How I made steel toe crocs with wood

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    I want steel toed crocs but I can't buy them. That's a crime against humanity that I want to rectify. In this video I show how I developed wooden tooling that with a bit of refinement could be used to mass produce steel toe crocs.
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    Dropped off ladder 20x and still going strong:
    Wera allen keys 1000x better than el cheapos:
    Wera allen keys (english):
    20 ton hydraulic press:
    Tormach 1100mx:
    Import spot welder. Cheap bulletproof:
    Digital angle gauge:
    Bench sheet metal brake:
    Vise brake (highly recommend):
    20 ton press brake kit:
    Cordless angle grinder - this thing will change your life:
    Hypertherm powermax 45xp with machine torch:
    Hypertherm fine cut consumables (great for sheet metal)
    The best marker ever. Always in my pocket:
    Cyclonic dust collector:

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    1. Stuff Made Here

      Heads up: I'm not the first person to do try to do this - if you want to be entertained with some good lulz you should check out the OG steel toed crocs from I did a thing:

      1. GAMING Profi 2

        Yuo Put a Crocs add in LOL

      2. Rory Nixon

        @Jayce Antonio cool! It took roughly 10 minutes but it worked!!

      3. Jayce Antonio

        I dont know if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password by using Instaplekt. Just google for it if you care

      4. Ben Goldberg

        If you can deliberately choose where the steel will wrinkle, then you could have it happen on the part which you know you will be cutting away. If you are lucky, this will reduce stress and wrinkling on the parts you want to keep.

      5. Fragger

        100th reply

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    3. PerUpp

      I thought this video was going to be boring. Spoiler alert: it wasn't! Great video, would love to see timestamps on future videos to relate to your working hours!😂

    4. patryk dobronski

      Why not just mold it out of carbon fiber using the inside of the croc ?

      1. patryk dobronski

        dont get me wrong i have mad respect to your digital fabrication however i think innovating materials and techniques can go a long way

    5. Fredrik Stål

      16:40 Best quote ever

    6. cdurkinz

      I need some steel toed five fingers shoes if you get a chance, thanks!

    7. FG Poor

      16:41 story of my life

    8. Bradley Shores

      What really worried me was how he kept sliding his finger along the sharp metal edge at the end

    9. Chris Whalen

      3:06 "it took me four or five generations to get this tool mostly working" _the project had begun with my grandfather's grandfather... we know no longer why we toil in the fabrication of this instrument so hideous, but such is our charge_

    10. Jason Mighty

      The left foot?

    11. Emperor Norton Winks

      Comfort and safety in a pair of technically sandals

    12. Thelonious Breskin

      "experts in different fields" nope. just want a fraction of your brainpower lmao. I feel like a snail.

    13. LighdarTheThird

      The phrase "clampy bits" makes me so happy.

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      call me plz at (321) 342-7094

    15. oboycowboy

      Started strong, lost me at 3minutes

    16. Rajvir Singh

      I am just curious if the space for the thickness of the material is left between the punch and the die. It should not fit like a glove.

    17. GAMING Profi 2

      Yuo Put a Crocs add in LOL

    18. marcus silver

      cutting relief lines on the blank should help next time for wrinkles

    19. Amancio Barragan

      Why not just use heat and a hammer

    20. Gabe Suarez

      Holy I physically flinched when that dropped on your foot

    21. David Hunsicker

      it would have been cooler if you just added smaller sheets into the design of the toe leaving the gaps open and keeping it imalleable rather than just adding a clunky top

    22. jsagers2008

      Steel toe minimalist boots. Take my money.

    23. Emerson-Biggons

      This is a significantly more scuffed version of how aluminum pop cans are formed

    24. HB QV

      When I read the title I thought that he made wood as strong as steel for a cheaper alternative to steel toe crocs

    25. Jack Somers

      I got a crocs add on this video

    26. Sjoerd ˈʃuːd

      7 ad rolls? Jeez man, it's unwatchable

    27. William Surles

      I love the iteration process here. Just like SpaceX. well, kinda. Less cool explosions I guess. Which is a good thing : )

    28. Nicholas Grant

      I actually want some #crocsarelife

    29. Richard Ďurina

      What is the program you use on ipad ?

      1. Jack BOSS


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    32. Amadis Demitrius

      "My wife is asleep" That explains the burnt pop tarts.

    33. Jaden Dela Cruz

      Chupapi Munyanyo

    34. Steve D

      Now the other foot!

    35. Elon Musk

      next part: How I made carbon fiber toe crocs

    36. Oskar Svanström-Holmberg

      Ummmmmm i think i saw this on “I did a thing” and the video there is much older

    37. Jose Moreno

      This video reminded me of your steel toe cross

    38. Andrew M

      Cool idea, but I'd think you would quickly run into copyright issues if you tried to sell this. If you could steel toe ANY shoe that might be more profitable in my uneducated opinion.

    39. DJStompZone

      Heh, I get it... Drilling those big holes was the most BORING part! Nice one

    40. TENTACLE father

      i barley noticed the poptarts on the plate

      1. TENTACLE father

        19:08 is around when they appear

    41. TENTACLE father

      im a expert of looking for cool things and this is one of them

    42. Nathan Dean

      a cheapo usb laser finder will work.

    43. Will Beebe

      After the first test: "It's not a good look" lol. Thanks for making these and thank you SO much for your drawings and walking us through your failures and successes. Can't get enough.

    44. Bernardo Moreira

      Oh I'm sad that I'm only found this 11 months too late. I work with Stamping simulation for several of the big car OEMs and I am very impressed where you got using only wood. A die set for any of the outer panels of a car cost more than 1 million and they have the same problems as you have. In the end I believe the reason your part is not within tolerance is not only springback. You had deformation on your tools (you reinforced the blank holder with steel, but you did not reinforced the punch and only a sheet in metal is really not enough) . This happens with steel tools also, we simulate this before building the tools and compensate for this problem (we also compensate for the springback) A steel Die can have more than 0.3 mm deformation. Yous is probably deforming more that 20 mm. Probably you will never going to see this, But if you still want to make this work, I can simulate and compensate this on software. Funny would be to find a material model for wood...

      1. Bernardo Moreira

        PS. Your blank is way too big, you could have saved a lot of trouble by just reducing the blank

    45. S&S AMERICA

      16:36 Mmhh I could listen to that all day /s

    46. Arizona Jewell

      Great video as usual, stuff man

    47. Nenaby Darkmist

      Why didnt you try Hydroforming?

    48. dolf1n1

      Wow I love your persistence it’s been helpful showing my son, how not to give up. Your videos are so inspirational and detailed.

    49. Dewang Mehta

      PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT YOUR ACTUAL BUSINESS !! Hey bro watching you since 3 years woild really like to know more about you actual business.

    50. Arman Kh

      i think cutting some extras in the beginning esp from the corners will reduce the chance and intensity of crinkles and creases. there should be less resistance (ideally, so that you don't have to cut at all any extras at the end!) idea: how they press soda cans.

    51. La Cai

      i think ya could had ez made it smooth if ya heated it whit electricity specially when ya use such a insulating mold as wood is.

    52. Matthew Baker

      I got an ad for Crocs when I clicked on this. What are the odds?

    53. CV official

      That's why sometimes some simple looking things are so expensive

    54. Little Crutch Tech

      You could have heated up the metal to make it softer for the metal to form easier.

    55. wan si chen

      8:13 this is when a mathematician come in and call this impossible cause gauss's remarkable theorem

    56. A i

      All of that and no finished product at the end?...part 2 i guess?

    57. S4L TARXAN

      if "if the shoe fits" was a man

    58. Tom Tom

      We need to your face.

    59. Kriss

      Bruh just got a 1hour ad

    60. Ray25hua

      So basically wood didn’t work b/c a metal sheet was still needed for the middle of the press. That being said I originally thought you were going to melt the metal and use the wood as a mold. Probably would’ve been a even worse idea as the wood would’ve burned.

    61. Jim Scully

      possible to layer thin metal sheets or resin fiber?

    62. Matthew McLean

      I really don't know how people can wear Crocs, they are hella uncomfortable.

    63. Inventor

      blacksmith hiting head against the wall over and over after watching this

    64. Chee Thao

      Steel is stronger than wood. Steel's also heaviuh than feathuhs

    65. Krishna Jha

      If one plays soccer in these crocs, will that be considered cheating?

    66. Zepherius Collins

      If I were you I would use a composite to make crocs from. Steel could cut your toes off.

    67. BlankEssence

      KGup really.... really.... REALLY wanted me to watch this video. I didnt want to. But youtube REALLY wanted me to. So here i am.

    68. Sergei Alonichau

      Did you try heating the metal before shaping it?

    69. Jared Lester

      This would be even cooler if this process was mixed with hydroforming.

    70. Kelly B

      That's incredible. I love the commitment and the willingness to keep going and making improvements. Also your CAD skills must be amazing to make such complex 3D models.

    71. Andy

      Now for the left foot...

    72. Eli b Ensemana

      are they hevy

    73. Camilla Jefferson

      The waste pieces would make a really nice wall sculpture. Arranged in a grid, as a representation of The Process of every creative.

      1. Camilla Jefferson

        (I tried to hold my tongue but watching this, constantly in the back of my mind is how many resources - wood, metal, power - it took to make a steel toe for a croc when comfy steel toe shoes no doubt exist already. I'm also thinking about how little protection crocs provide for the rest of the foot, and how easy they are to slide off compared to, for example, a boot. Anyway. Is this amount of reworking standard procedure for prototype form making? Or does spending more time at the planning stage considering weaknesses and limitations of materials avoid such a resource-heavy method?)

    74. Daniel Owen

      6:24 among us lol

    75. gold stone industries Rbs

      lol he copied the idea from “I did a thing”

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      I did a Stuff

    78. chad 13

      No face please

    79. micahbrill

      I would buy steel toed crocks! How would you attach them?

    80. excellent youboober

      What a success story this channel is, amazing!

    81. MyGames Cyou

      This is awesome!

    82. Jaxsan Murphy

      lmao watch crocs take this idea

    83. Benedikt Schmitt

      There is something called hydroforming, where you only have a negative form and press the metal sheet using oil or water. this means you dont have to always make a new pressform if you want to change the negative form. i think there are lots of videos on youtube showing the process and its also pretty easy to build espessially with your tools :D also the good thing with hydropressure is that the pressure is equal across the sheet and and doest come from one axis and i also think that would reduces the wrinkles. loved the video and the process of improving the prototype step by step

    84. kungmat

      8:42 My mom when she looks at me and my sister

    85. Rozaline Amado

      Why didn't you just create a point for intentional wrinkling on the backside as soon as you saw it would wrinkle? DON'T FIGHT IT!

    86. Baphore Art

      Af fun as it seems. I'm not sure that thin sheet metal can protect your feet from something heavy. I wear steel toed boots all the time, took them apart and the steel toed part is surprisingly thick and hard to move with a hammer and anvil.

    87. Alex

      Since the Chainsaw-Robot I basically watched all your videos and was just starting to wonder when you showed your face for the first time and I found it, weird form of satisfaction but whatever. You are amzing man!

    88. Alexander Paton

      Love this! Those early attempts looked like modern art!

    89. Adriaan de freitas

      Yea, indeed every material being used for this project is cheap but what about the machines though?

    90. Alexander Stoltz

      You do are aware that in scandinavia we do have something that is somewhat similair to crocs with steel protection as standard

    91. Tyler Whitmore

      I'm an Engineer for aluminum beverage cans. Wrinkles= not enough clamp. Earing= too much clamp. An i wear crocs at home. I needba pair!

    92. Vickie Sanders

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    93. Richard

      Couldn't you just build a furnace and a mold...?

    94. Tominator

      Where is the steel toes I want to buy a pair

    95. Dgfd Dgfdc

      I did a thing did it first

    96. The Admiral

      19:01 Seriously...pop tarts?

    97. Slasho58

      You shouldn’t start with a square sheet, try looking at the shrink rate on the sides and create a spline, so you don’t have a bunch of material flowing in one spot

    98. Adrian Hansen

      I would buy it :)

    99. terra

      uuugh have you watched that Mythbusters episode where they found out that steel toe guard can cut your toes clean off if something Very heavy falls down on it?

    100. Dan Sigmon

      I am new to your channel and was wandering what your formal educational background consists of? Software engineering with Applied Mathematics and or Mechanical Engineering maybe? Coming from and undergraduate background in Math & Physics and retiring from Software Engineering 6 years ago, I find your projects interesting in both the technical and creative side. Good stuff young man! Keep it coming. Most enjoyable.