MASSIVE Carne Asada Fries Challenge (10+lbs)

Matt Stonie

4,7 млн көрүүлөр549

    Check out my Youtooz!!
    One Giant Plate of Carne Asada Fries!!!
    Always great late night food... but I've never eaten this much in one sitting. Can't wait!!
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    1. Matt Stonie

      ____________ __________ ______ ____________ _______ | _____| | \ | | | _____| / \ | |___ | | \ \ | | | |_____ | -----| | ____| | ----- ___| | | | _____| \_ \__ | | | _ \ | | | |_______ -----\ | |___| |___| \___\ |____| |_________| |______/ This took forever to make...

      1. Pedro Machado

        @Cynix high LDL cholesterol is good for you

      2. EZ_R1L3Y

        Wat r they

      3. DVonsevic - YT

        Wat is tha

      4. Moe

        How do you shit all that?

      5. SEVEN77 9999

        *What the heck am I looking at?*


      Matt stonie: shows up to the family Thanksgiving feast The rest of the family: we should have got more food

    3. Leo

      Fuck yeah!

    4. 134hoal

      How TF are you skinny

    5. Alex Ferrante

      I wonder if his aunts and uncles call him skinny still

    6. For Yeshua

      I bet all the homeless liked this video.....


      Matt the KIng!!!

    8. Lynn Donna

      Next up: Matt eats 10 lbs of corn beef hash. Next week he will attempt to eat 10 lbs of haggis. Then 10 l,s of cooked oysters after that.

    9. Jason Valance

      Hot sauce!!! No sriracha or hot sauce!!!

    10. KavTLipe

      Algum br pode me dizer pq q ta traduzido kkkkkk

    11. Mr Mute

      Donate for people in need 💖 . One day you or one of your family will be in need . What you give today you shall receive tomorrow ... Donate through paypal to One dollar makes difference . . ... . .

    12. SHEEPinator

      He used the PopularMMOs song. You know what I mean.

    13. Diego Brando

      When she says she wants more than holding hands. 1:52

    14. BissLoveMango

      Me: *skips ahead for 10sec* The plate: *went from full to halfway eaten* 👁👄👁

    15. Sanju Tamang

      cant imagine his dumps

    16. Кəусəр Ишанғали

      Wow super😍😍😍

    17. Jeray Darcell Peterson

      Fork? Nah.

    18. Mark Michael Rogero

      wow new record 👌👏

    19. vishv prashar

      6:30 i like ya cut g man .

    20. K&Q TV

      Good morning everyone! We are new to youtube and would be grateful if you all would grace our page with your presence.

    21. MrMario887-D&G67

      Wtf are Carne Asada Fries?

    22. Prince James J Jackson

      Should put it in a burritos wrap 😹 good job still Like from the UK

    23. ilias men

      Me: gets a kilo fatter with every sandwich i eat. Matt stonie: eats all food avalible and he is still skinny. 😢😢😢😢😢😢

    24. Andrew-_-

      Does this man ever eat his food in peace like actually taste it ?😂💯

    25. Uprib

      One thing about matt is he dosent play around with his food😳

    26. H1gh m0on FN

      Who else started watching this, and I, imediantly started to get REALY hungry

    27. Adel

      Su español esta bien cagado

    28. Moon Light

      Only real ones know that that food and supply 1/16 of my family

    29. Kaida FF

      ALGUM BR ?

    30. Silvers24

      I am more interested in making this damn that looks good lol

    31. Yandere 77

      How can you eat something like this and you do not get fett?

    32. Shannon X

      Nice on man

    33. Kwame Chandler


    34. LTIS

      A la verga

    35. Pickamito APK

      Carne is meat in Portugal ok asada or assada is roasted

    36. Burakhan Oyunda

      He is from

    37. Erin Rook

      Try “kapsalon” its dutch food and its delicious try it plzz

    38. James Shaffer

      It amazes me how he doesn't puke...

    39. Adonijah Frierson

      Make me food -_-

    40. Trey

      That low key actually looks good just down size it a bit. I mean a lot

    41. Emmad Ahmed

      Bro do biryani challenge


      6:30 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    43. Nathan Loves Brock

      One question. How are you not fat

    44. • Blōxx •

      seeing this video made me fat

    45. Jay Perez

      The plumber be smiling rubbing his hands together cuz it's about to be payday

    46. Usestarcode_Tomout 09

      I would buy your toy but I am a kid so I can afford it :(

    47. Jake Ford

      Popularmos backround music 🎶🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

    48. Philip Zhuang

      It will literally take me 2 hours to finish that

    49. isak

      bruh that’s what I eat for breakfast

    50. Corey Jones

      That was one of the most incredible accomplishments I've ever seen

    51. Dr. Stranger danger


    52. eles puderman xd

      Just need black paper

    53. Macro Cheater

      Looks so nice

    54. Abdullah Javed

      Plz eat chicken biryani

    55. JaydenITM XD

      Why is it so satisfying to see someone eat

    56. Milosz M.

      Real man use hands to eat

    57. ajay jadhav

      How in the hell he is so skinny after eating this kind of foods from years ?

    58. Do0omzy

      How is he never gaining weight

    59. Akshay Prajapati

      Does this guy ever wore a t shirt other than black

    60. Exotic Senior

      3:54 the first time you taste it... if you know what i mean

    61. Gospodin ಠ_ಠ


    62. M.I GAMER

      He was raised by a group of wild grandma's

    63. Gabriel Oliveira


    64. ___mohit

      How tf does this guy still stay in

    65. Zkualo

      Me gustaria que un día vayas a restaurantes y ganes retos de comida, sería una buena sección, así dejas tu nombre en todos🥺🤪 I could love if you go into restaurants and beat speed food.records, like if you eat it faster its free (sorry for my bad english)

    66. Depressio n

      Why are those water blue

    67. Valerie Chan

      I love how he's still passionate about his speed challenges

    68. Daniel Lee

      Popularmmos music 😔

    69. politicalworldwar news

      Do you have a behind the scenes for the videos like after eating how you manage to not throw up?

    70. Mc

      Have you ever Thot of thinking TAKING YOUR TIME!!!

    71. wavyy wavessツ

      Bruh I feel bad for that toilet

    72. Xander Cretuitus

      I'd love to see Matt and Randy Santel team up on like a 50-60 pound meal and see how fast they destroy it

    73. CB.Author Lydia Green

      Purchase an air fryer

    74. Naruto Uzamaki

      When it's a all you can eat buffet:

    75. Demon Gaming

      When he does this challenge I think he kept him self Hungry for like 2day I think?

    76. Constantino Barraco Mármol

      Matt stonies toilet after this video be like: 😱😫

    77. Dragon_Tuber

      Fun fact: he weighs 10 more pounds

    78. Dregon _pH

      The starting montage was insane well in my thoughts..... 0:00

    79. Yaaawn sz

      Carne assada 🇧🇷♥️ = Roast beef but this roasted meat is more like ground meat

    80. Mory Hiro

      boys : wow girls : ewwwwwwwwww

    81. Da._.boy_ King

      Fires in the oven are nasty I hate them

    82. Aiana sayge Bahian

      Always using that plate for such a lot of food 🤘🏻😱

    83. Mandy Whitford

      This man must take epic shits

    84. Photon Mamba


    85. Bagas Mahardika

      Auto mencret😂

    86. Iftikhar Ali

      Can you eat 100 burgers and 20pizzas with extra cheese and chilli sauce in just 1 hour

    87. Cassandra Escobar

      More cheese please🤔

    88. Gags Gags

      I love watching these when im really hungry. Because i hate myself.

    89. Nayops 20

      2:47 Masterpiece.

    90. Brandon Maldonado

      This is a dream man.

    91. Thefunalongtheway Jennifer Thorpe

      Does your body digest it or do you vomit it some of it up?

    92. BNK X1

      How did you have that much patienc to count 4044 M&M’s

    93. Random God

      Life: Diabete% speedrun

    94. Romão Neto


    95. Nautica Williams

      Man, imagine going to his house for Thanksgiving

    96. Colossal Shake

      Bro, you must work out like 24/7

    97. Tammy Norris

      this is a homeless mans dream

    98. Andelu Uledna

      People complaining themselves gaining 5lbs in 2 weeks. Matt: *eats 10+lbs of food in one meal

    99. Lilacify

      Honestly I want to try everything you have a challenge with but not eat as much.

    100. pete saws

      And I'm content watching this snacking on a handful of unsalted pretzel sticks.