Pickwick Lake HERE WE COME! - Bassmaster Elite Travel Vlog - Unfinished Family Business Ep. 12

Scott Martin

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    We are on the road to third stop of the Bassmaster Elite tour on Pickwick Lake in Florence, Alabama. Super excited to get this one going!
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    1. Scott Martin

      To start comparing quotes and simplify insurance-buying check out Policygenius: policygenius.com/scottmartin Thanks to Policygenius for sponsoring this video!

      1. mikes construction / maintenance roofing guthridge

        Scott Martin would ever go to Toledo bend Louisiana and fish there

      2. Bradley Faucett

        @Richie _k_68 I’m gonna be at pickwick when he is

      3. Bradley Faucett

        Hey Scott I’m going to be at pickwick on Sunday too cause I’m going to fish up their and come watch y’all weigh in it would be my dream if I could get some tips from u while I’m their cause I have a huge deep pond and don’t know what to throw and what baits work good in lakes and on rivers also I look up to u so much

      4. Kevin flabouyfishing

        Hope you guys are ok with that tornado, just curious what size weight on a Carolina rig in tornadoes 6oz pyramids ??

      5. Zacuum_the_goat Goat

        Hey Scott!! I am going to be there at the elite pickwick tournament this Saturday and Sunday. I am a junior fisherman 14 years old and this is a present from my mom and dad. I fish tournament’s local ones and have been watching for while! Any way Scott I could meet you and get a pic? It would mean a lot man!! Big fan! 👊🏻👊🏻

    2. ctcraver

      Hey Scott, just curious on how much you actually buy tackle for full price and how much you get from sponsors for free or discounted?

    3. Joseph Salazar

      Why a skeeter what happened to ranger boat your long time sponsor?

    4. Rene Vidal

      No Pickwick news?

    5. Robinson Family

      my favorite candy is sour patch

    6. Ziggy Blue

      Scott did a cover of Kenny Rogers doing a cover of Willie Nelson!

      1. Uri Orlov

        Willie wouldn’t be too proud either. 😂

    7. Mitch Walters

      Who sings the song I'm the beginning of the video?

    8. Chris Marcontell

      Go Scott, Go!! Bro.. Great start in Alb. !! I saw you crush-it on day 1. ! Hell yeah!! Way to go Scott!! Stay on top Baby!! Knock- it out the park!! Good luck.

    9. Emmitt Ward

      Love watching you go thru all u do....

    10. Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief

      A beautiful video, a lovely virtual walk, it's very relaxing. Thanks for sharing!

    11. wayne osmon

      rocky road candy bar

    12. Jolly Giant

      Guess you will just have to go fishing now, plans are out the window! You got this!

    13. A-Rizky


    14. Jake Miles

      Scott!! College student in Florence, let’s go grab a drink! First rounds on me!

    15. Billy Horton

      Pick wick is about a hour from my house

    16. Bradley Faucett

      He Scott I’m going to be at pickwick ok Sunday to gonna go and fish a lot and also come watch y’all weigh in I would love to get some tips on fishing if u could while I’m their

    17. Jeremy Trimble

      I didn’t see any Googan in that box lol

    18. tanner teague

      Please do a video on wilson thats the lake i fish the most and i cant ever get on alot of big smallies

    19. bill reed

      I just watched a video of a monster tornado in Alabama

    20. paleo dagger

      Hay i live on the lake lets go fishing..

    21. mrtennesse

      hey scott you better catch us a 25 pound bag well be watchin ya

    22. TheCriminalViolin

      "All I'm saying is I like Bang, why is your mind going places?" "Let's go bang so Smallmouth" Well, as my uncle Merrill would say, "Mind's in the gutter" haha.

    23. Nathan Stevens

      Today was a bad day in alabama we had like 5 different tornadoes and I hope that every one In alabama is safe

    24. Mr. HUnt

      I didn’t know Kenny Rogers sang on the road again

    25. Hashirama Senju

      It was 20 hrs back from FL. Painful.

    26. A&M Clevel

      Good luck guys!! Im counting on seeing you all fishing Saturday! Lets go boys!

    27. Ashley Kellum

      Wish you the best scott

    28. Ryan Ayala

      Is there anywhere to watch the full tournament

      1. Scott Martin

        You can keep track of it on bass masters website.

    29. Jarrett Moehlman

      My favorite candy is Skittles

    30. Brock Johnson

      Dude that’s awesome you got your son helping you! Truly blessed! I would be so happy to go to work ever day!

    31. BrodyClapsYou YT

      Hey Scott where y’all are fishing today is where my 1st cousin Chandler Joe Smith died because they was fishing and went to close to the damn y’all had seen and fell over it and died on February 22 2020

    32. Brock Johnson

      Dude I know that’s a lot of work but I’d love every minute of it, as I’m sure you do sir, it shows man! Thanks for the content and advice bro! You the man Scott, we are pulling for you all day long here in North Carolina! Godbless

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Brock! Glad you are liking the content man! 👊🏼👊🏼

    33. Zacuum_the_goat Goat

      Hey Scott big big fan I’m going to be at the tournament this weekend!! Saturday and Sunday I’ll be there. I am 14 years old and have been watching for awhile! It would be my dream if any way I could meet you and get a picture!! 👊🏻👊🏻

      1. Zacuum_the_goat Goat

        @Scott Martin Scott I’ll be looking!! Thank you so much

      2. Scott Martin

        Looking forward to meeting you at the weigh ins man!

    34. kyle owens

      I fished Wilson on Sunday the 14th it was a blast featuring my white Chevy @9:19

    35. Susan Branham

      Don't forget the helicopter lures

    36. Eli.P

      Scott I am going to be at the weigh in on Saturday and I hope I get to meet you there ! I hope you go and slay them out there on pick wick

      1. Eli.P

        @Scott Martin way to catch them today *saturday* that 18lbs is very nice and I appreciate that you took a picture with me and signed my hat

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks man! Looking forward to meeting you there!

    37. Joe King

      It's been 19 hours I'm going to need that video with those smallmouth, I just cant wait any longer 🤣😂🤣 love the videos scott I learn so much from you guys thanks for the entertainment. Go smash pickwick!!! 💪💪

      1. Scott Martin

        😂😂 thanks man

    38. McCoy Ladner

      Ring pop

    39. Charlie Richardson

      We just caught 20lbs of small mouth before the storm roll in today on tennessee side

    40. Cameron Murphy Outdoors

      I’ll be there next month. It’s one of my local lakes

    41. Jeremiah Johnson III

      airheads are nice............whatchyall doing without Billy and his cinnamon rolls?

    42. Rodney Hanbaum

      Good Luck to you and everyone be safe! Don't try and ride out any severe storms! God Bless you and everyone!

    43. Chris Z

      The picture with Matt. I honestly saw rocks. Or a dam. Then a creek channel and water flowing. It was abstract! It’s showing him where to fish

    44. Clinton Philippus

      Kenny Rodgers wouldn’t be mad... but Willie probably is

      1. Scott Martin


    45. Delta Parker

      Great way to end my day with a Scott Martin video!!!!!

    46. Fishing Thebahamas

      Brandon said he stole editing from smaller channel that thief. Your gonna pay for you stealing someone’s else’s editing style you thief. Just watch out brandon. Next time you get broken leg you know why and girl cheating on you.

      1. Brandon Gordon


    47. Troy Wydick

      Scott my dude I want to order that hat your wearing can you make them available on the web site !!!!

    48. bill reed

      Oh No... we need Canterbury at the house.

    49. Christian Smith

      Pumped for this!

    50. David Cooper

      Can't fish without Sour Patch kids. Saltwater or Fresh.

    51. DeepSouthBassin

      I am going to be there at the weigh in I hope to see you, your my favorite FLW fisherman 🤟🏼

      1. DeepSouthBassin

        @Scott Martin Yes sir thanks for replying you made my day 😂

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks man, looking forward to meeting you 👊🏼

    52. Dylan Beasley

      what a sexy boat lol

    53. Bobby Colson

      come on scott...willie nelson

    54. Jack Glenn

      On the road again is a willie Nelson song...

    55. Eric Melton

      I’m going to check out policygenius/scottmartin right now!

    56. Leland Warmoth

      Be safe all of you!

    57. Joseph Gurley

      Been a huge fan for years! I have lived in Florence, Alabama all my life and wish the best for you in the upcoming tournament. Would love a picture with you if I spot you on the river!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Joseph! Hope to meet you at the weigh in.

    58. silly guy

      Living in South Florida has to be crazy. You have to drive 500 miles before you even leave the state. So every trip is minimum of 1000 miles

    59. jonathan mckinney

      Amazing as always , Scott you know we love you... but it may be time to start doing a few sit-ups in the morning . Hope you crush this tournament!!

      1. Scott Martin

        😂😂 thanks man!

    60. Corey Albarado

      Love this guy man✊🏻💯

    61. Welcome To Tucson Arizona

      Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! There are some cool places here in Tucson, Arizona where I live, but I still miss visiting other places too and like watching these travel vlogs until I can see them myself. Keep your content coming! I’m following!

    62. Happy Life

      Hi, this is a amazing vlog, If you ever need music, for your vlogs, search for *Retro Detune* he is a talented producer, making music with no copyright on it..

    63. RedNeck Fishing

      Scott getting picked up no bags lol! My guy is a pimp bro! His son driving lol yes Scott is tired you his driver lol

    64. Bloks Pretorius

      Good luck! Greatings from South Africa!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks man! 👊🏼

    65. A-Rizky


    66. Jon Gosling

      Excited for PW!!! Wish you the best in this event!!!!

    67. Kyle Mattix

      God I love these videos!🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

    68. Jon Gosling

      Scott we know your coordinated enough to cast like a champ but who else wants to SEE Scott SHOOT HOOPS???? We all see that net is his drive?? Thumbs up if we wanna Scott drain some 3’s. Maybe a 10 shot deal with Scott vs Hil or Scott vs Brandon? 10 shots each and for every shot made = 1 rod and 1 lure selection for a little challenge???

    69. Abe Visser

      Hope you find that honey hole.... Go get them.

    70. hertzer2000

      ♪"Here we come...walkin down the street. Get the funniest looks from everyone we meeeeet....♪

    71. Shaun Dendy

      Love my vanilla moonpies and my Mike and ikes.

    72. space cowboy

      Good luck Scott you da man !!!

    73. Michael Quatrone

      Candy for me is Raisinettes

    74. Cazcade

      Me: comes to watch some elite fishing. Scott Martin: Talks, speaks, explains, no fishing

      1. Scott Martin

        No worries the fishing is coming very soon. Keep an eye out!

      2. capnrob97

        This was the travel vlog to the tournament, he does one for each tournament. The practice for the tournament ones will drop soon, then the actual tournament ones.

    75. 1961fireguy

      Reese Cups for the win!!

    76. Fish Daddy

      Is Scott due for a win. Should he be on the fantasy roster?🤔

      1. Fish Daddy

        @Scott Martin alright your on. Good luck man👊🏻

      2. Scott Martin

        I vote yes!

    77. Kenneth Dennis

      "KENNY ROGERS would not be proud" ....................lmao

    78. warren basinger

      Mike Ike’s!

    79. 59BigWalt

      Jellybeans and Boston Bake Beans

    80. Andrew McAvoy

      Good luck to ya Scott! Been following you for a while now. Your videos get me fired up of hopes to do what you do some day. I learn a ton from you man. Looking forward to seeing how well you do at Pickwick. Good luck my friend!!

    81. 59BigWalt

      Scott, how much longer is the ride from Wilson Lake to the dam by boat? How much longer is the run from Sandusky Bay to the northern end of the Detroit River? I hope you get hot, a long run man. Good luck!

    82. Tyler Dobbs

      My home lake! I was outside when y’all passed by earlier. That battle wagon is looking 🔥🔥

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Tyler! Hope to see you at the weigh in!

      2. Fishing Thebahamas


    83. Josh Roberts Fishing

      Stay safe

    84. William Brown

      I cannot wait for the tournament videos! Give me hell.

    85. Brian Cook

      The song can't wait to get on the road again was sing by Willie Nelson not Kenny Roger's

    86. Preston Mire

      Y’all be safe if the weather gets bad we will be praying for y’all

    87. Preston Mire

      I like almond joy and m&m peanuts sweet

    88. southern sportsman 985

      Hi Scott I started my own bait making company. I was wondering if I sent you some swimbaits , crawfish, and senkos would you use and review them.......

    89. Johnny Cox

      New video is cool a lot of good information

    90. Ethan Johns

      Pickwick is one of my home lakes water is down bad right now but got bad storms coming In tomorrow tornado warnings already

      1. lance henthorn

        Don't worry we are sending plenty water your way from Guntersville. Lol!

    91. John Fleming

      The videos are missing Billy. He’s a genuine character. Get his butt over there, Scott.

    92. Deeper Frequencies

      DANG son... send a po man some of your old leftover tackle......!!! LOL Good Luck on ole PickyWicky...!

    93. Preston Mire

      Good luck I hope you win it all 1st place here we come

    94. FishingForBassTV

      im callin it he will finish in the top 20 in this tourney //// I will tell you why after 😎

    95. Nutbush customs

      Love me some pickwick

    96. james Mccardie

      SCOTT you 100% deserve a win brother you teach so many people about the sport your family is learning from you i pray God bless you! Love SMC THANK YOU SIR

    97. Daryl Granger

      Good luck Scott

    98. Eddie or Rolex

      Thats right down from my house :))))))

    99. matthew prochaska

      Hey Scott we have a storm shelter if you need to use tomorrow if you need to. We are two houses down.

      1. matthew prochaska

        I sent you a Facebook message

    100. Eli Saint

      The spot population is really good rn

      1. Eli Saint

        Pick suck is home I’m 10 mins from macfarland