugh 8282"

      2. Evelyn Gray

        eat eat and eat….but don’t eat my brain. Hey Do you intend to chuckle so hard ? Then search this on google "makemelaugh8282" or "make me laugh 8282"

      3. Justin Little

        Always deduct 3.5 lbs

      4. Tim Taunting

        Hi fishook

    27. anthony perkins

      Go Skeet

    28. Lil Wick

      Man, Skeet is a beast! I am nicknamed Skeet because I am quite a good bass fisherman. I just wish that one day I will be as good as him, because he is the reason why I fish. I even caught the biggest bass o my life using his rod and reel combo XD

      1. kushcrumbleshatter1990

        R u sure ur not nicknamed skeet for another reason....

      2. ReelBassinTV

        Check out my channel. I am sponsored by wright & mcgill so you'll see all of skeets rods in action

      3. John La Fontaine

        +Blazinxtreme I love his rods too!

      4. Blazinxtreme

        I love his rods, I love them even better when I got half of them for $29 on clearance at dicks sporting goods a few months back. they cast a mile and are super resilient to hard usage

    29. Craig Taylor

      Was that a water spout behind Ike @ 5:08? Left side of the screen.

      1. Fishing The South East

        If you're talking about the clear thin it the handle on the new bass cat boats

      2. Nathan Lamberson

        +Craig Taylor I do believe it might have been

    30. Mat Crowley

      poor ike man

    31. Daron Hill

      California delta- mark Daniels jr. ☝

      1. Andy Williamson

        +Hmoob Xyooj why? explain yourself.

      2. Daron Hill

        @Hmoob Xyooj calm down buddy get that ass beat

    32. Kurt S. fishing

      Even if you're not a big fan of Mike...that was very brutal, really felt sorry!

    33. Jacob Keen - SwimJigJake

      Why can you not upload these videos in HD? Cmon...........................

      1. hoss011

        @Kneel And Reel Fishing how highest res i can get is 480 from this upload

      2. Kneel And Reel Fishing

        Mines in 1080

      3. M Jones

        SwimJig Jake why can't you

      4. Hmoob828

        +KSBass Man95 AGREED!!! FLW youtube videos are soooo much better BASS needs to make their videos more accessible and with the Quality that it deserves!!

    34. The400exboyz

      At 25:38 is he joking or not?

      1. Jeremy Ferguson

        i was co with Wesley Strader in '14 on Gville and he caught one that had an AU fisheries tag.

      2. Travis Toone

        +The400exboyz Yeah I've caught several tagged fish. First one had so much grass and slime on it, and it was coming out of a giant sore on the fish so I thought it was something submerged that the fish had gotten stuck in it and caused some sort of infection. They claim they have little effect on the fish but out of the 4 tags I've caught 2 of them had developed large abscesses where they were tagged. All of the ones I've caught were $5 tags and you have to remove the tag and mail it to Auburn. I have a friend that caught a $250, but thats the highest I've heard.

      3. The400exboyz

        Awesome. War eagle!

      4. darrell key

        I think the university of auburn does some of the tagging..

      5. The400exboyz

        Wow really? I didn't know that. Who pays you for it and like do you have to show them the fish?

    35. Rafael Komoda

      480p?!?! Cmon Why?

      1. Hmoob828

        +Bassmaster Please do. BASS fans would definitely love to have the Ellite circuit and MORE period....we cannot have enough!! FLW has great videos uploaded that is very bass angler friendly.

      2. Rafael Komoda

        +Bassmaster Good! I'm proud for hearing me! Be sure that all Bassmaster fans will appreciate this! Good vibes directly from Brazil! Cheers

      3. Jacob Keen - SwimJigJake

        +Rafael Komoda Whoever uploads these videos needs some uploading/editing lessons.