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    A huge win for Paris as they join United and Leipzig on nine points. The game was in the melting point until Marquinhos made it 2-1 and Fred was sent off moments later before Neymar's second rounded things off.
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      Mbappé selfish 😡 pass the fucking ball ⚽️

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      u think neymar banged his mom before the game??? for good luck

    8. israel alvarez

      Neymar does the Messi celebrations ♥️🔵

    9. Vanlalsiami Fanchun

      Mbappe might want to pass his senior,, but thers man utd right back.. Wan is great in that situation

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      If mbappe passed that ball neymar would have gotten an hat trick

    28. byee mom srslyu

      Funny how fred escaped two occasions where he should have been sent off and then got kicked out for a decent tackle🤣🤣🤣

    29. Youtube Compte

      Mu played with 9 players Psg Team has cavani and martial 🤪🤪🤪 And Fred was drunk 🥴🥴🥴🥴

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      During half time ... Martial was traded to psg 😂😂🤣😂 well done Leonardo good job 👏🏽👏🏽💪🏽😀👍🏽

    31. soiung toiue

      People forget how great neymar is every time he’s out with an injury

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      Manchester’s only goal was scored by a PSG defender lmao

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      Oh my MU. Where is my old MU.

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      psg gotta get rid of navas

    39. New York Ari Football What yall think?! :)

    40. Just Fun

      This was the match that literally knocked man United out of the champions league The liepzieg match was just a rubber stamp Perhaps they would have gotten a draw

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      Guess we can see what happens when we play as a team... both teams really nice volleys,passing,headers, set ups... goal keeping anticipation, not easy being yous nice job. Coaching good use of substitutes . Refereeing good job. Sponors well lit up, definitely wanted some lays potato chips to enjoy while watching.:) Don't believe he was off sides when ball was kicked for first goal. Nice job everyone

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      If pogba stars in all the games they will win all of them

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    89. TH3 8ROTHERS

      Matrial are u okay?

    90. Ry van der Tey

      POGBA IS WORTHLESS !!!! DeGia have " moments " !!!! More & more look's like MU is a hat too big for Oli !!!! He try , but nothing work's !!!!

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      All I have to say is that United made some very crucial mistakes like de gea goalkeeping and keeping PSG onside and just all around bad mistakes

    94. mark yankilevich

      I my opinion the first half was all PSG and then in the second t was kinda split but United Defoe should have drawn

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