This Changed MY LIFE - My First Bassmaster Tournament in 1998

Scott Martin

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    This event was my first event I ever fished on the Bassmaster Tour in 1998 and how it changed my life and played a big part in who I am today.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Hope y’all like this style of video! I have a ton of stories to tell like this! Let me know what you want to see! 👊🏼

      1. L.H. Norman

        Enjoy the stories Scott keep em coming, pray you all can get back to fishing soon, God bless, and good luck on the B.A.S.S. tour.

      2. Hook Captain

        Keep the stories coming!!!!

      3. Stiks fishing channel

        tell us all the stories!! :)

      4. Gabe Johnson

        Yep, I like these vids. Hey Mr. Scott are you planning to come to Arkansas to fish soon?

      5. Don Hanson

        Got to admit Scott their is something special about a popper in the early morning.

    2. Tim Hickum

      Really like the Ol’Salty. Just ordered two of the balance rods for my son. Favorite reels and rods are Awesome

    3. Linda Schmeelk

      Scott my name is Paul! I'm from toms brook Virginia , I would love to go fishing with u some day !!!!!!!

    4. Nahlon Bibey

      Your videos are awesome! Keep them coming!

    5. Steve Knox

      I live in va. Fish the potomac river alot would like to hear your story about a great fishery like the potomac I have fished tournamemts on the river myself its defnitly full of surprises

    6. Chris Weathers

      To add to your point about how we used to fish back in the day, those techniques still work and honestly will probably work better than some of today's techniques. The reason I say this is think about it fishing evolved to what it is becuase someone had the urge to show the fish something they have never seen, and then it takes off and the next thing you know everyone is using it. Fish get used to seeing that done over and over. And I honestly believe trying an old way that noone is using anymore would fool the fish into biting becuase they arent used to seeing that. I mean just for an example the whopper plopper kinda replaced the devils horse and torpedo lure, and now everyone is throwing a whopper plopper, and I bet you if you get in a pressured spot where everyone is throwing a plopper and you threw out an old devils horse or torpedo, you could catch those fish that others think just arent there anymore.

    7. Bryon

      Lake Amistad?

    8. trd_atlanta

      Scott what's the odds we can see a face off between you and Brandon palaniuk ? Two of the biggest youtuber pro anglers face off for bragging rights

    9. Tim Kennedy

      i would like to hear about the Pascagoula river event you won going to Mobile bay. I live on the Pascagoula river (grew up here) I think it was 2000 and you were in the Timex boat didn't you catch a 6lb the final day?

    10. paul in oregon

      enjoyed the format.more would be nice

    11. Bryce Gossett

      This is why I’m subscribed

    12. Gary Godwin

      I really enjoyed this video. Would like to see more. All of you videos are awsome. One day I would like to fish in Lake Okeechobee. I live in Central Florida. Thanks. Have a safe and nice day.

    13. Lance Reid

      What about your win on the Pascagoula River?

    14. lroyson

      Dude this is a great story! Dust off all of those old trophies and share some more. I always love telling my fishing stories. Allows me to re-live special times in my life and to look forward to the new ones to come. Thanks for sharing.

    15. Bobby Luffman Jr

      Love this story Scott. You could write book I bet from growing up fishing with your dad to were you are now. Definitely keep making videos like this.

    16. Michael Daniel

      Here is my question that I think would be interesting How did you get started as a pro bass fishing and did you have a regular 9-5 and at what point did you quit and follow pro fishing Second what's your daily routine

    17. Cee Hubb

      I bet it sucks to not be able to fish with the bros cause of business hoes. Tight lines and sunshine caronas and lime

    18. Jonny Areskoug

      Hi Scott! Jonny from Sweden here. I want to hear the story from your first win in the FLW national tour. And also, maybe a video of your 5 best tips to a rookie competition angler. What type of baits to use, how do you scout new waters and so on. All the best, Jonny

    19. Derek Walker

      What's up Scott Martin!

    20. Gabe Johnson

      Keep doing what ur doing I like all your videos

    21. Don Hanson

      This is our generations plague.

    22. Mark McDonald

      Congratulations on 500k. 💪

    23. Ditch Outdoor Ministry


    24. PWNMOB mafia

      I’m from south Florida and seen a lot of fish stacked In different parts of lakes and ponds where’s the sun hits it differently makes that spot better for the temperatures or current stronger where bait get stacked

    25. Chris Adams

      That was back in the day of the Top 100 and 150 and the invitational trail. And the old mega bucks tourneys. Awesome story

    26. Steve Hogan

      Hey Scott, thank you for doing your best to create content. We have all come to you at different times. what we are missing is the same thing you are missing... Fishing.... Try doing a compliation of Stupid stuff you've done... or tournament winning or significant fish you have caught. Your favorite things recorded that you enjoy watching still. The things and vids of fishing is what we want to see, even if you've put it out previously. You're pretty enough but we like the looks of fish better haha. Thanks Scott. Was trying to get o Okeechobee this past weekend but wife put the smack down on me. I'll be up to Martins Dock and Marina asap. Thanks.

    27. David Maynard

      Thanks Scott bought 2 rods from Favorite and saved 24 bucks!

    28. Lucas Malcolm

      Hay Scott I now a spot war the bass are bidding topwotr lowers .I cot a 17 pawned necsto miy haws

    29. Jacob Delancy

      Your Forest Wood Cup win is one I’d like to hear about

    30. Tristan Van Oort

      Scott Martin more story times about you win

    31. Breezy

      Lake Cumberland

    32. UltimateNinja1984

      Great Story Scott! Btw, I got a 5 pounder this morning off of a Megastrike spinnerbait

    33. Fishing With Dog

      1. First Win 2. Biggest Comeback. (Even if you didn’t win) 3. Most Rewarding Win

    34. YankeeUseMasksOrDie

      Dang, looks like I will have all the big Canadian smallmouth to myself this summer. Stay safe all!

    35. Brock Johnson

      Hey, FYI, I enjoy it a lot when you compare fishing back in the day to today! The fact you used anchors and now power poles was interesting to me! We forget how time flys and things change. Just some feed back man. Thanks

    36. Brock Johnson

      Man I’ll take any story I can get from the pro! Thanks for all you do to help us armatures our man! Godbless ya brother

    37. Brock Johnson

      You da man SCOTT, man I wish you had a show every day!

    38. James Rockhill

      Lets hear about a Lake that you struggled at for years and then found a way to be successful there. Id like to hear what you learned about it that made the difference.

    39. Bee Reel

      You don't want a vaccine. Seriously. When the vaccine comes out for this I promise you no one who knows about it will want it.

    40. James Rockhill

      Everyone loves a good fishing story. I hope your Dad does this some day. I could listen to his stories all day about what it was like when tournament fishing was just starting.

    41. Legoboy 07

      You should do a video talking about all the lakes of the flw tour and rate the lakes

    42. Johnny Andreasen

      1998 is not really that long time ago i think. I bought my boat in 98. Still have the same engine on it, 50 hp Evinrude, with 3800 hours on it :)

    43. Taylor Smith

      The cup at ouachita!!!! I fish there alot Scott! And I live about an hour from there. When you won the cup there I was watching! Man I would love to see you talk about that win!!! Much love bro!!

    44. Atodobass

      Kabooom!! of a video good story

    45. izzy robeson

      Hey scott how does someone get the awesome opportunity to go fishing with you sir?

    46. MR. ICE

      Old school way of fishing.. he pretty much described exactly how I fish every time I go out and it works. I don’t fish tournaments just for fun and it’s just how I was taught. Simple stupid just works.

    47. Phil Tarbox

      You've had great success on Lake Champlain... how about telling us about what it is about my lake that, a Floridian like you, was able to do so well on... like in 2016 for example

    48. BossmanBC12 I’m a boss

      I loved this video! I would love if you make more of these videos! And I would love if you can do a video about the best you ever did in a tournament

    49. James mullins

      Cover the lake Cumberland FLW win

    50. Jordan Eldridge

      499k subs

    51. Eddie Harper

      Kaboom! T-Shirt please.

    52. bent rodguy

      would love to hear how your went from wanting to be a saltwater captain, in one roland martin episode (you were around 16 to 18), and not being a pro bass fisherman , to be a successful pro bass fisherman

    53. Wilson Portalatín

      ¡Saludos Scott! I can hear all your tournaments experiece!!!

    54. J C

      Thanks for this talk. Good to see you. Stay safe.

    55. Tony Pascale

      I'm sure you have talked about it a bunch but I for one want to hear all about your Forest Wood Cup win!

    56. Billy bob

      God bless you and your family..really enjoy watching the videos...Stay safe

    57. Bo Judd

      That was very enjoyable I always want to hear the details of anybody's successful day on the water that is how we learn.

    58. Ethan Corsbie

      Scott, I really enjoy your videos, they are fun, entertaining and informative. Once all of this virus crap is over....I want to make my way down to Lake O..I have always wanted to fish it, I have always fished up north. around Ocala on the Oklawaha River and some of the lakes around there! Thanks for the great videos!

    59. No Limits Racing

      You should talk about winning the Cumberland tournament about 2 years ago

    60. Brian Gunn

      I love these stories, keep it up! I actually fished that tournament also it was my first trip ever to Lake Okeechobee. I remember seeing you and your dad at the weigh ins. I hope to make it back someday soon, not giving up. Keep on keeping on and hope you make it to the Classic!

    61. gary30229

      I remember the first time I saw you fishing you were in a brown ranger with a Stanley tool logo on it Scott.

    62. Victor Remick

      Another old school story if more people would fish old school they would catch more fish. SLOW DOWN as was done 30 to 50 years ago. Your Dad tells stores from yester year. They are the BEST.

    63. Joe Williams

      That was great.

    64. Evan Legath

      That was a fun video to watch. I would love to hear about your very first tournament win and also hear about you winning the Forrest wood cup. Also I think it would be fun to hear a story about your favorite tournament you have fished.

    65. silly guy

      Devil's horse! I was just talking trash about that bait. Haha.

    66. silly guy

      How many tournaments before you placed top 10

    67. David Harris

      Year before last was killer! I think it was Cumberland that you won

    68. Johan Pieterse

      Very nice....I like this way of telling of your different experiences It gives our weekend anglers some good ideas and advice I think one area you can extrapolate is the mindset and attitude when fishing competitions How to stay focused and maybe what to do when things go wrong How do you prepare for tournaments That will be awesome!!

    69. HINT

      I subbed because of this video.Great story

    70. Shawn Lai

      I’d like to hear about the Forest Wood Cup win

    71. Ethan Taylor

      I need your help I’m trying to start a bass fishing team for my school and I don’t know what to do! I know how to fish I just need your help

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      Love your shows, your family is awsome, great people.

    73. J F

      How did you become angler of the year?

    74. Nicholas Blignaut


    75. Drew Haight

      Videos like this are awesome. Love fishing stories always good to hear, learning some new stuff and get some grade A entertainment.

    76. Check Mate

      I want to hear the story about that 10 you caught in Pauls Valley, it 91, 92. The name of the tourney slips my mind.... You're doing EXACTLY what you said you would, even way back then. Oh, and Hil needs a fishin belt, Please..

    77. RB FISHING

      Bro almost 500k good job

    78. Clint Allard

      I love the old school stories. My favorites are when you and Tharp were battling for the top spot.

    79. David Maynard

      The SM20 discount did not work at Favorite fishing .com!

      1. David Maynard

        Tried it today worked great ! Thanks Scott

      2. Scott Martin

        Try it now

      3. Scott Martin

        Stand by

    80. Kason Palmer

      Love the vids and love seeing the donkeys you always catch. I would like to hear about when you won the Forrest Wood Cup. Keep the vids coming.

    81. Rusty Lee

      Wat was the single largest fish that you have caught in a tournament and how did it cause you to finish?

    82. Howabouthetruth

      The annual flu is 5 TIMES deadlier than the Coronavirus. Funny how they don't call the flu "a world-wide crisis". Do your research folks & stop believing the mainstream media & govt. I'm not going to go into it here, but anyone can do simple searches to get the facts that are being withheld from the people, and replaced with sensationalism......and they're doing it all for a sinister reason.

    83. Dave Salas

      Love successful stories! Making those minor adjustments are wonderful special moments. Continue sharing them with us. Good luck on your future endeavors qualifying for the Elite Series..💯❤️🤙

    84. Reagan Nielsen

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      1. Reagan Nielsen

        Scott Martin it worked thank you sir

      2. Scott Martin

        Try it now

      3. Scott Martin

        I just messaged them

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      Awesome video!! would love a recap of your flw cup win

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      I actually watched your cup win today that would be a awesome story time

    89. dunkind

      gotta do the 2011 cup, i went back and looked at the field for that tournament, holy cow nothin but hammers

    90. Anthony Clark

      Scott did you ever win a FLW tour on beaver lake in Rogers

      1. Scott Martin

        Close but never won

    91. Cristian Vega

      Video suggestion bank fishing tips

    92. 806 Anglers

      You should definitely do a video on the FLW cup

    93. Keith Gelhar

      Great story! Enjoyed the video. Keep them coming. I start my kayak tournament season in April.

    94. 15 Second Preview One Minute Review

      Love the honey hole story. So glad you kept going bc bassin' is in your blood..

    95. manuel briceno

      Real awesome to hear you talk about the past and acknowledge how it all started happening for you. You and the family stay safe and heathy can’t wait for more videos!!!

    96. Neil Standridge

      I would like to here about your win on the Pascagoula River. Think it was your first win and a fish that River a good bit

    97. Gary Porter

      I really liked the the humbleness in your demeanor and the tips are always helpful.

    98. kj terrell

      Scott i would love to hear you talk about fishing rodman resivor and hear about the st johns river those are my local fishing holes lol

    99. Aaron Snatic

      You have to talk about the Pasagoula FLW event...that was some crazy runs yall were making!

    100. Jim Snyder

      Be safe. Always look forward to your videos.