GIANT vs TINY Food Challenge! *delicious*


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    GIANT vs TINY Food Challenge! *delicious*
    with Brianna 👊
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    1. Brianna

      subscribe for infinite giant oreos 😋

      1. Ella Halls


      2. Mystical beast

        izuku midoriya wants oreos

      3. Mystical beast

        wut i want giant oreos

      4. Lil Pup

        @shadow pack wolf honestly same

      5. Lil Pup

        @Llama OfNoDrama yes

    2. Cosmic Clan gaming

      Nick: sees pizza pizza: ... Nick: time to gain 60 pounds

    3. Brylan Hietala

      i don't like you

    4. Eddie Price

      so spicy

    5. Sudden Craft

      I literally can’t even eat a hot Cheetos

    6. Eddie Price

      i have had that chip

    7. nagwan gerges


    8. Snake doesn’t want berries

      Bri definitely won, but I think the editor messed up the scores because Nick was wrong often (sorry Nick) and Bri guessed right a lot so

      1. GRONK 15


      2. GRONK 15

        Shut up that’s cao

    9. Iniya Nandakumar

      The top of the giant cake ball literally reminded me of coronavirus. Anyone else agree

    10. Lynette Castillo


    11. Eric Fulcher

      Hey Leanne it’s name is

    12. Nicole E

      3:47 your weird😕get outs hea!!!😮🍫🍩🍫

    13. Lauren Williams

      I have a restaurant that has brisket pork mac & cheese baked beans with brisket and other stuff and it’s outlaw smokehouse And it’s barbecue food and the taste amazing!!!!!.😀

    14. The Gaming Dragons


    15. luwill john rotap

      they used waffels for the giant ice cream

    16. Lil Pup


      1. Lil Pup


      2. Lil Pup


      3. Lil Pup


      4. Lil Pup


      5. Lil Pup


    17. Jo'Leon Nunoo

      See pizza get sad cause you can’t have it other than if you buy

    18. Landen vlogs/games


    19. Sophia Smith

      Nick doesn’t have a big brain once in a video they were doing a state trivia or something and he got Minnesota and said like all the other states that started with m but Minnesota. Sorry I am still a little sour about that

    20. Ellie Stafford

      Like your vids

    21. House Franks

      Bri got closer on almost all of them

    22. Moises Ayco


    23. Moises Ayco


    24. Caroline Hall


    25. Kaylin G

      They are not giving Briana's points to her

    26. rabiatul adawiyyah

      Waaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaa!

    27. Zack Wine


    28. FelixYT17

      Where do we buy these chips I need to know this information. Lol

    29. YaraPlayz

      Me: Me watching this while eating ice cream. Nick: i dont like ice cream Me: ARE YOU A HUMAN? 👁👄👁

    30. Nola Hayes

      ice cream i scream for ice cream

    31. Sam Krombos

      I support you ❤️

    32. Brawl Boy

      Keeyley I don’t like s’mores ether

    33. Adam Hause

      Keeley kept getting your points Bri

    34. Yonkovic Kids


    35. Moon Lord

      Ok... hm. *Vince I SWEAR if you look at my biceps-* Nick, 11\21\2020

    36. Mohamed Imraan

      Briana stop playnig game so you can have a baby

    37. Cash _

      Me to my friend when he asks me how many c's thic he is: "Um, I'd say about 25-30 c's thic."

    38. Sylvia Ayala

      I have not eaten a oreo since a year beacuse my dog is named oreo and she huge and she had ten puppies so i think there each 4 pounds

    39. Brayden McCurry

      So my dad actually tried this challenge like the one tip challenge with his friend and my sister actually posted it on her channel which I asked her if I could plug and she said no so sad times there but yeah he couldn't even keep it down for 5 minutes this is a grown man who can eat ghost pepper chips without even flinching and his friend is from Mexico so yeah I haven't watched the reactions yet I'm at the end where they're just about to eat it but I'm scared for them

    40. Gianna Meria


    41. Colton McKee

      My brother got them all right Brianna

    42. Mason Rouse

      if nick can lift it it is light

    43. Jeeia Claudia Caneda

      I feel so bad for nick he took a bigger bite than keeley though but rules are rules

    44. LOH ZHI YONG Moe

      im same as nick hate ice cream


      i want to eat all of that food

    46. Kai Rister

      Im like Kelly (i think misspelled her name) but i dont tlike smores

    47. Makeena Battiste


    48. Dab Maste

      4:37 Nicks mind: IVE COMPLETED LIFE AAAAHH

    49. M M

      I’m just sayin I belive that nick belive he enjoyed the giant pizza ( I would also enjoy is too 😋)

    50. Lizbeth Ramirez

      Brianna you are such a sweet person you are like my cousin but you are not like my sister because my sister is dark

    51. Aaliyah Hamilton

      Wow im lighter then a cake pop😅😅

    52. Lydia Smith

      Lol really think you vids are awesome and keep up the amazing work👍👍👍

    53. draw draw

      keely cheated

    54. Addison Petrik

      I just realized that I way less than the giant cake pop... I feel like an amature

    55. Kalea Saunders

      Like your message videos

    56. Alejandro Hernandez

      Yummy and delicious

    57. Jillian Schear

      A is winning so far

    58. Savannah Jessica Playz

      𝓘'𝓶 𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓻𝓿𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓷𝓸𝔀

    59. GAME WITH ME!

      Love ya but i kant subscibe :) sorry

    60. Anna Baggoo

      Can you make Videos like this Brianna

    61. erica castillo

      Sud!!!! I like big suff food i bri

    62. erica castillo

      Like and

    63. old bay boy

      I have had 2 of those chips and I am 10

    64. MM7 Gamer

      What is nick he is wierd

    65. Eunice Peralta

      stop cheating on Preston

    66. Peter Dellegrazie

      Hi hello

    67. Brady Thompson


    68. Pig Brown

      soooooo BIG!!!!!!!!

    69. cartoon playz

      I thought it was a 1 chip challenge

    70. Merry Christmas

      Keeley “I not a big fan of s’mores” Stephen “I am not a ding fan of you”

    71. Akam Kaur

      Brianna can you start playing roblox again as well I would love it if you do!!!

    72. Ashlei Pearson

      Nick is riding yes he has had a doughnut

    73. Dylan Garrett

      I thought Nick was going to win

    74. Alan youtube333

      briana jojn 1v1 game rb batles mi nickname rolox alano123410 1v1 arsenal

    75. Kasandra Aves

      nick is crazy i love coton candy

    76. Candace Schilling

      The Pizza is bigger then mr best’s pizza

    77. Amelia Thompson

      I would love to eat those oreos!

    78. janina sumisu

      Nick: Yea that might be a four C alert On the patty thiccniss four Cs Editers Catch that i see one two three four Cs right there

    79. Team Clarke

      weew we weweeeewewweweweews

    80. Kimberly Verrier

      eloise is the best cat ever



    82. Kylee Henery

      And the giant taco.

    83. Kylee Henery

      Can you send me the giant hamburger.

    84. Rockstar


    85. Sam Rohrs

      My mouth is watering

    86. Illusions revealed

      Why does their chef look like Stephen amel?

    87. jesus ortega

      look at this time 1:26

    88. Mia Campos

      This video is aggravating me! 😫 Bri has gotten it right and they keep giving the points to Keely and Nic. Bri you are the true guessing master

    89. Clare Hinkins


    90. abbythegamer -


    91. Christine Aurelio

      That was a terrible ending keely barely put anything in her mouth

    92. Alan Rocha-Castro

      she did not ate the chip not far

    93. Nikola Antic Niksi

      Ok you scp

    94. Echo Z

      Nick is crazy

    95. Summer Robertson

      I love you brianna

    96. PrintedGoldBunBun

      What is this made out of? Cake Y’all: cake- Me: gumdrop?

    97. Letty Cruz


    98. Alexandria Grace

      How have never eaten cotton candy and a dounut and how do you not like ice cream like WHAT!!! Nick

    99. Angela Nikora

      lest not say gods name pls pls pls pls

    100. Nicole Coltrinari-Smith