Nobody Came To His Birthday Party.. So I Surprised Him 🥺🥳


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    We lit!!!! I hope you all enjoyed the video. HUGE shout out for Hybe for sponsoring this video and making this possible. I'm so grateful I was able to make Chris' 9th birthday something special and surprising him with a brand new PS5 from Hybe. They have a crazy collection of mystery boxes containing all kinds of products like Apple iPhones, Playstation's, Xbox's, Off-white, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Supreme and more at! Definitely don’t forget to check them out and to click the link above for a free box and +10% bonus on your first deposit when you sign up!
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    1. Park1way Way1park

      The one thing I truly admire about Fredo is that he stays himself regardless of what people say, he knows how to be caring and reassuring no matter the circumstances. I have peeped in on his videos over the years and he’s help bring more love into others lives than pain, we aren’t talking about his personal life aside from that. His personal life isn’t my business but showing that charity is beautiful.

      1. Julie Oti

        Facts 10000

      2. Fawzi Alqatami


      3. GameDai

        @Darrell Jackson he copied the video

      4. Antler YouTubeplays

        Omg yes

      5. ARK

        stays himself? this was ramel’s video

    2. Nazzy

      This is nic but why take ramelwithar video

    3. Belinda Lowery

      SSH you guys are wonderful fredo made that little day love fredo

    4. Sarjo Drammeh


    5. kaylee Marsh

      Your the best KGupr fredo

    6. nathan rurinda

      its my

    7. 颜 Gan美莹 Mei yin

      Um it's not really to me because i won't get anything on my birthday but my present was scolding 😶😔

    8. Elda Beqa

      That was so sad😭😭😭😭😭

    9. Nykole 921

      This is why I support you, Fredo!!! Beautiful

    10. Blessed 808

      I remember I wouldn’t even want to have a party because no one would wanna show up I’ll just eat my ice cream and cake at home I remember getting like 5$ and my parents saying don’t spend it all in one place. Lol I love my childhood and was grateful for everything. Your very inspiring 🤙🏽



    12. Jolly Girl100

      You are an inspiration!!!

    13. Rianna Rowell

      I want a birthday like that

    14. Beverly Frazier

      Happy Belated Birthday!

    15. Kately Williams

      Fredo really da 🐐 idc

    16. The Real dman

      This is heartwarming you make people’s day and this made my day keep up the inspiration and keep spreading love ❤️🤘🤘

    17. Tyree Tutt

      if all of his peeps saw this they will wish they came

    18. Ryan 13

      Man this bloke is a true Role model. Keep being you bro and your making this world a better place ✌🏻

    19. Donathan Tunraq

      He still like 'I have 5,000 shoes but it was on ma little brotha birthday '

    20. TeDarren jackson


    21. Dallas Mitchell

      Too this day where is he now...

    22. DaRealNina Ross46

      Awww that's sooo sweet,i swear SSH is so amazing.Fredo you always got my vote.

    23. Damien Jimenez


    24. Sophia Sharkey


    25. Gregory Pacheco


    26. Samuel Roop

      Get him in more videos.

    27. Sawyer Travis

      This de

    28. Adroit 87

      I what my son want PlayStation 5

    29. Devplayz z

      is this the person ramel is talking about

    30. Boomah :3

      I was expecting clickbate but this was really wholesome

    31. Mythical Mop

      It's my birthday today

    32. Jacob Bannister

      Him getting a ps5 for his birthday Me Getting nothing on my birthday on the 24 of Christmas

    33. F3aMe Slime

      This made my heart melt 💔


      Yo learnkids commented

    35. Bro man 7 pro

      um can you come to my b day in september 1 plz i have know to come plz can you come fredo

    36. Rylan gaming

      You a good person fredo

    37. Justin Riggs

      This made me smile

    38. DreqmeXe

      Imagine his friends... he be like: OH YAH IT WAS A GREAT BIRTHDAY BTW YAH U SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE YAH!

    39. Penguin Lad


    40. Soar on crack

      The kids that never showed up:😢

    41. Mayson Guerrero


    42. Lacie Geiser

      This is awesome I never even got a birthday party

    43. Tishaun Dennis

      bro this so cool thats nice

    44. Michael Velasquez

      No one came to my birthday

    45. Kam 2424

      I like how he gave the kids brother something cause he was probably feeling left out

      1. Sa Fe

        @Nocturnal Dog Her gift was an "Absolutely, I will surprise him for his birthday" from Pretryboyfredo.

      2. SoAble

        @Nocturnal Dog I was gon say that too

      3. Nocturnal Dog

        What bout the mom

      4. SoAble


    46. e_charlie _e

      i dont even get a party

    47. Victor Rivera

      So heartwarming

    48. Martah Yokhana

      you lit boi IM DIEINGGGGG

    49. Jeremiah Mondesir

      Its heart breaking when friends break you down

    50. Michael Harris

      so WHOLESOME

    51. Fresh Shorts

      Who disliked?

    52. Denzel Eirsieed

      I was finna cry

    53. Shwompy

      Just seeing another person get so happy makes me get so happy.

      1. Robert Seda


    54. Gavingop Yt

      Not all hero’s where capea

    55. Alexis Lynne

      That’s dope

    56. Abigail Garcia

      you are so sweet


      You so nice

    58. cool dude

      no one show up at my birthday I got nothing for my birthday but I'm happy for him

    59. K Haymore

      No body came to my birthday 2days who

    60. K Haymore

      It really is

    61. ARK

      justice for ramel

    62. ARK

      justice for ramel

    63. ARK

      justice for ramel

    64. ARK

      justice for ramel

    65. ARK

      justice for ramel

    66. ARK

      justice for ramel

    67. ARK

      justice for ramel

    68. ARK

      justice for ramel

    69. ARK

      justice for ramel

    70. ARK

      justice for ramel

    71. ARK

      justice for ramel

    72. ARK

      justice for ramel

    73. ARK

      justice for ramel

    74. ARK

      justice for ramel

    75. ARK

      justice for ramel

    76. ARK

      justice for ramel

    77. ARK

      justice for ramel

    78. Acire Fleming

      My little my little brother Hector don't have no way they show up

    79. Superior. Sonic

      100+ reasons Fredo is the Goat🔥🌀

    80. Shana Jones

      My nephew loves you as well. What’s your email??

    81. vincent gutierrez

      When lil dude was crying i was kinda cryin wit em NGL!

    82. Nazareth Carballo

      Is this the kid days like dad can I say 1 cuss word??????? Bru it look and sound like him

    83. TheLifeOfCashJ

      no one showed up to my birthday party when i was in 1st grade. but all my twin brothers friends did. pain

    84. Meek Moves

      I pray one day I have this impact on people lifes

    85. Aquila Robinson

      i ligit cried

    86. JGN

      Me watching this on my birthday 👁👄👁

    87. Christopher Garcia

      Can you come to my party

    88. Christopher Garcia


    89. softcqre

      fredo your heart- it just melts mine

    90. aestonic

      i never had a birthday party

    91. Kemani Nation

      Wanna come to my birthday??

    92. Axzuss-

      Bro copied ramel whole vid same title same everything

      1. Axzuss-

        His name ramelwithar

    93. Claps On YT

      Stoled rmale with ar videos

    94. Adonnis Sargent

      I wish you a happy birthday bro all good I like that girl but I wish you happy birthday because I think so where do you live my name is

    95. Jeremiah Clark

      Ur like the best nicest dude in the wrld

    96. GAMING WITH Makale

      You copy a KGupr video

    97. Kiana King

      I add you

    98. __pap __

      Copyin ramelwithar I see😭😭

    99. Zxch DG

      Mad respect for prettyboifredo

    100. Sipers MotoGoblog

      im a new fans from indonesia . i like you càuse y'all a good man . love you from indonesia